Thursday, July 10th, 2008

OVERALL, Sonic Chic offers nine wearable colors of mineralize blush. These feel smooth and velvety when applied, and the colors are buildable.  Each color has good pigmentation/color pay off, but depending on your application technique, they can be sheered out or built up in their intensity. I think with nine different colors, everyone is bound to find one or two that catches their eye. I have a feeling Dainty and Nuance may be big sellers, because they are quite universal.

Keep reading for individual product reviews!

  • Dainty is the lightest of the nine blushes, and it is a light pink with gold pearl. I purchased this one, because I felt like it would give me a nice glow on more natural days.
  • Gentle is a light raspberry-pink compared to Dainty, and it has decent color pay off. It has nice bits of gold flecks throughout.
  • Gleeful is a dirty, peach-red on me. All of the mineralize blushes have “gold pearl” or gold shimmer, gold reflects, gold sheen–however you want to describe it, they are all flecked with bits of gold.
  • Lovejoy is a dirty reddish brown with gold shimmer. I know some asked if it’s similar to NARS’ Lovejoy, but unfortunately I don’t own it to compare!
  • Love Thing is a deep raspberry color with subtle gold flecks. This one caught my eye, but it is incredibly pigmented, so I’m not sure how often I’d wear it, so I’m going to hold off on it for now.
  • Merrily is a peachy red with orange undertones and very soft gold pearl. I really thought this color was quite lovely, and the pigmentation was deep. Again, like Love Thing, it may be too dark for me to really use it often.
  • Nuance is probably the most versatile color of the launch, because it will give a nice sheen to most complexions. It is a peachy-gold kind of color, very soft and subtle on deeper tones, but equally pleasing on lighter tones. I passed on this only because I’m deeper, I opted for Warm Soul (which is similar).
  • Pleasantry is a cool, blue-pink with subtle gold pearl. It is quite pigmented, and it does remind me a bit of a pinker, brighter Don’t Be Shy blush. I passed, even though it stood out to me.
  • Warm Soul is a dirty version of Nuance. It’s a bit darker, more bronzy-brown than peachy. I picked this one up instead of Nuance, but I may go back to get Nuance or exchange this for it, if it doesn’t work out quite as well.

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76 thoughts on “MAC Sonic Chic Mineralize Blush Review

  1. Erin

    haha I have been refreshing all morning for these, thanks so much Christine! I still want Dainty and Nuance, but now I kinda want Gleeful too after this 😉

  2. Jess

    Thanks for the reviews, Christine! This definitely helped me solidify my choices. Do you think any of these will grow to be as coveted as Pleasureflush?

    • No problem! Which ones are you getting?

      Hm, probably not. I think Pleasureflush is somehow coveted because it was rare, few have it. I haven’t seen it in person, but I’ve never felt like it made anyone look like a freakin’ goddess or anything, LOL.

      I feel like these days it’s hard for a product to get coveted… takes so much time, and products are being mass produced and sold (compared to Pleasureflush days).

  3. Christie

    i picked up dainty as well. now im wondering if i should pick up nuance too. but i already have a few peachy blushes already and just ordered spaced out the other day. but it looks so pretty in ur swatches, gosh, decisions decisions haha.

  4. meg

    I bought Dainty, nauance and warm soul
    so excited to play with them

  5. Can

    thanks for the swatches + reviews! i’m interested in Gentle, but i already have True Romantic. they seem kinda similar. how would u compare them?

    • cloudburst

      I wondered the same thing – I just swatched Gentle next to True Romantic. Gentle is more intense & bright and also more pink & less mauve to my eye. The mineralize finish is a shimmery formula throughout, whereas the Beauty Powder Blush is like blush w/ shimmer added.

    • Sure thing, Can! They’re not very similar, IMO. Maybe the color is so-so in similarity, but the texture makes them different.

  6. victoria

    hi chirstine, is nuance similar to the sun centered beauty powder from nordstroms collection? which one has more shimmer? thanks so much for the review. i can’t wait to get mine. i am defintely getting dainty and thinking about nuance.

    • I think Sun Centered has more shimmer, and I think it may be peachier.

      • victoria

        oh christine, i am soooo happy. i got dainty and gentle. this is my new favorite blush, it is less shimmery and more of a sheen. nars blush is more shimmery and these are everyday blushes. i’m so in love with them. i want to get them all, i need backups.

  7. victoria

    oh and how would you compare these blushes to the beautypowder blushes?

  8. Danielle

    Hey everyone!

    I actually saw these at the MAC PRO Store in NYC on Monday and they are beautiful! They are just soo soft to the touch and feel lovely… I didn’t buy any yet because I could not decide on which one I wanted because truth is I wanted all of them :)

    Thanks for your review Christine, you make shopping MAC so much more fun!

  9. lala

    thanks christine :)
    I got nauance and love joy :)

  10. I’ve got Dainty and I love it because it gives me a soft glow and is buildable too. I might get Gentle or Nuance eventually but I’m quite happy with just the one at the moment!

  11. aradhana

    i just went to mac this evening…and i was so pleasantly surprised that for once we (in the uk) have the release of the new collections around the same time as north america! (i hope it stays that way…)

    anyway, i loooove the new blushes in sonic chic…. i picked up merrily, and might be going back for more!

  12. This kind of collection always makes me wish I had darker skin! Gorgeous colors.

    I tried on both Dainty and Gentle and decided on Gentle – its just a gorgeous, seasonless color that I will use all the time.

  13. karen

    anybody can compare the dainty with sassed-up or alpha girl? sounds they are quite similar, light and gentle pink?

    • I don’t think they’re similar – especially since Alpha Pink was so chalky and blah to me (no real shimmer showed up on me, and the color was pitiful).

  14. sara

    ooohhh what’s a permanent dupe for love thing?

  15. Cassie

    I picked up Gentle and Dainty. The girls at the store said Dainty is going to do really well. I was really drawn to Pleasantry as well Christine but I have sooo many pink blushes that I passed on it. Oh and I put my pre sale order in for Nordi’s Colour Form Collection that comes out next Friday. I havta say, I wasn’t all that impressed unfortunately, but that didn’t stop me from ordering over $100 worth! LOL

    • Nice! I don’t have too many blushes like Pleasantry, and I loveee Don’t Be Shy – on the same token, I haven’t even made a dent in that blush either, LOL.

  16. cloudburst

    I picked up Gentle & got the MA to put Dainty on me so I could think about it. Dianty didn’t look like much in the store, but I loved it when I checked it out at home. I’ll be getting that one tomorrow & maybe Nuance too.

  17. Hey Christine,

    Nice swatches! Was just wondering though. A few colours are looking right up my alley, but I’m NC25/30, which do you think would suit me better, Gleeful or Gentle? Nuance or Warm Soul?

    Thanks babe!

    • Thanks, Syen! I’d say Gentle & Nuance, if you had to pick between those four!

      • Hey, thanks for the reply Christine!

        Hehe, actually, I was thinking of getting maybe 3 out of the 9. I’ve kinda set my eyes on Dainty, Gentle and Nuance (with your suggestion).

        But my only worry is that Dainty might be too sheer and wont show up on me? Since you’ve gotten it, can you tell if it’s pigmented enough to show? Coz it reminds me a lot of BPB’s Shy Beauty, which didnt show on me at all (so now using to layer with other blushers). And the sucky thing in Malaysia is that they dont really have a return policy. Boo.

        It’s also not here yet, so can’t check it out myself. Many thanks again! =)

        • Hi Syen,

          Of course! I think those three will be great. I will definitely keep you updated – I think I will be wearing Dainty today, so look for that soon!

  18. viv

    Aww I can’t wait! I guess I need to see how Nuance and Warm Soul looks on my skin first before I decide! Thanks so much for sharing all this Christine!

  19. DreamerChan

    I think I’m going to pick up Gentle and Gleeful. Dainty and Nuance are on my list, but since the blushes are going to come back later I’ll wait until then. Also do you think Dainty is a Nars Orgasm dupe? I have it, and I’ve been trying to break away from shades that I already have. :)

    • Hi DreamerChan,

      Six are coming back, but not all of them – and nobody knows what six (I presume they’ll pick bestsellers?). Dainty doesn’t seem too much like Orgasm to me, not dirty enough.

  20. Danielle

    Hi :) I love reading all the comments on this entry, I got Gentle, Pleasantry, and Dainty yesterday. Dainty is reminding me a little of shy beauty which is my favorite blush!

    My sister and I are sharing them, so we got three more today Nuance, Gleeful, and Warm Soul….We left Merrily and Love joy out because they are so dark for our complexion. I am having a harder time letting love thing pass, b/c it is so pretty! Maybe later, they will come back out???

    I was also worried about spaced out being too similar to Nuance, but looking at them Spaced out is a lot more intense than nuance.

    What did you get Christine? :o)

  21. Mandy

    Hey :]
    I’m NC41. Do you think Merrily will be too dark for me or dainty too light? Or do you have any other recommendations for something that I can wear everyday?

    I don’t normally buy blushes because I get so confused about colour choices but these look so beautiful. I can’t pass them up this time!

    I’m kinda gutted that they are released earlier than usual in the US. I usually look at new collections (on here) then decide what I want, and save. Not this time aha.

    Great job on this blog btw 😉

    • Hi Mandy,

      I don’t think it will be too dark, and I don’t think Dainty will be too light. Isn’t that unhelpful?

      Dainty is going to be sheerer on you for sure, but it might just get you that pretty pink glow that’s so natural, which will make it a great color for you.

  22. Which do you think is closest to Don’t be Shy: Pleasantry, Well Dressed or Coygirl?

  23. Aline


    in your opinion is there a very big difference between love joy and gleeful?

    i picked up love joy, but ive also been interested in gleeful..

    in your pictures the swatches look very close.. what do you think?

    • Lindsay

      I am having this problem too as well. I am normally NC25 but in the summer I am NC25-40 and I can’t decide between Gleeful and Love Joy. I have similar colors in all of the others, so these two really stand out to me. I would like to just get 1 because I own so much blush already 😉

      Thanks so much for the great swatches as usual!

    • Hi Aline,

      They’re not that close – they’re similar, but they are distinguishable for sure.

  24. I went back and picked up gleeful today, the colour payoff is amazing and you have to be super careful not to load the brush when applying it. So glad I got it, it’s so pretty!

  25. reesa

    I was so looking forward to this collection. And from the look of your swatches, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of these (Love Joy, Love Thing, Merrily for now….)

    Thanks so much for posting the swatches! I love your site….

  26. jesstooimpress

    Hey chris, today the MA at mac, did my makeup, and she took my blush from my cheeks, up into like the inside of my eyes below my outter brow, then up above my brow.

    she said its in her update books and in all the new mags, that everyone will be doing it soon..

    wondering if u no what i mean. and if u have seen it

    • Hi Jess,

      Thanks for sharing this info! I haven’t heard about it (but I am not huge on following trends, lol), though.

    • cloudburst

      I almost always wear my blush in a similar way to how you describe. I start at my apples & then sweep it high along my cheekbone so it borders the outside bottom edge of my eye, then I carry it along my temples & a little bit above my brow. I do this because it pulls the focus to the outside corner of you eye – it really distracts from dark under eye circles…which I have pretty much all the time.

  27. aradhana

    don’t know if anyone else finds this is true, but i find merrily blush is a lot like ‘taos’ by nars…

  28. Evangelia

    I picked up Gleeful today :) Love Thing and Merrily were GORGEOUS but just too dark for me! I was so sad! Gleeful was a nice compromise – more of a natural flush color, but still deeply pigmented enough to satisfy my cravings. After reading all the raves, I may be forced to get Dainty as well.

  29. Michelle

    I really loved Gleeful I actually used it everyday for over a year (before I got into the whole makeup thing) and now I’m searching for a new everyday color that I can love as much as gleeful, but maybe less red… can you think of any? I’m an NC35 btw.