Saturday, September 17th, 2011

MAC Fall Colour
MAC Fall Colour Collection

MAC Fall Colour: Lipsticks

MAC Fall Colour Lipsticks ($14.50 for 0.17 fl. oz.) includes eight (yes, eight!) shades: Fleshpot (pale muted pinky beige), Fusion Pink (bright coral), Neon Orange (bright clean orange), Plum Bright (purple), Ruby Woo (vivid bluish-red), Show Orchid (vivid hot pink), Violetta (bright clean violet purple), and X-S (dirty red chestnut). These are part of the MAC Fall Colour Collection, which debuts in North America on September 29th, 2011 and rolls out internationally in October. Plum Bright is the only new and limited edition shade, while X-S used to be permanent, I believe it was discontinued (I have old, old swatches of it but it’s not listed online any more). Ruby Woo is permanent at all MAC locations, and the other shades are permanent at PRO stores.

  • Fleshpot is a pale, beige nude with just a hint of pink. It has a satin finish, so it has a creamier feel and appearance with opaque color coverage. This shade is similar to NARS Madere, MAC Supremely Confident, and MAC Happy Hibiscus.
  • Fusion Pink is a bright red-coral with a fuchsia sheen. It has an amplified finish, so it is creamier and more opaque but still has a shine. Make Up For Ever #37 is more coral. MAC Insanely It is pinker, as is NARS Funny Face.
  • Neon Orange is a bright, medium-dark orange with an amplified finish. It’s creamy and opaque. There are a fair amount of dupes for this shade in the gallery, among them: MAC Good to Go, Clarins Clementine, and MAC Morange.
  • Plum Bright is a reddish plum-purple with semi-opaque color coverage and a glossy shine. The information I have lists it as a satin, but it feels like a lustre or glaze (and looks like it, too). It has a lot of slip and less color payoff than a satin and lacks the overall creamy texture. My tube is a sample and doesn’t have final labeling, so I can’t confirm either way. MAC Bust Out is lighter and purpler. It’s less red compared to Thierry Mugler Dream and MAC Riveting Rose.
  • Ruby Woo is a blue-based red with a matte finish and nearly opaque color coverage. It’s one of the driest lipsticks I’ve ever used; it’s kind of my benchmark for dry, actually. It does pull and drag a bit, but it wears like a champ (but it’s drying after four or five hours of wear). It is similar to a lot of other blue-based reds.
  • Show Orchid is a vibrant fuchsia-pink with fuchsia-purple iridescence. It has mostly opaque color coverage and an amplified finish. NARS Schiap is pinker and doesn’t have the fuchsia sheen.
  • Violetta is a reddened violet purple with soft shimmer. It has most opaque color coverage and an amplified finish. I can’t think of a dupe for this shade.
  • X-S will be reviewed when I am able to purchase it!

This set of lipsticks includes a lot of my personal favorites. Most of these shades are rich in color, comfortable to wear, and wear on the longer side (because they’re more intense, so they’re more apt to stain, while the finishes are creamier so they cling to lips). MAC lipsticks are vanilla-scented, and I typically get three to six hours of wear from them. With amplified and satin finishes, I tend to get four to five, though shades like Ruby Woo are so dry and matte that they wear closer to six.

For the record, I’d like to state that releasing eight lipsticks in a full color collection this one is borderline ridiculous!

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MAC Fall Colour Lipsticks Swatches, Photos, Reviews

Most of these are permanent at PRO stores, which can be bought year-round, so if you're on a tight budget, you can always pick these up later!











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MAC Fleshpot Lipstick
MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick
MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick
MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick
MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick

MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick
MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick

MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick
MAC Fusion Pink Lipstick

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick

MAC Plum Bright Lipstick
MAC Plum Bright Lipstick

MAC Plum Bright Lipstick
MAC Plum Bright Lipstick

MAC Plum Bright Lipstick
MAC Plum Bright Lipstick

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

MAC Show Orchid Lipstick
MAC Show Orchid Lipstick

MAC Show Orchid Lipstick
MAC Show Orchid Lipstick

MAC Show Orchid Lipstick
MAC Show Orchid Lipstick

MAC Violetta Lipstick
MAC Violetta Lipstick

MAC Violetta Lipstick
MAC Violetta Lipstick

MAC Violetta Lipstick
MAC Violetta Lipstick

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79 thoughts on “MAC Fall Colour Lipsticks Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Barcelona

    Wow, Neon Orange looks great on you! As does Violetta. I wish I could pull off orange lips. Damn you pink undertones! I may have to buy Plum Bright though :) I always think of Robert Smith when I see Ruby Woo. It’s his favorite!

  2. Madison

    fusion pink is GORGEOUS!!! im so excited for this collection to come out and the fact that it doesnt come out during my trip!!

  3. Leslie

    Sadly, I’m nowhere near a PRO store. So I’ll be picking up Fusion Pink, Show Orchid, and Plum Bright. Yay!

    • You can always place phone orders, FYI! :) $7 flat rate shipping!

      • Oh my goodness, I didn’t know that – I don’t need anything from this collection but I’ve been wanting Face and Body in White for so long and haven’t been to Vancouver in ages, Pro. Thanks so much for that info, Christine! :)

  4. Plum Bright is gorgeous! 😀

  5. Jillian

    Beautiful, bright colours! I think I’m definitely going to pick up Fusion Pink :) Out of curiosity, which are your personal favourites, Christine?

  6. Somehow, even Fleshpot looks awesome on you.

  7. Liz B

    I pre-ordered plum bright and it definitely said lustre at the bottom, despite the original release info saying satin.

  8. Cristina

    Fusion Pink looks just like the Maybelline One by One mascara tube. I’ve been looking for a nail polish in that color, going as far as taking carrying my old tube with me when I’m planning on going nail polish shopping.

    Does anyone know of a nail polish similar to that color? I’m looking for the a color as close to the lipstick in Christine’s full face photo, with a similar sheen.


    • Alecia

      You might try Sally Hansen HD nail color in the shade 11 wavelength. I just pulled out my one by one tube and it looks pretty close but a more sparkly version. I don’t know if that shade is still available in the store you might have to check ebay. Also the brand CND in Poppyfield might be close too, or OPI Wing It. Hope that helped some :)

    • Andie

      Yes! China Glaze Rose Among Thorns (Neon).

      • cristina

        Thanks Andie! I’ll take a look at it next time I’m at Sally’s, but the sad thing is, I’ve had a pretty bad time with China Glaze neon polishes… They barely last 12h before they start chipping on my fingernails! :'(

        Dos anyone else know of a similar polish color?

  9. Keen Janine

    The lipsticks are the most exciting part of this collection for me. I’m so excited. Plus I can Back 2 MAC for some of these if I can get to my counter early enough (which I will).

  10. If I were swimming in cash I’d buy each of these. But Violetta, YES, I will finally own you. Ruby Woo and Fusion Pink are also on my radar.

  11. Plum Bright is gorgeous!!! I’m glad that I own Fleshpot, Fusion Pink, Show Orchid, Violetta and Neon Orange.

  12. Nicole

    I love your makeup here!

  13. Melody

    Hmmm. I’m not feeling these. I’d like to try Violetta but I think it will turn fuschia on me instead of violet. I was hoping Plum Bright would be…well, bright.

  14. Chelle

    Plum Bright is a disappointing. But I think I’ll get Fusion Pink and Show Orchid…eventually lol.

  15. I have Fusion Pink, Violetta and Show Orchid :) They’re 3 of my favorite brights. I bought Fusion Pink because of your swatches either this year or last year. Ruby Woo makes me think of Christmas. It’s really lovely on you.

  16. Veronica

    I really did not expect Fleshpot to look that good on, but it’s quite pretty. The hint of pink does wonders for it. All of these look really great on you. :)

  17. Isabela

    hi Christine, i was wondering, do you have to hold a pro- card in order to visit or order things from the pro store? Thank you xx

    • Nope, anyone can buy! You can buy via phone (call any PRO store in the country & they will ship for $7 flat fee–this is what I usually do!) or walk into a local one!

  18. I must say, Plum Bright looked gorgeous on you!

  19. Jenna

    Wow, 8 lipsticks?? That’s way too much considering 6 were/are permanent and the others were LE, wonder why they didn’t come out with new shades? Guess its less money to spend! :)

  20. Melene

    I always wonder how almost every single lip colour suit you, then I came to the conclusion it was because of your pretty smile that makes every colour pretty :)!

  21. Jessica

    Great review! I’m curious- what are you wearing on your eyes? It looks very striking.

  22. artemis

    i wish i could find a lipstick like fleshpot here :)) looks like it could be a nice nude for pale skin
    all the colors are pretty 😀 i’d wear plum bright

  23. nudi

    Can you do a comparison between russian red and ruby woo? thx 😀

  24. Although I don’t wear lipstick that much, I’m definitely getting Ruby Woo and maybe I’ll even vetnure Plum Bright, it’s very interesting.

  25. Alecia

    :) :) Christine I just have to tell that Fleshpot, and Plum Bright look freaking amazing on you!!! Actually they all look good on you, you have the perfect skintone for these kind of colors!! :) :)

  26. Hilary♥

    Fusion Pink and Show Orchid are definitely on my list!

  27. luiza

    What are you wearing on your eyes??? Sooo pretty!!!

  28. Cori Bradshaw

    show orchid is sooo gorgeous!

  29. Polly

    Your images are always so clear what camera do you use? because i am in the market for a new one

  30. dsixx

    I thought “orange” lips was the look of Spring 2010..

  31. Nicole

    A year ago I bought Ruby Woo, I really really love the color. However I’ve used it maybe a few times because it was SO drying. Any tips on how to deal with this?

  32. Carmen

    Hey Christine,

    Just wondering…how close is Plum Bright to Flaunting It from the Peacocky collection?

  33. Ana G.

    Fusion pink and Plum bright will be mine!!We don t have pro stores here so I have to grab mine while I can!! Great swatches Christine, thanks again!!

  34. Lucie

    Already have something like four tubes of Ruby Woo (one for every corner of the house! A makeup bag staple!), Violetta, Neon Orange and Fusion Pink so still nothing calling out to me in this collection!

  35. pLebiitah

    It’s Plum Bright similar to Revlon’s Berry Haute??

  36. i want every single one.

  37. Hi Christine,

    How does “Show Orchid” compare to “Girl About Town” and/or “Lickable” I own those two and was just wondering so I do not buy another pink like them.

    Thanks in advance :-)

  38. Shawna

    Plum Bright is no wheres near as purple as I had hoped! I’m extra glad I got Potent Fig now….

  39. Jessica

    Gonna be picking up Fleshpot and Show Orchid! Thanks for the swatches! <3

  40. Getting Neon Orange, def. How different is it from So Chaud?

  41. Cupcake888

    Ooh… I’m going through my pink-purple period and this collection is NOT helping! I mean, even the scary-looking-in-a-tube Plum Bright is gorgeous on the lips!

    Christine, I love what you did to your eyes in these swatches. Can you share the products that you used? BTW I think they go especially well with Fusion Pink. It draws out the eyes nicely. 😉

  42. Amy

    So this other than plum bright, x-s and ruby woo, the others are permanent are pro stores??? 😀

  43. Rachel

    This collection has every single one of my standby lipstick colors in it! I need them all!

  44. Glenda :)

    I want Violetta!!!! Your eyes look gorgeous Christine :)

  45. Amanda

    great swatches! thanks Christine! :]
    Plum Bright looks AHHHMAZING on you!! it kinda reminds me of Up the Amp! :] what do you think?

  46. Wendy

    Wow Christine, I always look to your swatches to choose what to order, which I can’t thank you for enough! This time though, I just have to say, Ruby Woo is just MADE for you! Absolutely stunning!

  47. Fusion Pink and Plum Bright are gorgeous shades. I might have to go take a look in a Pro store at these! Thanks Christine as always x

  48. Annelies

    I like Plum Bright, but isn’t it similar to Up The Amp?

  49. Arabella

    I really want to have Violetta! and thank you for this fall collection I just did ordered it on-line here in Japan, last year for that villain’s collection I missed it because it was sold out everywhere! =) so happy and excited to get it on Saturday :)

  50. Andrea

    Your Fusion Pink lipstick looks nothing like mine (bought at a MAC Pro earlier this year). Mine is so much more red than yours. I was hoping it would be more like yours looks, can they really be that different?

    My Violetta (from Venomous Villains) is very different too. Has anyone else experienced this?

  51. hi Christine! im nc15-20 and im trying to choose between fusion pink, show orchid and neon orange. wha would u advice? and one more question: neon orange or morange? thanks a lot :)

  52. Dana_F

    Fleshpot is si lovely, it attracts me really much but I suppose it would look awful with my lips almost white 😀

  53. chouchou

    i don’t understand what’s the difference between neon orange and morange.

  54. Wow – how do you manage to have each and every shade suit you? Very helpful post.

  55. very lovely. we love seeing beautiful new ways to wear bright, bold lipstick. also check out – #KAOIRdolls

  56. Hanh Dan

    Christine, i was just wondering how you could keep your lips look so bright and natural? I adore all matte lipsticks from Mac but i’m afraid they will darken my lips some days. You have any advice?

  57. Hanh Dan

    Christine, i was just wondering how you could keep ur lips such bright and pink? I always adore Mac’s matte lipsticks but i think they do darken my lips. You have any advice? Thanks alot :X