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MAC Shadesticks in Butternutty, Cakeshop, Heirloom, Street Cool

MAC Me Over: Shadesticks

MAC Shadesticks ($17.50 for 0.05 oz.) may have been discontinued from the permanent range, but occasionally, MAC brings them back for a limited edition stint.  MAC Me Over includes five shades:  Butternutty (frosted light neutral), Cakeshop (frosted pewter), Heirloom (light icy pink), Street Cool (mid-tone grey violet taupe), and Tundra (icy silver).

Shadesticks are twist-up eyeshadows that can be worn alone or as a base. They are more like a cream eyeshadow than a powder, but the formula does set quickly and dry down so it wears well on its own without creasing (in my experience). The texture is creamy enough to deliver decent color payoff on the lid, but it is on the drier side, so you may feel some tugging and drag. After using a multitude of products over the years, Shadesticks are not a product I’d reach for regularly, just because they’re not as comfortable to use. I’d recommend applying with fingers or a brush, rather than straight from the tube.

  • Butternutty is a warm beige with a hint of peach. It has a frosted finish. The color is a bit like MAC Brule but frostier and a tad lighter.
  • Cakeshop is a dirty green-gray with a frosted, metallic finish. I don’t find that this goes on as evenly as you’d like a cream shadow to go out–there is a little grittiness from the size of the shimmer particles in it. It reminded me–ever-so-slightly–of theBalm Run Around Rebecca, which is greener.
  • Heirloom is a soft, grayish pink with a frosted finish. It a gray-toned version of Giorgio Armani #8. It’s darker and grayer than MAC Et Tu, Boutquet?.
  • Street Cool is a purple-tinged taupe brown with a soft, frosted finish. It has the least frosted finish of the shadesticks. It is very similar to Inglot #402 and NARS Grand Palais. It is a lighter version of MAC Satin Taupe.
  • Tundra is a bright silver with a metallic finish. It is similar to Inglot #448.

MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products–unless otherwise noted–are limited edition.

The Glossover


MAC Me Over: Shadesticks Swatches, Photos, Reviews

The drier formula keeps this from being a standout product, because the dryness results in drag and tugging on the lid, and the color does not deposit evenly or opaquely as a result.











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See more photos & swatches!

MAC Shadesticks in Butternutty, Cakeshop, Heirloom, Street Cool

MAC Shadesticks in Butternutty, Cakeshop, Heirloom, Street Cool

MAC Shadesticks in Butternutty, Cakeshop, Heirloom, Street Cool

MAC Shadesticks in Butternutty, Cakeshop, Heirloom, Street Cool

MAC Butternutty Shadestick

MAC Cakeshop Shadestick

MAC Heirloom Shadestick

MAC Street Cool Shadestick

MAC Tundra Shadestick
MAC Tundra Shadestick

MAC Tundra Shadestick
MAC Tundra Shadestick

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Where can I purchase a Shadestick? How much is it?

MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products--unless otherwise noted--are limited edition. These are $17.50 each.

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49 thoughts on “MAC Me Over: Shadesticks Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Musebeliever

    I’m starting to be really disappointed by mac. I found their products quite pricey for the quality really.
    And don’t know for the US but in France it is possible to find an equivalent really cheaper. Kiko has similar produtcs. It is true that the colour range is not as impressive but at least it’s really cheap.

    • Francesca

      I so totally agree! Everyone’s crazy about mac and while I can understand it, I absolutely don’t agree with it…especially in europe, their products are pricey and they’re often not that outstanding. I know they have an impressive range of colors, textures, finishes and whatever, but you can absolutely find amazing alternatives at more reasonable prices, or else spend just a little more and go for something that is actually high-end quality. It’s probably very convenient for MUAs in the US, but EU average consumers pay WAY too much…

      • Lakke

        I agree with you. Especially in Europe, its really pricey. I do think that KIKO is similar to MAC.(-:

    • Bernice

      I agree and I live in North America. I’ve heard wonderful things about eyeko and Sleek :) Nice high street finds that I can’t wait to get my hands on !

  2. Mia

    Thanks for the swatches and the review. How close would you say Street Cool is to Taupographic?

  3. If anyone likes the idea of Shadesticks try GOSH’s – SHIMMERING & WATERPROOF eyeshadows. The are softer in applying the colour to your lid.

  4. they brought this back?!?! omg I love these shadesticks! Awesome as eyeshadow base!

  5. AlexisV.

    I think I need these in my life. Never had the chance to purchase a shadestick, but that green is beautiful! Totally diggin Street Cool too.

  6. JessM

    How do they compare to Laura Mercier caviar stick eye colors?

  7. Devi

    This is actually why I like to read your reviews and see your rating instead of just looking at the pictures. The swatches look tempting, but the issues that you state in your review are what I consider the most. Butternutty is actually gorgeous, but if it’s going to tug on my lids then I’ll pass. 😡

  8. nvl

    I know they are tricky to work with, but my eye lids are so darn oily, and these DON’T BUDGE! You are right Christine: I apply with a brush and QUICKLY. I kind of like these with a loose shadow.

  9. Jody

    I used to collect shadesticks. I used to be always frustrated with shadesticks. It seemed no matter how much I tried to force myself to love them, I always had to work so hard to get a decent texture and finish on my lid. The dryness of them (even when I tried warming them up in my bra for several minutes while I did other makeup) always made the finish scaly, or they would skip.

    Then I tried the UD 24/7 shadow pencils. I will NEVER even look at another shadestick. Honestly. This is the easiest part of this collection to look away from. I use the UD shadow pencils almost every day, and ended up getting all but 2.

    thanks Christine for all your reviews and swatches. This collection definitely needs you and your work for everybody to read before the collection drops. It’s so danged HUGE!!

  10. I’ve never had a positive experience with a shadestick. In fact, I’ll probably use the last two that I have for Back 2 Mac, despite that they are barely used. Every time I try they pull, pull, pull and tug, tug, tug on my eyelids and leave my lids red and sore! I tried using them with fingers and with brushes, but the formula is so dry that it’s difficult to work with no matter what you’re using to apply. Worst MAC product ever, IMO.

  11. Mariella

    Christine (or anyone) – I’ve never owned a Shadestick before and I’m wondering – how do these compare to MAC’s Paint Pots or Grease Sticks (both of which I do have) in terms of creasing, long wear, acting as non-crease colour enhancing bases for other shadows? I saw that you said they drag when applied but how easily do they blend or is the idea to apply a heavy-ish layer and not blend them? I like a few of the shades enough to give them a try (maybe!!) but would like opinions!

    • They’re more like Greasepaint Sticks than Paint Pots, but they are drier than Greasepaint Sticks, so they also wear better. I don’t find them too blendable, given they dry down quickly.

      • Mariella

        Thanks, Christine. I find the Greasepaint Sticks wear really well but they seem to dry quickly on me so blending is trick and, that being the case, I can’t imagine what the Shadesticks must be like. I’ve got a GOSH “dupe” and I’m not all that crazy about it (quite glimmery/glittery)

    • Mariella

      Okay – scratch my questions! I’ve just looked at some of the replies (should have done that first!). I have a few of the UD 24/7 shadow pencils and love them so will not bother with these, I guess (having just seen an earlier comment which mentions the UD pencils).

  12. Laura

    I really like the colours, but I can’t stand Shadesticks for the reasons you mentioned (the dragging etc) so I know I wouldn’t use them. I will wait for the new Paint Pots to satisfy my desire for new cream shadows I think! Greasepaint Sticks and Urban Decay Shadow Pencils are also much better alternatives, in my experience.

  13. Becca

    I’m skipping on all of these

  14. Chelle

    Tundra is gorgeous!

  15. Maria

    Have NEVER used shadestick or much cream shadow at all but tundra is EXACTLY something I was looking for. Reading everyone’s remarks though is making not want this version.
    Another recommendation for new US user looking for that ‘Tundra’ look??

  16. Debi

    I think the colours are pretty and the idea good, but I’ve never used one and not interested in purchasing yet another MAC LE product that I will be disappointed with. My eyeshadow stays fine as it is with primer. UD 24/7 cannot be beat and I like NYX Jumbo sticks! They don’t crease on me. Passing on this one.

  17. Jill

    I’m actually looking forward to these. I’ve had two shadesticks before and never had a problem with the texture or wear…I’m most looking forward to Street Cool because I hate trying to make a smoky eye on myself with powder shadow, I end up making a complete mess under my eyes. I’ve used these to rim my eyes for a shadow-y type of look, and Street Cool looks just like the type of color I’ve been looking for.

  18. I have only one MAC shadestick and it’s Penny. I really love and I used to use it all the time (I ctry to change my routine since I have many products). Anyway, I had no issues with them but my friend has 10 different shadestick and some of them are really dry :/

  19. Mabel

    Which one will you choose,Christine?? Mac shadestick or Urban decay shadow pencil??? I really want to know cos I am planning to buy one of them! Thz 😀

  20. LM

    tundra’s pretty

  21. ShanaB

    Thankful they are bringing these back! I use Gentle Lentil as a staple, so “Cool Street” will make a great sub!

    • ShanaB

      The dryness is what I love about them (Keep lids on tight)…especially if you get an oily lid. The color has stay power. I can color all the way up to my occipital bone, then blend with “cork” or other shadow on the edges. Love shade sticks!

    • The dryness (keep lid on tight) is what I love about the shade stick, they have staying power and definitely there is no movement or creasing, no smudge! I can shade in all the way up to my occipital bone and/or use them as a base. I then blend the edge with shadow of choice.

  22. Do you have Gentile Lentil for comparison?

  23. Maebee

    51 pieces? Wow, I’m passing on the ones I’ve seen so far.

  24. Karen G

    Christine I was wondering “wich shadestick it’s better?” I wanna ask you wich was the best shadestick between Tundra, Cakeshop, and street cool??? (those are the ones that I’m interested in) the ones that really catched me were Tundra and Cakeshop but please tell me wich of both these colors is the best ’cause they’re quite similar

    Thank you so much for your time

    ps: temptalia in bloom LOOOOOOVE IT!!!!

  25. Moni

    I have only one greasepaint from the VV collection and I hate it. I use it sometimes, just so its not wasted… and from the above description I’m guessing this shade sticks are the same cr…..!

  26. stellarstace

    does streetcool resemble the dirty greasepaint stick from the art supplies collection?

  27. Dawn

    How would you say Tundra compares with Silverstroke Fluidline?

    Love the fresh look of this site, by the way – soft and pretty

  28. April L

    Are any of these Shadesticks dupes for UD 24/7’s? Street Cool looks similar to Rehab, and Heirloom resembles Sin.

  29. Bailey

    What are the ingredients?