Thursday, April 25th, 2013

MAC Angel's Kiss Lipstick
MAC Angel’s Kiss Lipstick

MAC Nudes & Metallics Lipstick ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) features four shades of Nudes Angel’s Kiss (sheer soft pinky nude with pearl), Nearly Nude (sheer warm pink nude), Wholesome (sheer warm mid-tone nude); there is also Restrained (sheer neutral mid-tone nude), which I don’t have.

Angel’s Kiss is pale, lightly warmed-up peach-beige with a satiny sheen (though it’s an amplified officially). Much like the eyeshadows, which were all described as sheer, this is not sheer; this is mostly opaque. Where this shade differs slightly from a lot of MAC’s paler nudes is that it is warm-toned, rather than cool and pink-toned. It lasted four hours on me, and it was neither drying nor hydrating. MAC Fleshpot is pinker. MAC Naturally Eccentric is a smidgen darker. NARS Madere is not as warmed-toned, lighter, and matte. MAC Creme d’Nude is a smidgen darker and pinker.

Nearly Nude is a light-medium, peach-beige with warm undertones and a satiny sheen (and officially it is an amplified). It has mostly opaque color coverage with a lightly creamy consistency that made it easy to apply. This shade wore for four hours on me, and while it wasn’t hydrating, it wasn’t drying either. OCC Trick is more beige. MAC Cherish is slightly darker and less peach. MAC Pure Decoration is slightly yellower. MAC Peachstock is very comparable.

Wholesome is is a light-medium, peach-orange with a satiny sheen (though it is an amplified). It has full color coverage, and it applied evenly and easily. It lasted four and a half hours when I tried it, and it was slightly hydrating. MAC Cozy Up is a bit darker/more orange. NARS Biscayne Park is a smidgen darker, a touch pink. MAC Posh Tone is darker. MAC Fashion City is darker and glossier.

All three applied rather well, and they lasted a good length of time (about average).  None of these were drying, and Wholesome felt a bit hydrating while I wore it.  These seemed more dupable, though, so if you have several go-to nudes already in your beauty arsenal, then it’s quite likely these will feel redundant.  They are, of course, not as sheer as described, as they’re all mostly opaque to fully opaque–so that may or may not be a happy accident for you.

P.S. — The Nudes & Metallics Collection may be frustrating to find. When it launched in PRO stores on the 18th, every store I called was sold out of over half the collection already. The online launch date has been pushed to mid-June (no specific date was given). It is supposed to be for PRO only, which may mean that it is restricted to PROs only even online, but you should be able to call MAC PRO at 1-800-387-6707 and order (for anyone, PRO and non-PRO alike) per a LiveChat I did this morning.

The Glossover


MAC Nudes & Metallics Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches (Part 2)

These would have been rated higher had they not been described as sheer (A- instead), so if you prefer more opaque color, then you're in luck. If you like your nudes sheer, I'd look elsewhere!











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MAC Angel's Kiss Lipstick
MAC Angel’s Kiss Lipstick

MAC Angel's Kiss Lipstick
MAC Angel’s Kiss Lipstick

MAC Angel's Kiss Lipstick
MAC Angel’s Kiss Lipstick

MAC Angel's Kiss Lipstick
MAC Angel’s Kiss Lipstick

MAC Angel's Kiss Lipstick
MAC Angel’s Kiss Lipstick

MAC Angel's Kiss Lipstick
MAC Angel’s Kiss Lipstick

MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick
MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick

MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick
MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick

MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick
MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick

MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick
MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick

MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick
MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick

MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick
MAC Nearly Nude Lipstick

MAC Wholesome Lipstick
MAC Wholesome Lipstick

MAC Wholesome Lipstick
MAC Wholesome Lipstick

MAC Wholesome Lipstick
MAC Wholesome Lipstick

MAC Wholesome Lipstick
MAC Wholesome Lipstick

MAC Wholesome Lipstick
MAC Wholesome Lipstick

MAC Wholesome Lipstick
MAC Wholesome Lipstick

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63 thoughts on “MAC Nudes & Metallics Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches (Part 2)

  1. huge, HUGE sucker for nude lips and these look like they can unfortunately only cover a small range of skintones, otherwise, have the possibility of looking like concealer lips. I wish THESE were metallic..I really do!

    • artemis

      it’s nice someone makes nudes for pale toned girls too…most ‘nude’ lipsticks on the market are way too dark and orange for them :/

  2. It’s nice to see warm-toned nudes being released for once! Wholesome suits you really well, Christine. Pity they’re all LE. =(

  3. I am in love! I want Angel’s Kiss & Nearly Nude really bad. They seriously look so pretty. I am such a sucker for nude lips! Hopefully I can find these somewhere :)

  4. Audrey

    This is so pale. It would make me look ill.

  5. Jill

    Yuck. I am always jealous because Christine can pull off almost any shade of lipstick and look beautiful, but these just aren’t flattering at all. Maybe if they were dabbed on and worn very sheerly over a balm they might look better… No thanks, MAC.

  6. Wholesome is kind of cute, but I’m not a nude lipstick girl. I prefer bright or vampy colors.

  7. Lisa

    The good news is that I don’t see anything in this collection that is worth the considerable trouble of finding.

  8. Zezi

    Appropriate name ”Angel’s kiss”, because it makes you look dead. Wholesome on the other hand looks lovely. 😀

    • xamyx

      I always laugh when I read comments referring to similar lipsticks as “dead”, “corpse”, etc. When one is dead, the lips are actually a bluish-purple, and I don’t see any of hint of that in nude lipsticks… Perhaps I’m missing something?

      • Lip colour at death actually depends on how the person died. 😛

        Asphyxia, cyanide poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning all change the lip colour. For the most part, the lips are pale as the heart no longer pumps blood to the area.

        • carolin

          lol I love that you know this in such detail 😛

          • xamyx

            The point I was trying to make is that the lips of a corpse tend to look ashen, pale, and cold, not a nice, warm beige.

            • artemis

              I agree…It’s soooo annoying when people say nudes makes you look dead. they look cool, considering they’re not much lighter or darker than your skintone(the first one is too light for christine, the second one would only work with a bold eye on her skintone and the 3rd is perfect for any look…she doesn;t look horrible with any of them, anyway, i think it’s horrible when there’s an even bigger difference+an overall tacky make-up-a ton of bronzer and bottle blonde hair)

            • It was supposed to be funny. Jeez 😛 But way to take the wind outta my fun 😛

        • helen

          Love that you know this (and just a tiny bit scared….) :)

  9. bella

    yuck! they’re all weird and yellow-orangey :( not good on my pigmented lips and pale skin…

  10. ZG


  11. hong le

    seriously! wholesome looks really good on you!! i can’t never wear nude lipstick, they all washed me out!! i got the ysl num2 lipstick and it looks really bad on me!! anyone has trick to make it work out please?

  12. Anna

    Do you think Angel’s Kiss would be flattering on someone with NW15/NC20 skin? I’m not sure.

  13. xamyx

    I would wear any of these (and most likely the one not shown, LOL) & the entire Metallic collection, but I have similar enough shades to all of them that it’s just not worth the hassle. I’m happy to see MAC not doing another round of hot pink and/or orange, though!

  14. Kat

    I’m privately going to call this the “Make Kat Look Like A Corpse” collection…LOL!!

  15. Kay Lee

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering what foundation are you wearing?

  16. 18thCenturyFox

    Want all three, especially because Nearly Nude reminds me of Never Nude and I’m a huge AD fan.

  17. Rosie b

    Not really sure about these. They do loo something like concealer

  18. wholesome and nearly nude looks amazing

  19. Rani

    How do they compare shade wise to Myth? I’m looking to replace mine :)

  20. Yena

    How is Wholesome compared to MAC Freckletone?

  21. Pretty, but I don’t need ’em–already have similar colors.

  22. Amanda

    I love all of these shades but don’t think they are worth the trouble to find, ill just have to pick up some of the other shades you mentioned in the post!

  23. Elle

    They’re pretty similar, but I’m liking Wholesome! I’m not sure if I’ll go out and buy, just because I have similar colors. Plus, you added they’re hard to find.. Maybe I’ll stop by a store to see if I looks okay on!

  24. Lily

    How does Wholesome compare to Freckletone? I have both Freckletone and Posh Tone.

  25. Ellety

    When I went to the Mac pro store last week in chicago, they had all the lipsticks. The MUA said they were amazing!! But nude lipsticks aren’t my thing, so I chose to pass. :-/

  26. Claire

    How does wholesome compare to Yash? I checked it out myself and it looks pretty similar but I’m not sure.

  27. VickyM

    I know I´m one of the few, but I´m not a fan of nude lips. Sometimes with the right color they can look nice but on others, not on me. From all of this I don´t likeany at all which I guess it´s a goodthing for my wallet :) .

    • Deb

      I’m with you VICKYM. These are hideous. (The lipsticks, not Christine). Nude lippies can be ok as long as they don’t make you look like you have concealer lips. I am constantly amazed at how many people actually think that is flattering. I can’t think of any lippies I’ve seen lately that are as awful as these.

      • We all have different tastes and preferences – it’s okay if you don’t like something, but take care not to insult those who do like something. Nobody should be made to feel ugly if they like something that someone else doesn’t. That is the beauty of makeup: different products for different people; a whole world of brands and colors and textures so you can find the ones you love.

  28. artemis

    is it just me or does the first one have fine shimmer in it? it’s so gorgeous though…

  29. Please take care when expressing your opinions. There is no reason to judge, criticize, or belittle those who love what you dislike or dislike what you love. Please be respectful of differing tastes, opinions, and views.

  30. Anna

    How Nearly Nude compares to Viva Glam Lady Gaga 2?

  31. Ivy

    How does nearly nude compare to luxe natural?

  32. Ann

    They all look amazing on you Christine ! The Nudes & the Metallics ! You really wear any shade well !

  33. diana

    are either nearly nude or angel’s kiss similar to playing koi? i missed out on it and i want it so badly!

  34. How do these compare to MAC Honeylove?

  35. Ashley

    Do you think Wholesome would go nicely with nc40 skin? Or is it too light? Love your site btw :) keep up the great work!

  36. Mare

    I’m an md. It’s funny to hear a certified makeup consumer educate everyone on the proper color of a corpse’s lips. wwendalynne, loved your answer. That is true intelligence at work.

  37. Anita

    How does wholesome compare to posh tone lipstick? Thanks for an amazing website n all the research you do!