Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Petals & Peacocks, Ever Hip, Blooming Lovely

MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Lipstick Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The lipsticks are in white packaging with the MAC for Liberty flowers and bird printed on the tube itself. There are four shades released, three of which are new, and one of which is PRO–Peachstock.

Lipsticks ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • Petals & Peacocks is a creamy, brightened up fuchsia pink with an amplified finish. It’s like a mix of Show Orchid and Girl About Town–like the color of Show Orchid, but the texture and look of Girl About Town. It’s fun and playful, but you may have a hot pink in a similar shade.
  • Ever Hip is a peachy-orange with a glossy sheen in a cremesheen finish. On my lips, it translates a bit more coral-pink because of the pink hue of my natural lip color. It’s not quite as opaque as I’d like once it gets on my lips, but it’s a nice shade of coral.
  • Blooming Lovely is a subdued mauve-y lilac with a glossy sheen in an amplified finish. This an interesting color, because I’m not sure it’s one I could pull off by its lonesome. I’d definitely have to pair it with a gloss to brighten it up and make it more wearable for me. It’s like a lighter, more lilac version of Up the Amp, but it’s a way darker and less blue-based Saint Germain/Snob.
  • Peachstock is a peachy-nude with a very creamy finish and opaque result. Reminded me of Freckletone a bit, but better coverage and less orange.

See more photos, swatches, & lip swatches!

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipsticks:
Petals & Peacocks, Ever Hip, Blooming Lovely

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Peachstock Lipstick

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipsticks:
Blooming Lovely, Ever Hip, Petals & Peacocks

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Peachstock Lipstick

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Blooming Lovely, Ever Hip, Petals & Peacocks

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Petals & Peacocks Lipstick

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Petals & Peacocks Lipstick

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Blooming Lovely Lipstick

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Blooming Lovely Lipstick

MAC Peachstock Lipstick
MAC Peachstock Lipstick (Diffused Flash)

MAC Peachstock Lipstick
MAC Peachstock Lipstick (Studio Lighting)

MAC Peachstock Lipstick
MAC Peachstock Lipstick

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MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Lipstick Reviews, Photos, Swatches

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258 thoughts on “MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Lipstick Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. i WANT the petals and peacock lipstick. its beautiful!

  2. Effie

    I think I love you,Christine. LOL! Just kidding, but seriously, you are amazing!

    Do you think Ever Hip is too bright to be an everyday wearable color? I’m torn between Ever Hip Lipstick, Frankly Fresh lipglass, and Perennial High Style, which I have yet to see!

  3. LaKeisha

    these are some beautiful colors! Especially loving the petals and peacocks

  4. AGRH! the colours in this collection are KILLING me!!! thank you Christine for these swatches! >.<

  5. By far this is the first time where I’ve ever felt like I wanted to get every lipstick that you’ve reviewed so far. I’m in love with Petals and Peacocks AND Blooming Lovely!!

  6. Nicole

    holyyyy crap. i need all three of these NOW.

  7. Christine Shen

    wow, if you don’t think Ever hip is pigmented on you, it definitely won’t show on me, that sucks, I am totally digging that color!!

  8. I’m so disappointed. :< I'm in love with the packaging, but these colors just seem so hard to pull off.

    • GreenwithEnvii

      Totally agree. I love the packaging and wish it was at least one everday wearable item I could get. They are bright so its more like an “ocassion” item.

      • I think Peach Stock will be more wearable (not shown) than these. Love the packaging as well.

      • I have all of them and they all can be a an everyday wearbable color you just have to tone down your eye make-up to make it work, and honestly petals and peacocks looks so beautiful on the lips it brightens your face like no other lipstick I have seen, because it is just a straight creme and doesn’t have any frost or iridescence in it, it is truly lovely. Can you tell I am in love :)

    • Chrissy

      I was thinking the same thing.. probably going to skip on these

  9. deepblue

    Petals & Peacocks! Yeah! ;-)) Love it!

  10. i have a bad feeling that i’m going to end up buying like 10 blooming lovely lipsticks /faint

  11. Petals & Peacocks is absolutely perfect<3
    Really like the other 2 shades, too.

  12. Ashley

    Ever Hip looks really pretty on! And I love Cremesheens!

  13. Now I am battling between looming lovely and ever hip…

  14. Heather H

    I thought I would only want one of these. Now after seeing them I want them all!!

  15. As much as I want Blooming Lovely, I know I’m not going to be able to pull that off. How do you think it compares to Fashion Mews from HK?

  16. Anitacska

    The three swatches together are gorgeous! So colourful! Since I already have Show Orchid, I won’t get Petals & Peacocks, but I might just get Ever Hip, it’s gorgeous!

  17. Jami

    These’s are soooo pretty!!!! Thank you for the swatches. First thing I did when I woke up was get on this website for the swatchs!!! How does blooming lovely compair to lavender whip????

  18. daphne

    So good to see lip swatches, thank you Christine!

    I think I can actually pass on all these lipsticks. I tend to like things with just a tiny bit of shimmer or sparkle (my favorite MAC lipsticks are pigmented lustres that have shimmer, like Sweetie or more recently, Fresh Salmon). I don’t see enjoying Petals & Peacocks or Blooming Lovely on me at all, and Ever Hip is not unique enough for me to get all excited over. I just got Shy Girl, which I’m wearing a lot, and Ever Hip looks like a slightly deeper/more orange version of that. Good though, means I have money for the glosses :)

  19. Petals and Peacocks FTW!!! I love it!!!!!!!

  20. The purple one reminds me of those Funky Lip tars…OCC Lip tars…thats what they are called..right??

  21. Jami

    These are lovely!! How does blooming lovely compair to lavender whip??

  22. amy

    I think I want Ever Hip and Petals and Peacock!

  23. Stephie

    Ahhh! I want all three of them! But.. Riveting hasn’t even arrived at my local MAC yet.. Should I cave and get both Show Orchid and Petals and Peacocks? Are they too similar? I already have Girl About Town and Trimming Talk (LE).. whatcha think?

  24. Sexy Sadie

    I want them all three.

  25. Mel

    I’m loving these sooo much. Thankfully, I need to B2M soon. Score!

  26. Cherie

    AHHH I want them all! I will get Blooming Lovely (has the hunt for a nice purple l/s finally come to an end??!?!) and probably Ever Hip depending on how it looks.

    I love the pink but just got Pink Burst and feel that is similar. Thoughts?

    And Peachstock is a Pro so I can hold off even though the packaging is lovely.

    • Pink Burst is more fuchsia and has all the shimmer/sheen of its finish, but they’re similar. It’s kind of like, how often do you wear hot pink? If you don’t wear it often, you don’t *need* too many!

      • Cherie

        I looooove hot pinks BUT in reality I don’t wear them that much to work or. *sigh*

        Thanks for helping me with this decision :)

  27. Sixx

    Ever Hip looks so much more GORGEOUS on your lips than the tube! Will have to check that one out.

  28. kfm

    Petals & Peacocks looks lovely, but I alreadt have Show Orchid AND Pink Burst, so I really don’t think I can justify another hot pink lipstick. Peachy colours like Ever Hip never seem to work on me, so that leaves Blooming Lovely. I missed Lavender Whip (*kicks self*), but I do have Up the Amp, so I may need to swatch this to see how different they really are and whether or not I take the plunge…

  29. Alexis

    Bigger fan of the packaging than of the color. Petals and Peacock looks just absolutely lovely on you! These colors would not look cute on me at all!

  30. Ashlee

    OMG NOOOOO I want them all :( i didnt think id want anything from this collection.


  31. Rita

    These lippies are the best in this collection! Thank you for the swatches, Christine! How is Ever Hip compared to Ravishing? If I can pull off Lavender Whip, do you think I could pull off Blooming Lovely, too? It looks rather special.

  32. Vijaya

    I love the way Petals and Peacock looks, but how similar is it to Show Orchid? They come up looking almost exactly the same on my screen.

  33. the lipsticks are REALLY the only think i want in this collection. thankfully because i’m also not sure if i get my pro discount on these :/

  34. kenneth alan

    I love all of these, but the packaging is so hideous it hurts.
    It’s like a hipster urban outfitters packaging that should have been made 2 years ago when everyone dressed like a grandmother.

  35. Cara

    petals and peacocks oh my! that’s a fierce shade! Yea I think I’m scooping all three and the blue nail polish :)

  36. I’m surprised to know that Peachstock is a pro color in the US. In South Korea (Where I live), Peachstock is a permanent and it’s one of the most popular shades along with Angel. I love Peachstock so so so so so much. I’m sure you’ll love it too! :)

    • Jean

      you live in South Korea? I’m from Korea, too! :) lol just felt like saying that..haha sorry I’m just weird like that XP

  37. ak

    I love them all! I know that Petals and Peacocks can easily be duped so that can wait, Ever Hip is pretty but it’s rather light and there may already be permanent coral MAC lipsticks that are darker than this one, Peachstock is too light for me also like a lighter version of Siss, so that leaves Blooming Lovely and Blooming Lovely is the one lipstick that I MUST have out of these, and I’m an NC45.

    I missed out on Lavender Whip and this color looks even more wearable than Lavender Whip, which looked very sheer but very blue on me. I already wear Up The Amp to the officwe without any lipglass nor do I use a lot of lip pencil to change the color of it.

    The more I wear Up The Amp the more I love it, and I’m into strange and different colors on my lips these days because I love to do what’s different’, especially in the summer. I would definitely love Blooming Lovely. Even permanent colors like Pink Nouveau and Vegas Volt are really starting to tempt me, I can wear Pink Treat Cremestick Liner with the 1st one and a bit of Cork lip pencil with the other one.

    • Rnw79

      What is a good good dupe for petals and peacocks? I just recently got into make up and I would REALLY like that shade! So far I haven’t seen anything like it online

  38. Crissy

    Does anyone know how Petals and Peacock compares to Lickable? Thanks!

  39. marlene

    i actually love all three. i think i will be getting them :]]

  40. laura

    is blooming lovely like lav. whip?????

  41. Cole

    Pedals and Peacocks would be amazing with Electria Frushia

  42. Deirdre

    I am really digging Petals and Peacock, but Christine how do you think it would play on a NC43? Also, have you done a review on the new MAC foundation? Thank you, I just love your site.

  43. Ellie

    Holy cow, is there any color you can’t pull off?! Wow~!!!

  44. Cat

    im going to have to get blooming lovely. i always love a pink purple color

  45. Rosanna

    I want Blooming Lovely and maybe Petals & Peacocks!

    I’m such a lipstick whore after the Spring Colour Forecast!

  46. Luisafer

    pretty packing, pretty colors, but not for me!!! jajajaja

  47. Jasmine

    Hey christine!
    i love your website!

    Can you think about any dupe for ever hip from mac’s permanent line?
    i just wanna know i dont have anything similar ^^

    cause if i dont i am totally getting it 😀

  48. Petals and Peacocks is SO pretty! Must have <3

  49. Venessa

    Which do lipstick do you think is better: Petals & Peacocks or Show Orchid?

    • It just depends on what you want, really. I personally like Show Orchid more, but I like the fuchsia sheen that Show Orchid has ’cause that’s more my style!

  50. OMGAH, Petals & Peacock is like the perfect neon pink! I love it! I currently don’t own any colors like that. Love Blooming Lovely as well.

    Are these a permanent addition or are they limited edition??


  51. Stephy

    Christine, how would you compare Blooming Lovely and Bubble Gum?

  52. Alex

    Hi Christine, Happy Tuesday!
    Ever Hip Lipstick or Smashbox Splendid Lipstick?!?! haha or both? (no, seriously dont think I can actually do both $$ :p)

    • Ever Hip is more orange, Splendid has a nice glossy sheen. I think I might opt Splendid here!

      • ALEX

        thank you so much….yeah I see what you mean ever hip seems a little dull so it needs a gloss while when I swatched Splendid it could be worn alone…you’re the best.

  53. I am loving that packaging and that Petals & Peacock lipstick looks so amazingly vibrant and beautiful! I may just have to buy it!

  54. Ashley

    all three look so great!! i want all three of them, but NEED petals & peacocks and blooming lovely! i also think i’ll love english accents lip gloss. so so so excited! thanks for the sneak peak, christine!

  55. Angela

    I’m not loving any of these lipsticks. Thanks for the swatches.

  56. Hiromi

    I want them all. Peachstock is my HG l/s. I already know the shade. I hope I can pull Blooming Lovely off.

  57. Kristen

    Is Blooming Lovely anything like Lavender Whip?

  58. j e n

    Oh wow! What a great selection of colors! I gotta have Ever Hip For sure. 😉

  59. Mia

    there sooo pretty but i could never pull off colors like dat :( especially since im 14 lol that would look a little funny… i guess i’ll have to invest my money in different parts of the collection oh the agony hahaha. but i like the bright pink and lilac one… very pretty :)

  60. Steph

    I have lavender whip and it never turns out lavender on my lips. It always looks like a light pink! Do you know if blooming lovely would do the same thing or would the lavender stand out? This always dissapointed me about lavender whip!

    • Do you have a lot of pink to your natural lip color? (or even red?)

      I think this would do something similar – might turn it more like a plum.

  61. Um, yeah I want it all! I think I love them so much I’m gonna buy back ups of each… YAY!

  62. Gao

    Ever Hip looks so pretty! I want it <33!!

  63. The shades are beyond beautiful!
    i think i might get them all including Peachstock they’re all lovely = ]
    My top faves are Ever Hip && Petals & Peacocks, i just bought Show orcid yesterday but it looks different compared to Petals & Peacocks i like them both.. The packaging is sickkkk! i love it!!!!

    Thanks for the swatches Christine they were super helpful! =]]]

  64. Ellie

    definately want ever hip!
    all the lipsticks you swatch always look so good on you!
    youre lucky! i have yellow undertones in my skin and im pale so its hard to find lipsticks (especially pink ones) that dont look weird on me!

  65. ilona

    are ever hip and hue similar?

  66. marisa

    i’m going back on forth about blooming lovely because it looks like it could be an exact dupe for nyx power….and then about petals & peacocks because i have gladiola. argh!

  67. hey christine, i’m new to linking photos from your post. but wanted to let you know it’ll be on twitter and I’ll tag you =)

  68. Sharon

    I like Petals and Peacocks, but just bought Show Orchid last week… the other two lipsticks don’t appeal to me at all, which is a good thing given that I’m trying to limit my cosmetics purchases for a while!

  69. Mary Ann

    Holy crap! I want all of them!!!

  70. HOLY CRAAAAAAAAAAAAP i need Petals & Peacocks in my life. Actually I want all of them, but that colour is INSANE.

  71. Karen

    Hey Christine, is Blooming lovely similar to Mac Snob? Or any other? Thanks!

  72. kim

    Wow… I like Petals and Peacocks and Blooming but they both look like the colors from the OCC lip tarts…so I think I will pass on them and end up getting the lip tarts since I’ve been eyeing them. And Thanks for giving the info about pass l/s combination. I am so getting Girl About Town and I’ve just got Show Orchid and love it!!

  73. Trisha Mae

    Christine! How does Ever Hip compare to See Sheer (luster) in color?♥

    Ever Hip & Blooming Lovely are a must on my list! I already own Show Orchid & Girl About Town, so I’ll skip on Petals & Peacocks. Though I absolutely love that name!

    • I think Ever Hip is much more orange-coral and not nearly as bright as See Sheer!

    • Michelle

      See sheer also has a frost finish for a lustre. Ever so hip is a creamsheen, so it is a smooth, creamy finish as appose to any kind of sparkle on the lip. I bought it and it is my absolute favorite from the entire collection! And it is very day time wearable, as most creamsheens are. :-)

  74. Michelle

    Ever Hip is my fave, I already bought it at the party and am going to wear it with the peachy coral lipgloss too

  75. Wi

    Ever hip is so gorgeous!

  76. ellie

    I just love hot pink lipsticks so much! I have nars schiap, ysl rouge volupte in provocative pink (which is my least favorite), mac chatterbox and girl about town. Now, this petals and peacock … lovely too but i like show orchid more. Christine, should i still get show orchid or they are all the same shade?

  77. petals and peacocks looks amazing! think I will pick that one up. In two minds over blooming lovely. It would blatently look ridiculous on me, but then I could just buy it and look at it from time to time… beautiful!

  78. Rose

    Wow I love these colours! I’m definitely going to be getting at least two bloomin lovelys. But petals and peacocks is such a pretty color as well.. But I don’t know if I would wear it that often

  79. DoDe

    Thank you for these pics. Just wondering…..
    Are Ever Hip and Ravishing (from the perm line) similar?

  80. How does Blooming Lovely compare to Lavender Whip? They look similar.

  81. Rabbit

    Oh! love them all. Thanks. It comes so late to Sweden :-(

  82. liana

    Im torn between Ever Hip Lipstick and Perennial High Lipglass, they look like the same colour! Its one or the other for me to save me money!

    • If you like more pigmentation, always opt for the lipstick!

      • liana

        Your definately right, After I saw Ever Hip in your look that you just posted, I knew I was most likely going to get Ever hip. Its so gorgous on you! The pigmentation is important!

  83. egon

    I must get Blooming Lovely since I missed fashion muse and Lavender Whip =)

  84. Molly

    Ever hip looks totally amazing :)

  85. ellie

    Thanks Christine. I really want to get the Show Orchid now but too bad the Riveting Collection hasn’t arrived yet in our country.

  86. Hilana

    Petals and Peacocks is gorgeous!!!!!!! It actually reminds me of the 80’s, don’t you think? Madonna, Cindi Lauper… Ah, those were the days. :)

    Ever Hip is nice too, but Blooming Lovely is just terribly bloomin’ aweful. Not even your pretty lips could sway me to like it! Very dead colour. Something that would be fitting in Tim Burton’s new movie Alice in Wonderland, me thinks.

  87. starr

    Wow this collection is gorgeous! i really want blooming lovely because i love lavender lips and i missed out on fashion mews. what non-sparkly lipstick or ligloss could i pair it with to get the more frosty colour of fashion mews? i was thinking the bubbles lipstick from the riveting collection but i think it had a gold sheen.

  88. neisha

    omg blooming lovely is my fav!!

  89. Serene

    Hey Christine, How would you compare ever hip to freckletone? obviously their different finishes, but the color seems similar.. hmm..

  90. Asha

    Hello I was wondering if Blooming lovely would be a possible dupe for Lavander whip?

  91. Nicole

    Is it just me or is Blooming Lovely absolutely identical to Lavender Whip??

  92. Cathy

    From your honest opinion..do you like lavender whip or blooming lovely better in terms of a lilac/purple lipstick and wearability? I already own lavender whip so i am trying to decide if i should get blooming lovely or not? Do you think its a must have?? I am definetly getting Ever hip though!! luv peachy corals!

  93. Helena

    OMG. Blooming Lovely is gorgeous. I’m dragging my mom back to MAC on the eleventh if she recovers (she had to bear with bad costumer service from a blush addict today, lol).

  94. Cathy

    how does petals & peacocks compare to gladiola from Dame Edna???? I know that gladiola is a Matte finish but if i have gladiola and show orchid do you think i need Petals & Peacocks?

  95. Natalie

    Isn’t Ever Hip lipstick similar to YSL Peach Passion?

  96. Megan

    Oooh I’m definitely gonna get the “Ever Hip” lipstick!

  97. Eliza

    Hey Christine!

    I’m ordering them online (because i just can’t wait for it to come to Australia ): HAHA) Is ‘ever hip’ more true to the lipstick or on your lips? because i LOVE it on your lips! (:

    I’m an Nw35-42 would the other 2 suit me? Will it be too bright for me to carry off? I don’t really wear too showy colours! If i had to choose one, which should i pick! ): thanks!

    • If you have pinker lips, it’ll show more like on my lips — the natural pink of my lips kind of dulls down the color of Ever Hip. I think you could wear it! :) I’d pick Ever Hip of the three, if you don’t usually wear showy shades!

      If you were talking about picking one between the other two… I’d say Blooming Lovely.

      • Eliza

        Thank you so much Christine, you always reply all my questions (: & yes i do have quite ‘coloured’ lips nauturally! I’ll be getting ever hip & blooming lovely! yays (:

      • Danielle

        Hi Christine,
        I was just looking @ my 3 lipsticks from this collection which include Blooming Lovely, Ever Hip, and Peachstock. Both Ever Hip and Peachstock I purchased off Ebay about a year ago (Blooming Lovely I purchased off a seller on Amazon) and I noticed that Ever Hip said “Made in the USA” while the other 2 say “Made in Canada.” I found that odd bc all the lipsticks I though was made in Canada, is this true? Also, the Peachstock’s “M

        • Estee Lauder has factories all over the world. If you purchase your products from MAC stores, counters, or their website, you shouldn’t have any concern about where it is made.

          • Danielle

            Thank you..well i missed the collection so that it why i bought it on Ebay and as a result don’t know where the people i purchased it from bought it =(

  98. jollie

    How does blooming lovely compares to lavender whip?

    • Grayer, more mauve, not so light/lilac.

      • KellyBelly

        Oh man, I literally scrolled thru the comment section reading so many repeated questions asking to compare blooming lovely and lavender whip (for example) yet you still manage to repeatedly answer the same questions over and over again. Your persistence amazes me Christine! And no sign of annoyance whatsoever, it’s no wonder your site is so popular :) Btw do you think Peachstock is too dark as a nude for me, I am somewhere in btw NC15-20. Thanks! (i hope nobody asked that question already lol)

        • It’s all good :) I don’t expect everyone to have the time to read through the many other comments left on this post!

          I think Peachstock would be just fine on you! If you found it even a smidgen too dark, you could always lighten it with a gloss like C-Thru.