Monday, September 28th, 2009

MAC DSquared Collection
MAC Lipsticks: Blood Red, Nude Rose

MAC Cosmetics DSquared Collection: Lipsticks & Fuchsia Fix

MAC DSquared Collection is small launch in-stores today, the 28th. The collection includes two new, limited edition shades of lipstick–Nude Rose and Blood Red–as well as specially packaged, permanent item Fuchsia Fix tinted lip conditioner.


  • Nude Rose is a semi-sheer, milky pale pink-beige. It’s kind of like a nude lip color, but it has enough pink tones to it that it warms it up and gives it color.
  • Blood Red is a semi-opaque pinky-raspberry shade. It’s not red on me at all; it’s definitely pink and maybe a deep pink at that, but given its name, I was expecting something quite different.

Tinted Lip Conditioner

  • Fuchsia Fix is a bright pinky-fuchsia creamy lip color that is really only meant to add a bit of a tint to lips. Fuchsia Fix has always been a favorite, because it does tint my lips a brighter pink shade, but it’s not actually a hot or bright pink on.

These are surprisingly soft lip colors in comparison to the Style Black collection from last week!

  • Product: 8/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Packaging: 8/10

Recommendation: If you like rosy, pinky shades, you should consider these.

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See swatches and lip swatches

MAC DSquared Collection
MAC Fuchsia Fix

MAC DSquared Collection
Nude Rose, Blood Red, Fuchsia Fix

MAC DSquared Collection
Nude Rose

MAC DSquared Collection
MAC Nude Rose Lipstick

MAC DSquared Collection
Blood Red

MAC DSquared Collection
MAC Blood Red Lipstick

MAC DSquared Collection
Fuchsia Fix

MAC DSquared Collection
Fuchsia Fix

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86 thoughts on “MAC DSquared Collection: Lipsticks & Fuchsia Fix Reviews, Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

  1. Loving the Nude Rose!!!!

  2. Angela

    Hey Christine,

    I called both of my mac counters today and they said they weren’t getting it in until Thurs. Where exactly did the collection come out today?!?!!?


  3. Emily

    I think I’m definitely going to try blood red :)

  4. Cherie

    Ohhhh I like :)

  5. Bella

    I just called my local Mac counter in Oklahoma and DSquared is available AND they got the Lip Erase. I’m sooo super excited! I really figured we would get the Mac late. Headed down there in a few.

  6. Blood Red looks really different on me..

  7. kieu

    like the fuchsia fix! so pretty!

  8. Bridgette

    I was thinking about getting Nude Rose but now I have changed my mind.

  9. Cathy

    my mac store has the dsquared out already….i am going to buy the nude rose lipstick…the blood red reminded me too much of most popular l/s from hello kitty and colour crafted so im gonna skip that one and wait to see what new lippies are coming out with the magic, mirth, mischief collection on the 15th.

  10. claudia

    Blood Red is so pretty, although its name is so deceivable !!

  11. Blood Red definitely looks worth trying out! So pretty~! Though the color does kiiinda remind me of Popster TLC from the HK Collection.

  12. ams

    Hey christine, I have a dilemma… I am NC 42 and I was just wondering which one do u think would look better on me.. Nude rose or patisserie that came out with euristocrats???

  13. DevilishDoll

    I love Nude Rose, all of the lippies are pretty, but I want that one the most.

  14. Oh, I actually really like the look of Blood Red. Still kinda irks me that it’s not actually blood red lol.

  15. amy

    I checked out Nude Rose today but it didn’t stop my heart so I passed on it.

  16. Monet

    Is nude rose lipstick almost a dupe for cute-ster?

  17. tabby

    maybe Nude Rose looks kind of like Cute-ster to Monet…
    maybe Blood Red looks kind of like Big Bow to me(more so in the lip swatches)
    Too bad they don’t have a TLC that looks like Pink Fish.

  18. Lorna

    i thin i’m going to get the fuschia fix. i loved hk’s pink fish and this looks like a great color. thanks!

  19. shucks, the MAC store near me called me right when they opened to let me know that this collection did not arrive at their store, actually in Hawaii, period~ :( I guess I’ll have to wait, thanks for the pics!

  20. dudisea

    blood red can consider itself mine

  21. Shauna

    Blood Red looks really nice. I’m going to give that one a try

  22. Jen

    I got Blood Red, it’s beautiful, it also make a pretty rose pink with C-thru on top. Also, picked up the purple and blue greasesticks and the face and eye gloss.

  23. Giselle

    honestly..the lipsticks colors really dissapointed me, i was expecting more from dsquared2, to be honest i preffer to buy the style black collection.

  24. Andrea

    Such a shame about blood red! Definitely looks better in the tube. Any good berry red recommendations?

  25. donna

    I got blood red, it really reminds me of Milan mode from euristocrats collection except for the shimmer.. but I still like it..LOL!! I wanted to get the nude rose but they are so sheer on my lips:-( I might go back and still get them though,lol

  26. Chiara

    This entire collection is SO my style. Its like it has been made for me =O How could MAC be aware of the fact that during wintertime, i always pull off a dark smudgey eye with rosy lolita lips. Gah, they’r just trying to make me more addicted than i already am :p

  27. Cindy

    Oka, so I’m NC35 and I was wondering if the nude rose
    will look good with my skintone?

  28. Darrien

    I just purchased the Nude Rose lipstick and I love it, its a perfect everday lip for me. I also got the lip conditioner which I am loving too!

  29. Nat

    I really like both of these colors!

  30. Alma

    Not what I expected, the blood red, but I really like this color! I might be picking this one up..

  31. aradhana

    i picked up the ‘blood red’ lipstick and although it doesn’t look like blood, it does come out much different on me! (i’m nw35) it turns out a very deep sheer blue pink…

    i really like the few items i’ve gotten from the collection, and may go back for more if my pocketbook can handle it…

  32. Giselle

    the lipsticks really disapointed me!! when i knew about this collection i was super excited about the lipsticks names but they are not special nor unique for me :(

  33. Cherie

    After seeing these swatches, I picked up BOTH of the l/s :) And feline of course but that’s another post…

    I love, love, love Naked Rose! Perfect natural pinky lip on me (NW15). I love it so much that I am going to get a backup – something I have NEVER done before :)

    Blood Red was very bright pink-berry on me. Not sure how much I’ll wear it along but I’m still going to try it with neutral eyes.

    OH, they look good when you mix both of them together too :)

  34. adryna

    is the lipstick for this collection has the same price or a bit more pricey?

  35. karen

    im debating on blood red or milan mode, they both look very similar, which one do you think is better for NC35?


  36. Mai

    what would be a great dupe of nude rose lipstick from mac?

  37. Emily

    Does anyone know a dupe for Nude Rose? because i have it but I only bought one and im almost out and its like my favorite lip color.

  38. Emily

    What would be a good dupe for nude rose i have it and im almost out and im so sad cuz its my favorite color