Thursday, March 31st, 2011

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Quite Cute Collection: Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush ($23.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a new and limited edition duo-toned blusher from MAC’s Quite Cute Collection, which will launch in-stores on April 7th. It’s described as a “light pink with pearly plum heart.” The outer color is a darkened bubblegum pink with subtle blue undertones, while the heart itself is a frosted berry plum. When swirled together, the result is a heavily pinked plum with a soft, frosted sheen.

The Glossover


MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush Swatches, Photos, Review

The pigmentation on Giggly was the best out of the three mineralize blushes, and while it, too, was powdery, it did not sheer out too much when applied, which was an issue the other two had.











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MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush
MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush

Product & Review FAQ

What makeup are you wearing?

Urban Decay Verve, Suspect, Darkhorse, Woodstock eyeshadows; Urban Decay Whiskey 24/7 Liner on lower lash line, Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush on cheeks, Guerlain #161 Rouge Automatique on lips.

Where can I purchase Giggly? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on April 7th in-stores, approximately April 4th online -- $23.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

It's slightly pinker than Plum Foolery.

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64 thoughts on “MAC Giggly Mineralize Blush Swatches, Photos, Review

  1. Edelmc

    As a very pale girl this collection is going to hurt my wallet! Do you think this blush is similar to dainty. Also do you think this blush is different enough from the other pinky purple blush in this collection to warrant getting both?

    • Hey Edelmc!

      This is much more plum when swirled – the outer color is darker than Dainty! :)

      Yeah, it’s pretty different from Sakura!

  2. JessicaM

    Prolly the only thing that I want from the collection.

  3. This blush looks amaaaazing on you, Christine. The lip is working for you, too! Thanks, as always, for all that you do!

  4. Mariella

    Christine, do you think these are designed so you’re really meant to use the darker heart centre? You’ve tried them out and I’m just wondering how hard it is to swirl the 2 shades together evenly or get at the middle one on its own (if it’s the left side swatch – I’m guessing it is – it’s an interesting shade in the photo!)

  5. Wow, this colour looks so nice on you. It accentuates your cheeks really well and I love the soft finish of it. I have Plum Foolery and hardly use it because I tend to forget I have it but this post has inspired me to get it out again, especially when I have a tan and am closer to your skin tone. Your eye makeup looks great too, will have to look up that mascara.

  6. Julia

    Your skin looks really nice in the photo, do you use primer or concealer or just the foundation?

  7. Jill

    This looks WAY better than the other Quite Cute blush. I knew from looking at the pictures of the collection that I would like this one better, too. I think it looks great on you! I’ll probably end up buying this one.

  8. Rosanna

    You look amazing in that swatch photo, Christine! I love smokey brown eyes and bright blush, haha! :)

  9. It looks gorgeous on you! <3

  10. already out mail order in uk on 28th march, i only got the lipstick playing koi though as i have enough blushers to last me a life time, i would have bought the peach one if it didnt have the green heart in it. the playing koi lipstick is nice, a dupe for it is the nyx india lipstick, the playing koi was supposed to be peach but on me its a matte light pink, no blue tones though which is good for me.

  11. Nunuiviet

    Gigly is so gorgeous

  12. Polly

    As you said, this one looks the most wearable out of the three.

    And it looks SO CUTE on you! I LOVE your face swatch! :3 Glow and bright.

    Thx for the swatch

  13. Jasmine:D

    So since it’s powdery would it appear ashy on darker skintones Christine?

  14. Ashley Sarah

    I really like this one. Lovely colors.

  15. Lilastar

    I absolutely love the way you look in this picture, that brown eyeliner makes your eyes pop. Beautiful!

  16. sandy

    which setting powder are you using in this picture? your complexion looks so nice!

  17. this one is soooooooooo gonna be mine :)))
    i think it looks wonderful :)

  18. Vita

    Great color on you! However, I do NOT like this collection. Just not my shades.

  19. S

    Gorgeous photo of you, Christine! Giggly really makes your cheeks pop! Is the sheen/frost subtle, or can you see flecks on your skin? And I love your lip color too…

    • It’s a soft frost – not quite a total sheen but not super frosty like some mineralize blushes. You don’t see flecks of shimmer!

  20. karen

    I think this blush too pink on you ! I don’t really like to look like strawberry to go out side x) !

    • I don’t just review/swatch products that look good on me – the whole point is to show you what it looks like and whether it’s something that would work for you, not me :)

  21. Nessa

    This looks rather close to the mineralized blush dainty,in you think they’re similar? Xoxo

  22. Chiffon

    Is Play time similar to Mac Violetta

  23. TiffanyTerese

    is this sorta comparable to MAC Well Dressed?

  24. very nice, looks very much like love rock, though :/

  25. Bethy

    Must have it. I need the Candy Yum Yum lipstick and this. That’s it. NEED.

  26. Katie

    Thank you for the swatches!! Can you tell me which brush did you use for apply this blush?

  27. Alyssa

    LOVE this one! I will definitely pick it up as well as Candy Yum Yum lipstick. :)

  28. I LOVE that you put at the bottom what you’re wearing on your whole face… even though I know this post is about the blush, your eyes look so awesome here…
    thanks for posting!

  29. Kate

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Everything looks amazing together :) It’s a shame that some people are rude when there is no need for it though, yet you handle it with such tact.

  30. Judy

    you look lovely, darling :)

  31. This blush has the best color from the collection, I think. Your skin looks so smooth!

  32. Jasmin

    Do you think this blush or any of the mineralize blushes from this collection would suit an nc 43 skintone?

  33. Amrita

    Do you think this would work on an NC 40/42 skin tone, Christine?

  34. is it similar to mac dainty????

  35. Celine

    that blush looks beautiful on you christine=]

  36. sarah

    this is so pretty on you

  37. Mercedez

    That blush looks actually really cute on you…

  38. SilkMandel

    That one is the prettiest one and it looks so nice on you :)

  39. Altea

    Hi Christine. I’m wondering if this could be too similar to “two virtues” that I already own, they look close in the pictures, although the finish might be different? What do you think?

  40. Toni

    since you say pinkier than Plum Foolery, would that mean Ambering Rose?

  41. Beto Kylie

    WOW! You look flawlessly perfect! I’ve never seen your cheeks so beautifully blushed!!! Like they’v been saying, this blush is just too cute and pretty on you!!! Now you make me wanna have it!!!
    I’m guessing it could work on my light skintone (NW18-20), but do you think it would work on a NC15???
    You look so beautiful, again!!! 😀

  42. Mais

    I just want to say you look so lovely here!

  43. Hope

    I love this on you. Definitely one of my favorite products on you- Your face looks flawless.

  44. evie

    that blush looks gorgeous :) which blush brush did you use to apply it? :) thanks again for the great swatches

  45. Becca

    I got this blush- it’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!???? <3