Thursday, October 25th, 2012

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Kohl Powers

Power That Builds

MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers ($16.50 for 0.04 oz.) are available in four shades: Feline (intense black with black pearl), Mystery (intense black with green pearl), Orpheus (intense black with gold pearl), and Raven (intense black with red pearl).

Feline has been reviewed previously here. As of the last one I purchased (back in 2010), it was still a lovely rich, intensely pigmented black eyeliner with a smooth, creamy texture that stayed put.

I purchased the recently released versions of the other three eyeliners, even though all of them are repromotes. The colors are all exactly the same, but the texture seemed a little drier with the new versions. Not a lot drier, just somewhat, and they’re not as creamy as Feline (so if you hated how creamy Feline was, you may prefer these). It is interesting to see your own evolution, because I remember loving the Kohl Power formula in general (being particularly taken with Feline), but I’m not really into these. They require a lot more building to yield good color payoff. They also have a tendency to look uneven if you don’t, because it’s like the color isn’t actually mixed–it’s black and then pearl, and it mixes as you move the pencil back and forth.

  • Mystery is a blackened teal. I couldn’t think of a possible dupe for this one. I imagine you could try to apply a black eyeliner and then apply a brighter teal eyeliner over it to yield something similar.
  • Orpheus is a dirty gray-brown with antique gold. MAC Uniform is a bit greener–more olive than brown/gray. MAC Black Line is blacker.
  • Raven is a dark burgundy-brown. Urban Decay Rockstar has more purple, less red in it.

Mystery was the least impressive; it was a bit drier than the other two, and it required some pressure and several passes to build up the color. It’s definitely possible, but after being exposed to a number of more impressive formulas, it could use greater intensity in a single go.  The formula remains smudgeable for a few minutes after applying, but set down and on me, they wear good to great.  They make it to eight hours, though with Mystery I could see some had disappeared after eight hours.  Raven and Orpheus lasted a full eight hours.

The Glossover


MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The best part of these is the colors themselves, which have a sultry, smoky edge to them because they are all black-based with colored pearl to bring out a hint of color. I liked that they're not too dark--you can see that each one is different when applied.











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MAC Kohl Power
MAC Kohl Powers

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Mystery Kohl Power

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Mystery Kohl Power

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Orpheus Kohl Power

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Orpheus Kohl Power

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Raven Kohl Power

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Raven Kohl Power

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48 thoughts on “MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Lauren

    Mystery looks like the eyeliner version of MAC Club/Too Faced Label Whore/Too Faced Petals to the Metal/UD Lounge/Wet n Wild Comfort Zone color, haha.

  2. Mo

    Have they changed Mystery? That’s not how my Mystery from the 2007 release looks.

    • I compared all three to my original three, and the formulas aren’t much different – it just takes a lot of layering back and forth to get the color right.

    • Leticia

      My Mystery also looks different….I don´t reach for it often, maybe I just forgot how it actually looks like, but I thought it was a lot more teal.

      • With enough layering, it eventually looks teal! I went back-and-forth to get a solid “square” of color for the swatches, but you definitely have to go over it more :(

  3. Chiara

    I’ll definatly pick up Orpheus! I love that the sparkles are really present and that it’s not just some shimmer.

  4. I definitely like that they’re all black based, that’s good :-) But I really don’t need any new eye pencils, so I’ll just skip these. Unless I can’t control myself. Again. That happens alot.

  5. Yes … please get MAC Black Line Peralglide instead. It like Blitz & Glitz fluidline in a pencil form. (Need a drool icon.) lol

  6. Eek your Mystery! I just bought one at The Bay and it swatches very dark black and I’m using a very light hand… Freaky!

  7. blueraccoon

    Mystery is *not* intense, IMO. The pearl is pretty but it looks so faded, it’s a shame.

    • I used it on the eye, going back and forth maybe 5-6 times, and it was better! But it is kind of funny, because all the same – the way I applied them here is the way I apply all other eyeliners, too, so…

    • Clare Herickhoff

      I just bought this one today, and I was able to apply it so it looks rich and pigmented! This did take a couple of passes, however, and I agree that the black base can look faded or muddy if the pencil is applied too lightly. Layering it over black liquid liner allows the pearl to stand out quite nicely — this could be a potential solution if you really love the look of the pearl!!

  8. xamyx

    I was really hoping to like these, especially Raven, but I’ll have to pass. Texture aside, these seriously lack pigmentation, at least according to the color descriptions. They all look like muddy shades of brown.

  9. I love all 3 khols (at least the colors), its too bad though they’re drier – I prefer creamy eye pencils.

  10. ChicFairy

    Hello, Christine!
    Are these as long wearing as pearlglide? I have the oiliest lids in the World :( thanks!

    • How do Pearlglides last on you? I believe Pearlglides last a little longer on me. I know that some people have had terrible results with Feline (the most often repromoted, so it has the most reviews!), others fantastic ones. I might try googling for “kohl power” and “oily lids.”

      • ChicFairy

        LOVE pearlglides! Learned about them from you, btw :))))) I have 3 of each, that’s how much I don’t want to be without them “in case of an emergency” :))) I have Black line and Black swan, both so beautiful! I personally don’t wear bright colors

  11. I didn’t expect to like these, but I do; particularly raven kohl power.

  12. Leticia

    Too bad these need extra effort to work….I really wanted to like Raven, but I’ll rather pass and invest on another item of the collection!

    • What item from the collection calls to you? :)

      • Leticia

        I’d like to try at least one of the Extra Dimension Eyeshadows because I wasn’t able to get any when they first launched earlier this year. After seeing your photo wearing Glamourdaze LS, I’m seriously considering it (it looks awesome on you)! I’d also like to check out the fluidlines and I´m hoping the eyeshadow palettes are high quality, because I’m loving the packaging!

  13. tyler

    I swatched these today and I’m confused how you got such light results? They seemed creamy and opaque to me. Hm.

  14. Lacey J.

    Darn. I wanted to pick up raven eye kohl… but it is not as pretty as I remember. So its a pass.

    I just reorganized my makeup… got some new Muji drawers and they are full full full. Not like I need anymore eyeliner… but oh my it’s so nice to have access to everything so easy, before it was all just stuffed in a traincase. I usually just go for a basic black anyway… but these blackened eyeliners are looking nice.

    I might just pick up the new Laura Mercier set they have with black gold instead. I think that’s what its called.

    • If you don’t mind going over and over again with it, you’ll get better color – I never realized how much pressure and passes you needed!

    • Emma

      I agree! I remember the last time Raven and Mystery were out I was dying to buy them…but now I can’t for the life of me remember why.

  15. (Just as a heads-up, the last paragraph in this review is in a div tag instead of a p tag, Christine! The text is super-tiny, at least on my screen.)

  16. Lutigs

    I like the look of these pencils (in fact I like the look of nearly all Mac’s festive collections) but I am really disappointed they have started animal testing :(

  17. Elizabeth

    I have Orpheus from wayyyyyy back in the day (I’m aging myself) and your swatch of the new version isn’t even close to the original! Mine is super black with gold pearl, closer to the description I guess. The base is quite pigmented and blackish. It is absolutely one of my favourite eyeliners ever (that and Mac Black Karat from the McQueen collection, almost identical colours!) and was looking forward to repurchasing, but it’s just not the same. Oh well, save money for the next great item!

  18. Alisa

    mystery would look great with club i think

  19. Puffnstuff

    Another epic fail MAC! I have the original mystery and Orpheus and they are completely different. Mine are more pigmented and go on nicely in one swipe. I was hoping to finally be able to get Orpheus again, but no! MAC had to disappoint again.

  20. Gina

    I ended up getting Orpheus, and I love it. It definitely does require a bit of layering, but it WILL get opaque. And the color is just so pretty and unique! I love the shimmer in it, it really stands out.

  21. which ones do you think will look best with carmel colored brwon eyes? i know i doent want mystery but out of the other 3 which 1 or 2 of them do you think will look best on me? thanks

  22. Carla

    Hi Christine, Im abit confused about the MAC Mystery Kohl Power swatch, becuase it looks like a brown, with tiny blue flecks.

    But when looking at other swatchs on the internet of the same kohl shade, it looks alot more of a blue/green shine, do you know why this chould be please?
    as i really wanted to buy Mystery, but from this swatch, its hardly noticeable.?