Thursday, October 20th, 2011

MAC For Effect Paint Pot
MAC For Effect Paint Pot

MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pots Reviews, Photos, Swatches

MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pots ($18.50 for 0.17 oz. each) include three limited edition shades for the holidays. These will hit stores on October 27th, 2011. The three shades are: For Effect (black with pearl), Let’s Skate (pale pink with pearl), and Morning Frost (shimmering champagne taupe).

  • For Effect is a dark charcoal black with silver sparkle.  The sparkle gives it a grittier texture, though not as gritty as Buried Treasure. I tried wearing it as an eyeliner, and it was such a pain to use. It did not want to apply opaque, and a few hours later, I had silvery bits underneath my eye. Chanel Mirifique is similar but has less fall out and goes on more opaque.
  • Let’s Skate light-medium pink with yellow undertones and gold shimmer. It actually doesn’t very shimmery in the pot, but it packs a fair amount of shimmer when swatched. It’s a little like a pink version of MAC Chilled on Ice.
  • Morning Frost is a smoky brown–a little bit taupe but more brown than gray–and a frosted finish. It’s not quite as warm as Make Up For Ever #13. MAC Vintage Selection seems fairly similar–a little lighter.

The fall out from For Effect was annoying, while Morning Frost works really well as an all-over wash of color (and as a base).  I did like the way it looked alone–it blended well and looked shimmery but not metallic.  Let’s Skate has a texture more like For Effect but the sparkle isn’t as large, so there was less concern about fall out.  These paint pots are creamy without being all over the place; they dry down quick enough not to crease immediately but not so quick that you don’t have time to blend away any harsh edges.  I wore Morning Frost alone, and I didn’t encounter any creasing or fading.

The Glossover


MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pots Reviews, Photos, Swatches

I like paint pots, but the really shimmery ones that border on glittery tend to have fall out issues (and I encountered it with For Effect to a high degree), which makes the wear less stellar. Morning Frost is the best of the three and the most wearable.











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MAC For Effect Paint Pot
MAC For Effect Paint Pot

MAC For Effect Paint Pot
MAC For Effect Paint Pot

MAC For Effect Paint Pot
MAC For Effect Paint Pot

MAC For Effect Paint Pot
MAC For Effect Paint Pot

MAC Let's Skate Paint Pot
MAC Let’s Skate Paint Pot

MAC Let's Skate Paint Pot
MAC Let’s Skate Paint Pot

MAC Let's Skate Paint Pot
MAC Let’s Skate Paint Pot

MAC Let's Skate Paint Pot
MAC Let’s Skate Paint Pot

MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot
MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot

MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot
MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot

MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot
MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot

MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot
MAC Morning Frost Paint Pot

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MAC Cosmetics, October 27th, $18.50 each.

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See individual shade review! :)

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55 thoughts on “MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pots Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Coco72

    I see the swatches of Mornig Frost very close to Benefit Creaseless cream shadow/liner in RVSP

  2. edelmc

    wow! stunning! I was hoping to be able to skip at least one of these but I dont think I can after seeing these swatches!

  3. These look nice! But yes I agree, at that point Mirifique is far superior to For Effect. The other two seem super frosty to me!

  4. Soooooo pretty!
    Is Morning Frost anything like Vintage Selection paint pot?

    If it is, then there’s no point for me to get it, but if it’s different, oohhh, I’m so lost! :)

  5. Morning Frost looks like my cup of tea.

  6. Sarah

    must have morning frost NOW!! so stunning – thanks for the swatches!!

  7. I am such a sucker for paint pots, I think I will be picking up all 3 of these!

  8. Chelle

    I want all 3!!

    This is my first holiday collection so will these also be on sale at Nordstroms etc?

  9. Renee

    Let’s Skate and Morning Frost are MINE!!!!!

  10. Devi

    Anything that frosty just annoys me, but winter is a frosty season, so it fits! ^_^

  11. Jamie

    I think they are all very pretty, but Morning Frost does look very similar to Vintage Selection, which I already have. So I will be getting the other two. I love the glitter.

  12. Sarah

    Thank you Christine! Glad I grabbed let’s skate out of this bunch

  13. Noga

    soooo getting Morning Frost. I’m actually hoping most of the collection will be duds, coz my wallet can’t handle all of these collections.
    Thanks for the reviews Christine!

  14. L

    For Effect looks very pretty, too bad it has terrible fallout :-(

    Just FYI, the link to previous swatches are a little messed up, the Chilled on Ice and MUFE #13 link to the Chanel swatch.

  15. Why couldn’t Let’s Skate Paint Pot be matte. :(

    But I’m basis and waiting for a pale nude matte shade to mat my skin tone. 😛

  16. Melisa

    I know you said lets skate is similar to chilled on ice but do you think if I have bare study I can pass on lets skate?

  17. Ana G.

    Too glittery for me but still very nice!

  18. Jenny

    Is Dangerous Cuvee similar to For Effect?

  19. Chiara

    I can’t wait to see more reviews! I am super excited for this collection!

  20. anna

    These look lovely, but I doubt I’ll get any since I bought pretty much all the Cham Pale paint pots and these are the same idea with all the shimmer and glitter.

  21. Dana

    These are so pretty! I think I will skip them though, I already have MUFE #13, the For Effect will probably annoy me with the fallout and I don’t think I’ll have much use for the Let’s Skate. I’ll save my cash for the rest of the collection. Thanks for the reviews :)

  22. Alicia

    I got Morning Frost and Let’s Skate. I can’t wait to use them!

  23. Fitrah

    can we love or leave these? :)

  24. Jenni

    How would you compare Morning Frost vs. UDPP Sin, as far as color and glitter goes?


  25. Ali

    Probably the only thing I’ll be getting from this collection! S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G

  26. Elysia

    loooove these!! and usually I think paint pots are boring

  27. Chloe

    I fell in love with Let’s Skate! It’s truly a color that has not been released in paint pot form until now. It’s the perfect color to wear alone for the holidays. You can pair it up with a bold lip and a dramatic liner. Love it!

  28. sam

    these look great in the pots but swatched.. what a nightmare

  29. Oooh I really like “let’s skate”, I didn’t think I would, but it’s quite pretty

  30. Mabel

    I swatch the glitter and ice collection in Mac store, morning frost is the only color I like for paintpot!! And i am so disappointed with the eyeshadow, I just found the purple one has a good color payoff, rest of others are too frosty!!! For the 6color palette, another “disappointed”, pigmentation is very bad:(
    I have high expectation on this collection!!!, I guess I can save more!

  31. Mariella

    I learned my lesson with Cham-Pale and I think I will pass on these, though Morning Frost looks so pretty in your swatches, Christine (mind you, so did Dangerous Cuvee!).

  32. Ashley

    Another price increase on paint pots? Really? They were $16.50 last year…$17.50 as of Posh Paradise…

  33. Carrie Ann

    Do you know if the price increases are just for the holiday collection, or are they really raising prices again? Didn’t they just raise the prices on their eye products in August, and I assume they’re going to raise the prices on their lip products in January?

  34. Alecia

    Hey Christine! I am wondering how morning frost paintpot compares to street cool shadestick? Looks to me like morning frost is much lighter and more golden but I wanted to check with you. Thanks for the great swatches and review :)

  35. Marina

    Morning Frost is SO GORGEOUS! Love it!

  36. Aly

    Aw all three look pretty! But I think I’ll only get Let’s Skate because it’s soooo pretty and I feel that I’d wear it a lot.

  37. I’m in a dilemma: Morning Frost or Let’s Skate? I ‘ll probably end getting both of them (lol)!

  38. Jen

    Why do they make paint pots so frosty now? I wish they had more creamy paint pots used for bases for neutral eyes.

  39. Evie

    is the lid a different color? than the usual ones

  40. Cait

    Morning Frost is very pretty <3

  41. mumtaza

    I had a horrible allergic reaction to Let’s Skate. it was actually whatever it is that made up the little glitter/shimmer particles. I couldn’t get them out of my eyes. I washed my face like 20 times. lord it burned! Any idea what ingredient that is so I can avoid in the future? Thanks!

    • It was probably the glitter itself!

      • mumtaza

        Oh wow, I am just now seeing that you replied to this! Thank you. I was reading back over these because I just bought For Effect paintpot at my CCO. I haven’t put it on my eyes yet. Is the same glitter in both of these? I also bought Smutty green mineralized eyeshadow, which I see you said had glitter fallout. You have massive experience with MAC formulas. Do all of these products have the same type of glitter? The x factor here being that I was so allergic to my sephora glitter liquid eyeliners that I gave them away. I can handle like Urban Decay’s Uzi, though. What do you think, just casual educated guess?