Friday, May 18th, 2012

MAC Barefoot Eyeshadow

MAC Hey, Sailor: Eyeshadows

MAC Hey, Sailor Eyeshadows ($16.00 for 0.05 oz.) includes five shades: Barefoot (tarnished gold), Crystal Avalanche (white with reflects), Feeling Fresh (bright green), Jaunty (light yellow beige), and Nautical Navy (blue).

  • Barefoot is a dirty warm gold with hints of bronze. This has a veluxe pearl finish. The texture was soft but it wasn’t fully opaque–there’s some sheerness in it. The color has a lot of warmth and some orange in it, so it doesn’t look like your traditional yellow gold. It’s not quite subdued enough or brown enough to be the average antique/tarnished gold. OCC Acacia is lighter. Bare Escentuals Remix is a bit lighter and yellower. MAC Goldmine is yellower and lighter. Inglot #404 is darker and more bronze. Milani Drenched in Gold is a little lighter, less orange.
  • Crystal Avalanche is a highly frosted bright white. This is part of the permanent range, and it has a veluxe pearl finish. It had the best color payoff of the five shades in the launch. It can be an interesting shade to use, because of both its brightness and the frostiness of its finish, so using a light touch with it may be best. Maybelline Too Cool is a bit cooler-toned. theBalm Sassy is a bit more frosted. Bare Escentuals Cheers is very close. Inglot #453 is more metallic.
  • Feeling Fresh is a grassy green with yellow undertones and a silver sparkle. It felt more like a velvet finish to me, but it is a frost. The color payoff is pretty disappointing when swatched, and it has a dry texture that skips and doesn’t bind together well. I wasn’t able to get it to apply well over bare lids, but over a primer and packed on with the 213, I was able to achieve true-to-pan vibrancy. It’s much yellower compared to MAC Jealousy Wakes. OCC Foxfire is lighter, yellower. MAC Fresh Flare is a bit darker. MAC Wondergrass is much yellower and brighter. Inglot #384 is darker, yellower.
  • Jaunty is a warm, light-medium beige with a slightly metallic sheen. This has a frost finish. The color payoff is so-so, but I imagine most people who gravitate towards this shade will like some of that underlying transparency. Buxom Collie is a bit darker. NARS Ramatuelle is lighter.
  • Nautical Navy is a dark navy blue with soft blue and silver shimmer. This has a satin finish. The texture is very, very dry, stiff, and chalky. It skips on the skin, and it still continued to behave poorly when I applied it to the lid both over a primer and over bare lids. MAC Naval Blue is similar but more intense, a little brighter/bluer. MAC Lunar is very comparable. MAC Shop & Drop is also very similar. There’s really no shortage of navy blues on the market, all with varying degrees of quality, but the majority are better than this one.

I think people will like these shades, but I don’t think they’re the best in regards to quality.  Barefoot, Crystal Avalanche, and Jaunty are the best out of the five, while Nautical Navy is by far the worst.  Feeling Fresh isn’t superb, but if you use it over a primer, it’s much, much better, which I suspect is how many readers use their eyeshadows, so it’s not lots and lots of extra effort. Nautical Navy is extremely dry and stiff, which makes blending difficult and getting intense color nearly impossible.

With an eyeshadow primer, I had no wear problems with these eyeshadows, and I’ve worn all five (three on one day, five the next). There was no creasing or fading after eight hours of wear over a primer.  MAC does indicate these are long-wearing, so I also tested them without a primer, and there’s very slight creasing after eight hours and some fading.

The Glossover


MAC Hey, Sailor Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches

Jaunty is actually my favorite out of the collection--it's soft, neutral, and very wearable on all skin tones. Feeling Fresh is workable/buildable, even though it's not stellar in all ways. Barefoot would be my next pick, but it could be a little more pigmented. Crystal Avalanche is permanent, so you can purchase it for a $1 less in regular packaging.











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MAC Barefoot Eyeshadow

MAC Barefoot Eyeshadow

MAC Barefoot Eyeshadow

MAC Barefoot Eyeshadow

MAC Barefoot Eyeshadow

MAC Barefoot Eyeshadow

MAC Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow

MAC Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow

MAC Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow

MAC Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow

MAC Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow

MAC Crystal Avalanche Eyeshadow

MAC Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow

MAC Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow

MAC Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow

MAC Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow

MAC Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow

MAC Feeling Fresh Eyeshadow

MAC Jaunty Eyeshadow

MAC Jaunty Eyeshadow

MAC Jaunty Eyeshadow

MAC Jaunty Eyeshadow

MAC Jaunty Eyeshadow

MAC Jaunty Eyeshadow

MAC Nautical Navy Eyeshadow

MAC Nautical Navy Eyeshadow

MAC Nautical Navy Eyeshadow

MAC Nautical Navy Eyeshadow

MAC Nautical Navy Eyeshadow

MAC Nautical Navy Eyeshadow

MAC Feeling Fresh on lower two-thirds of lid, Barefoot in crease,
Jaunty on brow bone, Blue Stripe on lash line

MAC Crystal Avalanche on inner corner, Barefoot on middle of lid,
Feeling Fresh on outer third of lid, Nautical Navy in crease, Jaunty on
brow bone, Handforged on lash line

* Barefoot, Feeling Fresh, and Jaunty were provided as press samples. I purchased Crystal Avalanche and Nautical Navy.

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MAC, $16.00 each.

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54 thoughts on “MAC Hey, Sailor Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. f0rtunefaded

    this collection is very underwhelming. 

  2. Why is Navy such a hard colour to get the formula right. (Not just MAC either).

    •  @Ani_BEE I completely agree,  I love navy eyeshadow and have purchased many duds Nars, Bobbie Brown, etc..  In my opinion, MUFE #60..  the best I’ve found so far :)  I’m NC 25-30ish and it’s really brings out my dark khaki/coppery eyes.

  3. Mich

    If paying extra for packaging wasn’t enough, MAC could at least made the formulas better quality. The payoff to most of those shadows are lousy.

  4. ButterflyMod

    I wish I had brown eyes to pull off those colors like you! This collection is kinda disappointing. Either the colors are boring and dupable with other brands, Colors MAC has put out a lot lately…
    This whole collection is very basic, compared to past summer collections. If I had money to burn, I might buy one or two items, but I’d rather save for something more unique.

  5. army_wife_in_alaska

    Wow, Nautical Navy reminds me of my first Maybelline blue palette when I was just starting with makeup as a teenager. 

  6. Amber D

    The price of these on the MAC website is actually $16.00 ):

  7. PatrickMorgan1

    Wow, from what you have reviewed.. this whole collection is a huge disappointment.  I’m so glad I go to your site before I think about purchasing something.

  8. Lisa

    How disappointing! I had high hopes for both Barefoot and Feeling Fresh. But if I’m going to purchase a gold eyeshadow I want it to be as pigmented as possible. I really like the way Feeling Fresh looked on your lids Christine, but would you say I’m better off with Fresh Flare?

    • If you use it over a primer, it’s not a big deal. Fresh Flare is not quite as vibrant when you can get Feeling Fresh opaque. Like I’m partially annoyed that it absolutely requires a primer and a fair amount of product packed on, but I’m drawn to the color personally so I’d put up with it.

      • Lisa

         @Christine (Temptalia) Thanks! I was hoping you’d say it wouldn’t be worth it to get Feeling Fresh. But I’m kind of glad you did, I love the color! I almost always use a primer and I don’t mind packing it on, so I guess I might as well get it. Thanks again, seriously, I don’t know if you know how much us makeup lovers appreciate everything you do!

  9. t_zwiggy

    LOL at Nautical Navy! Doesn’t MAC have any quality control?
    Jaunty looks nice, though, but I already have about 40 beige/highlight shadows already, so I doubt that I need this one.

  10. TheAmanda10

    Wow, well I was hoping the Navy would be much better then that. I guess it’s just Barefoot and Jaunty! I have Lunar and Shop and Drop so I’ll skip this one.

  11. liesierre

    Maybe the samples you got were not so good. I got 3 of these yesterday and all of mine are very nicely pigmented. I didnt find them dry or stiff or chalky at all. My Nautical (wearing all 3 of them right now actually) is very dark and pigmented…opaque… same with Barefoot.

    •  @liesierre Nautical Navy is one I purchased! Only one press sample I received (out of all the products from this launch) was labeled sample, so the rest were from the larger runs of the product, so they shouldn’t differ, as they’re in regular retail packaging!

      • liesierre

         @Christine (Temptalia)  @liesierre thats seriously really strange. I ordered with overnight shipping so I got mine yesterday. I had no problem with the pigmentation or texture of Nautical, Barefoot and Crystal Avalanche. The Nautical came out dark and opaque immediately for me (no primer, just swatched with my finger on the back of my hand)…. I also wore it today in my crease and it came out really dark and not patchy at all. I would show you a picture if I could but I dont think thats possible here, lol. 

  12. Mariella

    Jaunty looks so nice IN THE PAN  but it looks like almost nothing applied.  The blue and the green shades both look so patchy.  This is what so many of us complain about – why MAC feels the need to release so many collections when the items in them are so sub-standard. It really does cheapen the brand’s reputation, IMO.

  13. MizLottie

    I’m disappointed that the navy shadow is so poorly formulated.  What’s with MAC nowadays, so many of the new colors have such lousy staying power or bad application.  Very disappointing esp. with newer lines like Tarina Tarantino having such nice colors and butter-smooth application.  MAC seems to be more concerned with promoting new lines with cute packaging or celebrity endorsement than the actual cosmetic itself.  Thanks Christine for doing the research and keeping us informed!!!!

  14. Makaegan

    The pigmentation doesn’t look good at all. I loved the idea behind this collection and the packaging is adorable, but after seeing swatches and reviews, I don’t even want to spend my money on these products anymore. :(

  15. Heather Segura

    So disappointing to see this review. I wanted a few of these colors but now I think ill pass on these.

  16. MaggieGrove

    I honestly just find it insulting that MAC has been releasing some incredibly poor-quality shadows in recent launches, and it particularly stings at the higher price point.  It just makes me feel like they assume their fan base will buy their products just because they say “MAC” on them and don’t feel the need to actually put effort into making sure their formulations are good quality.  It also bugs me that they’ve been shoving collections through the door left and right without doing any kind of packaging variation, and now they’re charging extra for the rare occasions when they bother to change up the packaging a bit.  So now they’re expecting us to reward them for putting less effort into their launches?  Thppt.

  17. Mandie

    Feeling Fresh is the only eyeshadow I purchased from this collection. I swatched it in store and the payoff was superb. Mine isn’t chalky at all. Looks like there is a quality control issue, because these eyeshadows have been getting inconsistent reviews.

  18. eyeheartit

    I’m still torn on Feeling Fresh! I love the color of it and I do wear primer every day anyway, but I suppose on principle I’m a bit put off by the description of the formula. Thanks for the review, Christine!

  19. Well, the only product I was interested in this collection was the navy eyeshadow and I actually guffawed when I saw the swatch.. Ick!  (I will stick with my beloved MUFE #60)  I also ove the Feeling Fresh colour, but I’m going to stick to Illamasqua for beautiful greens.  Thanks so much for the detailed reviews, Christine, this collection is definitely a bust for me.

  20. misscheriamor

    MAC seems to be having quality issues. I have better looking Wet N’ Wild eyeshadow. It is weird that these cheaper brands are tacking on a dollar or two and raising their quality so much and MAC is raising prices and seem to be having worse quality (except lipsticks). I’ve been disappointed in their collections lately.

  21. Victoria Thompson

    Feeling Fresh looks so much like Urban Decay’s Graffiti that I’d rather stick with that.

  22. Victoria Thompson

    Feeling Fresh looks so much like Urban Decay’s Graffiti that I’d rather stick with that.

  23. Victoria Thompson

    I bought Barefoot because I LOVE golds, and I don’t have a tarnished looking gold. My favorite will always be Urban Decay’s Honey, but that’s for another day. ;]

  24. Temptalia

    Honey is like a better version of Barefoot – like it has so much more depth and gold tones to it!

  25. ocelot1

    so sad…i was hoping that barefoot was going to be similar to my beloved warming trend…MAC has been so crappy in the last few years of collections. WTF. ugh.

  26. Shari Ridley

    the blue and green shadows look close to the colors in the wet n wild pride palette. the shadows in the wet n wild palette look better than those!

  27. BoogiePimp

    How does Feeling Fresh compare to Sassy Grass? Would you say more blue in Feeling Fresh and way sheerer than Sassy Grass? Thanks, in advance!

  28. TMBJessxox

    How does jaunty compare to all that glitters? What about barefoot?

  29. Nancy

    Hi Christine, I love your blog. Is Jaunty similar to
    Pro Longwear Sweet Satisfaction? How does Barefoot compare to
    Amber Lights, one of my favorite MAC shadows?

  30. Cosmeticicle

    Hi Christine!
    I’m surprised by your result with Nautical Navy – I agree completely that when swatched – it’s terrible.  I ordered it online though and when I applied it was very, very pigmented to the point of having to tap off the brush!
    Saying that – I bought all 5 shadows and haven’t had any issues with swatches or using them.  Maybe the UK got a different batch, I’m unsure.  Shame you haven’t had good luck with them.  :(

    •  @Cosmeticicle I applied it and had to apply it 4-5 times to get it to show up as you see in the photos – and blending it out was a major pain! :(

      • Cosmeticicle

         @Christine (Temptalia) It really is such a shame you had such issues with it – the batch I have is absolutely beautiful pigmentation for all of them.  :(

  31. Laura

    Christine! Thank you for your posts and honest reviews. Are you going to do a overall round up and recommendation post? I miss that!

  32. arcg1

    How does Jaunty compare with Hey eyeshadow from the Fafi and Prep for Color collections? I’ve been trying to find a dupe.

  33. alej1234

    Hi, how does Jaunty compare to Naked Lunch and All that Glitters?

  34. Macgurl123

    Is Jaunty like All That Glitters? They look similar in the pot. Other than the finish, is there much of a difference?

  35. AshleyPlumlee

    I was just searching for Jaunty at Nordstroms online and i couldn’t find it D:. All the other eye shadows are there though. Odd.

  36. wanda143

    is nautical navy same as thru the night prolong eyeshadow?

  37. ebijou

    I just wanted to say I really appreciate when you mention similar dupes, including how they differenciate. It really “adds value” to the review and swatches. TY!