Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Eyeshadow Packaging: Bough Grey, Dame’s Desire, Birds & Berries, Free to Be

MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Eyeshadow Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Each of the eyeshadows is packaged in white flip-top containers, but on top of the clear lid, there is a flower, and each shade has a different color (or flower!).

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Bough Grey is a smooth, softened gray with a tinge of blue and a subtle sheen with a satin finish. I can’t think of a shade quite like this — perhaps Scene, but the texture feels smoother, softer and the color seems grayer.
  • Dame’s Desire is a medium purple with red undertones and an almost icy purple shimmer with a frost finish. It reminds me of Creme de Violet’s coloring but more pigmented and with a different finish. Maybe if Stars ‘n Rockets and Creme de Violet had a baby? It was originally in the Dame Edna Collection.
  • Birds & Berries is a shimmery, frosted bluish-teal with a veluxe pearl finish. It reminded me a lot of Strike the Pose eyeshadow, except a little greener/tealer, but the two are incredibly similar.
  • Free to Be is a coral-orange with a matte finish. It goes on smooth and pigmented, but it is also a permanent shade (recently added).
  • Give Me Liberty of London is a dusty milky pink.  It reminds me of Pen ‘n Pink.  It goes on very lightly, semi-sheer, but it doesn’t look or feel chalky.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Bough Grey Eyeshadow

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Dame’s Desire Eyeshadow

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Birds & Berries Eyeshadow

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Free to Be Eyeshadow

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Give Me Liberty of London Eyeshadow

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Give Me Liberty of London Eyeshadow

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Eyeshadow: Bough Grey, Dame’s Desire, Birds & Berries, Free to Be

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125 thoughts on “MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Eyeshadow Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Maisie

    I was only expecting to like Birds and Berries, but it looks like I might have to get all of them!! Grr MAC is going to kill me D:

  2. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    I really really like Birds & berries and find the grey interesting. I don’t know yet what I’ll get from this collection, I’m waiting for the lip swatches for that haha Thanks a lot!

  3. Angela

    Well, there goes my paycheck! Soo much prettiness!

  4. hey christine!
    im a long follower and big fan of your website,
    however, i was planning to ask this since quite some time:
    sometimes i take pictures of your site, put them on my blow
    BUT i set a link there, going to temptalia (obviously.. ^_^)
    is that enough or do you want me to add more?

    sorry if this seems stupid, i just think its important to give enough credit to those ‘first-uploaders’
    and i really appreciate your site and effort! way to go =)

    • Hi Mecaitlyn,

      One or two is fine – it’s just, I don’t want people taking all of these the photos, reposting them everywhere, when we go through the trouble of nailing down exclusives or buying a whole collection (which we have done many times in the past). If it’s promotional imagery for a new collection (like pictures taken by the company/brand), then you can repost whatever – it’s just photos we’ve taken ourselves that I’m “stricter” on :) Just make sure you upload the images to your own site and not hotlink from ours (it uses our bandwidth and can slow down our server).

      • hey christine!
        awh ok, dont worry, i generally stay away from the swatches and close-ups,
        since i know that these are really ‘at the heart’ of the blog.

        its just that im from europe, and promotional pictures, especially those of mac cosmetics pop up rather late, much later than the US ones,

        thanks again for your quick answer! kind greeting from the netherlands 😉

  5. Natalie

    Birds & Berries looks beautiful – it’s a must have already!

  6. Thanks Christine! I think three of these will make their way into my make up bag. I guess I’m one of the few people who really doesn’t like the packaging, the birds on the nail polish etc just looks really angry to me!

  7. Resha

    dear god, my bank acct is in MAJOR MAJOR trouble. i will admit i’m only into this collection for the packaging. isn’t that just horrible?? LOL jeeez. too cute!

  8. Steffi

    Damn I am afraid I will buy them all even though cold colors don’t look good at me…

  9. Anitacska

    I was gonna get Birds & Berries, but since I have Strike a pose, I’d better skip on it if they’re so similar. Dame’s Desire is very pretty, but I already have that too and I’m not buying it just for the packaging. :)

  10. Cherie

    Thank you Christine!!

    The only one I will be picking up is Bough Grey. I was on Spektra last night looking at swatches and somebody else mentioned the similarities between Birds and Berries and Strike A Pose (which I already have).

    I will pick up Free to Be in palette form last on since its a perm.

    I like Dame but am waiting to get the matte purple eyeshadow in the Paper collection for summer… Can’t recall the collections exact name…

    Sometimes I wish there was an option to get LE eyeshadows in pan form or not in the LE packaging as I depot all my shadows to put into the palettes. I always feel bad wasting the beautiful packaging. :( I can just imagine the shocked looks on some faces right now that I depot eyeshadows in LE packaging… :)

    • I feel ya… I don’t want to deal with the hassle of depotting, and like you, feel bad when it’s LE packaging!

      I throw away the boxes. Yes, I do. Sorry! The packrat in me says, “NOOOOOO!” but I’ve learned that I just CAN’T hang on to everything, no matter how pretty it all is! I recycle it, and I try to toss it as soon as I know I won’t be returning something. I know me, and if I keep it ’cause it’s pretty, I will look at it once and never again.

    • Christine

      Thats so funny because at that exact moment I did have a shocked look on my face. I even think my jaw dropped….LOL

  11. Az

    I’ve always known I’d grab B&B and Bough Grey. Not much of a teal girl but love that color.

  12. camille

    Do u like Dame’s desire? I know when it first came out you want to return it in the Dame Edna Collection? Is it a must have color?

    How does Birds and Berries compare to Blue Absinthe LE eyeshadow

    • I like it better than I did two years ago, though I have no idea why. It didn’t swatch very well then! I don’t think it’s really a must-have.

      I think they’re similar, maybe a little lighter than Blue Absinthe.

  13. deepblue

    Thank you so much for these pics! Dame’s Desire and Birds & Berries I like the best (at the moment 😉

  14. kfm

    Bough Grey looks gorgeous! I like all of them, actually. I never caught Dame’s Desire the first time around, nor have I ever bought Creme de Violet, which is weird since I normally gravitate towards anything purple or plum-toned. Birds & Berries is lovely, although it reminds me of the LE shade Blue Absinthe, which I already own. I was hoping from the description that it would be a little darker and greener, sort of like a shimmery version of Plumage.

    Thanks, as always, for posting the swatches and your detailed reviews Christine.

  15. Jasmine

    OMG I really want Dame’s Desire and Bird’s and Bees! The grey is cool too but I just got Smoke and Diamonds from my CCO so I don';t REALLY need it…

  16. Bough Grey and Birds & Berries e/s are so going to be going home with me! I already have Dame’s Desire in my Royal Tour Eyeshadow Trio. Even though it does look like that Creme de Violet and Stars N’ Rockets had a baby and I do own both of those colors. I’m unsure if I want to purchase Give Me Liberty of London e/s since I might end up purchasing Pen N’ Pink e/s at my CCO.

  17. Dana

    These all look so wearable, it will be hard to choose just one

  18. gerberairis

    does eyeshadow birds and berries worth a buy for medium and warm skin tone ? (deep brown eyes, nc35-40 and love teals) thanks!

  19. I love all of them! Dunno if I can rock the gray one though.

  20. Bough Grey looks veeeery interesing and I’ll definitely give this a try as I’m currently looking for some grey shades. This migt be what I’m looking for. I wonder when Liberty of London will show up in Europe.

  21. Dame’s Desire and Birds & Berries are mine :] Don’t know about the coral yet, but I already have something like Bough Grey, so I probably wouldn’t use it.

  22. I like Bough Grey and Boughs & Berries. I’ll skip Free To Be though, it doesn’t look like a color I’d wear. Dame’s Desire is a nice shade too but I do have it from Dame Edna. LOL, I have so many eye shadows!

  23. Sarah

    How would you compare MAC Coral pro pan to Free to Be? Are they really similar or do they have different tones?

    • I don’t own it, so I’m going on memory here, but I believe Coral is a little more red-coral and Free to Be is more orange-coral. The texture on Free to Be is definitely nicer, IMO!

  24. Heather

    I am a little sad. I don’t really care for any of the colors other than birds and berries.

  25. Hmmm…looks like I’ll be passing on these. That grey looks so pretty, but it looks too similar to Scene, like you said. The teal is pretty, but I already have Strike a Pose. The purple, not gonna bother. And I already have Free to Be…thank goodness. Money saved. LOL.

  26. Lynn

    Christine, great swatches! I’m definitely going to get Bough Grey, Dame’s Desire and Birds and Berries- they are oh so pretty! Thanks for posting the swatches!

  27. Brian Kelly

    Dame’s Desire has to be mine even if it’s the only thing I get. I was never able to get anything from the Dame Edna collection and I grew up loving Edna so this is the closest I can get I suppose.

  28. marlene

    love all the colors but dont see myself actually wearing them :/

  29. ak

    Bough Grey is pretty but too light for a smoky eye, Dame’s Desire is pretty but it looks too much like Creme de Violet to be different, so Birds & Berries is the only one that I’d like to check out to see if it’s deep enough for a smoky eye look.

  30. ci

    gosh, I like Bough Grey but.. it has the ugliest flower on the packaging!!!!!!!

  31. Nephtali

    Is “Bough grey” like “Fashion” from the “Love thay look” collection ?

  32. Jess

    oh i love them all!!

  33. Nicole

    I love birds and berries! Except if I bought it, Id don’t think Id be able to wear it with my blue eyes :(
    Do you think that I might be able to pair it with a brown or something to make it wearable?

  34. Rosanna

    I don’t know if I should get any of these. I don’t use greys that much, Free To Be is permanent and Dame’s Desire is not really must-have because it’s dupable.

    Christine, Do you think if I have Shimmermoss and Steamy (which are similar to each other IMO T_T), is it worth it to get Birds &Berries?

  35. ocelot1

    thx for ur amazing swatches!! im liking bough gray, how does it compare to cumulus from a few years ago? (i think it was from smoke signal?) thx!!!

  36. Anna

    I’m in love with the eyeshadows!!! Can’t wait till the 11th

  37. abby

    Hi Christine!!! thank you soooo much for the reviews and swatches, wow this collection is beautiful!!! The eyeshadow birds and berries looks a lot like talent pool from the starflash collection to me, dont you think? and the summer rose beauty powder, in your opinion, does it look like well dressed?

    • Kind of, but it’s more similar to Strike a Pose, IMO!

      Summer Rose has a lot more plum/purple to it than Well Dressed, which is pretty pink!

  38. Aramis

    soory if this has already been asked but is very violet simliar to dame’s desire i got very violet and wouldn’t want both.

  39. Zinnia

    what would you compare free to be with?

  40. Jessica

    Is Dame’s Desire similar to MAC’s Very Violet?

  41. Angela

    Birds and Berries is sooo pretty. It reminds me of deep blue green pigment from the HK collection. I believe it was HK.

  42. Ellie

    i want them alllllll!

  43. Lila

    birds & Berries is a definite yes for me !

  44. I like Dame’s Desire and Free to Be but I also like Birds & Berries which I might pick up. I gotta see it in person.

  45. sandrine

    I’m with your boyfriend, I’m not liking the packaging that’s why I’m pretty sure I’ll be skipping this collection but Birds and Berries absolutely changed my mind. I’m drooling over it. Have too have it!

  46. Carrie

    I want Birds & Berries. Free to Be looks like you could use it as a blush!

  47. Christine, how do you think Birds and Berries compares with Deep Blue Green pigment?

  48. Andrea

    Christine, I’m a bit torn between Dame’s Desire, Stars n’ Rocket and Benefit’s Fancy Pansy, I know they’re very similar but which one do you like best?

  49. Nephtali

    Is “Bough grey” like “Fashion” from the “Love thay look” collection ?

  50. Michele

    I absolutely have to have Birds & Berries shaddow!

  51. Kim

    Are the shadows really $14.50? When I meant to my MAC counter today, the MUA I normally talk to said that everything was going to be $2 more because of the LE packaging. I did get to see all the colors though and they look awesome.

    • The press sheet says $14.50 for eyeshadows. I’ve never seen MAC charge more for standard limited edition packaging — e.g. different print/color but the same actual packaging. I’ve really only seen them charge more for their Couture launches (always around Christmas), which comes in totally different packaging (usually metal-ish) or when they did Hello Kitty Kouture, which again, had the heavier, metal packaging – totally outside of their typical plastic.

  52. Jami

    These are beautiful colors!!! I’ve been looking for a color to dup for smoke and diamonds. Would bough grey be good???

  53. Kalee

    im so getting birds n berries

    BUT! i have a question.
    i already have a good amount of purple eyeshadows and it seems every time i go to the store i buy one. lol. but do you think i should get dames desire? because it looks reallllllyy nice. lol. and i do LOVE stars n rockets so if its a more purple version….hmmmmmm
    would i be missing out if i didnt get it?

  54. charlotte

    do you think ‘give me a liberty of london’ and ‘free to be’ will go great together?

  55. I was very excited for this collection but after going to M.A.C on Sunday and playing with it [the MAs let me play with the samples even thou they weren’t for sale] I didn’t like anything except for the greenish teal eyeshadow which to me resembles shimmermoss eyeshadow a lot.

  56. Amy

    I’m really having trouble deciding if I want to get Dame’s desire! I actually don’t have a light purple eyeshadow. Is this comparable to any MAC perm. eyeshadow? I like the red tone. (I’m new to MAC)

  57. Leea

    Do you think that Dame’s Desire would go with Beautiful Iris? : )

  58. abby

    Hi Christine!!! will you be doing any more looks on this collection? i like dame’s desire and the grey but how would u put them together :( The model on the promo picture for the collection looks like is wearing a really nice combination of the colours, dont you think?

  59. Bough Grey looks like hold my glaze…did you think?

  60. shockingblue

    I am going to pick up all of them when they come out. I need to! I’m love all the colors, but I’m trying to think of how to pull off that coral. This is one of those collections that the colors are so pretty in the pan but it might take some technique to make it looks good on the face 😉

  61. selena

    these colors you can dupe so easily! they just change the names or add more texture or frost, im not wasting my money

  62. stef

    I got birds and berries and its beautiful, been wearing it way too much lol.

    I’m going tomorrow for the actual release and plan on picking up some lipsticks and a beauty powder, wondering about bough grey.. do you think its different enough from scene that I should get it?

  63. Bough Grey and Birds&Berries are the most prettiest colors of this collection. Love them. I can’t wait for GMLOL to hit Europe.

  64. shay

    got bough grey yesterday.. and wohoooo i think i have found my perfect day.. am wearing it at work today and you have no idea how pretty it is and how happy i am… Couldnt thank you more Christine, for putting it as a must have.. I would say its a MUST MUST MUST have for people in their late 20s (like me, haa haa)

  65. I’ve been waiting for these, thanks Christine! :]

  66. Emy

    Mmm… Free to be seems to change a lot in various lighting.. It is really the same as the permanant one? I might pick Dame’s Desire tough..
    Decisions, decisions..

  67. i didnt want bough grey initially but now i am liking it. in store when i swatched it, it didnt as pigmented as this one. hmmss i might go back and try it again. Birds and berries is very pretty. I used it with smoke and diamonds e/s… love!!

  68. Mariee

    Dame’s desire kinda looks like stars n rockets…

  69. Christina

    Definitely getting Bough Grey & Birds and Berries. The rest i’m not too keen about. However, the packaging…..wow!

  70. riley

    when i tried to swatch free to be on my hand it was not pigmented at all but i did get dames desire and birds and berrys and both are very pretty!

  71. Trish

    hey – anyone have any ideas of how to use the Bough Grey color eyeshadow for an everyday look?? I got the Birds and Berries too but for everyday at my office job- together they are just a bit too much.
    (I’m pretty fair with Blue eyes)


  72. rosario

    im a little late is this collection still available? I want Bough Grey & Birds & Berries

  73. Sharon

    The only e/s that I bought was Bough Grey.. And I’m wondering if anyone out there knows if I’m getting crazy or PEACOCK LUSTRE by Revlon its very similar to birds and … Sorry I forget the whole name but it’s the teal e/s from this collection


  74. Hi Christine,
    quick question: do you think I’d really be missing out on “Give Me Liberty Of London” if I didn’t get it? I’ve been wanting a matte light pink for a while, but I’m sure there are more pigmented versions out there… Is there anything from the permanent collection I could dupe it with?

    • There’s nothing from MAC’s permanent collection quite like it – it used to be like Pen ‘n Pink, but it got discontinued.

      For what it’s worth, though, it’s not that great of a shade :/ It’s very, very light.

  75. cristina

    are this colours permanent??

  76. Petra

    Hi Christine!

    I know people are kinda ocer LoL (:)), but it has recently arrived here, and I was wondering if Free to Be seems similar to Soft Flower from the Emmanual Ungaro collection…? – I know it’s supposedly a new permanent, but I think we didn’t receive those shades here (we didn’t get Riveting nor Lilyland either for exc)
    -if You do see this and have the time, I’d appreciate Your oppinion! Thanks: :)

  77. Meeta

    Hi Christine I love your blog! I never shop without checking here first :)

    I missed out on the Mystic Cool palette from Magic, Mirth and Mischief. Do you think Birds and Berries is similar to Blue Enchantment? Or is there something that could be added to Birds and Berries to make a dupe? Thank you so much!

  78. Sam W

    If you run out of Birds & Berries – mix MAC’s Tilt and MAC’s prussian… exact match! It’s a great dupe if you dislike buying limited edition stuff cause once you finish it there’s no more. So go ahead and buy it :) Plus you can always depot and put alternative colours in the cute packaging!

  79. Liz

    I have birds and berries and its dark and not as vibrant as it is on here. Did you just layer it a lot or wet it? I’m NC20 so I’m pretty fair skinned