Sunday, August 21st, 2011

MAC Avenue Fluidline
MAC Avenue Fluidline

MAC Me Over: Fluidlines

There are four new and limited edition shades of MAC Fluidline ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) in this collection. They include: Avenue (charcoal black with gold pearlized pigments), Dark Diversion (darkened plum), Dark Envy (blackened green), and Midnight Blues (blackened blue).

  • Avenue is a dark, black-brown with a hint of gold shimmer. It’s hard to see the shimmer when it’s worn. It’s less intense compared to Blitz & Glitz.
  • Dark Diversion is a reddened burgundy. This is a repromote. Β It’s a little redder and deeper compared to Bobbi Brown Violet Ink, but not quite as dark as Bobbi Brown Black Plum.
  • Dark Envy is a teal-tinged green with emerald green and teal micro-shimmer. It’s mostly opaque, but it’s not as solid as Avenue.Β It’s lighter and not as blackened as Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer Ink.
  • Midnight Blues is a dark navy blue with a hint of teal. It has a subtly shimmery finish. It’s a bluer version of Prescriptives Blue Grotto. It is also similar to NARS Kaliste (with a way better formula!). MAC Siahi is similar in that it is that blue-teal feel, but it’s brighter with less of a blackened base.

Fluidline is a long-wearing, smudge-proof gel eyeliner that comes in a glass pot with a black, screw-on lid. I like to use the 208 brush with Fluidlines, because it’s a very thin but firm angle brush. MAC’s Fluidline does a good job of wearing all day without fading, smudging, or budging. It’s definitely one of my favorite gel eyeliners, and I’ve had many for years and none of them have dried out thus far.

MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products–unless otherwise noted–are limited edition.

The Glossover


MAC Me Over Fluidline Swatches, Photos, Reviews

I wish MAC would expand their permanent range of Fluidlines, because over time, it has shrunk quite a bit. I think some of these shades would work well in the permanent range, because they're very classic--dark enough to line with but not so dark it loses the underlying color.











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MAC Avenue Fluidline
MAC Avenue Fluidline

MAC Avenue Fluidline
MAC Avenue Fluidline

MAC Avenue Fluidline
MAC Avenue Fluidline

MAC Avenue Fluidline
MAC Avenue Fluidline

MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline

MAC Dark Envy Fluidline
MAC Dark Envy Fluidline

MAC Dark Envy Fluidline
MAC Dark Envy Fluidline

MAC Dark Envy Fluidline
MAC Dark Envy Fluidline

MAC Dark Envy Fluidline
MAC Dark Envy Fluidline

MMAC Midnight Blues Fluidline
MAC Midnight Blues Fluidline

MMAC Midnight Blues Fluidline
MAC Midnight Blues Fluidline

MMAC Midnight Blues Fluidline
MAC Midnight Blues Fluidline

MMAC Midnight Blues Fluidline
MAC Midnight Blues Fluidline

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Where can I purchase the Fluidline? How much is it?

MAC Me Over is a 51-piece collection for fall, which will launch in North America on August 25th, 2011 and internationally in September 2011. It will launch online approximately August 23rd but there is no concrete online launch date. All products--unless otherwise noted--are limited edition. Each is $15.

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89 thoughts on “MAC Me Over Fluidline Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Oh dear. Yes yes yes yes! πŸ˜€

  2. I’ll totally buy one of these! <3

  3. Chelle

    Dark Envy is a total keeper. I was disappointed with the Ivy Fluidline and this looks like the perfect replacement for it – darker, stronger and seems to lack the pigmentation problems that Ivy had. And I’m really hoping it goes well with Jealousy Wakes!

  4. Kathrina

    I will definitely get Dark Envy and hope Midnight Blues is as gorgeous as I imagine it to be.

  5. malia

    woweee those are all gorgeous!!!

  6. Laura

    A bit off topic but, any news on the Pugh+MAC collection?

  7. Lauren

    I sometimes wish fluidlines would dry down! I have Dipdown and I can barely use it beecause it’s TOO soft and creamy :( I think I need to leave it open for a few days and see what happens

    • Chelle

      What seriously? I use it at least twice a week and have never had this problem. It’s creamy, yes, but I find it dries down by the time I do my next eye!

      • same…i’ve never found any of them with that problem. blacktrack and dipdown are what i use on every one of my clients..i wouldn’t use it if it werent a great product!

  8. kasiaj85

    whoa – Avenue and Dark Envy are great!!

    • I’m only disappoint in the fact that Dark Envy wasn’t as blackened green like Inkspill. It is however a VERY pretty shade.

      I love love love Inkspill shade but I hate hate hate HATE the Luquidlast formula. I would struggle with it for 6 months till I final said I didn’t need the hassel.

  9. Laura

    Dark Envy looks a bit like what I wanted Envy Fluidline to be (darker and more opaque). Lovely! Will be getting that and Avenue for sure. I already have Dark Diversion and this has reminded methat I don’t wear it as often as I should.

  10. Wendy

    Avenue *drool*

    • Fey

      Oh, I know. It’s such a gritty, dirty color. How could we not resist its charm? I’m seriously snatching Avenue up ASAP. Black-brown shades rock. I dig how the shimmer disappears but still lends depth.

  11. I wasn’t too excited for this collection but these fluidlines look awesome so I might partake. Blacktrack is a staple of mine so maybe it’s time to venture into some new shades.

  12. Jenny

    Dark Envy looks like a darker version of Jealousy Wakes!

  13. Noga

    Another thing to add to the list. Thank god a friend of mine is flying to New York just in time for the launch, it should save me some cash :)

  14. Kerrie

    Not impressed with Avenue…just looks like a black that really wanted to be black but is just dark brown. Pretty in the pot…but the gold flecks just make it look brown.

    Dark Envy now…THAT..I want. Ivy was crap…but that Dark Envy is beautiful! I really wanna see Midnight Blues swatches. I need a good navy-ish shade and I’m gravitating towards UD’s 24/7 liquid in Sabbath…MAC might bring me back in their direction.

  15. aaaaw im in love with dark diversion!! *,*

  16. I love these! It’s so nice to see something other than black or brown. Dark Envy is my favorite, though I think I must have them all! πŸ˜€ (Dear MAC, collections this large in addition to collections every few weeks is a bit overwhelming!)

  17. Ari

    Dark Diversion for these green eyes: my very first Fluidline! And in fact it was thanks to your review of NYC’s “Union Square” compact that I’ve learned this colour’s perfect for me. Union Square turns out to be as handy for warmish green eyes as it is for browns, and that reddish eggplant purple is perfection.

  18. Carrie Ann

    I already have Dark Diversion and I think I can skip Avenue, but Dark Envy is gorgeous.

  19. Ashley Marie

    Ooooooohhhh. Aaaaaaaahhhh. How does dark envy look with jealousy wakes? They even sound cool paired together.

  20. I can’t believe how gorgeous each of these shades are! Looking forward to Midnight Blues

  21. Sass

    I’m loving these fluidlines a lot. I think this is where my money will be spent.

  22. Dark Envy is GORGEOUS! want want!

  23. Kerri

    I think they look great! Do you think Dark Envy would work on the waterline? I’ve been contemplating the Bobbi Brown Ivy Shimmer too but I don’t know which one would be the most opaque on the waterline.

  24. Sharlie Gugel

    I LOVE Dark Diversion!!! Nice vampy eyeliner, without being full on red. Can’t wait to purchase this.. Hope it becomes permanent!!!!

  25. Emily

    I actually NEED Dark Envy and Dark Diversion…my a wallet may fight me but it’s for the better. πŸ˜‰

  26. Saffy

    I might get Avenue, it’s still dark, but without the harshness of a pure black. Gorgeous!

  27. Sydney

    I must have Dark Envy. I’ll probably get Avenue, but I’m not sure if I need to because I have both Blacktrack and Blitz & Glitz, and they’re both kinda similar.

  28. JennerLynner

    i go to texas a&m and dark diversion would be absolutely perfect for game days! it’s the closet to maroon i’ve ever seen in an eye-liner. i’ll have to order it! and avenue is gorgeous, but i might try out blitz and glitz for more sparkle.

    • mumtaza

      Longhorn here! Was gonna tell an Aggie joke but figure let’s come together over make-up. I love the idea of dark diversion for y’all’s games! That’s creative& beautiful. Maybe you’ll see me on the other side in Orange eyeshadow& scarf. It will be one glamorous kick-off.

  29. Allison

    dark diversion<3

  30. Anna

    Christine, have you tried photographing shimmery swatches under less intense light? I’ve noticed before that the color in frosty swatches is often obscured by the reflections of the shimmer/glitter, so it can be hard to tell what it will look like under lower light levels. Just a thought. x

  31. Kate

    Dark envy is gorgeous!

  32. I must have dark envy :O

  33. Zara

    When u said avenue is less intense than blitz and glitz did u mean the shimmer is less intense or the black is less intense? Plz reply!

  34. Jessica

    Ever since I first saw Dark Diversion I had to have it and I’m sooo glad they’re brining it back. It will be my first fluidline, oh yes, it will be my first.

  35. Carrie Ann

    How does Midnight Blues compare to Waveline?

  36. ohhhhhh my my … all of them are soooo AWESOME πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    want all of them

  37. ak

    Midnight Blues looks liie Siahi

  38. Manisha

    Got them all on Thursday at my local pro store. Love them all. Then again I’m a gel liner freak.

  39. Stef

    Christine, can we use the Fluidline gel eyeliners to line the lower waterline?

  40. Alicia

    i love dark diversion. can you tell the difference between that and macroviolet? i’m assuming macroviolet is more purple.

  41. Catherine

    Dark Diversion would be fantastic with green eyes. Love.

  42. Trish

    Defenitely I’m going to buy a green one and a blue one. Avenue looks like Blitz and Glitz (I’ve got this one).
    Dark Diversion looks too reddish brow for me.

  43. These are pretty colors….but since MAC deleted the cake liners long time ago to replace the fluid lines, I have already moved to another brand (FACE Stockholm) for cake liners. Maybe I will give this a try.

  44. Nichole

    How does Dark Diversion compare to Urban Decay’s Crash 24/7 pencil (minus the glitter)?

  45. Miss Mercurial

    Midnight Blues has me weak at the knees.

  46. Edelmc

    Hi Christine. Do you think dark envy looks like the green from Mickey contractor?

  47. Katie

    Before swatches I intially wanted Midnight Blues but after seeing Dark Diversion, it was going to be my choice. However after seeing THIS swatch of Midnight Blues I’m sold and I think Midnight Blues will look best on my brown eyes.

  48. Danny

    I would love to use the blue and green one as a base for shadows!

  49. Violet

    I’d buy the shit out of Avenue & Midnight Blues if I could. GORGEOUS.

    Does anyone know of any online retailers that ship to Europe that carry MAC? More specifically, the Fluidlines? Would love to try them.

  50. Cait

    OOOHOO! The Purple and the Blue are stunning O:

  51. Noir

    Gorgeous! Dark Envy is a most in everyone’s make up collection!

  52. Traci

    I want Dark Envy, just so I can layer Jealousy Wakes on top of it!

  53. mumtaza

    Dark envy is jealously wakes sister! Can’t wait to wear them together. love midnight blues, too. which do you think would flatter light green eyes the best and how does dark diversion compare to urban decay Gash?

  54. Brian McD aka Roulette

    Hey Christine-

    You may have addressed this before, but I know from being a long time reader that you hardly ever line you upper eye lids because it causes swelling and irritation. I JUST notied at the top of the post that you use the 208 brush for this, the most scratchy and stiff of the liner brushes!? Did you know the 263 was actually made for the gel liners? It has soft synthetic bristles that are arranged to get a nice sharp thin line, and are very soft and gentle on the eyelid and waterline..

    I don’t use the 208 for anything really, I use the 266 for brows and the 263 for gel liners and occasionally very dark brows, as it lays a less dense line of product.

    Let me know what you think..

    • I find the 208 much, much softer than the 263 – it’s not scratchy or stiff at all and I own several! I’ve used all sorts of brushes – so it is by no means related to the 208, since I have probably tried over 20 different eyeliner brushes and twice as many formulas.

      • Brian McD aka Roulette

        Wow, I can see how it being stiffer might get a more precise line, but the stiffness I just can’t imagine being comfortable. For an ULTRA thin line I use the 212 flat definer, which lately is the brush I have been using most for fluidlines.

  55. becca

    Midnight Blues is disappointing – I was hoping for a navy blue but this looks identical to Penned which I already have…is it?

  56. lalilulelo

    these are 4 lovely colors, i hope they sell it in my country, definitely gonna buy, i love fluidline!

  57. Midnight blues is gorgeous. I have Waveline and Siahi, so I gotta add this one to my collection.

  58. Georgia Llewellyn

    I think I need Avenue and Midnight Blues ….

  59. Jessica

    I love my 2 new fluidlines from the new collection. I got the blue and green. I want to go outside the box but have no idea what to do with these fluidlines. PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Katie

      The best advice I can give is to go on youtube and watch tutorials on different eyeliner looks. Also find out what eyeliner look is best for your eyeshape which can be found on youtube as well. Goodluck!

  60. Katie

    I thought I wanted Midnight Blues but after the Artist applied it, I didn’t like it cos it was too dark. So I told her to try Dark Envy and wow is all I could say when I looked in the mirror. My chestnut eyes were popping in a way I’d never seen. So of course I got it, however I’m not much of a eyeliner person so its great that my eyeshape looks best with eyeliner only applied to the top lash line. And Dark Envy is the perfect shade for me because it isn’t too dark or too green that it would clash with the lipsticks I wear.

  61. Dark division and midnight blue. Omg so pretty!

  62. Stef

    Hi Christine, can we use the Fluid line to line the lower water line?

  63. Yohaness

    I wish Avenue was a permanent color. I love the color, but I honestly don’t need another fluidline right now… I would like it at some point though… Hm.. to buy or not to buy?