Friday, April 22nd, 2011

MAC Flighty Collection – Preview Swatches

It’s really important to me to really test out products in full before reviewing them, which is why I will not be posting my reviews for the new Big Bounce Shadows until tomorrow or Sunday (depending on how today’s testing goes).  I’m trying to test them for a full twelve hours today, which is why I can’t get a review up immediately.

I do understand, of course, the desire to see things right away, so I have included a group shot of the five I received for review and swatches for them. The full review will have more photos. I’m still trying to get an official description of what these eyeshadows are supposed to do or how they are supposed to be used.

I will, as always, purchase the remaining products as soon as I am able to.  I apologize in advance that I do not have all of them to show you.

Initial Thoughts

  • They really do work about a billion times better applied with a brush (the 242 specifically, which is launched with this collection).
  • They remind me of motor oil in their pots (not a compliment!).
  • They have a long dry down time.
  • I wore one as a base underneath eyeshadow, and it lasted without creasing for 8 hours (I had planned to sleep in it, but I just couldn’t!).


Black Diamond

The Cool Elite

Count Your Assets

Reward Yourself

Spread the Wealth

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82 thoughts on “MAC Flighty Collection – Preview Swatches

  1. Karyn

    Christine thank you for all your hard work in trying to get these out to us ASAP :)

    Man I was hoping to dodge the bullet but based on your initial swatches I must get Count your assets.

  2. Hmmm… the way these were described led me to believe they’d be a much thicker, but lighter consistency (like a mousse). These look rather liquidy and surprisingly sheer! Well now I don’t feel so compelled to purchase one or two, which is too bad because I adore cream shadows and I’ve always wished cosmetics companies would put out more colors of them!

  3. Agnes

    Spread the Wealth looks super pretty:-)

  4. Edelmc

    No need to apologise, your reviews are worth the wait. Delighted to hear about lack of creasing

  5. Edelmc

    Count your assets looks amazing. Would love to hear what you think of these over a primer. I am addicted to Nars eye lid primer since reading your review of it!

  6. I can’t wait to see your review. I like some of the colors but these do seem messy!

  7. Ugh, I’m not liking the texture. They seem thick, greasy, and sheer. i was hoping they would be comparable to Benefot’s Creaseless Creams because I love those and wish they came in more colors! Oh well, can’t wait for your final review!

  8. Desiree

    Wow, these look very liquidy. Don’t you think they belong in a squeeze tube or something?

  9. Pink

    Those are nice. I still want them all.

  10. Hmmmm, long dry down time means can’t be used in the morning for work unless I have lots of time. Looking forward to your full review but straight off the bat you seem unimpressed by them. That kinda stinks cause I was hoping for a knock out with these and maybe pairing them with the shadows from Peacocky.

  11. Lyse

    Thanks so much for all you do for us. Sorry we’re such an impatient bunch.

  12. Nina

    It look a lot like the Rimmel colour mousse I have, it´s almoust liquid.

    I was hoping these would be of a somewhat thicker consistancy so that I could use them as a coloured base but it´s not looking good so fare :S

  13. DarkGlamour17

    Thanks for reviewing because I wil not buy those. ewwww :/

  14. natalia

    Wow, these look really bad. A cream eyesdadow should not be runny, imo. Pity because the colors are beautiful.

  15. Em

    They look too liquid, I wanted them to be thicker! They look like they’d be hard to work with. Will see in the review though!

  16. I love the looks of spread the wealth!

  17. steph

    is the texture similar to the nars illuminators?

  18. I hope these don’t replace paint pots!

  19. Amanda Dubs

    the cool elite and reward yourself are gorgeous :)
    you really do wonderful reviews and I never mind waiting for them.

  20. Jazz

    meh passing. I for one am grateful for what you do … I know I couldnt do it. And please dont feel the need to apologize for things you cant control 😀

  21. Krystin

    i thought these would be more between a paint pot/ fluidline consistancy. the liquidyness ( if thats a word!! hahah didnt know how else to describe it) really turned me off of these products despite the beautiful range of colors.

  22. sam

    wowww at the lasting power on those babies!! no need for an apology either- we understand. anyone who doesn’t needs to calm themselves. you don’t work for mac! thank you for all your hard and dedicated work on the site. i’m on here constantly and you have more information on products than i can find anywhere else. i dont mind waiting for a review :) it’s not like you get them up the day before the collection gets taken down so no pressure!! love you!

  23. Pawsha

    I was hoping they would be like MUFE aqua creams. Not good if the dry down time takes forever, disappointing since I thought they would be more like a cream e/s not a base.
    Thanks for the info!

  24. They blend out really sheer, that’s kind of a bummer.

  25. StellarStace

    thank you for putting up the swatches- and christine, don’t apologize- you’re so good to all of your readers, and i know i appreciate everything you do! i’m sure i’m not alone! have a happy easter!

  26. Cynthia

    Christine do you have a pic of the 242?

  27. Ana G.

    Thank God I didn’t like them…more money to spend in other collections!!

  28. Sophie

    These are horrible

  29. They’re very pretty but the whole whipped texture seems weird. I’m interested to hear how they wear and how easily they blend. Thanks Christine!

  30. Sarah M

    Definitely skipping these! They’re just not my kind of eye shadows.

  31. Annie

    I clicked like because I love your comments XD

  32. LM

    Great post Christine. Looks like somewhat of a variation from shade to shade. Reward Yourself looks much better than the others.

    I don’t think I’d buy any of them but I am a little curious about some of the others (Impeccably Rich, Free as Air, Rich Thrills, & Luxury Touch).

  33. Melody

    Wow. Major fail, MAC. These look good enough to eat in the pot, but swatched they’re so sheer! I wonder if they could create cool effects if you layer them over each other…

  34. Hannah

    Ugh, not impressed with these. They should have just done new paintpots instead.

  35. Stephanie

    They are obviously meant to be sheer and flighty considering the summer trend. And I honestly think that the consistency of them in the pot doesn’t really matter considering how they will look on my eye…

  36. I’m really digging reward yourself and the cool elite! i hope these are perm

  37. I’m glad to hear that they can be used as a base without any creasing for 8 hours! What about on their own? I’ve heard they crease without shadow over them.

  38. bxboricua

    lol on your plan to sleep with these on just to test them :) BTW kinda liking Spread the Wealth

  39. Dini

    Love the colors in the pots. Can’t wait for the full review to see how they work. Thanks very much for the prelim photos and swatches!

  40. Nellie

    Despite what they look like in the pot, I knew they would be sheer from the collection info, which made them a big pass. Why bother with sheer cream shadows when so many other companies are making high-quality liquid/cream products? But the long dry time makes them a definite pass. What a disappointing product. MAC has really let its game down since last summer.

  41. Pleinair

    i love how cool elite looks:D

  42. Bobbie Denise

    Christine you are amazing! I love ur dedication to us (ur readers).

  43. Mariella

    I’m surprised they’re so runny looking before spreading them out and also that they’re sheer. I would want to use these as bases and so would be reluctant to need to use ANOTHER base underneath them, so it’s good to know that so far, you haven’t had any trouble with these creasing.

  44. Oh, wow…motor oil indeed.

  45. Carrie

    I think I like them in the pot way more than I like them swatched. I’ve already read another review who said that they have long dry down too and that’s not a good thing. I’ll wait for the review, but so far underwhelmed.

    Thanks again for your work <3

  46. Jenny

    I was hoping these would the same consistency as Maybelline’s discontinued Dream Mousse eyeshadows. To me at least, the name Big Bounce implies something light and airy. These look more like liquid eyeshadows in the swatches.

  47. Nav -

    This is so bad for my money management but I want all of them!

  48. Carrie

    I know a lot of people were looking forward to this collection, but I’m not too crazy about the way these look in the jar. Count Your Assets is the only shade I’ve seen that appeals to me. I don’t think I have anything like it. Thank you for all of your swatches and reviews! They’re much appreciated.

  49. Jessica

    I am extremely disappointed, I hqd high hopes for these but they don’t look so hot.

  50. Thanks for the swatches Christine. They seem to highly pigmented and creamy eyeshadows but at the same time very sheer on application. I loved ‘spread the wealth’.

  51. With It

    I love that you’re now doing these “pre-review” posts with a few swatches. Your continued dedication to your readers is both admirable and SOOOO appreciated! :)

  52. Melissa

    I actually have had a MAC 242 forever – I must have bought it in the late 90s. The gal at the MAC counter recommended it to me for concealer. I wonder if the design is the same, or if they changed it?

  53. I was not a fan of these, they went on patchy and although they are supposed to maintain a wet look I found them very drying on my lids. They also made it harder for me to apply my shadow over the top (thought it might be better as a base) but because of the patchy/dryness of them it was hard to apply shadow.

  54. Elle

    Thanks as always for your promptness Christine! I’m not liking these, and I totally see what you mean by ‘motor oil’. I don’t really like cream shadows to begin with, so my wallet (for once) will be happy. Thanks again!

  55. anna

    I knew these were going to be sheer but I still planned on getting a few but now that I look at the swatches I may not end up getting any. I guess I will have to wait and see.

  56. Samantha

    I wish they made these into paint pots 😛

  57. Whoa, these aren’t looking so hot! The consistency and the sheerness makes me think the pots will be consumed rather quickly. Definitely rather have something more pigmented that I can sheer out if I desire. These don’t seem represent good value for the money.

    And I strongly dislike greasy textures in make-up. I returned MUFE’s Flash Palette and I had a sample of Maybelline’s Dream Mousse foundation, and they both that that icky texture. Hope these aren’t too greasy!

    Take your time, Christine! I love how thorough you are. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

  58. amelia

    i kind of want the black one for a glossy, smudgey eye.

  59. M@rsy

    Rough year for mac. Other then peacocky they have had a worthwhile collection this year.

  60. Nicole

    i just might have to cave and buy spread the wealth

  61. Kelsey

    take your time christine! your reviews are totally worth the wait, and besides, it isn’t out for two weeks, so who in the world needs a review this very second?!

  62. I’m not too sure about these…they don’t look like they’d be efficient as an eyeshadow :(

  63. Mina

    i was planning on buying at least one or two but now…..thank you so much Christine! Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!

  64. AKS

    Could you show these over a primer? Great reviews, thank you for all your time, hard work, and devotion! Much appreciated by us followers!

  65. Danny

    Although these are quite sheer, once dry can you build up the color with more layers? Just curious. They might have made them with that purpose in mind.

  66. Natalie

    thank you for such detailed reviews…really helps me decide whether to buy:)

  67. Jabs

    I will need to get my hands on The Cool Elite! Beautiful! Thanks for the swatches :)

  68. Bethany

    Thanks for the swatches! They are great to see. You do so much, there is no need to apologize.

  69. angie

    these don’t claim to be as long wearing as a paint pot, so i don’t know why you’d test them overnight…

    • I wasn’t testing them overnight – but I was trying to get the review up IMMEDIATELY, and unfortunately, I did not receive any product to test until late in the day – so in order to just test for 12 hours, I would have had to wear it while sleeping. So sorry!

  70. Thanks for the swatches! Reward Yourself and Spread the Wealth looks very pretty.

  71. Lara

    I like to see a swatches of waterproof make-up. It’s maybe an idee…

  72. Maddie

    i wish these were the same finish as paint pots!

  73. Chels

    I really want to love these. But the texture really throws me off. I was hoping they would be closer to Creaseless Creams by Benefit. Or maybe just a little softer than paint pots. The idea of applying something with the same texture as motor oil on my eyes is not appealing. But some of the colors are gorgeous and I want the brush. Maybe I will just get one and the brush.

  74. Linda

    These looks exactly like Rimmel’s mousse eyeshadows. They don’t look any different in texture and colour. So I think I’ll stick with my cheap Rimmel shadows, which last just as long. Thanks for the swatches.