Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Call My Bluff, Creme d’Nude, Go For It, I Like It Like That, All Styled Up, Jazzed

MAC In the Groove Collection: Cremesheen Lipsticks

In the Groove also includes five new and limited lipsticks (plus one repromote–Creme d’Nude). All six of the lipsticks have a cremesheen finish, so they’re on the more pigmented side with creamier-looking color (less shimmer/frost), but they have less moisture in them (though I don’t find them drying).

  • Creme d’Nude is a creamy, nearly opaque pink-toned fleshy nude. It’s part of the permanent launch, and I know that many Temptalia readers love it as a go-to nude.
  • Call My Bluff is a lightly warmed up mushroom-y brown. It reminds me of Shitaki, except warmer. Like a cooler Touch, maybe. It’s semi-sheer on lips and has a soft silver shimmer.
  • Go For It is a semi-sheer red-toned purple with violet shimmer.  It’s a lighter, less intense version of Violetta–not nearly as shimmery, opaque, or vibrant.  More distinctly purple than Up the Amp, but it has that same subtle muted color.
  • I Like It Like That is a cool-toned, blue-based opaque pink. It’s a little darker and cooler than All Styled Up, but they’re pretty close. This shade is very close to Viva Glam Gaga, but a little brighter; it’s darker than Snob.
  • All Styled Up is a blue-based bubblegum pink with a slight glossy sheen and semi-opaque color. It actually doesn’t feel like a true cremesheen finish to me – almost like a little lustre-ness snuck in (though more a cremesheen than a lustre finish!). It does look a little streaky when applied, so make sure to smoosh lips to even it out. This shade is pinker and darker than Viva Glam Gaga, pinker than Snob. They’re all in the same family, though.
  • Jazzed is a nearly opaque, glossy coral-peach. It’s like a cross between Ravishing and Vegas Volt–not as peach/orange as Ravishing, but not as bright as Vegas Volt. It’s not too warm, so I think cooler skin tones can wear this well. This is not like Ever Hip–this is peach, orange, but not pink, which Ever Hip most definitely is. This is not like either lipstick from Pret-a-Papier, particularly since the finish is completely different, Jazzed is incredibly pigmented, and much brighter.

I really don’t why I Like It Like That and All Styled Up are so similar and in the same launch–they’re completely redundant. Yes, there is a difference between the two, but it’s incredibly small, and given they’re in the same launch? Boring! (Not to mention, this collection is obese–why six lipsticks at all?)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Call My Bluff, Creme d’Nude, Go For It, I Like It Like That, All Styled Up, Jazzed

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Call My Bluff, Creme d’Nude, Go For It

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Lipsticks: I Like It Like That, All Styled Up, Jazzed

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Call My Bluff, Creme d’Nude, Jazzed

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Go For It, I Like It Like That, All Styled Up,

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Call My Bluff Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Call My Bluff Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Creme d’Nude Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Creme d’Nude Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Go For It Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Go For It Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC I Like It Like That Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC I Like It Like That Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC All Styled Up Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC All Styled Up Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Jazzed Lipstick

MAC In the Groove Collection
MAC Jazzed Lipstick

All items were purchased by Temptalia, except Jazzed and All Styled Up, which were provided as press samples.

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235 thoughts on “MAC In the Groove Collection – Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Ryan

    well it looks like im getting all the lipsticks from this collection d=

  2. Taylor

    Jazzed is gorgeousssss

  3. Jennifer

    aw man. i don’t like any of these :(
    i was hoping for some new and original lip colors from mac, but i’ve seen all of these before. and i own creme d’ nude lol.
    oh well. next collection, hopefully.

  4. Argeleen

    What do you prime your lips with before applying lipstick?

  5. Argeleen

    Ty for this post! It made me change my mind about All Styled Up, Jazz looks more appealing to me now.

  6. Rita

    Hey Christine, would Jazzed look good on nw 20 skin tone? Thanks I love your website! :) I always find very helpful tips/idea of reveiws.

    • I think it could! Maybe not an immediately flattering shade, but if worn with the right shades, yes :)

      • Katie

        I’m an NW20 and I think it could work! Viva Glam Gaga doesn’t look good on me when I just apply it, but if I use Subculture to line, then a apply, and dab it in a little… it looks perfect! Point is, if you doctor them up a little, you can make almost anything work. Jazzed is beautiful and I ordered it!

  7. Diane

    Beautiful. I love the two new ones. Thanks Christine.

  8. Hannah

    I love Jazzed! :)

  9. sillylilacs

    Wow, WHERE did Jazzed pop out at? I definitely did not expect it to be that gorgeous!

  10. Vianca

    lOve how jazzed looks on u! hopefully it’ll look that good on me!

  11. stephanie

    how would you compare jazzed to ever hip?

  12. Shelly

    Thank you SOOOO much for the swatches! How do you think Jazzed compares to Ever Hip and Dressmaker Dressmaker? I personally missed Ever Hip but have Dressmaker and wonder if Jazzed is different enough to be worth it.

  13. Sam

    How close would you say jazzed is to ever hip from liberty of london. x

  14. Jennifer

    When I saw earlier lipstick swatches I first thought I was in the clear because I didn’t like the colors. But now after seeing new pics of Jazzed, I want it so bad! Hopefully it is the only lipstick I get from this collection lol.

  15. Faith

    How does Jazzed compare to Shy Girl and Fresh Salmon?

  16. nikki

    jazzed looks very similar to shy girl no? thanks for the swatches christine!

  17. maya

    I must admit – I them both…

  18. amy

    Jazzed is very pretty and I was instantly attracted to it when i saw it yesterday at the store, but I feel like I have seen this shade or something similar before from MAC this year, such as Ever Hip.

  19. lauraaaaa

    am i the only one that thinks mac comes out with waaay too many blue-pinks?

  20. Shal

    I love Jazzed, definitely on my wish list. :)

  21. Karen

    Just wondering, are there any lipstick shades in the permanent line somewhat similar to Jazzed?

  22. Sofia

    really loved Jazzed!..i wonder how is it compared to ever hip …

  23. Melanie

    I’ve had Creme d’Nude for a while but I’ll be getting the other two there really pretty especially jazzed cause im coo-coo for peaches

  24. Laís

    Hi, Christine! Please help me rs
    I’m so into corals right now. I bought Crosswires by mac because of your swatch but it looks kinda red on me :(
    do you think illamsqua’s brink lipstick looks good on NC45 skin tone?


  25. Jazzed is AMAZING on you Christine!

  26. Judy

    I’m dying to see the “go for it” lipstick swatch.

  27. I was looking for an opaque true peach lipstick forever – Jazzed is prefect! All styled Up looks beautiful but bubblegum pinks are pretty strange on me, we shall see!

    I just hope these Cremesheen lipsticks aren’t streaky like some of their other lipsticks in that finish tend to be on me.

  28. Jenn

    Hmm, should I get Jazzed? I’ve gone crazy over peachy/coral lipsticks lately, and I’ve already got 2 backups of Ever Hip. But I am looking for something to the more peachy-nude side of the color spectrum–something like YSL’s Tender Peach, but less opaque. Do you think this is it?

  29. RM

    How does Jazzed compare to Ravishing Cremesheen l/s?

  30. silvia

    Hi Christine,

    I am an NC42 do you think creme d’nude is something I could try? as a nude lipstick? Thank you for the swatches!!

  31. I really need to see All Jazzed up next to Ever Hip and All Styled Up next to Gaga! They look close. How close would you say they are?

    • Jazzed is more orange than Ever Hip – Every Hip is more of coral-pink. All Styled Up is darker, not as lilac. Since All Styled Up is mostly just darker, it’s closer to VG Gaga than Jazzed is to Ever Hip (IMO, the way Ever Hip runs pink really changes it).

  32. Bernice

    Jazzed looks so gorgeous !

  33. Emily

    How does Jazzed compare to Ever Hip and the lipsticks from Pret-a-Papier?

    • Jazzed is more orange than Ever Hip (which is pinker). I don’t think it’s like Dressmaker, Dressmaker or Made to Order at all.

  34. I really like Jazzed! Thanks for the swatches. :)

  35. stephloveslove

    Holy crap my want list for this collection keeps on growing and growing!

  36. Lisa

    yea jazz is very pretty. definitely cant wait to get this one.

  37. Carrie

    Pretty colors, but I already have Creme d’Nude and the other two look too easy to dupe. I like Cremesheens, so I hope the other colors are more unique.

  38. Christine – Jazzed looks a little more orange than Ever Hip. Is that right?

  39. nazih

    When do the cosmetics launch on the mac website?

    • Usually Tuesday before it launches in-store on Thursday, but sometimes it pops up on Monday afternoon. If you follow me on Twitter, I try to tweet as soon as I see it :)

      Because Sunday is a holiday, some people have Monday the 5th off, too – so we may not see it until Tuesday or even late Tuesday. But we’ll see.

  40. vanessa

    ommmmmggg…jazzzed is totally my new color!! cant wait!!!!!

  41. Bel

    I really liked Jazzed! But I thought All Styled Up was a little bit more hot pink :-( I hope that “I like it like that” is warmer than all styled up!

  42. Lyndsay

    They look a bit streaky, but I really like them still. lol! I especially love jazzed

  43. eblu

    Hi Christine, Jazzed looks gorgeous on you!

    Question: How does it compare to shy girl?

  44. AshleyMelissa

    Hi Christine you honestly look beautiful in absolutely any colour. I’m curious about Jazzed… I’m NC42 in Mac and curious if Jazzed will be too light and make me look washed out… What do you think plsss before I waste my money lol. Thank you!

  45. OMG, is it possible that I want all of them? And even more possible that, by the time they get to Brazil, if that’s even gonna happen, they’re gonna be sold out in like 5 seconds? Oh Gosh, I live in the wrong country ><

  46. Christina

    I will be getting All Styled up-it is so pretty and I am a sucker for blue-based pinks & Mac does them beautifully. I am also getting Creme d’Nude- I have been wanting to try it. I can’t wait.

  47. I just got these! I love them too! :)

  48. Ashley

    Totally getting Jazzed and All Styled Up.

  49. Madilyn

    Where are the swatches/reviews for the go for it lipstick (purple) and the other lipsticks?

  50. Love it! Christine, do you think Jazzed and Ever Hip are close at all? I have Ever Hip and if they’re similar, I can pass on Jazzed 😀

  51. Christina

    What would be a good cool toned gloss to wear over this that would bring out the pink? TIA!

  52. ellie

    Hi Christine … i already own lady gaga … do you think i should still get all styled up … looks the same to me based on your swatches. Also, which is more pink the all styled up or ysl fetish pink?

    Is jazzed similar to ysl peach passion?

  53. im getting jazzed, the other one i know i’ll never wear. too unwearable.

  54. I’m kind of not wanting All Styled Up since you said it’s streaky. Would you say that All Syled Up is a “need” if I already own Gaga? It just looks like so many lipsticks I already own.

    • If you wear Gaga like 24/7, then maybe, for a little variation, but if you don’t reach for Gaga a lot, you could skip. I don’t think All Styled Up is really a must. It is a little darker and pinker than Gaga, but it’s not totally different.

  55. When I saw All Styled Up, the first thing I think of is Viva Glam Gaga too. Since I got Cyndi and didn’t get Gaga, I might consider getting this, and I think there are 3 more lipsticks in this collection, right?

    May be the purple-colored lipstick too…i might get. 😉

  56. Julie

    I love the colors that are being released in this collection but to my dismay they’re all Cremesheens. I have put off buying them since every one of them I have had (I owned 6) got all busted up and melty. Does anyone else have this problem with Cremesheens?

  57. jazzed is very pretty. Love it.

  58. Janine

    Just fell in love with creme d’nude and jazzed!

  59. I was wondering how jazzed compares to dressmaker, dressmaker.. do you think it could be a good dupe?

  60. Jill

    Hello Christine, How would all styled-up compare to fashion mews from the hello kitty collection?

  61. Vania

    Hey Christine, I went to the pro store on july 1 and bought stereo rose. It was a disappointment it looks like a possible dupe of mac’s porcelain pink.I also noticed the MSf domes sizes decreased. MY favorite lipstick is go for it! it looks true purple on me.

  62. Madison

    do you think jazzed would work on nw25 skin with very pigmented lips?
    ravishing looks awful :/

    • Jazzed is a darker version of Ravishing – so if you don’t like Ravishing on you (unless it’s because it washes you out), I don’t know if you’d like Jazzed

  63. Hilana

    Jazzed is the nicest one in the bunch, but actually I don’t like any of ’em. Very 60’s. Maybe with some serious false lashes and a beehive they might look interesting, but not very appealing colours at all. To me they just look dull and chalky.

  64. Shal

    I can’t wait to get my hands on Jazzed!

  65. Lindsay

    Thanks so much for the great swatches as always!
    Is All Styled Up simemilar to the viva glam gaga?

    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the post but have you tried the Tom Ford lipsticks and if so could you do a post(: because i hear so many goood things about them but the are pretty pricey and I want to know if its worth it

  66. Carly

    Am I really the only one who hates the cremesheen formula? Bought creme d’nude not long ago and I can’t stand it. I definitely enjoy my drugstore nude lipsticks more than creme d’nude.. which is annoying because I paid $34 for it here in Australia!

  67. Tabitha

    I don’t mind the cremesheen formula. I like it. I would prefer more amplified lipsticks to be honest. I’m not a fan of glaze or lustres because they seem to dry my lips out after awhile. Cremesheens always go on nice and last on my lips, but once in awhile they dry them out also.

    • Julie

      Amplified is my favorite finish, it embodies everything I look for in a lipstick. I try to purchase them when they are available in collections even if the color is one I will seldom use! They’re great = )

  68. Michelle

    Is Jazzed close to Ever Hip ? I’m almost out and would love to find a good dupe. I wish I had bought two of them. I didn’t think I was going to end up loving the color so much.

  69. Michelle

    Oops! I didn’t notice that someone else had already asked the same question!

  70. Mari

    is jazzed similar to mac’s warm me up lipstick?

  71. Hay Mich

    Is All Styled Up similar to Lazy Day?

  72. Melody

    how does jazzed compare to see sheer?

  73. Annalisa

    Hi Christine! How would you compare Jazzed to Dressmaker,Dressmaker? Thank you!

  74. Call my bluff and Jazzed.. come to mama! <3

  75. Jennifer

    So pretty! I like jazzed

  76. Roxanne

    I love how your eye makeup changes, LOL.

  77. Hannah

    Jazzed is sold out online! Good thing there’s 2 MAC counters and 1 MAC store within a 30 minute drive of where I live and work, so I figure if I go tomorrow one of them should have it! (there was no way I would buy a lipstick without trying it on… I’m not so much a collector of makeup; I have a decent collection but I go for utility)

  78. Julie

    Hi Christine, I couldn’t help but wonder if Call My Bluff is a light and less pigmented version of Kraft lipstick from the Pret-a-papier collection. I looked at the swatches side by side and they seem similar in tone. By the way, go for it looks fierce on you! = D

  79. surprisingly creme de nude is my favourite.
    out of curiousity what mac skintone are you? wondering if it will go with a nc20-30 like me.

  80. Dawn

    Jazzed is already sold out on the UK website, so if you want it you’d best be quick. Only that and ‘Stereo Rose’ sold out so far, though.

  81. Cara

    *Phew* Kind of happy that I don’t like any of the lipsticks. I had my eyes on I like it like That and I’m not impressed. And Jazz reminds me of that one coral that I have from the liberty collection. If anything I’d get Call my Bluff for everday wear.

  82. Courtney

    I bought Call My Bluff and I’m quite happy with it. It’s VERY similar to Fresh Brew, which I also love, but slightly more wearable for day.

    I skipped Go For It because I already own Violetta and Blueberry…but looking at your pictures, maybe I should give it another chance.

  83. baby in a corner

    i think a lot of the lipsticks in this collection are hard to wear. None of them are anything that you’d stick on for work. I know they are meant to be fashion colours but i’m a make up addict and love colour but i’d find these hard to integrate into my make up looks!

  84. Sara

    Mustttt have Jazzed and Call My Bluff- beautiful!! ♥

  85. Diana

    I really like Call my Bluff it looks like a nice warm nude

  86. Judy

    Ooooh I am so happy I ordered Go for it & I like it like that lipsticks. I wish they would make another purple lipstick like this, but in amplified. All the colors look amazing on you Christine!

  87. Thanks so much for the lip swatches!! how do you think “go for it” and “jazzed” look on dark skin tones??

    • I think Go For It would be awesome, Jazzed should work, too — it’s not SUPER pale so it won’t wash you out like Ravishing might.

  88. Jess

    Is Call my bluff comparable to Viva Glam 2 ?

  89. Thanks for the lip swatches! I’m interested in Jazzed lipstick but have been wary of orange corals since Costa Chic (Euristocrats) was a total disaster on me :/ Do you think Jazzed is more wearable? I’m NC20-25 for reference.

  90. Jazzed is sold out, i didn’t get it even one!

  91. Brittany

    Christine i love how sweet you are… calmly replying to the same questions over and over again lol i really like this collection.

  92. cmferret

    wow. STYLED UP AND i like it like that look veryn similiar on the lips. i think i might just get jazzed up, go for it and all styled up. i dont know ill prob end up getting all of them minus creme de nude. ill see when i put them on my lips .

    • Hayley

      I went to the store today and they look completly different from one another on me :D…All Styled up look very bright almost neon on me, and I like it like that looked like much darker and not as bubblegum pink, and it had a little bit of purple under tones.

  93. Josiane

    awww I want jazzed so much

  94. abby

    Hi Christine! in the picture of the swatch on lips i like it like that what eyeshadow are you wearing?
    second question, which lipstick do you like best out of go for it, i like it like that and all styled up for an NC30 and to match it with fresh and easy and togetherness trios? thank you so much:)

  95. Brenda

    wow, they don’t really do it for me:( I really like Go For It on you with the blue liner. I kinda feel like the rest of them wash you out a bit, not being insulting to you, but my skintone is close to yours or a bit darker right now so going by that, I don’t think I would suit any of them. Disappointing.

  96. Cara

    Do you think Creme d’Nude would work as a nude lipstick for me? I’m NC40 with yellow undertones….I love how it looks on you!

  97. B.cole

    Go for it and jazzed are gorgeous. I will prob grab those.

  98. dana

    I like it like that looks like blooming lovely to it close..just a little pinker?

  99. Sarah

    Your makeup here looks so pretty :)
    Ahhh i want pretty much all of them even though i dont use lipstick on a regular basis.. :/

  100. Patricia

    jazzed was made for you :)