Thursday, December 29th, 2011

MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick
MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick

MAC Naturally: Lipsticks

There are four limited edition shades of MAC Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) in the Naturally collection: A Perfect Day (light neutral pink), Beach Sand (light tan), Pillow Talk (neutral pink), and Sweet Sunrise (light neutral peach-pink).

MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but have no taste. On average, I get four hours of wear with them, but it often depends on the finish. Finishes like satins and amplifies tend to have better color coverage and wear for four to six hours, sometimes longer, depending on the hue. Two finishes present here–Cremesheens and Lustres–I find drying, with Lustres being more drying than Cremesheens. Lustres tend to wear off in two to three hours for me, unfortunately, likely due to the additional slip in the finish (which can create some unevenness with ultra pale shades like Sweet Sunrise.

The Glossover


MAC Naturally Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

Two finishes present here--Cremesheens and Lustres--I find drying, with Lustres being more drying than Cremesheens. Lustres tend to wear off in two to three hours for me, unfortunately, likely due to the additional slip in the finish (which can create some unevenness with ultra pale shades like Sweet Sunrise.











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MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick
MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick

MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick
MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick

MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick
MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick

MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick
MAC A Perfect Day Lipstick

MAC Beach Sand Lipstick
MAC Beach Sand Lipstick

MAC Beach Sand Lipstick
MAC Beach Sand Lipstick

MAC Beach Sand Lipstick
MAC Beach Sand Lipstick

MAC Beach Sand Lipstick
MAC Beach Sand Lipstick

MAC Pillow Talk Lipstick
MAC Pillow Talk Lipstick

MAC Pillow Talk Lipstick
MAC Pillow Talk Lipstick

MAC Pillow Talk Lipstick
MAC Pillow Talk Lipstick

MAC Pillow Talk Lipstick
MAC Pillow Talk Lipstick

MAC Sweet Sunrise Lipstick
MAC Sweet Sunrise Lipstick

MAC Sweet Sunrise Lipstick
MAC Sweet Sunrise Lipstick

MAC Sweet Sunrise Lipstick
MAC Sweet Sunrise Lipstick

MAC Sweet Sunrise Lipstick
MAC Sweet Sunrise Lipstick

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC Naturally releases in-stores on January 5th, 2012 and will be available at all MAC locations and counters; $14.50 each.

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Any dupes?

See individual shade reviews! :)

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130 thoughts on “MAC Naturally Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Hannah

    I love that MAC put out a collection that is actually on-trend (for once)! After seeing completely nude faces on the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2012, I am glad that brands are putting out collections to help us achieve the look!

    • Siobhan

      I second that, but am a little disappointed that this collection seems totally aimed for lighter skintones. I am an NW45 and honestly, apart from using the MSFs as highlighters, I don’t know if I’ll be able to use ANYTHING from this collection. Its a shame, too, because, from the description(s), this collection seemed so great and I got so excited for it. Bleh :/

      • Nita

        I totally agree! Oh well…..

        • Karen

          third that!!!!

          • Blacktundras

            4th that! I’m not even sure if pillow talk is going to be a dark enough nude for me. Oh well screw MAC, I’ll take my funds elsewhere!

            • Aysha

              Hi Blacktundras,
              I’m not sure what foundation shade I am in MAC but I’m an Indian woman with quite warm/olive undertones. When I tried out Pillow Talk in the stores, it actually is quite a dark nude, and I’ve never ever been able to find a nude that doesnt make me look dead so mabye check it out the next time you’re in MAC.

            • aimee

              I actually just bought pillow talki ( im NC47-50) and its a perfect nude lip color for me. Give it a try!

      • Jessica

        Exactly. It’s really disappointing when they make anything in a collection for their darker skinned customers…

  2. trayceeee

    I spoke to Mac MUA online and she said to pair Pillow Talk and Hot Spell L/G for a pretty nude for NC45. This collection has been great so far IMO!

  3. Ainsley

    Perfect Day looks so beautiful! Do you think this would be a good nude on MUFE 117 skin?

  4. Haezel

    I must say, I love your blog! It’s so informative and the swatches are always amazing. Do you think Pillow Talk would match an NW35 – NW40? I’d love to know (:

  5. Jordan

    What are the finishes of the lipsticks? A perfect day looks like a really great color!

  6. Is that really what Pillow Talk looks like? Omg. After reading the description MAC put out on it being a “neutral pink”, I was like aaaaaa give.

    Das not a neutral pink. *crosses off list*

  7. Chris Styles

    A Perfect Day look perfect on you! I haven’t been wow’d by the recent MAC collections as of late…actually they’ve been quite dissapointing. And why on earth r they discontinuing many of their top sellers, like the fragrances, smdh.

  8. Ashley

    These look great! I’m a fan of pale / nude lips :) love these!

  9. baby in a corner

    A perfect day is such a perfect nude for you!! I can’t wear nude lipsticks as my lips are quite pigmented. :(

  10. Cait

    Pillow Talk and Beach Sand – HERE I COME <3

  11. Emily

    Beach Sand and Pillow Talk are calling my name! But A Perfect Day looks to be promising as well – the amplified finish is my favourite from MAC.

  12. Kayla

    I don’t know how you do it Christine, but I swear, there is not a single lipstick color that doesn’t look absolutely beautiful on you. You even make that ghastly Jersey Shore-esque baby pink look hot!

  13. Marissa

    I’m so excited about this collection, it’s just what I’ve been waiting for! I noticed on Dillard’s that they have the products already available? The images aren’t available, but it will let you add them to your cart. I thought this collection wasn’t supposed to come out until January 5th?

  14. Oh wow! I love Sweet Sunrise and A Perfect Day! I always worry that nudes will be too orange-y for my pale skin, but those both look like they might work! :) Hopefully A Perfect Day isn’t too much like MAC’s creme cup, because I just can’t seem to get that one to work on me :(

  15. Chloe

    I already have Pillow Talk and everything else looks like it’ll be too light for me =( I’ll have to skip the lipsticks with this collection.

  16. sugarbear

    is Pillow Talk similar to Freckletone? thanks.

  17. Iris

    Except for Pillow Talk, they makes you look sick and tired, Christine :(

    • K

      I disagree, I think all shades look fantastic on Christine! The pictures have definitely convinced me to pick up a couple of them.

    • Emily

      That’s one opinion. I completely disagree, and I think many others think you look great in all of them (enough so that we buy lip colors that don’t work on us out of misplaced hope!).

      It’s possible this is meant to be helpful, anyway.

  18. Carrie Ann

    I love Lustres and Cremesheens and these shades seem well-suited for my warm skin tone. I can’t decide which ones I want.

  19. A Perfect Day and Beach sand are calling my name!

  20. Hey Christine I’m a nw35 do you think a perfect day will be paler than my skin or more like a creme cup mlbb?

  21. Oh god, nude pink lipsticks with creme finishes, I’m doomed. First Mac stuff I’ve wanted in ages!

  22. Cat

    I kind of like them all (the look at least, not the drying part!) but Pillow Talk is my favorite shade based off the photos.

  23. These all look lovely on you, but alas I fear they’ll be a bit warm for my complexion. Nudes don’t like me very much.

    • Nudes can be hard to wear! There are only a handful that I really like on me, and even then, I feel like I need really heavy eye makeup to make them work!

  24. Alexandra Aimee

    THESE I like!! I hated the glosses, which all seemed to have a weird chalky sticky looking finish, but these are awesome! I am putting whichever one of these goes best with my very pale, cool skin tone + the bobby brown nude eye pallat on my must get ASAP list!

  25. Ashley Marie

    I love them all, and they all look fantastic on you.

  26. Rumour

    Is A Perfect Day similar to Fleshpot?

  27. makeup love

    Which one do you recommend for NC25 complexions? Thanks!

  28. Justine

    Hmmm…Perfect Day looks very similar to Shy Girl(which I have and love).

  29. Melody

    I kinda want A Perfect Day just because it’s an amplified finish. I have several nudes that are similar but they’re all cremesheen and for some reason that makes them harder to get even on my lips. But amplified l/s is like a dream!

  30. Olivia

    I have not seen a single MAC collection that I even considered but I want everything! It’s great I saved money after all those collection duds (except for mac me over)

  31. Kathryn

    That first one looks great on you!

  32. Hello Christine do you think beach sand is similar to growing trend? I am definitely getting all with the exception of pillow talk.Thank you in advance!

  33. Nancy

    I got Sweet Sunrise today at PRO but also wanted A perfect day but it was sold out already =[

  34. Mikeyy

    i can’t take my eyes out of “PERFECT DAY” .. i wear NC25 on the PROLONG WEAR .. dearest Christine, do you think i could pull this off?

  35. Polly

    I think Perfect Day looks almost an identical dupe for NARS Tashkent (Pure Matte Lipstick) through my monitor! And it is one of my favorite nude in my stash.

    I think all of these are completely my go-to shade. Who could resist good nudes? I have a bad feeling that I will end up getting all of these!

    Ty for sharing! Great swatches as always. You look irresistibly adorable in all of these!

  36. Ashley

    How does A Perfect Day compare with Playing Koi from the Quite Cute collection?

  37. Sexy Sadie

    A Perfect day looks like GOSH Darling.

  38. Marissa

    I’m NW15 and I haven’t really tried any nude lipsticks because my skin is so light. The lightest lipstick I have is Politely Pink and I love it. Do you think A Perfect Day or Pillow Talk would work on me?

  39. Marta

    I’m a sucker for nudes, soft pinks and browns with no shimmer, and except from Honey Love i never got any lipstick from MAC. But I love so many of these! *.* looks like my Revlon mattes & UD’s Requiem and Sellout are finally gonna have some new friends 😀 For some people this collection might be boring shadewise, but for me is absolutely perfect!

  40. artemis

    nudes <3 love them
    tho they wouldn't look pale on me :( :))

  41. rissa

    do you think A Perfect Day would look alright on a nw20?

  42. Romina Elorrieta

    I am loving the lipsticks!!! But I find Sweet Sunrise to be too white, I think. I’m an NC2, and I love wearing nude tones (Peachstock and Myth being my faves), but I bought Playing Koi and it was horrendously white!!. I cannot wear it, so I might be skipping on Sweet Sunrise, probably…

    So far, this collection seems to be QUITE PROMISING!! I’m super excited to try it out ^^<3

  43. Aubree

    what a surprise..a collection that leaves us brown girls out of the picture again. -rolls eyes-

  44. You mind as well not wear any lipsticks……definitely if your lips have more color than these lipsticks.

  45. Carla Souza

    Hi Christine!
    Thanks for the reviews and photos. Question: which one (s) would you suggest for a NC 35/40 girl? (I can’t only buy them online, so there no way for me to try them on first :( )

  46. Karla

    i think ill be picking up pillow talk, perfect day, beach sand, and flamingo from the iris and apfel collection

  47. A Perfect Day looks promising! I have yet to find a nude lipstick that doesn’t completely wash me out.

  48. Paulina

    Christine what foundation do you wear at this photos?

  49. Rebecca

    I really love A Perfect Day!!! But do you think it would wash out someone who is NW15? Thanks!

  50. Perfect day ! Perfect day ! Perfect day ! Yes, three times. 😉

  51. Huda

    Hey question..isin’t a perfect day kinda like shy girl lipstick from mac?

  52. ooh, I love Pillow talk! Does anyone think it’d work on NC15 skin? I’ve also got pretty pigmented lips, and usually pale nudes look awful on me… but this seems a bit darker :)

  53. Palina

    oh my gosh! those lipsticks are so incredible *-* i really like nude & natural lipsticks. i love beachsand ♥ but i’m a littlebit disappointed of pillow talk, too. I thought that would be a ‘neutral pink’ ?!
    By the way, your blog is one of my faves. I’m from germany, and sometimes its kinda hard for me to unterstand your texts, but everytime i look for good mac lipstick-swatches, i visit your blog!
    Best wishes from germany, palina ♥

  54. sct

    these shades r really pretty. Could you pls tell me where can i purchase them online? Mailing from india n i’d like to order a lipstick……. Thnkx so much <3 ur beaty blog! :)

  55. Perfect Day is the perfect nude in my opinion! It looks so good on you!!

  56. Rachel

    I’m honestly bitter that every shade I see you swatch looks great on you.
    A Perfect Day looks like a nudeish I can actually wear..definitely checking it out!

  57. 78sarah

    Christine you seem to get more beautiful with every post. how is that even possible, when I thought you were gorgious to begin with?! have you been using new skin products?
    btw cograts on your engagement! the “perfect day” l/s looks so stunning on you. Happy New Year!

  58. Brittany

    I love nudes! i still have Flare from the last collection. I need to get more though. Im currently into stocking up on pinks right now…have no idea why lol

  59. Laura

    A Perfect Day looks like just my kind of shade, but I think I can safely skip the others. Also, “Neutral Pink” seems like such an odd way to describe Pillow Talk!

  60. Hi C! I totally love A perfect day! Is it different from Gaga II?

  61. Arianna

    pillow talk’s sooo pretty!

  62. Ashley

    Hi Christine!!

    Beautiful review and swatches as always~
    I was wondering if A Perfect Day or Sweet Sunrise were a close dupe for MAC Playing Koi?
    I missed out on it with the quite cute collection as I did not like the finish of it, but even though these lipsticks from this collection have different finishes are they similar in color to playing koi?

    thanks again!!! :)

  63. Would you compare any of them to Gaga 2?

  64. Would you say any of these are similar to innocence, beware? Its the most perfect nude on me and I’m dreading the day I run out!

  65. Lynniekae

    Christine, these colors look AMAZING on you!! Unfortunately, I cannot imagine that they would work on me =( I’m in the Deep Dark range of MAC products, and these look too light. Oh well. I loooove nudes.

  66. Laura

    I love nude lipsticks, I’ll have to try them on at a counter but this might be my dream l/s release

  67. Toko

    Wow, such pretty lipsticks! A Perfect Day is so very pretty on you Christine. I swear if it wasn’t for your swatches I probably wouldn’t buy half the stuff I do from Mac. :) Thanks for the swatches and A Perfect Day shall be mineee! :)

  68. Natalie

    hi christine do you think sweet sunrise or a perfect day would look good on a NC15 skintone or would it make me look dead already being so pale? lol thanks

  69. Annie

    Do you think Beach Sand and Perfect Day would work as subtle nudes on an NW25-30 complexion? Is Beach Sand too yellow?

  70. LORI


  71. Nancy

    I got 2 Sweet sunrises & 20 A perfect day lipsticks. I’m so lucky to have 8 Mac counters/ stores altogether in my city. I went and bought a majority of them all out. It is THE PERFECT EVERYDAY NUDE, like the name itself A Perfect Day!!

  72. I wish I could wear Pillow Talk it looks so pretty on you. I don’t think that would be the case for my pale skin though.

  73. Eileen

    When it comes to lipsticks i go for MAC brands and today i bought pillow talk and naked space. I love the nude colors, But…it has this weird taste. Not that I lick the lipstick or gloss…usually Mac has that vanilla smell and taste…this one doesn’t :( what a bummer

  74. rissa

    i asked this question almost a month ago, but it never got approved/answered although newer comments have :/ so i shall try again, do you think A Perfect Day would look alright on a nw20? and how would you compare it to myth?

  75. sarah

    Your eyes are gorgeous girl!!! Love your reviews/swatches their awesome!!! How do you think “A Perfect Day” lipstick would look on tan skin would it make me look washed out?

  76. Kate

    Hi Christine! How is A Perfect Day compare to Innocence!Beware?

  77. Christina

    nudes are fab on you Christine! when I imagine a black smoky eye you wear so well (jealous!) I am getting dizzy with makeup admiration! 😉 Aside “Good day” I think I will save my money for the Bobbi Brown rose gold lipsticks.. I kind of expected a bit more from these, too, to be honest!

  78. Teufeu

    How does Pillaw Talk compare with Patisserie and Jubilée? Thank you!

  79. Carla25

    Hi christine, Wanted your advice on the MAC Sweet Sunrise lipstick, Is this very nude? I always have red lips, without any product, and sometimes i like to dye down the tone of my lips, but putting a lightish colour on the lips, but would this be too light? I like the look of MAC Beach Sand. Would you normally wear this shade? Hope you don’t mind me asking, Many Thanks