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MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Garb Blush

MAC Pret-a-Papier Collection: Blush & Mineralize Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

For whatever reason, I must have spaced, because I did not realize that Pret-a-Papier was such a large collection.  I kept thinking it was a dinky little collection, but it’s a full collection.  It includes two sheertone blushes and one mineralize blush duo.

Blush ($18.50 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

  • Garb is a darkened nude with an orange undertone. It has a near matte finish, though there is a subtle shimmer in it that’s really not very noticeable.  Though it’s only a bit on the warmer side, the obvious orange tone may not work well with the fairest of the fair.
  • Instant Chic is a slightly coraled pink with a powdery look. It’s sheerer than Garb, and I found it more difficult to build up the intensity, though. I like the shade, because it’s not quite like anything in MAC’s permanent line, and I don’t know if I’ve seen something like this in recent collections either. I do wish it was a bit more pigmented–I fear it may be a wash on those with deeper skin tones (think NC/NW45 or darker).

Mineralize Blush ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Light Over Dark is a duo of golden copper and a darkened, reddish copper-bronze. Both shades have a very frosty finish to them. The size of the compact is large enough to be able to use the shades separately or together, I’d imagine. I’m personally not a fan of this, because it does have a rather frosty finish, which turns out pretty gnarly in photographs!

Instant Chic is the most unique of the three blushes, despite not having the best color pay off (it is a sheertone, though).  It’s coral enough to be perfect for summer and add some brightness to cheeks, but it’s not so warm that only warmer skin tones will like it.  I do think it’s a better shade for light to medium skin tones, and if you’re of a deeper skin tone, you may want to swatch it in person first.

Any of these catch your eye?

See photos & swatches!

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Garb Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Garb Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Garb Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Garb Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Instant Chic Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Instant Chic Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Instant Chic Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Instant Chic Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Instant Chic Blush

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
Blush: Garb (heavily/lightly), Instant Chic (heavily/lightly)

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush Duo

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95 thoughts on “MAC Pret-a-Papier Collection: Blush & Mineralize Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Sandra

    YAY!!!! I’ve ben waiting for your review so that I cam place my order! I want Instant Chic blush.

  2. Sydney

    Would you say that the Grab blush is similar to Ripe Peach Ombre and Peach blush?

  3. Ir

    I absolutely love both Instant Chic and Garb, but I think I’m getting only INstant Chic. Garb surely won’t work for me at all, pity.

  4. I didn’t think I’d like the blushes but Instant Chic looks really nice! I’m unsure about Light Over Dark. I don’t own any mineralize blushes, so I will have to see it in person.

  5. Instant Chic looks so pretty! And I just told myself I don’t need any more blushes!! –sigh– LOl

  6. Nene

    Love the Instant Chic!

  7. How close is Garb to Benefit’s Georgia? They look very similar to me..
    I’d totally use light over dark as an eyeshadow its gorgeous 😀

  8. Tiffany

    have to get Instant Chic!

  9. Sam

    Instant chic looks lovely….but I’ve purchased so many blushes lately!!

  10. didinium

    Love it! But I don’t think I want anything, I have a big make up collection and almost certainly already have some colors like the blushes.

  11. I have Light Over Dark (not a favourite) and don’t like Garb (what a stupid name!), but Instant Chic is gorgeous! :)

  12. puddhu

    any similarity between garb and sincere blush?
    thank you

  13. M

    Do you think that Instant Chic would turn cakey or look powdery/flat once on the cheek?

  14. Alice

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for your impressively quick review :)

    I was wondering how close instant chic is to NARS blush in Gilda and how close NARS Gina is to Garb


    • Not even close to Gilda or Garb, IMO. They’re so muted that they could not even begin to be close!

    • Tried both on my cheek and Instant Chic is slightly more pink than Gilda. On my skin (NC42-44), it’s kind of similar and Instant Chic looked like a “I’m already out all day and my blush mingled more with the oil and dirt” version of Gilda. It also feels chalkier than Gilda. That’s just my opinion though, HTH!

  15. marlene

    i got bvoth blushes. theyre really nice in person. i passed on the mineralize duo since i think my cco had it

  16. aradhana

    looking forward to seeing the two blushes in person…i love sheertone blushes, so it’ll be nice to have some new shades to play with.

  17. Jaclyn

    Garb looks beautiful. Is it close to Cantaloupe at all? I’ve been lemming that one forever but haven’t been able to get my hands on it.

  18. Ashley

    Wow, Instant Chic is very pretty! Light over Dark looks like an odd color and finish for blush and would certainly look too dark on me, but they look like they would make nice eyeshadow colors! :)

  19. how would you say instant chic compares to style blush (in terms of colour) – i know style is a frost and this is a sheertone… but colourwise they look about the same on my monitor!

  20. I am definitely getting Instant Chic!!!!

    So pretty!!!!

  21. omj

    how does instant chic compare to fleur power or dainty?

  22. Instant chic is GORGEOUS in person!

  23. Melly

    I”m going to pick up instant chic! it’ll look really nice over cream blushes.

  24. sf

    Are you familiar with Goddess blush from the Raquel Welch collection? It was a peachy pink I’m wondering if Instant chic is a good dupe, thanks!

  25. natalie_sod

    the “dark” side (haha, starwars) of the mineralized blush duo, is it comparable to metal rock’s dark color (sans the glitter?)

  26. Irene

    Thanks so much for the swatches!
    Would you say that Instant Chic is comparable to NARS Amour?

    • Hmm, I don’t own Amour, so it’s hard to say exactly, but I remember Amour being a little pinker… but it’s definitely more pigmented.

  27. love the Instant Chic! look so pretty! Garb is a bit too orange, so I’ll skip it!

  28. Jenni

    How do you think Instant Chic compares to Ripe Peach Blush Ombre??

  29. Cherry

    In person Instant Chic reminds me a lot of Shu Uemura’s blushes in texture and color. It’s sheer, silky smooth and gives a doll-faced glow.

  30. Danielle

    I was hoping to get both blushes, but I think I may just get Instant Chic, (not garb) as originally planned. Thanks Christine!

  31. Vianca

    how does Garb compare to NARS Gina?
    & do u think it will look good on nc35-37?

  32. Michelle

    Instant chic is gorgeous, i already got it! Perect for summer. I was DISSAPOINTED in coral Crepe! Its too orange rather than being a coral.

  33. Vivien

    do you think light over dark compares at all to the Brunette MSF from BBR?? i have been dying for a dupe of that msf, i LOVED it.

  34. Argiro

    do you think that instant chic is like hipness?i am NW 20

  35. Marcela

    OMG, Totally Chic is the perfect everyday light pink blush!!! I bought pink swoon thinking it would be it, but it totally wasn’t…LOL, and I need another blush other than Pinch O’ Peach to use everyday, and I wasn’t thinking about buying anything from this collection( saving for IMATS) but I think I will give in on this one. =-)

  36. Melanie T

    Hi Christine! Just curious, I’m warm toned (I’ve no problem with it being too orange! haha)Would you agree that Instant Chic is more pink and Garb is more coral? Thanks!

  37. Andrea

    I have a blush that I love from MAC, I bought it quite a few years ago and it was in a Cosmetic Company Outlet in the UK (so it was probably already discontinued or limited editon when I bought it! The name has long since rubbed off, but I think it may have been called Cheek. Does that sound familiar? It’s a pale-ish pinky peachy colour. Do you know it? If so, is instant chic similar? Or do you know of any others that are? I think I may finally run out of it soon! Thanks.

  38. Carmenc

    I love instant chich blush ! It’s been on my list since I seen the collection pictures. Christine I have a question I know that it’s a light blush would you recommend a creme blush that will make it pop more? It will really help if u answer thank you :)

  39. Petra

    I recently purchased the Estée Lauder blush from the Michael Kors collection, the coralish one (Sunset Coral) – do You happen to know if it’s any similar to Instant Chic? (not sure You had the chance to review it)
    Btw, I really like Sunset Coral, it’s very buildable and soft without any shimmer – it seems similar to me,maybe pinker, so those who find Instant Chic sheer, amy want to look into it. :)

  40. kfm

    Thanks as always for all the swatches! Do you think Instant Chic is different enough from Hipness (Fafi) to warrant having both? It looks kind of similar in the photos.

  41. I think the light over dark mineralized duo looks alot like Chic couple….

  42. Katie

    I think I’m going to have to pass on these. Instant chic is the only one that caught my eye — I’m a very fair NW20. However, I am a blush gal and based on your description, I know I’m going to have to swatch it first. Light Over Dark looks extremely unwearable as a blush… too frosty!

  43. Heather H

    Hi Christine,
    Which blush would you recommend for me I’m an NC40? I initially thought I would get both but I’m not so sure now. Thanks!

  44. Instant Chic looks pretty and I’d use Light Over Dark as eyeshadow!

  45. Lus!ous

    Got instant chic like it..nice color.

  46. Tiffany

    is Light Over Dark safe for the eye area?

  47. Kathie

    I”m a NW45 girl and I order both the Instant chic and the MIneralized blush duo so, we’ll see and I’ll keep you posted Christine.

  48. Roxana

    Does anybody know if Instant Chic is similar to NARS Gilda?? Thanks :)

  49. jackie

    i cant decide on insta chic or hipness that coming out next month :(
    what do u recomend for nc25

  50. Ingrid

    Instant Chic blush is VERY VERY VERY similar to Melba blush (which is permanent). Don’t get it if you already have Melba :)

    • Tiffany

      wow this is so funny. today i went to my mac counter to buy instant chic and the SA gave me melba. weird hehehe

  51. Mikey

    Hi! Do you tink Hipness is similar to Instant Chic?

  52. Tasmin

    Could I ask if you could uese the coral paintpot as a creme blush? I’M nc40/42/

  53. Lindsey

    Christine, if you had to pick two out of the three blushes which two would you pick: Garb, Hipness, or Instant Chic?

  54. Chelsea Forma

    Instant Chic looks gorgeous!