Friday, May 6th, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Surf Baby Suntints

MAC Surf Baby: Suntint Lip Balms

MAC Surf Baby Suntint SPF 20 Lip Balms ($15.50 for 0.33 oz.) include three shades: Full of Grace (soft sheer rose), Lilt of Lily (soft creamy pale pink), and Pink Tinge (clean bright yellow pink with gold pearl).

  • Full of Grace is a sheer watermelon pink.
  • Lilt of Lily is a sheer, milky pink-lilac shimmered with iridescent pink.
  • Pink Tinge is a sheer, yellow-based pink with gold shimmer.

These are lip balms, and they’re designed to be sheer–this is exactly what they are: tinted lip balm. If you have naturally pigmented lips, these will add mostly gloss for you. Those with paler natural lips may find that Full of Grace deposits some color. Lilt of Lily has the least amount of color, while Pink Tinge has the most shimmer. Earlier today, I was actually lamenting doing lip swatches for these, because they’re so similar when worn, and ironically, I didn’t do lip swatches when these first launched (back in 2009 with Baby Blooms) for the same reason!

We’re on that border again; it’s expected to be sheer, but at what point is sheer too close to clear and therefore unpigmented? Full of Grace enhances my natural lip color by making it pinker and rosier, so it seems near our target. Lilt of Lily does a little but to a lesser extent. Pink Tinge adds shimmer and makes my lips look a little lighter than normal, and the sheerness is closer to Lilt of Lily but there is a little more here. It seems like pigmentation is where it should be for Full of Grace (like 9/10), while Lilt of Lily is lacking (5/10), and Pink Tinge falls somewhere between there (7/10), which averages out to around 7.

Suntints have a thicker, jelly-ish consistency and feel a little like gel lips. They’re sticky (less so than Lipglass), and they have a light vanilla scent to them. I get only two to three hours of wear with these as a lip balm, but they are somewhat moisturizing. They seem to do a good job of locking in moisture, but I don’t feel like they add much to lips, because once it’s gone, so are most of the moisturizing benefits. The Suntints come in squeeze-tube packaging, and each tube holds a surprising amount of product (0.33 oz.).

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MAC Surf Baby Suntint Lip Balms Swatches, Photos, Reviews

I don't think these are moisturizing enough to make for a gotta have it kind of product. For anyone who longs for Tendertones, these are definitely not a reincarnation of them.











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MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Surf Baby Suntints

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Surf Baby Suntints

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Surf Baby Suntints

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
Full of Grace, Lilt of Lily, Pink Tinge

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Full of Grace Suntint

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Full of Grace Suntint

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Lilt of Lily Suntint

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Lilt of Lily Suntint

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Pink Tinge Suntint

MAC Surf Baby Suntints
MAC Pink Tinge Suntint

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MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow, MAC Sun Blonde Eyeshadow, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, MAC Blue Moon Powerpoint, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on May 26th in-stores, $15.50.

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25 thoughts on “MAC Surf Baby Suntint Lip Balms Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Carrie Ann

    Full of Grace is definitely the one to go with. I bought all of the Baby Blooms shades because I’m crazy for balms w/ SPF in them. My favorites were Moist Plum, Just a Smidge and Full of Grace. I don’t know why they only brought back the 3 pink shades. The other two would’ve been perfect for this collection.

  2. Kelly

    As disappointing as they are with regards to color payoff, I am a gloss girl and am in it for the SPF 20. I think they look pretty enough, and I will probably pick up a couple. Thanks for the reviews!!

  3. Yikes Christine! I bet your lips are raw after all these lip swatches! Too bad the Suntints didn’t really make it worth your while. :(

  4. Alannah

    Bummer, those look really disappointing! :(

  5. I’m on a lip balm hiatus.

  6. EH

    I love the suntints and am glad to see them back. Was kicking myself for not buying a back-up of Full of Grace in 2009 because it’s my go to lip colour. So this time…I will buy two!

  7. Not really impressed with these :(

  8. Romzs

    They all look the same.. What a shame. :(

  9. Brianne

    Having experienced all the Suntints when Baby Blooms came out, I’d warn anyone away from these. They are an utter and total ripoff. Aside from having almost no color payoff to speak of (in some cases, *literally* no color payoff), they are also not very moisturizing. You can buy more moisturizing SPF based balms at the drugstore for a small fraction of what MAC shamefully charges for these. I was a big fan of the Tendertones, but as has already been pointed out, these are nowhere near a replacement for those.

  10. Madeleine

    How would you compare these to the tinted lip conditioner, like the ones release with hello kitty collection?

    • Traci

      They are very different. I have the pink fish tinted lip conditioner and Lilt of Lily & Pink Tinge lip balms. The TLC I find is more like a very creamy lipstick in a pot, and is more moisturizing then the lip balms. The lips balms, as others have said on here, are sticky, not pigmented, have a thicker consistency, and I don’t really feel like the moisturize my lips. I’d take the TLC over the liquid lip balms any day.

  11. jess

    i don`t see any difference between the three shades….fail

  12. Ms. Jimmi

    I miss the Tendertones so much!

  13. Hannah

    Why couldn’t they have just re-released some tendertones? They would definitely make some bank on those, I guarantee they would be sold out in no time!

  14. Mollie

    this collection… i just can’t. so tacky, so ugly. maybe this collection would have been mega popular like 10-12 years ago??

  15. Roo

    I’m really glad you’re taking pictures of ingredients lists now Christine:)

    That’s a lot of chemical sunscreen to put on lips. My lips do a lot better with products with physical/mineral sunscreens and those ingredients also offer some coverage. If the colour’s gone then I assume my sunscreen is gone too and reapply.

    Aside from the ingredients and sheerness, it’s very expensive for what it is.

  16. Good you talked me out of it, there are better things in this collection :)

  17. Greta

    ew. thats all i can say.

  18. Mariella

    I’ll stick with my Clarins Colour Quench lip balms – they’re in similar squeeze tube packaging, the colours are more saturated and flattering for me and they’re very nice and moisturizing on the lips.

  19. vikaki

    pff…they all look the same!!!why do brands do that???i also saw the new dior lipglosses from the summer collection and they are all clear!!:D:D

  20. kim

    ohh its they any different???

  21. Traci

    I still have my Lilt of Lily and Pink Tinge from the Baby Blooms collection. I’ve had them up for swap on Makeupalley, but alas they’re still sitting on my shelf.
    I wonder if the SPF in them is still potent/active? I guess I should try to use them up…

  22. Betsy

    I have been looking for a lip balm with 20 spf or more forever. I was so excited to see these lip balms, however, considering the review…I think I will pass and stay with my waxy sticks with 50 spf…Very disappointed!