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MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Wonder Woman: Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC PINK POWER MINERALIZE SKINFINISH ($35.00 for 0.70 oz.) is a super-mega-jumbo-sized tri-colored mineralize skinfinish. MAC describes the colors as peachy rose with pink shimmer, soft rosy bronze, and soft shell pink with fine shimmer.

The oversize mineralize skinfinish does allow for easy use of each color individually, and I could see mixing and matching, though they’re wearable on an individual level. The way I looked at these mineralize skinfinishes was they included a “highlighter” shade, “bronzing” shade, and “blushing” shade.

The “highlighting” shade, which I found was best used that way (more shimmer than color when applied), is a pale champagne beige with white-gold shimmer. The “bronzing” shade is a mid-tone orange-tinged brown, but it doesn’t feel orange-y (like Golden Lariat) with a subtle satin sheen. The “blushing” shade is a peached pink with a shimmer-sheen.

my thoughts on the formula: Mineralize Skinfinishes can be used for a variety of things–from blush to bronzer to highlighter. The way you use it depends on your skin tone, how pigmented the particular shade of mineralize skinfinish is, the texture, and what you want to use it for. These are baked products, so they can be used wet or dry without fear of ruining the product. The texture is soft, but the fineness of the shimmer depends on the individual shade. Stippling brushes like the 187 and 188 are ideal for applying mineralize skinfinishes.

Normally, mineralize skinfinishes retail for $28 (0.35 oz.), so this is double the size for $7 more. To put it simply, you’re paying $50/oz. rather than $80/oz. Whether you’ll ever use all whopping 0.70 oz. of it depends on you! It does feel huge, though, and the size makes it less convenient to tote around in your bag or makeup bag. I also think that for its gigantic-size, I would have loved to see a mirror included.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

final thoughts: I thought this one actually worked well–I can see a variety of skin tones working this. Golden Lariat may pull too orange to be wearable for some, but Pink Power looks beautiful applied. It has enough warmth to work for my warmer-toned friends, but it’s not so warm that it turns orange, so it should be lovely on cooler skin tones, too.

where to buy: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
Size comparison… normal MSF vs. WW MSF (Golden Lariat pictured)

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

For full-face photos, I used the “bronzing” shade to contour, the “blushing” shdae to blush, and then the “highlighting” shade to highlighter. In order to get these up as soon as possible, I did these these three at once (my cheeks just can’t take more than 5 or so back-to-back cheek swatches).

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish

Product & Review FAQ

When and where can I purchase? How much is it?

MAC Wonder Woman will be available in-stores on February 10th, 2011 (North America) and March 2011 (International). It will be online approximately February 8th, possibly as early as the 7th. Many stores are holding unveilings on February 1st--call your local store to ask (or ask if they know of any in your area) to RSVP. PRO stores generally launch collections one week prior, so February 3rd, 2011. The collection will be available at all counters and freestanding stores. $35.

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When will you review X?

I will review everything as soon as humanly possible. I'm working as quickly as possible to get through the process. Thank you for your patience!

Any dupes?

It reminded me somewhat of Global Glow Mineralize Skinfinish, because of the way it sits on the face--some color on medium skin but not overt. I will look for additional dupes and provide comparison swatches in the next day or so--once I've actually had a chance to go through and look for them.

What are you wearing in the full face photos?

MAC Valiant Eyeshadow Quad, MAC Emancipation Lipglass on lips, MAC Army of Amazons Opulash Mascara, and the product reviewed in this post on cheeks.

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69 thoughts on “MAC Pink Power Mineralize Skinfinish Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Jenna

    sooo pretty I might have to pick this one up :)

  2. bayli

    i’m definitely going to get this! soooo pretty! thanks for the swatches christine! :)

  3. ashleigh

    I like these shades a lot more that golden lariat but I still don’t know if I can handle the size. I find it is not totally necessary to buy

  4. El

    I definitely like this one better than the other one. Good thing, cuz I was originally thinking about getting the other one just because I’m an NC 35-40

  5. This looks gorgeous on you!! This will def. be on my list. And we appreciate your hard work getting these reviews in!

  6. Jacqueline

    WANT. D:

  7. Judy

    Wow. Very pretty! Thanks Christine for the swatch & review.

  8. JayJay

    Oooo, this one is much prettier than the other one. Maybe I will be getting something from this collection after all. :-)

  9. Olivia

    Ahh I hate bronzer but I love blush and highlighters…do you think it would be a waste to just get it for those 2 things?

  10. MissChels

    The individual blush and highlight swatches look beautiful. But the bronze shade looks a bit orange IMO. Anything that pulls orange looks way too harsh and horrible on me. It looks really nice on you though. I still see it pulling a little orange on you though too. I am really bummed out because I wanted to love this MSF. I knew I wouldn’t like the other one so this was my last MSF option. It will save me money but it looks so pretty, it’s HUGE, I am a WW fan, and I love MSFs. I guess I can get the other stuff on my list.

  11. LU

    Thanks for getting these up so quickly Christine, we all appreciate you working so hard! :)
    I think this MSF looks lovely, its the only thing I was planning on getting from this collection.

  12. MissChels

    Oh btw, the Valiant Quad looks amazing on you! I am totally sold on that quad. Aren’t collection Quads usually a few dollars less than $40?

  13. Wendy R.

    This gives you the perfect glow! I this is def. going on my list :)

  14. bxboricua

    I’m not sold on the MSFs but I really like the Valiant eyeshadow quad on you!

  15. Amanda Dubs

    I dont think Ill have enough money left over from Peacocky to get this but I am really liking the look of this product!

  16. Sunnygfunk

    Wow the way you applied this makes me want to buy it. You look so amazing

  17. This one looks sooo pretty!!! 😀

  18. Ginnia

    It looks beautiful on you!

  19. lizbeth

    hey christine will pink power look better on my skin tone than golden lariat i like this one better but idk im a NC43?

  20. LU

    What did you use to apply this Christine?

  21. Jill

    Christine, not sure if it’s just me but as soon as I saw the picture of this I thought of the mineralized blush duo “happy together” (with the exception of the darker one. None the less, it looks great on you!

  22. Liz Mc

    I wish they made a smaller version of this at a lower price point and without the bronzer. Any bronzer makes me look like an Oompa-Loompa.

    The pink parts of this are gorgeous though.

  23. S

    Thanks for the great review, swatches and pics of you wearing it! I like this one alot and will put this on my list!

  24. Lena

    This one is so pretty! Definitely one of the must- haves in my book!

  25. emily

    Where’s the size comparison photo?

  26. Angel

    ohh now people are saying that they want things from this collection -_-. There were so many haters earlier..
    lovee this msf<3 gonna get this and a lipstick 😀

    • Amanda Dubs

      Haha well I wasn’t really interested in anything before the swatches either :) Why does that make me a hater?

  27. This color looks gorgeous on you, definitely not what I expected from just seeing it in the compact! I’m going to have to reconsider checking this collection out.

  28. V

    do you think this MSF will show up on NC37-NC42 skin tones or do you recommend the other?

  29. veneta

    Of course it’s’s a MSF, but bringing out the larger size is just unnecessary! It’s way too expensive…

  30. Jamie

    Christine what is on your eyes and lips here? It’s so beautiful!

  31. Lena

    I forgot to ask earlier, but is it hard to hold due to it’s size? I have small palms so I was just wondering, haha.

  32. Jane

    Christine, would this work for me, I use NC42 studio fix?

  33. I knew when you first posted photos that I’d be getting some stuff from Wonder Woman. I agree with Angel, there were so many haters before. Thanks for the swatches and the review Christine! I’ll get this once it’s available here :) Can’t wait for March!

  34. Charlotte

    Definitely want this one – as I thought from promo pics. I love it on you!

  35. This one is realllly nice. Now I’m unsure if I want the other one. I think I will get this one and check the other out in store if I get to one.

  36. DonnaN

    Definately on my radar, but I need to try this out on my skin to make sure that it’s worth the purchase.

  37. Erica C

    I wish I could learn how to apply msf, this looks amazing on you! And the side shot is really helpful.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work and effort. I hope you treated yourself to a nice meal once you were done! 😀
    One more thing, the value is 9/10 for this and 10/10 for the Golden Lariat, just thought that might be a typo or something?

  38. I love this! This is the one & only product I definitely will be picking up from the WW collection. Question, how do you apply this? Do you swirl and apply all at once or one at a time? I’m so excited for this because it’s three different shades in one which only add to the value of being much larger for just a little more!

  39. Vvn

    I really wanted to get this, but the size of it definitely puts me off, whether it has 3in1 or not :(

  40. Sinah

    I so have to get that one!

  41. Leticia

    This MSF is gorgeous, but unfortunately, the oversized versions of this collection will make it very expensive in Mexico…a regular MSF is sold for about 33 dollars here, so if Wonder Woman’s are 35 in the US, I guess they will be sold for over 40 dollars here! Though the packaging and concept of this collection are fun, the prices are not!

  42. Shawndra

    Just pretty gorgeous. Loving it more each time. Can’t wait for February. You look great, also.

  43. tiana

    i have NC20/C3 ish skin what color would be better pink or golden

  44. zahra

    I think i may really want this! Esp cause it would be my first MSF and i’ve loved the look of the texture on previous ones. Does this still seem like an MSF? Because if it doesnt, i think i may want MAC’s Peachykeen blush instead! whatttt to do?

  45. whitney

    i want this already

  46. wow. This MSF is really big.

  47. i tried this one last night, but then broke out where the highligher went, not sure what to do, i also have light to medium skin and am wondering if the bronzer will be too dark, also is this mineralize, is it safe for sensitive skin?

  48. LU

    I’m an NC40 and I loved this so much that I’m considering buying a backup on the 10th. I like to use it with my Mighty Aphrodite blush!

  49. bella

    hi christine! first off i just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful for all of the time and effort you put into this incredible blog, so thank you(:
    I am NC20 ish or lighter (not for sure) and I went to a Macys MAC counter because that was the only place I could find this. so I picked it right up and purchased it. The bronzer is not pigmented at all so i wiped a layer off thinking that would do the trick (it has worked for me in the past). But then I applied it and after putting my brush back in for the second time, it wasnt pigmented any more. Do you think that its because I put it on after I moisturized my face and didnt apply foundation? or did I get a bad one? do i need a new brush? Thank you for your time! Isabella

  50. Saartje

    Hi Christine,

    I have almost the same skin tone as you, but do you think pink power or golden lariat is better for your skin tone? And isnt the bronzing shade way to orange to use as a bronzer? Its going to be my first MAC product en the ww collection wil be available in stores on March 5th 9 ( in Holland). i’m so excited! thnx and excuse me for my english

  51. Chelsea Forma

    That MSF is so pretty! I love the “highlighter” and the “blush” parts!