MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: My Reds & Pinks — Limited Edition (2010)

MAC Eyeshadow Palettes: My Reds & Pinks — Limited Edition

Can you guess which shade is which? It’s not easy! You’ll find the answers behind the cut, under the second photo of the palette! 🙂  I took close-ups, but I wasn’t satisfied with the majority of them, so I’ll have to do those at another time.  Consider it on the to-do list but a not-so-urgent item…  We’ll do oranges and golds next!

Some clues…

  • All shades are limited edition (I have all permanent shades in separate palettes)
  • 95% of my limited edition eyeshadows are from 2004-2010, with an emphasis on 2009-2010
  • There may be duplicates of some limited edition shades (but they’ll be next to each other)
  • Square-shaped shades are from holiday palettes

What’s inside the palette…

Top Row: Limo, ‘Til Daybreak, Hot Hot Hot, Free to Be (oops, a permanent slipped there!)
Middle Row: Living Pink, Maira’s Mood, Perky, Pink Papillon, Up-do
Bottom Row: Wintersky, Ego, Et Tu, Bouquet?, Liberty of London, Firespot