MAC "Pop Colour" Collection Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Pop Colour Collection

MAC “Pop Colour” Collection:  Review, Photos, Swatches

Debuting today in-store are eight eyeshadow shades, permanent extensions to the freestanding and PRO store eyeshadow ranges. They will only be available in limited quantity and duration at counters (department stores), though. They’re also available online and should be online for as long as they’re permanent (think of online as much like a freestanding store). These are, thus, available in palette form when you purchase through freestanding/PRO stores or through the MAC website. Four shades were already PRO shades, two were previously limited edition shades, and two are brand new.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-have: Lucky Green, Atlantic Blue, Winkle

Nice-to-have: Free to Be, Vibrant Grape


I found the texture and pay off to be pretty good across the board. The mattes tended to needed two or three layers to build up the intensity and make them smooth without a proper base, but since I’ve owned a few of these previously, I can say they work well in practice. I don’t think any of them are poor in quality to merit skipping them based on that; it comes down to whether or not you like a particular shade (e.g. I don’t know if I’m going to love Goldenrod on me). Sunny Spot is the only one of the eight that has a similar shade already in the permanent line (Bitter), but it’s not a dead-on dupe.


  • Red Brick is a brick red — that’s really what it is. It’s an orange-y red with a matte finish. It can be pigmented, but it requires building up the intensity and/or a good base. Red Brick has been a PRO color for as long as I can remember. As far as I know, it is pretty much the closest to red eyeshadow I’ve seen from MAC (with the exception of Mi’Lady mineralize eyeshadow).
  • Free to Be is a satin-y coral-pink. It can go on pink, or it can go on more coral; it will depend on what you use it with or your natural skin tone. Thanks to Sarah, she pointed out that the Free to Be from 2005 is actually a dusky gray-green. It is also going to be released as a limited edition shade (and in special packaging) in Give Me Liberty of London in March, as the description is a coral matte (fits).
  • Goldenrod is a brightened golden yellow with a little orange thrown in. It’s much darker and more orange than Chrome Yellow. Like Red Brick, I can’t remember when this wasn’t at PRO.
  • Lucky Green is a golden shimmered yellow-based green. This is one of my all-time favorite shades by MAC, and I’m really happy to see it become part of the permanent range. It was originally released with Belle Azure (2005). It has an amazing texture and goes on so smooth and pigmented, but it is a veluxe pearl, so I’ve come to expect that from my VPs! You can looks I’ve done with it here.
  • Sunny Spot is a matte textured chartreuse shade. It’s a very yellowed green. It’s decently pigmented (more so than similar permanent shade Bitter–also yellower, by the by), but I’d have rather seen Sour Lemon from the PRO line (though that isn’t matte, to be fair). This is one of two brand spankin’ new shades to debut at both freestanding and PRO stores as an extension of the permanent line.
  • Vibrant Grape is a medium dark reddened purple.   This one definitely needs a base underneath it to go on smoothly.  I’ve used it in practice, so I can tell you it’s easier to use than it is to swatch.  It’s been a PRO shade for sometime now, but it will now be permanent at freestanding stores in addition to PRO stores. It was also released in limited edition packaging in Style Warriors last year. And if you’re looking for ideas on how to wear, we have a Look Book for it! You can see the original launch images here. You can see a look with it here.
  • Atlantic Blue is a gorgeous shade of deep ocean blue with kind of a violet twist to it (because it’s not just plain ol’ blue, nor is it a navy blue). I love this shade, and I really love that it’s matte. Works excellently in the crease! This was originally part of the PRO line, but it is now permanent at freestanding stores, too. Check out a few reader-submitted ideas on how to use this shade in our Look Book.  Here are a few looks I’ve done with it: here, here, here.
  • Winkle is a softened sky blue with an edge of periwinkle. It’s not quite periwinkle (not nearly enough purple), but it’s not quite a true sky blue either (check out the PRO shade Sky Blue if that’s what you’re looking for). This is the second of the two brand new shades.

Any favorites for you? What are you getting? (Or not getting?)

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Red Brick Eyeshadow

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Free to Be Eyeshadow

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Goldenrod Eyeshadow

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Sunny Spot Eyeshadow

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Winkle Eyeshadow

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Eyeshadow: Red Brick, Free to Be, Goldenrod, Lucky Green

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Eyeshadow: Goldenrod, Lucky Green, Sunny Spot, Vibrant Grape

MAC Pop Colour Collection
MAC Eyeshadow: Lucky Green, Sunny Spot, Vibrant Grape, Atlantic Blue, Winkle

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Very pretty colors..I think I will check out Lucky Green,Atlantic Blue and Winkle.I already have Vibrant Grape which I love. Im not that interested in the other colors

I thought I was going to hate ‘Red Brick’, but I like them all! If I were to pick a few to skip though, they’d be ‘Sunny Spot’, ‘Winkle’ and ‘Atlantic Blue’.

The colors I like best are probably the four in the first swatch.

just got lucky green, Atlantic blue, and vibrant grape (missed it in style warrior) today :).. haven’t tried them yet but can’t wait!

I want to get Free To Be!!

(P.S.: the description for Atlantic Blue says it will “not” be permanent… I think it should be “now” maybe? Not that it makes that much of a difference, right? ;))

I only have Vibrant Grape but want all the other ones (except Lucky Green…Not a green e/s kind of gal!). I especially like Red Brick and Free To Be , and Goldenrod. I bet these 3 colors would work well together.

I have springtime skipper from the barbie collection. It seems pretty close to lucky green. Do you agree? Should I skip lucky green since I have springtime skipper?

It’s similar, though I think Lucky Green has more golden and has more of a shimmer feel. Springtime Skipper is a lil’ greener.

Can I ask: Sunny Spot, Bitter, Rated R and Sour Lemon? How similar are these (JUST color, not texture) and which do you like the most? (Just your own personal opinion).

I have had Bitter in the past and don’t like it. Not enough color payoff for me. Rated R is cool but I wish it had more green and less gold tones. I’ve never tried Sour Lemon actually (eek!) LOL.

Also just so people know: these aren’t being released at all US Pro Stores this week. LA Pro hasn’t even SEEN the colors yet, they think they’ll get them next week.

They’re all similar, to be honest. I wouldn’t pick Sunny Spot or Bitter over Rated R or Sour Lemon. Though I don’t really love Rated R. My favorite of the softer/more matte texture is/was Overgrown (which was LE), but way more pigmented and smoother. Sunny Spot is a little more like True Chartreuse pigment in color, whereas Bitter has more green to it. Thus making it closer to Rated R in color… and closer to Sour Lemon. I vote Sour Lemon out of those four, though.

I’m surprised LA PRO doesn’t have it! That’s pretty nutty. I know that readers were reporting stores getting their shipments in 1-2 weeks ago! (Mine got it and was like “What are these for?!”)

Thanks so much for the info! I’ve come to value and trust your opinion 🙂 I’m going to order a few of these and add Sour Lemon to the list as well (it’s been on the back burner for long enough) Hehe.

I was surprised that LA Pro didn’t have them either. SF Pro has them and that’s who I’ve decided to order from if I order from a store (I’m up in WA state). They have all been super-sweet there. Very helpful and thoughtful.

The shadows have been on the MAC Pro website for about a week now. But that site is always messed up. Some of the contact email addresses are STILL wrong and when you narrow the search to only list Pro eyeshadows – It shows you ALL of the eyeshadows! That’s a new glitch that they’ve just managed to come up with this week! LOL!

I love, love all the PRO shades that they put out right behind C-Shock, TBH. They were excellent. I would have rather seen them put out C-Shock again or even those PRO shades. Like Bio Green, Sour Lemon, Bright Sunshine, etc.

Love the SF store. They are such sweethearts there. Whenever I try to snag something early, I end up calling LA since SF *never* does it early — NYC always does… but by the time it gets here, it’s a week later and it’s out in all the stores, lol.

I missed the C-Shock collection :/ It’s always been a bit of a sore spot with me 😉 But I agree – I LOVE all those bright colors.

I only recently discovered that as a Pro member, I could call a store to order (and shipping is free). The operators at MAC Pro told me once that I couldn’t order from a store and get my discount unless I was actually THERE. Sigh… Oh well… Better late in learning than never! 🙂 I’m definitely getting some of these with my next order (but I’m skipping some: For example I use Red Apple blush as a red eyeshadow instead of Brick Red – I know you’re not “supposed to” but what the hell? LOL!)

Argh, can’t believe you missed it. Now I REALLY hope they bring it back — the PRO collection that followed like, two weeks later, though, was very, very similar.

I always call a PRO store since you can order without being a PRO member, LOL. I am often too lazy to bother to drive up to SF and hunt and pay for parking.

I think most of the non-safe red stuff is dye related so if your eyes don’t freak out, you’re probably not one of the people who is allergic. I remember reading somewhere that it was a tiny, but sufficient, percentage to merit the “it’s not eye safe” label.

Just found out that the Mac Pop collection comes out in the UK on the 4th of February! I emailed an artist on the Mac UK site and they said it will be out here next month. Can’t wait!

i am def going to get lucky green! & i love free 2 b…but idk how i would wear it. i might want to wear it as blush! i love the other colors, but i dont think they would work on me…

Oh dude! I kind of really want Free to Be! I think Lucky Green is probably close enough to the light green in my Kat von D Beethoven palette that I don’t *need* it. I can totally see why it’s so popular though!

I have to get Lucky Green just because I’ve heard people rant & rave about it for the longest. I have to see what the big deal is…LOL.

I think i just died and went to heaven after finding out Lucky Green finally came back. thank you thank you thank you MAC. One of their best colors easily!

Sunny Spot.. lol Thats the only one on my list I’m iffy about.

If I have Bitter, Eyepopping, Overgrown, Rated R, and Pagan would I *need* this color?

Or is it close to Silly Goose?

I really want Lucky Green *just hit pan on her old one* and Winkle. But the rest are just meh to me.

I really wanted Goldenrod, but it looks TOOOOOO pigmented *if theres such a thing* and I’m not sure if I could make it work for me.

Nope, you don’t. Overgrown is the best in this family, IMO. Pagan is pretty close from what I remember (I don’t own it!). I think Silly Goose was a little greener, but it’s been so long…….. haha.

You can definitely use Goldenrod with a lighter touch/less layering for less intensity 😉

Awesome! lol you just slimmed my list down since I bought one of the cremeblushes from Lillyland. Thank you! :]

I love Overgrown. I love all my greens, but I covet them because my bf isnt a green fan so he’s never usually partial to my looks with green haha.

Pagan, although satin feels and acts like a matte, to me. I love it, but it doesnt get as much play as the others.

I’m glad they made these perm, they need to bring back others! Like Firespot lol

Omg, thats like my HG eyeshadow lol I want that one and Bang on Blue! I have the rest of them, but I want those two!

I’m sad my local Macy’s counter hasnt gotten their All Races set yet. I like the white pigment!

how can you say it’s pathetic that you remember in which collection was originally released Free To Be? sweetie, I’m proud of you!!! I wish I knew stuff like that!! Btw, does Mac ever use the same name for different shades? I recently bought a single shadow named “Grand Entrance”, and when I got home, I saw the name on my “already-have-this-one-don’t-buy-it-again” list that I had a shadow by that name, from the Intriguing Scarlet palette, so I checked, but they were so different!! one was goldenish, the other one green-blackish! So what’s the deal here?

LOL, because I can’t remember stuff for school, but I remember the eyeshadows from a makeup collection that’s over four years old! Stupid, stupid memory only remembers stuff that I don’t need to know 😛

Yeah, on occasion, they slip up. I really do say slip up, because I don’t think they intend to, but it happens on occasion!

I just got atlantic blue, free to be, and lucky green. Free to be was just such a pretty color when i swatched it that i couldn’t resist (although I now wish that I had waited for the liberty collection with the special LE packaging).

Is sour lemon a permanent at the Pro stores? I didn’t see it on their website. If so, I am definitely going to put that at the top of my list.

All but the red & goldenrod. I have chrome yellow and rarely use it, so . . . I’m definitely going to need tuts to learn how to use colors like these. I already have vibrant grape. Got it on the black market (consumer). LOL I love the lucky green, the two blues and the vibrant grape. Can’t wait to start gettin’ bizzy. 😀

Ak! This came out TODAY? I had no idea! The girls at my MAC store told me about it and even showed some of the colors to me, (since I am a regular in there, they often show me new stuff before it comes out), but they said they had no clue when it was coming out, and said it would “probably be in February.” I want Winkle, Atlantic Blue, Free to Be, and Lucky Green SO BAD!!!

It’s up on to purchase, so it should be out in-store now. I know a few artists told readers or me (via Twitter) that January 15th was the release date, but even my store had no idea. They know me and that I’m an addict so they got everything out of the stock room for me, LOL.

Ha! Don’t you love that? I love how they bust out the new stuff when I come in! They brought out a whole box of it and showed me the eyeshadow colors last weekend. I saw that it’s online. I am thinking about ordering online rather than shlepping back up to the mall. I always buy in person, are they pretty good about shipping pretty fast when you order online?

Also, how do you know so much about Pro Colors? Do you have a pro card? I am trying to figure out how I can get one! I want that 40% discount!

I felt so bad, lol!

I always order overnight or 2-day, so it’s quick, LOL. I’m too impatient otherwise. They ship from the east coast, typically, so me being in California = 7-10 days from the day I order otherwise.

You can buy PRO products without being a member – I’ve gone to lots of PRO stores (there’s one about forty minutes away from me) and always haul like crazy so I don’t miss anything, lol! You can also go to and browse, you don’t have to be a member to just look around 😛

Hi Again! I’ve looked around on but have never bought anything since it always looks so different online than it does in person. I do not have a MAC Pro store where I live! (Cincinnati, OH). However, there is on in Chicago. Looks like I need to plan a little road trip to the windy city! Thanks so much for responding to me, your site is amazing!

BTW – Today I purchased Lucky Green, Sunny Spot, Atlantic Blue, Winkle, and Vibrant Grape. I *HEART* them all!!!!

I’m definitely getting Lucky Green and Free to Be. 🙂 I might get Atlantic Blue too. Winkle is pretty, but I don’t know what I’d pair that one with.

I just went to go swatch these. Swoon!

I noticed that free to be is really similar to sushi flower. One was slightly more pink than the other and I forget which one that was. HA! Time to go pay a visit to SF’s PRO store this wknd, yay!

Similar, though I’d say Dear Cupcake is much pinker. I think if you put them over a pink base, there wouldn’t be a huge difference, but if you put them over a neutral or even a yellow base, you’d see a bigger difference!

Haha! I was at MAC yesterday to exchange a B2M and get an extra shadow, and the adorable MA there pointed out my nail polish and told me that they were getting a color in just like it today.

I was wearing Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics ‘Wasabi’, and now I can see just what he meant. xD

LOVE the blues here. And Goldenrod. Definitely picking those up!

These colours remind me of Crayola crayons. I was in a hurry in and out of the mall today and completely forgot about this release, but luckily these are permanent and MAC stores are fairly accessible to me. Lucky Green and Free to Be are my favourites.

If I remember correctly Christine, you don’t have Springtime Skipper from the Barbie Loves Mac collection. But if anyone could tell me if it’s a good dupe for Lucky Green I would really appreciate it! I am almost out of Springtime Skipper and It’s one of my favorite eyeshadows so I’ve been looking for a good dupe forever.

I used to have it, but I don’t have it any more. It’s similar, though not a 100% dupe, because it’s a lot more green. Like Lucky Green has a strong golden shimmer and pulls yellow-green rather than medium green. Springtime Skipper is almost like Lucky Green and Swimming had a baby…

I love Free to Be – a nice wearable pink, a matte version of Da Bling almost or a toned down Passionate! And I love Da Bling, so yay!

I’m not sure about getting Lucky Green, seems too yellow-green for me, unfortunately my MAC counter’s Lucky Green got lost in their store and so I couldn’t swatch it. Might just skip over to Juxt which I’ve been eyeing for a while.

Oh no 🙁 Poor lost Lucky Green… not so lucky, ha ha? LOL, so corny.

Juxt is nice — it’s a color I use a lot, too!

So I got Lucky Green, Atlantic Blue, Winkle and Free To Be on Wednesday…love them…except I think Free To Be is dupable (at least in other brands) but the collector in me stil go it…

I already had Golden Rod, Vibrant Grape (both PRO and Style Warriors versions…LOL ). I love mattes and brights so these colors are sooooo ME!

I skipped on Sunny Spot tho since I already have Bitter, Sour Lemon and True Chartreuse…so I don’t think I needed to get this one.

I might purchase Lucky Green, but I’m a bit hesitant considering that I have Humid which I rarely use… but the color looks brilliant. Hmmm!

LOL! You should do it, just for kicks. You know you wanna 🙂

I feel ya, though. I used to wear stuff just a few years ago that makes me think, “Maybe not!” now. But then I tell myself to wear it anyway, and then I like it again 🙂

Christine, thanks so much for this info. Sadly, i missed the C-Shock collection too. =(
Do you think Atlantic Blue and MUFE 159 are similar pls? I am loving Lucky Green too =). TIA!

I need to get Free to Be but I don’t know wither to get it now & put it in my palette (which is the smart thing) or wait till March & get it with the cute packaging ( which is the nice thing) !!!!

They’re all similar, to be honest. I wouldn’t pick Sunny Spot or Bitter over Rated R or Sour Lemon. Though I don’t really love Rated R. My favorite of the softer/more matte texture is/was Overgrown (which was LE), but way more pigmented and smoother. Sunny Spot is a little more like True Chartreuse pigment in color, whereas Bitter has more green to it. Thus making it closer to Rated R in color… and closer to Sour Lemon. It’s similar to Eyepopping and Overgrown the most, probably. I prefer Overgrown out of every single chartreuse-y shade MAC has released. Sunny Spot isn’t super fab when compared to those LE shades, IMO.

Thanks, Sarah 🙂 I never bought Free to Be (I don’t remember it calling to me whatsoever), but they seem to be promoting a coral Free to Be in March. Weird!

I bought Winkle, Sunny Spot, Lucky Green & Free To Be. I RETURNED Winkle – extremly great texture for a matte – but “too” blue for me. I also returned Sunny Spot, the texture was sooooooooooooo chalky, I’m talking the chalkiest ES I’ve ever seen, so chalky it wouldn’t apply and there was barely noticable color pay off. I returned Free To Be as it was RED – not the beautiful coral color shown here. I kept Lucky Green – it’s awesome!

Aww 🙁 That’s too bad! I didn’t find Sunny Spot to be really chalky for me… definitely not chalky like some of MAC’s older mattes. I’m totally surprised at how red Free to Be was on you!

Christine – I was surprised at how red the Free To Be was too – it looked completely different in the package even, then what you have pictured!

I usually love MAC shadows but Vibrant Grape is my least favorite out of all of mine. It’s a great color in the pan but super hard to work with and not easily blended.

I have never seen mac come out with new colors without a collection… I like it this way because i wont be in such a rush to buy the bacause there permanent! I need atlantic blue, winkle, sunny spot, and vibrant grape! Oh and i want free to be most of all because i have nothing like it (=

I bought Lucky Green and Winkle today and – wow – I had no idea I would like Lucky Green until I saw it. It completely stood out – such an amazing color!

I’m currently not spending for make up right now since I need a new computer quite badly. I have been living in here in any spare time I have to live vicariously through the rest of you. I love these shades and want to get a few and play..but no.

Sunny spot isnt decently pigmented, it disappears after 2 hours when I wear it. It is a nice shade but I never experienced anything like this with any eyeshadow, even cheaper brands. What a waste of money for me 🙁

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