Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Cockney, Costa Chic, London Life, Milan Mode, Naked Paris, Patisserie, Saint Germain

MAC Euristocrats II Collection – Review

OVERALL, MAC’s Euristocrats II Collection offers a good combination of lipsticks and dazzleglasses. Some of the dazzleglasses have better pigmentation than previous dazzleglasses, and when pigmentation is still low, I noticed the sheerer ones had a pseudo duochrome to them. I was actually a bit surprised that some of the lipsticks ended up being so sheer, but for the color shy, you’ll definitely want to check out these new lipsticks! Particularly Cockney, which is likely to be a wearable red for those a bit wary of red lipsticks like Russian Red.

Temptalia Recommendations

Must-Haves: Cockney, Costa Chic, Milan Mode lipsticks; Euro Beat, Rue d’Rouge, Via Veneto dazzleglasses

Nice-to-Haves: London Life, Saint Germain lipsticks; Internationalist dazzleglass

Skip: Patisserie lipsticks; Roman Holiday dazzleglass

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  • Cockney is a semi-sheer red lipstick with a bit of a yellow undertone. It has a soft sheen as expected from a lustre lipstick.
  • Costa Chic is an opaque, frosty coral-pink. It’s not too orangey, but it isn’t so pink that it loses its coral-ness.
  • London Life is a semi-sheer, reddish raspberry shade. It gives a good amount of color, and it is definitely different from the other lipsticks. It was surprisingly pigmented for a lustre finish lipstick!
  • Milan Mode is a pinky-berry shade with a semi-sheer finish. It has a nice sheen without much shimmer.
  • Naked Paris is a sheer, brownish-plum shade with some shimmer. This is one of the lesser pigmented lipsticks from the launch.
  • Patisserie is a sheer, pinky cool-toned nude lustre finish lipstick. It has a nice sheen, but it had the least amount of pigmentation out of the seven from this launch.
  • Saint Germain is a creamy, opaque cool-toned pastel pink. It has a little bit of a sheen to it, but it’s extremely creamy and pigmented.


  • Date Night is a dirty plummy shade with soft bronzy-plum shimmer. It is semi-sheer, but it does provide color to lips.
  • Euro Beat is a soft pink with just a touch of coral to it. It has soft gold shimmer laced throughout the shade. It also provided my lips with some color, but very subtly.
  • Internationalist is sheer pinky shade that looked mostly like shimmer on my lips. The shimmer, though, is pretty, as it is a blue-violet-purple kind of duochrome shimmer.
  • Local Colour is a milky pink gloss with just a bit of gold shimmer. It is oddly creamy relative to the others.
  • Roman Holiday is kind of like a dirty brownish shade.  It didn’t rock my world, because it looked a bit blah on me.  It seems like it has multicolored glitter in it, which might have contributed to why I wasn’t so hot on it.
  • Rue d’Rouge is a semi-sheer reddish shade with gold shimmer. It’s pretty, but it isn’t a bright pop of red–so again, for thosse looking for a softer red, this might be it.
  • Via Veneto is a sheer, violet-blue shimmery gloss. It doesn’t have much of a base color, though it definitely adds a lot of coolness to my natural lip color. I did like the shimmer and the way it glinted in the light.

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97 thoughts on “MAC Euristocrats II Collection – Review & Thoughts

  1. claudia

    I love Costa Chic, St. Germain and Milan Mode !

  2. Ang

    This might be the only MAC collection that I have skipped. I really like Naked paris and london life but I hate lustre’s so I have to skip them both.

  3. Sam

    Are Cockney and Costa Chic LE? How do you know when a product is LE with each collection (are they LE as long as they don’t have “permanent” next to them?)? Thanks!

    • Nicole15

      Yes, they are LE Sam. Like u said, “permanent” is noted next to the applicable items. All others are usually LE.

      • Ms Trendy

        You can always check MACs website … I am in Canada and according to the Canadian site and ALL the lipsticks are Limited Edition. There are only 4 limited dazzleglasses: Euro Beat, Local Colour, Rue d’Rouge, Vie Veneto. Date Night is already part of the Permanent Collection so it looks like they have added two to stay: Roman Holiday and Internationalist. Hope this helps narrow down your “must have” list!

    • They’re all LE in the US/Canada. I believe just the glosses are LE elsewhere.

  4. Chiara

    Gah, so glad they are actually permanent in Europe. I bought Going Dutch, which i believe was in the previous Euristocrats collection, 2 months ago here in Antwerp.

  5. Nicole15

    I am totally on the same page with you Christine with regards to the must-haves. Just not a fan of sheer/lustre lipsticks. Cockney & Costa Chic seem to give the color 1,2 punch I’m looking for & Euro Beat & Rue D’ Rouge are just the perfect dazzles to go with them. Via Veneto is def a score because of its duochrome finish.

    I always feel a little better actually when I am not wanting everything from a collection, LOL :)

    • Nic15

      I’m liking Cockney the most the more & more I look at it. I think cause its such a wearable red. The only reddish lippie I can pull off is Viva Glam I and i only wear that when I want to be daring with a look. Cockney would be nice when i want to go red, but not have it be RED, if you know what i mean…

    • Same here! For those with less pigmented lips, I’m sure lustres would be just fine for you lucky ones 😉

  6. littlemissmagic

    milan mode is miiiiine!

  7. Vanessa

    I didn’t see a detailed description for Roman Holiday dazzleglass? Is it somewhere else?

  8. Karen

    What about the review for roman holiday DG??

  9. Kimberleigh

    will you do lip swatches? I always love those!

  10. Asked you this on Twitter, but you didn’t know at the time. :)

    Since (I assume) you’ve swatched them.. How do the following compare to any other MAC shades?.

    Costa Chic = compares to Meltdown, Ravishing, CB 98 or no?.
    Patisserie to anything else?. Brave New Bronze without the opaqueness, maybe?.

    • I called my MAC store yesterday and they were completely clueless about this collection. Sigh. :(

      I am NEEDING Costa Chic, Naked Paris and Patisserie right now. I don’t mind the Lustres.

      • Nicole15

        Ya know Heather, I have experienced the same thing before w/ my MAC counter. I ask them about an upcoming collection & they all have no clue what I’m talking about. Last week the girl didn’t even know MAC was doing F&F online. I’m like WTF? How do we know more than they do & they work for the company?? Too odd….

        • OMG!! Me too. I went in store to swatch some things before ordering during the FF online and told them (I’m friendly with all the MUAs there): I’ll be honest, I’m swatching because of the F&F sale online. LOL

          They just looked at me with wide-eyes like: What F&F sale!? Where!?!

        • MAC has some timing issues with collections, and often blogs and forums do have information out before some artists are told by MAC.

    • No, none of them. Closest to Ravishing, but it has a lot of pink to it — Ravishing is really on the orange side.

      Patisserie is similar to BNB, but definitely a lot sheerer and has more glossiness.

  11. daphne

    Thanks Christine…just to be utterly annoying 😉 I’m looking forward to your lip swatches. Seriously one of my favorite things about this site is the fact that you do those.

  12. Aramis

    thanks christine for the sawtches and the review. seems like the new collection are going to start piling up =(

  13. sprut

    Originally, I thought I was going to pass on this collection but now that I don’t like graphic garden as much as I thought I would I think I might get Milan Mode and Via Veneto.

  14. brittany

    This might me a stupid question, but you said that the first one had a yellow undertone.. how do you know what undertones are in a eye shadow or lip gloss.. is it just common sense? lol … like if an eyeshadow has blue undertones or something.. sorry just curious!

    • Yellow based reds are warmer looking.. sometimes they can come off looking slightly orange. Blue based reds are on the cooler end of things, and sometimes they can have a purplish tint to them.

      If you’re not sure, you can do a comparison between similar colours. Check out some colours on the MAC website; for example Lady Danger lipstick is a warm (yellow) red, whereas Ruby Woo lipstick is a cool (blue) red.


    • It’s just looking at it and kind of trying to see how the red leans. Like a red that seems cooler, colder is often blue-based, whereas a red that seems fiery might be orange or yellow based.

  15. Meta

    So are they all lustres? I was hoping for amplifieds!

  16. SkinIsMyCanvas

    Well…i know you say “skip” Patisserie…BUTTTT is it ANYTHING like “Expensivo” from “Belle Azure”…cuz…it’s my absolute FAVORITE lippy and it’s ALMOST GONE!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. samuji

    I rock london life!

  18. Wow!! I adore Lustres!! I hope that I don’t end up overspending on this collection since I’m trying to save up for the other collections.

  19. MC

    I really like the look of this collection! The funny thing is I have little $$ to spend on makeup because I’m going to Europe for a month! But hopefully, I’ll be able to buy a couple things–I really like the looks of Costa Chic, London Life, Patisserie and Euro Life. MAC is so hard on my wallet!

  20. I picked up Costa Chic at IMATS and I love it. It is a perfect pink and coral.

  21. I wanna get Costa Chic, Milan Mode and Patisserie! can’t wait!!

  22. Mo

    What’s the best gloss to pair with Milan mode and with London life? Thanks!

  23. Katya

    personally i have to agree – costa chick, cockney, and the lipglosses – that goes with them are fabulous!!! the colors are very summery, red color is not too too crazy – really worm and sexy, peach gloss is really cute!!! definetley must haves!!!

  24. i really like the look of Milan Mode.. but would it suit warm toned tan skin?

  25. Saint Germain looks gorgeous!

  26. lulu

    What gloss would you pair with Costa Chic? Internationalist and/or Euro Beat?

  27. Lindsey

    wanting costa chic, and saint germain real bad!

  28. I’m loving Patisserie l/s! I must get a backup of that lipstick and I also am in love with Via Veneto d/g!

  29. binnie

    glad the lippies are permanant in uk so will wait until i b2m for them and just get the dazzelglasses :) x

  30. Sofia

    Are you going to do the lip swatches as well or did I miss them?

  31. lovepotion18

    i thought this collection was out in mac counters and stores now? i went to two mac counters and they didn’t even have these there. does anyone know the actual release date of these? i’d love to see them in person before i buy them. thx!

    • It is… that’s weird, I don’t know why it isn’t out yet.

      • Dee

        I just bought Internationalist and Costa Chic earlier this week(@ MAC in Georgetown, DC). The MUA said it had just come in last week, so maybe your MAC was super delayed?

  32. Phoenix

    hey christine :)i really appreciate the review but,are there any swatches of the lipsticks?

  33. Mmmm im considering getting Saint Germain and Milan Mode, really into pinks atm!

  34. Michelle

    I’m a bit annoyed coz I got Cockney and Milan Mode without swatching them and apparently they’re very similar to Lady Bug and Sweet Thing respectively! I might go swap them for something else :(

  35. A dupe for London Life please?