Thursday, October 20th, 2011

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Double Spin Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipsticks

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipsticks ($15.50 for 0.10 oz. each) include six limited edition shades: Double Spin (pale mauve pink), Eloquent Air (sheer white silver), Soft Sable (cool frosted taupe), Such Flare! (true red), What Joy! (deep berry), and Whirls & Twirls (sheer pink with gold pearl). The collection is slated to hit stores on October 27th.

  • Double Spin is a pale, milky pink with a subtly pearled finish. It has a cremesheen finish and delivers mostly opaque color. You’ll want to ensure you exfoliate your lips prior to applying this, because it will catch and show every imperfection on the lip. It’s similar to MAC Mlle.
  • Eloquent Air is a bright silver shimmered shade. It’s more shimmer than an actual base color (think glitter polish suspended in a clear base). It has a glaze finish. MAC Metal Maven was more opaque and applied more evenly. MAC Bubbles was lighter.
  • Soft Sable is a muted, rosy taupe with silver and brown shimmer It has a frost finish. On my lips, it made them darker, browner, and a little mauve with a frosted shimmer finish. It’s more daunting in the tube than worn, because of the semi-sheer color, it will mix and work with your natural lip color.
  • Such Flare! is a medium-dark red with mostly opaque color (you can just see the shadowing of my lip freckle peeking through). It has a matte finish, though there is a subtle shine to it–it’s not as matte as Ruby Woo (also darker than Russian Red). It’s very similar to many, many reds with blue undertones.
  • What Joy! is a berry-red with subtle micro-shimmer and shine. It has a satin finish with mostly opaque color coverage. It’s not as red as Guerlain Gigolo, but lighter than MAC Endless Drama. It seems like it similar to Hang-Up as well.
  • Whirls & Twirls is a pale rose-gold shimmer-sheen. It has a glaze finish, which means it’s rather sheer overall. It gives a lot of shimmer, and this is something that would look really lovely on more pigmented lips–it’ll really play well with the natural redness without trying to cover it.

MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free. The pigmentation and texture often depend on the actual finish, as it can vary from finish to finish (and there is some variation within finish as well). I find Glazes to have a bit of a dry, thin texture and wear off quickly (two hours), while Cremesheens have a thicker, creamier texture, I do still find that they are drying when worn and last for around four hours. Satin finishes tend to be more opaque with really creamy, saturated color that wears four to six hours easily. Matte finishes tend to be creamy but dry and wear well (four to six hours), though Such Flare! isn’t dry at all.

The Glossover


MAC Glitter & Ice Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Three of the six have more drying textures (Glazes and Cremesheens), so they're less comfortable to wear. The Glazes also wear off quickly--as in two hours or so--which is what brought down the average overall. Shades like What Joy! and Such Flare! were comfortable and easy to apply as well as wear well.











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MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Double Spin Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Double Spin Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Double Spin Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Double Spin Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Eloquent Air Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Eloquent Air Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Eloquent Air Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Eloquent Air Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Soft Sable Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Soft Sable Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Soft Sable Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Soft Sable Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Such Flare! Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Such Flare! Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Such Flare! Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Such Flare! Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC What Joy! Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC What Joy! Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC What Joy! Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC What Joy! Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Whirls & Twirls Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Whirls & Twirls Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Whirls & Twirls Lipstick

MAC Glitter & Ice Lipstick
MAC Whirls & Twirls Lipstick

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MAC Cosmetics, October 27th, $15.50 each.

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See individual shade review! :)

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113 thoughts on “MAC Glitter & Ice Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Seii

    “It’s very similar to many, many reds with blue undertones.” Hehe..I had to laugh. Don’t really like anything or want anything from this set unfortunately.

  2. Dana

    You look gorgeous in every color (as usual!) What’s on your eyes in these shots?

    I think I’m going to pick up the Soft Sable and maybe Whirls & Twirls. Thanks for the reviews

  3. What Joy! is rather pretty, but sadly I’m not seeing a whole lot in this collection that is interesting :( Maybe I’ll buy a dazzleglass for the first time, I’ve always wanted one but the cost is kind of prohibitive for me.

  4. Mo

    Wow! All of these look great on you Christine! They’re all really nice.

  5. Lilly

    I went to the launch party and I didn’t find anything that was worth spending my money on, so I save money this time.

  6. Rosie

    I Love 4 out of the 6!BUT…..I also love your makeup!! what foundation are you wearing? if you dont mind me asking- sorry i know the post is about the lipsticks :-)

  7. I think you’re pulling all of these off, Christine! But realistically, these are all so cool-toned. I think I want Whirls and Twirls, though, because I’ve got those pigmented lips you talked about. Thanks for the swatches <3

  8. Miss

    Those last lipsticks are gorgeous! However, the first one would only be suited to Courtney Stodden, the girl who is single-handedly keeping frosted pink lipstick alive πŸ˜‰

  9. nvl

    Whirls & Twirls is very pretty…I like it!

  10. Jennifer

    hmm… probably skipping this one, I like the white packaging
    btw you look so pretty I love the red shades on you!

  11. Sexy Sadie

    Such Flare seems wonderful, but from your swatches Runaway Red is better.

  12. Devi

    You know, I never really like the “Christine, you can pull off any lip color” comments because it has been said so many times, but I seriously have to jump onto the bandwagon here. The swatches on your arms for the first two made the shades seem impossible to pull off, and then I see the face shots, and it amazed me how well they look on you. D:

  13. Melissa

    Christine, what hightlighter/blush are you using on your cheeks? Very pretty!

  14. Oooh, Soft Sable looks really nice!

  15. Soft Sable is pretty!

  16. Seven Of Nine

    Hi Cristine :)
    Whether Whirls & Twirls lipstick is not similar to Dream (Glaze, LE)??

  17. Leslie

    Phew…what a relief! I don’t like a single one of these. I’m a little sad about that though because I love love love the white bullet. Oh well. More money for Sephora’s F&F sale.

  18. Mariella

    I know I’m in a minority but I find most nude/very pale shades to be quite unflattering. And the red and wine shades are nothing special so I’ll be giving these lippies a miss by a mile.

  19. Carrie Ann

    Soft Sable, Eloquent Air and Whirls & Twirls are pretty. I never wear red lipstick, but I even like Such Flare!. I thought Double Spin would be very different. It looks lovely in the tube and even swatched, but I don’t know if I could pull off such a pale, opaque color.

  20. Sass

    I need another color like What Joy so I’m getting that. It’s either Seeds of Desire (which is on the brown side) or What Joy, but I need another color like this. Everything else … boooooo!

  21. Whirls & Twirls looks like a slightly pinker version of Secret Lover… Maybe it’s just my eyes…

  22. Aww, Soft Sable isn’t what I wanted it to be :/ So much silver shimmer in this collection!
    I actually really dig Double Spin (I think I might be going a bit mad…), because it’s SO pale, it’s actually a bit bizarre.

  23. Soft Sable looks gorgeous on you Christine!

  24. Very 90’s. Not retro enough to be a good look just yet!

  25. What Joy is so pretty!

  26. I just want two colors: Such Flare and What a Joy!… I am crazy for red tone lipsticks… can’t have enough!!

  27. Fey

    Despite the average ratings for this collection, MAC did succeed in fulfilling the concept well. These frosty/pearled shades go well with a smoky eye more than a sheer one.

  28. Pappetee

    Thanks for another wonderful review and you’re looking more gorgeous each passing day, Christine! I would only buy the 2 red (What Joy! and Such Flare!) lipsticks as MAC has already exhausted me this year with so many launches. I want to try other brands as well. πŸ˜‰

  29. Ashley

    Why are these $15.50 instead of the usual $14.50? I was relieved so far that the lipsticks (the thing I like most about MAC) were the same price as before. Sigh..

  30. Bobbie Denise

    I love such a flare. I will probably back to mac for it.

  31. divinem (Melissa)

    Overall, I am SO disappointed in this collection. Not a single thing calls to me. MAC has failed me this year.

  32. Alice

    MAC’s Holiday Collection’s gift sets also include some limited collection lip stuff. Will you be swatching those as well? thanks

  33. dsixx

    Have always noticed you look stunning with berry-red lips! Wish I could pull off that color as well.

  34. Marina

    I’m so dissapointed in Whirls and Twirls. It looks gorgeous in the tube, but it’s way too sheer for it to be worth buying for me at least!

  35. I like Soft Sable! β™₯

  36. rowan

    wow, those first 3 lipsticks are horrible!

  37. Cords

    Love Whirls and Twirls but i knew i would!

  38. Alexandra Aimee

    What Joy is pretty, and so is Such Flare, but there isn’t really anything special about either of them…. And the rest of the collection?? Disgusting! Whoever made these should be out of a job. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I don’t think I’ve ever had this strong of a negative reaction to lipsticks in my life. Bleh.

  39. savannah

    wow the red is really pretty!

  40. Teaghan Cullen

    hey christine! just wondering what the packaging is like for these… is the whole lipstick tube just white?

  41. What Joy! is so pretty! But YOU look so gorgeous here! x

  42. cherryglass

    Hmm… there’s something about Soft Sable (you look fantastic in it, btw). That lipstick is like more wearable Rivetting, which is intriguing but so difficult to pull of on lighter skin tone. I have problems making such colours look neat (it’s not the application, just the appearance of the softer edge with that colour).

  43. abby

    Thank you Christine for sharing all these swatches and reviews, very helpful! also, what are you wearing on your eyes in these pics and on your cheeks…the new beauty powders? thank you :)

  44. Christina

    “Such Flare!” is sooo beautiful. I’m really not impressed by the other lipsticks.
    I don’t know if I would ever purchase it though, I have two reds I hardly ever find the chance to wear.
    But it looks really pretty on you! We have almost the same skin tone, so I’m sure I’d be able to pull it off as well. Agh, I think I may cave and end up purchasing it!

  45. Raquel

    I love the white packaging, but none of the shades have lived up to my expectations. Expected more for the holiday collection. The darker colors look nice on you (I can’t pull of reds)!

  46. Allie

    Eloquent Air, Soft Sable and Whirls & Twirls are two I’d want to try on in person — What Joy! is definitely coming home with me lol. I can never say no to another berry colored lipstick. Also, is Runway Red a permanent color? It’s so much nicer than Such Flare!

  47. Grace

    Hi Christine, is Whirls and Twirls like Cham Pale’s Quiet, please?

  48. nitnot

    No, no and no. 90% of use can’t pull off the silvery ones and the only purpose of frosty lipsticks is to make your teeth more yellow. And if I wanted the reds, I have similar ones from Revlon at $3.50 – $5 a pop, with competing textures and pigment so strong, they stain.

  49. BrittneyBehlar

    Hey Christine! :)

    How does soft sable compare to eden rocks? if you have it?

  50. Veronica

    I have to say most of these remind me of Maybelline’s pearl collection, if you want a drug store dupe. Whirls and Twirls looks very similar to Twilight or Pearly Pink (maybe just a shade darker), and Soft Sable reminds me of Bronze Beam and Sugared Almond. Luminous Lilac is close but not quite Eloquent Air in terms of opacity. Double Spin is the only one out of that bunch that I don’t think you could mirror easily.

    What Joy! is the only one that really grabs me, as Guerlain’s Gigolo was the first thing it brought to mind. The rest are less tempting.

  51. Jayleen

    Such flare and What Joy is GORGEOUS on you!

  52. I don’t think I can honestly wear any of these. Such a disappointment. For everyday some of them looks almost white which is not something I can wear. What to buy from this collection….

  53. Janette

    You look super tan! (or is it just me) Lovely!!!

  54. Jessica

    What Joy looks incredible on you! :)

  55. artemis

    double spin is so interesting πŸ˜€
    what joy is pretty

  56. Soft Sable looks really special, I may get Whirls & Twirls as well.

  57. Ru

    You look so pretty in these pics.

    Do you have a dupe from another brand close to Soft Sable?


  59. Jen

    i love the red lipstick! it looks lovely on you christine!

  60. Doll

    Most of the lipsticks look cheap… but Whirls & Twirls is simply gorgeus! sorry for repeating myself but OMG your skin is amazingly glowing!!

  61. M.

    You look absolutely spectacular in reds, you know that?

    I’m usually repulsed by browns, but Soft Sable looks fantastic. And I love the slight shimmer sheen effect of Whirls & Twirls and Eloquent Air.

  62. Laina

    Hey Christine, how does Such Flare! compare to NARS’ Pure Matte Mascate?

  63. Taylor

    i actually really love whirls and twirls! I’m usually not such a fan of frosty lipsticks, but i think W&T could be really pretty on my fair skin.

  64. Simone

    You look great in all of these! You should do a look post for your eye shadow!

  65. Melody

    I’m really tempted by Doublespin, but I suspect that, like most light Cremesheens, it will look uneven whether I exfoliate my lips or not. It’s so weird. Hibiscus is so easy to get even, but colors like Innocence Beware and even Ever Hip are impossible for me to get even. Soft Sable is so flattering on you, Christine!

  66. Stephanie

    I like Double Spin. I’m really into pale pinks lately!

    • Serena

      me too but i have mac’s mlle so idk if i should get this one also lol i guess it can work as a backup since they are so similar:)

  67. Martha

    Christine, which eyeshadow (from glitter and ice collection) were you wearing while doing the lipsticks swatches?

  68. Cait

    Whirls and Twirls is cute. I like those finishes, I have To the Beach and I am mad at myself for not getting two of it. If I am going to get Whirls and Twirls I must get two <3

  69. Pamela M

    Ew. These look awful. Guess I will be saving money lol. Thanks as always for the swatches, Christine!

  70. Rikki

    Wow! What are you wearing on your face? You are glowing!

  71. Glenda

    Soft Sable was made for you Christine. I am not sure about these colors yet :/

  72. Mary Suico

    Thanks for the swatches! How is what joy! compared to media? thanks

  73. I like the Eloquent Air Lipstick. And your Eyeshadows, AMAZING! <3

  74. I wish Double Spin was a Satin =/ … haha

  75. Serena

    I am loving whirls & twirls and thinking of using eloquent air lipstick under some of my other lipsticks:) I can’t pull off reds that well but you look gorgeous as always!thanks for the review and swatches

  76. such flare! looks gorgeous on you!

  77. divinem (Melissa)

    Glitter+Ice has been a major fail to me. I was so looking forward to Swarovski encrusted, couture compacts and the like. Even the pigments don’t interest me. No $$ from me this year. Thanks, Christine for your willingness to wear some of these hideous shades so we know what we’re getting ourselves into!

  78. renee

    Hi cristine!
    It’s so helpful review. thanks. i always enjoy read your review(-:
    I wonder
    WHAT JOY is similar to SO SCARLET. isn’t it?

  79. Pami

    I think Eloquent Air and Whirls & Twirls would look lovely over a matte, cream, or satin lipstick on the center of lower lip for depth and “pouty highlight”, or all over to change up or tweak the color/texture of the other lipstick. W&T look greats alone with the makeup you have on.

    Soft Sable looks like a really pretty “neutral” that I’m tempted to get, but if the wear time is short, it’s not worth it to me. Christine, is it a a longer wearing Satin or a shorter wearing Glaze? Or something else?

    With the exception of Double Spin, they all look GREAT on you, and I agree with everyone, you are ALWAYS beautiful, but your skin looks even better than usual (this is NOT a back-handed compliment – please don’t take it that way!) do you think it’s the Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation?

  80. brenda c.

    love the way all the lipsticks look on you.

    dupe for such flare!?

    • Hi Brenda!

      There are SO many dupes – I linked to the red lipstick gallery so you can see how many – and figure out what brand works best for you :)

  81. divinem (Melissa)

    What Joy! looks gorgeous on you, Christine.

  82. I bought Whirls & Twirls and I love it! It looks great over my CG outlast lip tint or by itself!

  83. Willow

    They look great, Christine! Your pick of the collection?

  84. juliyaa

    wow nice colors but sadly i dont like pearly or frosty shades i guess i’ll have to skip on this collection but the lip bags and dazzlespheres look AMAZING! πŸ˜€

  85. Jessica Zelaya

    did you outline your lips with the such flare lipstick?

  86. Jessica Zelaya

    sorry, what i meant to say was that if you used a liner (on the picture above with the such flare lipstick) thanks.

  87. mich

    what are the colors you used in your eyemakeup? is it also from the glitter and ice collection?
    i love whirls & twirls though I also want to try soft sable. It’s pretty too!

    every shade looks good on you!

  88. Tommy

    Heyy, I know this is super late question but would you say Such Flare is a dupe for Ruby Woo? I read it was an exact dupe but less matte if that makes sense?