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haha, oh my. I love make up but my budget will only allow be to buy single products not regularly… but only once in a while 🙁

i buy single beauty products in bulk when they are a staple and they are on sale. for example, when sephora dropped the price of the NARS duo concealer from $30 to $10 I bought 8 of those just because it was too good a deal to pass up. now i have one for my counter, one for my purse, one for my travel bag and a bunch of back ups.

I often buy in more or less large quantities because MAC LEs take all my money and there’s hardly any left for single permanent items!

I don’t like to haul in large quantities – makes my heart miss several beats when the total price goes near even $50!!!

The Last time and only time I hauled BIG was the Spring Colour forecast (got 5 items). I usually buy one or two items at a time ( in consequence I can actually use & enjoy them more thoroughly).

I like to buy in quantity that’s the only way I know how. I love makeup to much just to buy a single product.

It really depends on the product and its shelf life. If it is body lotion or shower gel and it is cheaper to buy it in bulk – or if it is on special – I’ll load up. I tend to buy all my skincare items from an overseas web site because everything has at least 50% markup here in Australia- so to take advantage of free postage, I’ll double up on face moisturiser, cleanser and masks. One thing I generally will not buy in bulk however is anything with an SPF because things with an SPF tend to have a shorter shelf life. Also I want to make sure any sun protection I am using is fresh and not out of date, so will not buy these in bulk in case it expires before I finish it!

I have to say large quantities. My make-up is 90% MAC so I go to the counter everytime a new collection is released to check it out. Most of the time I buy 3-4 items per collection, I rarely buy only one item.

LARGE quantities are lots of fun, but smaller quantites are easier to sneak past my husband. That’s how I tend to buy most often, hehe!

I’d prefer to buy in large quantities, but I don’t have the moolah!!

BTW, I just purchased RA laque in Santal and the MAC 239, mostly because of your recommendations. I hate your blog for making me spend so much! (But keep going haha)

VG Gaga and Cyndi are not yet here in the Philippines, so is the Liberty collection. BOOO

LOL me too! It is such an adrenalin rush to open/go through a whole lot of products. I just wish I could do it everyday lol

depends on what i am looking for. i am able to walk into a store if i am going for an exact item and walk out with just that item. it’s when i just browse is when i end up walking out with tons of stuff.

i do like palettes. i tend to buy more palettes/palette refills than anything else. i hauled the heck out of INGLOT this weekend. i am very happy with my purchases though.

It seriously depends on the product. For example, when I found out MAC’s So Scarlet was LE (and now DC), I searched high and low to get at least 5 backups LOL. But for regular stuff, I just buy it as I need it. I guess it also depends on if the item is on sale. If it’s on sale, I’ll probably buy lots of it.

It depends on the price like the mascara i use i just buy it when its on sale so i have tons of backups but eyeshadow wise I’d rather buy it in large quantities or palettes

It really depend on the collection or if I find many shades I’ve been looking for at the Company Store and I can buy them at a reduced price! I’ve yet to depot and fill my 15 pan palette. So excited – I love makeup art projects!

I usually buy singles or two at a time.

I do a mixture of those. But tend to lean toward buying large quantities of things. Lol specially with special edition stuff.

Small to medium. If i buy a LOT at once, it usually can’t work together, and one or two items get all the attention/experimentation, and by the time I remember to do the same with the other products, I’m lusting after something new.

I like to buy 2-3 items, fairly regularly, and spread out purchases as much as I can so I have time to work with all of the ideas i have for an item before the “gloss” wears off.

Ummm…I guess it depends on if it’s something I need, or must have!! But I would have to say I buy my MAC products in small quantities (3 to 4 items at a time).

You are not the only one. Im just reading comments to get a better understanding. So I hope I answer this question correctly.

This really depends on the budget that I am and what item it is. Like if it is my new HG favorite eye make up remover Clean & Clear and I can’t find no where in my city and I can find it in the next city closest to where I live, I will stock up on like 2 or 3 bottles. But when it comes to MAC collections I tend to buy items all at once (As in 1 lipgloss or 2, a blush, lipstick, and/or eyeshadow.). But when I am going to buy mascara or foundation I just buy it single and regularly. I am really picky with palettes, I cannot buy a palette that has a lipgloss and eyeshadow in it cause Im afraid of the fall out from the eyeshadow will land on the lipgloss. I hope this makes sense :/

I enjoy buying from 1 thing to…. many things! Let’s say I love any kind of Haul! Small ones & big ones! But I do get happier when I come home with a bag full of makeup!

I prefer LARGE Quantities I am such a product junkie and even cute packaging can get me to purchase something

I like to buy seasonal “looks” and collections which usually means updating eyeshadow, lipstick, gloss, and blusher. So, except for staples like foundation, powder, and mascara which I buy as needed, I buy a lot at one time. It’s fun to take my new toys home and play around with them 🙂

i prefer to buy a little at a time…generally because i am always trying out new products, so buying too much at once means potential wastage…

I think it’s a bit more satisfying getting large quantities of stuff. (: But I mean… I’ve never gotten more than one mascara at a time. Stuff like lipsticks/blushes, I grab in high quantities. lol

I like to buy a single product regularly this way I always have an excuse to stop by the Mac counter.


it all depends what kind of product it is =)
but sometimes it is better to buy in palettes or sets

I tend to buy make-up in medium to larger quantities, sometimes only 3 or 4, sometimes up to 10. Transportation costs have to be worth the hassle to get the products, so: never just one or two products. 🙂

I like to buy palettes but only when it’s of a single type. I don’t like buying mixed palettes, especially palettes with lipgloss and eyeshadow together. But some eyeshadow palettes are great, particularly smokey eye palettes from MAC. Reduces what I have to carry with me significantly, and is much more convenient.

I would say in large quanities. For example when a mac collection comes out I will buy everything from that collection along with any other makeup I need.

i buy regular but they always seem to be in large quantities =(. i cant help but get all the new stuff that comes out

I buy it all 😮 … Actually, if it’s a drug store item I like, I might buy several in different shades but high end I try to limit myself. I have a few palettes but tend not to use them very often. For instance the Alice In Wonderland I bought more because I loved the packaging but haven’t used it much yet. oh, yeah, the pretty colors just call my name.

I like buying a little at a time, because it gives me more focus on those few particular products for the time being & when I buy a lot at once, it end to neglect a lot of the colors that dont stand out as much.

It depends how much money I have on me but mostly i will buy only a couple things at a time. Only because I know how I am.. I know if I buy a lot stuff at once I most likely won’t end up using the majority of it. Like something is going to get neglected lmao then I kick myself for buying it.

i have a small budget for make up now, so its more save save save and hit the store so more in bulk.

I like to buy in small quantities at least once a week..it keeps me happy and it gives me something to look forward too. I usually purchase a lipstick and a blush or two…or perhaps a few new eyeshadows.

I am an estee girl and I buy their blockbuster every year. I bought 2 sets in 2009 and just add singles of those colors not in the blockbuster. Save me lots of money this way.

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