Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Eye & Lip Pencils

MAC To the Beach Collection — Eye Kohls & Lip Pencils Review, Photos, Swatches

To the Beach also sees the introduction of two limited edition lip pencils and one limited edition eye kohl (plus a repromote of a permanent shade).  I liked both of the Eye Kohls, but I found the Lip Pencils to have a bit of a rough texture, even after heavily swatching them to smooth down the point.

  • Rosemary & Thyme is a gilded olive-green with an antique gold sheen. This is a permanent shade, but a gorgeous color to own if you love wearing neutrals, metallics, or greens.
  • Float on By is an aqua sea-blue with a silverish-metallic blue sheen. I love the color, but I feel like if you own the majority of UD’s 24/7 liners, you probably have this already.
  • Life’s a Breeze is a soft medium pink with yellow undertones. It can be difficult to find really awesome lip pencils that suit your natural tone, and I have to say finding a great warmer pink can be more challenging as well.
  • Temperature Rising is a bright, neon orange. This is totally construction cone orange to me.

Edited:  Review for wear added, now that I’ve had several hours to wear these…

The Eye Kohls wear okay, but they’re not immovable.  I don’t, generally, have major issues with eyeliners fading or smudging on me, but I find these fade a bit by hour three.  I think those more prone to smudged eyeliner will find the kohls a little more difficult to work with–unless you set with sealer or powder, then they stay put.  As far as the Lip Pencils go, those were just fine.  They stayed in place, did their job (helping lipstick adhere to your lips, defining lips, etc.).

See more photos & swatches!

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Eye & Lip Pencils

MAC To the Beach Collection
Rosemary & Thyme, Float on By, Life’s a Breeze, Temperature Rising

MAC To the Beach Collection
Rosemary & Thyme, Float on By, Life’s a Breeze, Temperature Rising

MAC To the Beach Collection
Rosemary & Thyme, Float on By

MAC To the Beach Collection
Life’s a Breeze, Temperature Rising

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57 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Collection – Eye Kohls & Lip Pencils Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Rawrzellers

    I wonder if I can use the pink and orange as an eyeliner O: Those would be some really nice bright colors to play with around my eyes.

    • They’re probably not eye safe, but you might want to look into some of their PRO pencils that are!

    • Jen

      i was wondering the same thing, since one of the models in the promo picture seems to be wearing turquoise AND orange eyeliner.. hmm…

  2. Wendy

    Float on By is gorg! I die!

  3. rissy

    How’s the lasting power on Float on by? I heard it’s not very good.(uk youtube review)
    And… what color from UD would be closest to Float on by?
    :) also nice work on catching the iridescence on the pencils.

    • It’s OK – I find that it smudges a bit initially, if I don’t powder my face at all, but it seems to stay put really close to my lashes well.

  4. GretalovesMAC

    Christine I was wondering if you could possibly say which products you think will sell out like the first day.. I am trying to gage if I need to make one HUGE purchase or if I can spread them out so I won’t be broke all at once! LOL!

    • TBH, I wouldn’t wait. This is a pretty highly anticipated collection to begin with. I imagine at the very least the tote bag (if it’s online), Marine Life, brushes, Float on By will go quickly.

  5. Carrie

    It’s too bad that Temperature Rising is such a neon orange. I thought it would be a pretty, sheer orange and I was planning to get that lip pencil rather than the pink one, which is easier to dupe.

  6. Kathie

    Rosemary and Thyme and Float on By are both on my list.

  7. Alannah

    I agree–Float On By looks like every other teal liner already released! I own & love Rosemary & Thyme though… it’s one I use all the time!

  8. WOW!!! “Float on By” will be mines…I’m going to get at least 3 of these babies!!!

  9. glitter princess

    great review cheers X

  10. Jennifer

    I love Rosemary & Thyme and Float on By, but since my other kohl pencils from MAC smudge way too easily and don’t last very long on my waterline, I’ll probably pass on them :/ It’s too bad, since their gorgeous colors!

  11. Malen

    I love Float on By!!!! Would Rosemary and Thyme be similar to UD’s Stash? Thanks for posting! :)

  12. starr

    even if the consistency is rough i might have to buy my first mac liner just for the packaging (lol the color is pretty too though).

  13. sass

    I didn’t vote because I only like Rosemary & Time. I will be getting that one. The other pencil is nice, but I have something like that already. The lip pencils I don’t like for me, but I don’t hate this group of products so I’m in the middle.

    Christine, I hope you’re still working on that ‘maybe’ button or that ‘it’s ok’ button. *crossin’ fingers*

  14. Lady Betty

    I agree! Float on By is just amazing! The lip pencils are just awesome! Life’s a Breeze pencil would pair nicely with Viva Glam Gaga and Temperature Rising would look gorgeous with MAC’s lipstick in Morange!

  15. Hannah

    I NEED Float on By!
    Possibly Life’s a Breeze, I do wear a lot of pinks…

  16. baby in a corner

    do you get the brand gosh in the US? they do eyeliners that are very similar to the UD ones and these ones in bright colours! great if you can’t afford MAC! they do slip a little during the day though! i love rosemary and thyme!

    • I’ve never seen it here!

      • baby in a corner

        thanks for your reply, i don’t know how you reply to everyone! its a Danish brand, very colourful, available in europe in pharmacies/drugstores. they do like 20 colours of eyeliners very soft creamy consistency. i use them as eyeshadow too.

        • Lauren

          Gosh sells in Canada @ Shoppers Drug Mart as well. Float on By is a dupe for one of my Gosh retractable pencils- the name constantly escapes me, but it’s beautiful. I think it might be Blue Lagoon. I digress, but it lasts all day on my waterline. Mink is my other Gosh favourite. They retail for $15.00 Cdn.

  17. Roxanne

    Would Life’s A Breeze fit Viva Glam Gaga well? I’m looking for a lip pencil to use it with but don’t know which one :( (I’d rather have a perm option.) Help!

  18. Patty

    How similar do you think the Rosemary & Thyme is compared to the 24/7 Mildew or Stash liners in real life?
    Thank you!

  19. I like the Rosemary and Thyme but looks like a dupe for UD Stash?

  20. SB_sweetie

    The eye kohls are beautiful, but MAC’s eye kohls smear all over for me. I am liking the orange lip pencil, though! Very different.

  21. I’m all over those eye kohls. I have no self control when it comes to eyeliner. I don’t think the lip pencils do anything for me though. They usually don’t.

  22. sharon

    temperature rising… amaizing!!

  23. Alexis

    Float on By you will be mine!!

  24. Erin

    I LOVE the packaging for this collection’s pencils!! I’ve been trying to figure out which one I should purchase (because I love the detailed design of these pencils), and I think I’m getting Rosemary & Thyme–I’m a neutrals & golds girl through-and-through. I’m so excited to see these pencils in person!

  25. ellie

    I just ordered in synch lip liner from the too fabulous collection. I heard its great with lady gaga. Do you think i should still get life’s a breeze? Also, sorry i’m not quite an eyeliner person just wondering what’s the difference between kohl and ordinary eyeliner. Thanks.

  26. I like Life’s a Breeze. Pretty shade that is wearable.

  27. JoElla

    Love the eyeliners! I am forever looking for the most perfect olivey color for my eyes! And Float would really make brown eyes pop!

  28. Crissy

    I loooove Temperature Rising! I wish the pink lipliner was that bright!

  29. Beth

    How does Float on By compare to Urban Decay’s pencil in Flipside? Also, if UD pencils tend to slide on me (mostly at the inner corner), should I skip the MAC eye kohls?

    • It’s a little brighter – I’d say it’s more like Flipside + Deviant. But if UD slip on you, skip this. It stays pretty well on me, but I notice if my foundation is a little wet still, it will smudge a bit.

      • Beth

        Thanks, Christine!
        I have both Flipside and Deviant, so I’ll probably just stick with those. (I know some people can’t hardly get UD liners off, but I’m constantly cleaning up smudge from my inner corner and, later in the day, at the outer corner. I put up with it because the colors are beautiful.) That just means more money for other items from this line!

  30. Melissa

    Hi Christine I was wondering if you have any drugstore dupes for float on by? Thanx

    • I’m honestly not THAT familiar with drugstore liners and their names to give a great dupe. I want to say Milani has a metallic/chrome liner in blue that is similar, though.

  31. Misha

    so is lifes a breeze an eye or lip pencil?

    • Misha

      ok never mind,, i read a comment saying that the lip pencils might not be safe for eyes? so yeah ill just pass on that. but float on by im getting tomorrow!!!
      Question tho— the Rosemary & Thyme looks very similar to ‘Black Line’, the Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner. How similar would u say it is? Do they have the same staying and non-smudge power? Cuz my ‘Black Line’ is pretty much the only thing i can use on my bottom that doesnt smudge. Are these kohl pencils similar to the Smolder liners. Bcuz the smolders for me are disastrous! Smudge-wise.
      Thanks Christine! =)

      • Rosemary & Thyme isn’t nearly as black and a lot greener in comparison – I don’t find these as budge/smudge-resistant as the the Pearlglides, though. Not like Smolder, but somewhere between the two formulas.

  32. Fatema

    Hi, which color from Urban Decay 24/7 liner would be closest to “float on by”?

  33. Sarah

    Do you think Float on by looks like Makeup forever 12L? I have two pictures next to each other and they look almost identical. What do you think?