Friday, December 18th, 2009

Pretty Please, Intricate Lipsticks

MAC Love Lace Collection: Lips

I’m going to focus on reviewing the lipsticks and lipglasses in this post…  Overall, I wasn’t too impressed — pretty underwhelmed with the shade range, and as “cool” as the concept is for Intricate/Utterly Discrete, neither was pigmented enough to show up well on my lips!


  • Intricate is an ultra sheer plummy brown with multicolored shimmer. It’s quite sheer, even with many, many layers in a swatch.  It has a very frosty finish.
  • Pretty Please is a sheer, cool-toned, light pink with soft shimmer. This is a permanent shade.


  • Utterly Discrete is a sheer brown-based gloss with multi-colored shimmer (with a healthier dose of pinky-purple shimmer). It’s very much a complement to Intricate lipstick.  It looks very similar to Icescape on lips, sans the milky pink.
  • Icescape is a sheer, milky pink base with brighter iridescent pink and purple shimmer. This is a repromote.

See more photos and swatches…

Intricate Lipstick (left), Intricate Lipstick with Utterly Discrete Lipglass layered over (right)

MAC Intricate Lipstick

Pretty Please Lipstick (both swatches)

MAC Pretty Please Lipstick

Icescape, Utterly Discrete Lipglasses

Icescape, Utterly Discrete Lipglasses

Icescape, Utterly Discrete Lipglasses

Utterly Discrete, Icescape Lipglasses

MAC Icescape Lipglass

MAC Utterly Discrete Lipglass

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54 thoughts on “MAC Love Lace Collection Review — Lipsticks, Lipglasses — Swatches, Reviews

  1. Nevermind what I said before about lip products, they’re off too =(

    I’m still looking for the perfect nude after I was too late in getting Nude Rose from the Dsquared collection…

    • I think Intricate/Utterly Discrete could have been better if they were more pigmented. They’re both just so, so sheer that it’s hard to work with either. I could have even worked with one of the two being pigmented and the other being sheer, y’know? But both were!

      • ak

        Christine, When you say that Intricate lipstick is a sheer plummy brown that sounds wearable to me. Is Intricate lipstick anything like the Gleam lipstick which is a Glaze?

        • Hmm, a little, but it didn’t really remind me of it…

          • ak

            I emailed the MAC website and they compared Intricate lipstick to Icon. Hmm. I’m more in the market for something that’s sheer like a Glaze these days…

            • Petra

              I purchased Intricate lipstick and i would say it resembles a glaze formula much more to me, than a frost. It is frosty, but it doesn’t settle into lines and is very creamy, smooth, and sheer. Very glaze-like to me. :) So if you like the colour and Christine’s swatch, i’d say go for it.

    • ak

      The Blood Red lipstick from the DSquared collection was the perfect pink for me; for some weird reason I look great in dark reddish-pink or pinkish-red. I decided to give it a miss *slaps forehead* Now all I can rely on for a reddish-pink that’s not shimmery is the MAC Beet lip pencil.

  2. Pretty pretty. Icy that’s for sure. Good for a Lady Gaga show!

  3. Anitacska

    I really like Intricate and Utterly Discreet. Icescape is pretty too, but need to see it in person.

  4. Rebecca

    I think you mixed up the Lipglass swatches (on hand not lip)?

  5. Sarah M

    These look really pretty to me. Having said that, I don’t think I’ll buy them. They are very sheer but Fall’s been all about dark vampy lips so it’s nice to see something much more toned down. :-)

  6. Alix

    I can’t buy a lipcolor with a misspelled name — what were they thinking???

  7. Rachel

    Christine, do you think that if one owns and loves Preciousness that they should get Icescape..or are they too similar, therefore making Icescape not worth it?

  8. aradhana

    why so many sheer shades lately?

  9. Nice in the tube but too icy-sheer.

  10. Natalia

    Intricate kinda reminds me of Rags to Riches Dazzleglass which I think is the prettiest and interesting color/glitter one of them all(which i still don’t have, sigh) and I think they would pair really good, even if it is a bit sheer. I would love to own both of them =)

  11. Megan

    I agree with Bridgette…the glosses is nice in the tube but way to sheer. This is good I only want the eyeliners…I’ll wait till Warm and Cozy then do a collective haul

  12. amy

    I saw these at MAC PRO today and I didn’t even bother to swatch them because I knew that they would be to light and frosty for my taste. These look almost “icy,” too icy actually.

  13. Giselle

    the ice scape lipglass is attractive to me ^o^

  14. Emily

    I’m skipping these, I don’t like the frost finish too much : /

  15. Laura

    Hmmm im not seeing anything interesting from this collection I was expecting some blacks and whites (im not sure what i mean but yeah thats what i think about when i think of lace)! Warm and cozy is more my collection cant wait to see the msfs!

  16. Brian Kelly

    I’ve gone through 2 Pretty Please lipsticks and I can honestly say that people are better off getting a fully pigmented icy lipstick rather then sheer ones. Sheer is nice but they dry out so easy and before you know it, your reapplying multiple times throughout the day. Lipglasses are always worth it though, that’s one of those unbeatable products you really can’t complain about with MAC.

    • Oh, yeah, you can go through a sheer (aka lustre) lipstick SO SO fast, because you just layer it on… and truth be told, even after two or three layers, any more you pile on doesn’t do squat! I sat there rubbing that lipstick all over my lips going C’MON SHOW ME SOMETHIN’! to no avail.

  17. The Utterly Discreet lipglass looks pretty tasty. I wonder how it would read from a distance. I love a multi colored shimmer that reads as such at a distance, but they so frequently disappoint and end up looking “natural” aka BORING. If you’re gonna wear multi colored glitter or shimmer you gotta just GO FOR IT!

  18. Lorna

    i’ll probably get the lipglasses only. i go through sheer, pinky lipglasses pretty fast and i could use some more.

  19. Nicole

    i love soft color..these are great!!I think I need all 4 lol!!!

  20. These look kinda blah, except for Icescape. Intricate does make me think of Madly Creative, but really really sheer.

  21. Jessica

    Doesn’t Intricate look like that Guerlain one?

  22. Rachel

    I picked up both Icescape (even though I said I wouldn’t) and Utterly Discrete this evening, and on my lips, Utterly Discrete looks totally they’re more pigmented. I think that a lot of people will actually really like UD because there aren’t any other lipglasses like it right now.

  23. I love intricate lipstick and utterly discrete lipglass! Before seeing the swatches I wasn’t thrilled about this collection, but now I am, just because of these 2 lip products.

  24. Stella

    Is it me, or Icescape reminds me of Preciousness from Baroque?

    • They’re definitely similar, but the formulas are 100% different (totally sticky vs. not sticky, for instance). Preciousness is probably a lil’ pinker.

  25. Kate

    These are beautiful on you, Christine! I love icy pinks.

  26. Sylvie

    Thanks for the swatches Christine! I am hating that they are sooooooooooooo sheer! Come on MAC!

  27. I placed an order on Icescape lipglass since I missed out on it when Chill came out last year. I may have to backup that lipglass since I’ve heard that it’s so pretty.

  28. ak

    I’m glad the pink lipsticks and lipglasses in this collection are sheer or more like Lustres, that way more people will find things wearable instead just a handful of people.

  29. ak

    I bought the Intricate lipstick and yeah there’s no problem with it. They call it a Frost but it’s so sheer and non-scary that it looks like a Glaze one. It looks great at night too especially with dark smoky or smudgy eyes. To women of color, don’t be scared of it because I’m not. It’s sheer and it’s not ugly.

    • ak

      Oh yeah when you wear Intricate lipstick make sure your lips are moisturized first. And Utterly Discreet lipglass is pretty too but I didn’t get it.

    • Petra

      Oh, i just replied to your pervious comment about you prefering a glaze finish, and was suggesting you to grab it, since it seems very much like that to me – glad you got it and found the same resemblance. :)

  30. Channii

    usually i go for the satin matte amplified lipsticks i got both of these used lip erase in dim 1st then the lipstick over the top was really surprised to see how pretty they actuly are both look gorgeous on tannd/darker skin tones wel i think so ne way :DDDDDD