Thursday, September 6th, 2012

MAC Double Shot Lipstick
MAC Double Shot Lipstick

Plus 4 — MAC Middle Eastern Collection Adds 4 Lipsticks to Permanent Range

MAC Lipsticks ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) are getting four new and permanent shades: Double Shot (full bodied mocha cream), Mehr (dirty blue pink), Tabla (chocolate brown), and Yash (deep neutral). Mehr and Yash are repromotes from MAC + Mickey Contractor from spring 2011. They’re available online now and will be at stores/counters on September 13th (North America). PLEASE NOTE THAT MAC HAS TITLED THIS SET OF FOUR LIPSTICKS AS MIDDLE EASTERN, NOT ME. If you have problems with how they’re titling the collection, please contact them and voice your complaints–I did not come up with it! :) You can view the collection information here.

Double Shot is a subdued brown with a hint of rose and mauve. It just has the barest tinge of pink/mauve. It has an amplified finish, so the color coverage is opaque while the texture is smooth and creamy.  This shade wore for six hours.  CoverGirl Smolder is warmer, more red-orange. MAC Mocha is a smidgen more orange. MAC Kraft is browner.

Mehr is a subtly blue-toned medium pink. It has a matte finish. The color coverage is opaque, and the finish is mostly matte. The texture was soft and creamy, so it didn’t pull or tug at lips when applied. This shade wore for five and a half hours.  Tom Ford Indian Rose is darker. Chanel Paradis is shimmery, sheerer, and cooler-toned.

Tabla is an orange-toned brown with a hint of red. It has an amplified finish. This had mostly opaque color coverage, and it felt a little “wetter” than the usual amplified finish–very creamy but slicker.  This shade wore for five hours. I couldn’t think of a dupe for this, though I don’t think that means there isn’t one. MAC On the Prowl was the closest in the gallery, but it’s browner, less orange, sheerer.

Yash is a neutral peach–doesn’t read warm or cool. It has a matte finish. The color coverage is opaque, and the texture was smooth and creamy but not slick.  This shade wore for five hours. MAC Delectable is darker, more orange. MAC Peachstock is lighter, more beige. MAC Deletcable is similar, slightly darker. Cle de Peau Calliope is a smidgen darker, glossier.

MAC lipsticks are vanilla-scented but have no discernible taste.  The range is rather large, and things like wear time, texture, hydration, and so on depend more on the finish of the lipstick.  Ampflieds tend to be creamier, more opaque in color, while mattes tend to be more opaque, a bit drier. None of the four were drying, though I wouldn’t say any of them were really hydrating.

The Glossover


MAC Double Shot, Mehr, Tabla, Yash Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

All in all, four nice shades to see added to the permanent range. They're all on the more neutral side, wearable, and apply and wear well. If you're afraid of brown, try wearing a pink or red lip liner underneath!











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MAC Double Shot Lipstick
MAC Double Shot Lipstick

MAC Double Shot Lipstick
MAC Double Shot Lipstick

MAC Double Shot Lipstick
MAC Double Shot Lipstick

MAC Double Shot Lipstick
MAC Double Shot Lipstick

MAC Double Shot Lipstick
MAC Double Shot Lipstick

MAC Double Shot Lipstick
MAC Double Shot Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Mehr Lipstick
MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Tabla Lipstick
MAC Tabla Lipstick

MAC Tabla Lipstick
MAC Tabla Lipstick

MAC Tabla Lipstick
MAC Tabla Lipstick

MAC Tabla Lipstick
MAC Tabla Lipstick

MAC Tabla Lipstick
MAC Tabla Lipstick

MAC Tabla Lipstick
MAC Tabla Lipstick

MAC Yash Lipstick
MAC Yash Lipstick

MAC Yash Lipstick
MAC Yash Lipstick

MAC Yash Lipstick
MAC Yash Lipstick

MAC Yash Lipstick
MAC Yash Lipstick

MAC Yash Lipstick
MAC Yash Lipstick

MAC Yash Lipstick
MAC Yash Lipstick

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125 thoughts on “MAC Double Shot, Mehr, Tabla, Yash Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Roxana

    I bought Double Shot, Mehr, and Tabla last night, and your reviews definitely make it seem like I made the right choices! Thanks, Christine! Now, if only MAC’s website could get the items I want from Office Hours in stock already …

    • I picked up what I could from Office Hours when I saw it online but was annoyed that three items were coming soon :( (Hopefully what I did order will arrive soon!)

      • Roxana

        Right, exactly! A. Why is Stubborn still not available, and B. Why is it spelled as “Subborn” online? Come on, MAC.

        And, thank you in advance for your Office Hours reviews!

  2. Nicoco Chanel

    … And this is why, despite every LE failure and disaster, I can’t completely boycott MAC – they do have some really nice products, and these are definite examples (and are making me consider brown lipstick. :|a)

  3. blueraccoon

    Now I know why I like Mehr – it’s similar to Indian Rose, which is on my list of lipsticks to buy! I think I’d still rather get Indian Rose over this, though.

  4. Soo

    Mehr looks beautiful on you!

  5. Sarah

    Mehr is beautiful. Does anyone by any chance have both this and Innocent from Topshop? The photo looks similar but I remember Innocent being a tad lighter. So happy they’re adding more to the permanent line!

    • Sarah

      Actually, now that I’ve stared at it for a good five minutes I think they’re different enough to make it okay to have both!

  6. Mehr is so similar to OCC Momento!

  7. Middle East?

    India isn’t in the Middle East, and this is an Indian collection.

  8. Jennifer

    Glad to see Mehr as a permanent shade. I still have this shade… I need to pull it out more now, that I can buy another whenever.

  9. Double shot is GORGEOUS.

  10. These…are permanent? YAHOO!!! 😀

  11. Miss_Silk

    YES~! I will be picking them all up, because they are my kind of shades~! ^^ Thanks for the post

  12. I am definitely getting Mehr and Yash! I’ve been looking for a darker pink like Mehr for a loooong time!

  13. GUSnail

    I’m loving the yummy fall colors. This fall is going to break my bank. Between all the deep plums and brown/neutral lipsticks…

    These are all gorgeous. I think my favorite is Double Shot.

  14. I need double shot – it seems very close to Mocha, like you said and Mocha is very flattering on me :) I’m glad its not totally brown and has some great nuances to it.

  15. Out of these only Mehr appeals to me. The others don’t look that wearable to me.

  16. KK

    Mehr is a beautiful pink!

  17. I love how Mehr looks on you–it’s the perfect, warm pink! I don’t know if I personally will give the return of the brown lip thing a try, but it does look good on you!

  18. Gina

    Yay! I’m glad these all turned out wonderful. I personally wouldn’t wear any of these (except for maybe Yash, though even creamy mattes tend to emphasize my lip lines) but I think they’d be gorgeous on women with deeper skintones. It’s always good to have options!

  19. xamyx

    These are all beautiful, but I think I’ll wait until after the Holidays to pick these up, as I’m limiting my makeup purchases for a while. That said, I think I have enough “empties” to B2M for one of these, but I’m undecided between Yash & Tabla.

  20. Mandy

    Great to know that India’s Mickey Contractor colours are now in the permanent collection and hoping the foundation and concealer colours will follow soon.
    However, I must correct you, that India is not in the Middle East. We are in South Asia or you could simply say colours from India! Thank you!

  21. Oh, wow, I think maybe I want every single one. They all look gorgeous on you, Christine! And they’re so “my kinda colors”!

  22. Thrizyl

    I think I want all of these and thats not something I would usually say.

  23. moena

    Mehr is beautiful for everyday, and Yash is the perfect nude! I’m so glad that these are permanent.

  24. Katie

    These lippies are so cute! They will look so great on ladies (or gents) with medium to dark skin. However I’m gonna skip these, don’t think they will look great on my NW15 skin..

  25. artemis

    i think these look best on darker girls, especially middle eastern. hehe, so they are well made. the first two look nice on you, tho 😀

  26. Liron

    Hi Christine LOVE your blog! !
    Thank you so much you for all the reviews, you have really opened my eyes and since I started reading here I bought lots of new exciting stuff. wish you have done like a starter review telling us what to essentials to buy, a must have eye shadows, lipsticks and so on..

  27. 18thCenturyFox

    I love brown lipstick- and Yeah I loved the ’90’s as well! Just ordered Yash, Tabla and Azealia’s…so torn on gorgeous Mehr..

  28. How close is Double Shot to Viva Glam II (from back in the day?) I LOVED Viva Glam II and this looks really close. Could it be a close?

  29. Weian

    how does Mehr compare to Brave? They look kind of similar

  30. zainab

    Wow, all four of them look lovely, I think I’m going to search out Mehr and Yash. Not sure about MAC’s naming, Mehr is a Persian word, and I think Tabla is a type of drum (but from India/Pakistan moreso than the Middle East), and the other two… ?

    When MAC released that collection of matched lipstick, lip-gloss and nail polish colours lately I noticed all the ones released in the Middle East were of fairly bright colours, not so much neutral shades like these… Oh well.

  31. These would all look painfully hideous on me but I bet they’d really sing on darker complexions! They look nice on swatches but I know I’d look ridiculous! Lol.

  32. Kafka

    The collection isn’t all Indian in name. Mehr is a Persian word, albeit one with Zoroastrian/Hindu roots relating to Mithra or Mitra. Double Shot is neither Middle Eastern nor Indian and just refers to coffee in my mind, so the whole thing is perhaps a misnomer and far from being consistent. But, again, Mehr (spelled as it is like *that* and not as Mitra or Mithra) is a Farsi word: There is a city in Iran called Mehr, it’s the name of a Persian calendar month, and it is also associated with a news agency.

    If MAC had called the lipstick Mithra or Mitra, then one could say that all the names were Indian (which still wouldn’t be accurate given the inclusion of “Double Shot”), but as it stands now, I think they are entitled to consider Mehr as a Middle Eastern-associated name.

    • Roxana

      As an Iranian, yup, I agree with this analysis. I don’t necessarily think it’s just an Indian-named collection given the inclusion of the Farsi word, so “Middle East” works, I’d second.

    • Actually that Lipstick is named after Mickey Contractor’s wife, Mehr, who is Indian but is Zoroastrian (Roots in Iran).

    • Ljana

      Thank you for this wonderfully insightful and knowledgeable comment! I’m familiar with the deity Mitra from what I know of Sanskrit literature (which is, sadly, very little), but I would have never thought to associate it with Mehr. It’s always great to learn something new :)

    • sara

      tbh this applies for all national or cultural inspired collections. Language is fluid and everchanging so there’s bound to be words that are not exclusive to a single language..

    • sara

      to add to my point, the word “mehr” is also German for “more”, so to actually over analyze details and thus conclude that the collection should or shouldn’t be named one thing or another is in my opinion unnecessary.

      However, I recognize and respect your own opinion. I’m not being mean or anything if that is how it comes across on text. :)

      • Kafka

        I didn’t think you were being mean and I agree with you, Sara. :) Especially regarding the fluidity of language. I gave my opinion merely as a counterpoint to the people who were angry that MAC named this as a “Middle Eastern” Collection when they felt it was a purely Indian one. To be honest, given the inclusion of a coffee-related term (Double Shot), it’s hard to say the whole thing is *SOLELY* and exclusively Indian, IMO: 2 Indian terms, 1 Persian (albeit stemming from a Zoroastrian/Indian word but still, it’s a diff. word) and 1 Expresso/Starbucks/Coffee name. LOL.

        I personally don’t think it’s worth fighting over lipstick names, though clearly some people feel their country and language has been insulted. To that extent, I can understand their passion and I respect their opinion. But I was a bit surprised at what seemed to be a slightly aggressive, sharp tone directed at Christine herself in a few of the initial responses. Why don’t we all just agree that the lipsticks are beautiful and that it’s great MAC has made them permanent? :)

  33. Barbie

    i don’t like any of these.. lol

  34. 1. Christine, you really do nice shots of those lips pics….esp. when the lipstick is of quality like those above. Wish you would teach us how you apply your lipsticks. I really do want to know.
    2. And I am one of them. I do buy lipsticks based not only on the brand name, the packaging, but also what the name is. I often buy the name just based on my taste.

  35. ocelot1

    i thin im going to go try yash…

  36. Yay! Finally something from MAC to cheer about! I like 3 of these and just not that fond of Tabla. I already have TF Indian Pink, but it is darker than Mehr so it’s a must have too :) These will be going on my wishlist and it’s nice to be in no rush to pick these up since they are now part of the regular MAC collection!

  37. Futuralon

    OMG browns are so 90s! Fashion lately has been a real walk down memory lane. I was a teen when brown lipstick was in so I’ve never worn it… Still won’t!
    Mehr looks like a really perfect pink for me – and a color I’ve been having a hard time finding. An MLBB – and I’m fair olive in skin tone. Yash is a maybe -I’d have to try it on; don’t know about a nude creamy, I usually go for something more metallic as a nude.
    The smoothness of these when worn looks great too!

  38. zulaikha

    Mehr looks great on u! its such a nice pink but i don’t see any cool under tones in it, it looks warm to me or maybe neutral.

  39. Val

    Is Mehr similar to Cosmo?

  40. cyndi

    mehr is not a persian word, it is hindi and sanskrit, a lot of irani names are inspired by sanskrit because the areas in central asia like afghanistan, iran and tajikstan have developed languages based on sanskrit or indo-aryan linguistics. farsi is a indo-aryan language and so is persian. show these names to anyone in india and they use these words on a daily basis, it is part of the hindi language. sanskrit is 5000 years old, and islamic languages are only 1000 years old. i think its kind of upsetting that mac released a middle eastern collection but with all indian names, it is an insult to the hindi language to be called middle eastern :( theres a lot of conflict with india and pakistan over kashmir, and of course israel and palestine, mac needs to be careful in what language is assigned under which culture. i will be contacting mac about this. anyway, thank u christine for the wonderful swatches i can finally get my hands on yash! :)

    • I can understand if someone is upset that the language of their culture is not acknowledged the way they feel it should be, but I don’t understand how with this collection that is the case. “Yash” and “Mehr” were first released in the Mickey Contractor collection and the theme was Bollywood. Mickey is the makeup director in India and when these lipsticks debuted it was in an Indian themed collection (along with the lipstick “Gulabi”). I don’t see why the naming issue is so offensive because of a secondary association that is being made with the lipsticks that have already debuted. In addition to that “Double Shot” seems to be the counterpart to “Mocha” which was in the Mickey Contractor collection and these seem to evoke Turkish concepts to me. Altaic languages (e.g., Uzbek, Turkish, etc) have been in contact with Indo-European ones (e.g., Russian, Hindi, Tajik, etc) for some time in the the greater Middle East.

      I find the socio-historical linguistic argumentation to be difficult to follow. The Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family is spread throughout the Middle East and southern Asia, both historically and today (Indo-Aryan does not include the descendants of either Old Persian or Avestan). The members of this branch are Indo-Aryan languages (e.g., Hindi, Sindhi, Bengali, etc) and Iranian languages (e.g., Farsi/Persian, Avestan, Pashto, Kurdish, etc). Because they are from the same branch in Indo-European, there will be some things that are just shared between the two groups. It is true that languages can borrow vocabulary from others even if they are closely related, but I’m just trying to highlight that there is already a certain degree of similarity.

      The other socio-historical thing that I found hard to follow is how the Afro-Asiatic family’s branch of Semitic (i.e., Hebrew and Arabic) is brought into the fold. I understand that if MAC made this collection about the Middle East it would have been nice to incorporate Semitic names too, but how does that connect to the idea of conflicts? I mean, if the issue is market branding and linguistic origin, then why is there a connection with the conflict between India and Pakistan? After all, in Pakistan very many Indo-Iranian languages are spoken too, even ones in the sub-branch of Indo-Aryan (in addition to ones in the Iranian branch).

      I understand that there needs to be sensitivity on behalf of a company trying to market something, but it is also the responsibility of potential consumers to investigate fully the social implications of a company’s actions.

      If anyone wants, I can give the sources of the information that I presented.

      • cyndi

        In pakistan they basically speak hindi, they have renamed it urdu though. It is a sensitive topic and we can sit here debating about it all night, but to summarize I was giving a reference to that example because the countries absolutely hate each other, and pakistan was part of india, they seceded from the union over religious disputes and took with them the hindi language and indian culture, renewing it with islamic forms. It is a great example for this MAC collection, because the reference is the most recent (65 years worth) historic example of how india has given birth to other surrounding countries that broke away from the mainland, taking with it the hindi and sanskrit language. Today many of those surrounding countries discredit India and its history and its language, and this MAC collection is a perfect example of why such rich hindi words are being held under the title of “middle eastern” rather than “south asian.”

        • Christina

          You are presenting an extremely nationalist and single-sided perspective here. It is not like there is a “pure” Indian culture, and Pakistanis took it with them and put an Islamic label on it. There is no such thing as a “pure” culture, anywhere in the world. You will acknowledge what is India today was under Islamic rule for centuries – yes, Hindu culture is older than Islam, but every empire and rule brings with it influences, positive and negative. And the Muslim rulers of what today is India brought with them foreign influences. Since no culture is static over history, it is fair to say centuries of Muslim rule, while not to be sugarcoated like no rule on earth over another people and culture has ever been, have certainly influenced Indian culture as it is today. As with Pakistan – what today is Pakistan and India has been an entity before the split. One can say that the common culture was shared by both religious groups, one prefers to call it Indian, the other Pakistani. What you perceive as Indian culture today is not only millenia old and composed of Sanskrit (which most scientists much like Latin consider a dead language, if a holy one for Hindus). It is also a culture that was like all other ancient cultures over the course of history influenced by rulers, and by trade and exchange these rulers favoured. Not even all of India speaks Hindi, not all of India by far is Hindu. India actually is home to probably the largest indigenous Muslim population worldwide. So you could say that Islam is a part of contemporary Indian culture, and not all of these people speak Hindi as their mother tongue at all. The portrayal of “Indian” culture the way you pursue it speaks of exclusionary mindsets negliging the perspectives of indigenous minorities. Nationalism and needs to present one’s culture as “pure” are amongst the biggest and most senseless illusions and deceits almost every people worldwide fall into through their histories.

          It would not hurt to acknowledge the rich multicultural influences every millenia-old culture has been exposed to and has absorbed by necessity in its existence – aside being proud of what one perceives as one’s original roots and source of history. The US has done a fairly good job in this – I’d wish older cultures were able to do so as well.

          Sorry for the long post, I had to respond to what I think is misguided, “hinducentric” nationalism denying diversity within Indian culture. And such loud voices – while not accepting diversity within – unfortunately are often very active in cutting off diversity brands like Mac would bring to international audiences. I think it is a great thing to move away from very eurocentric motives. Diversity is always a great thing, and diversity for the richness of other cultures than one’s own is, too. And actually – seeing the diversity and richness of one’s own culture, seeing how it is maybe not as monolithic as one likes to think, is great, as well.

  41. Michelle

    Hey Christine!! I was wondring how the shade Yash compares to Honey Love and Kinda Sexy! In this picture it looks extremely similar to both of them, at least to me! Tks for the review, love the blog!

  42. Amalia

    Double Shot looks like an old Estee Lauder Pure color Gloss called Rhubarb #02 ,maybe less peachy.

  43. dimpy

    Looks like Double shot has been released again as part of the Permanent range..I had this around 4 years back and it totally washed me out..the swatch seems a smidgen more brown than the old one..

  44. Malia

    I personally dont like any of these but double shot looks fantastic on you!!

  45. Paddychat

    Double shot and tabla are amazing on you !!!

  46. Gem

    I think all 4 look great on you Christine.
    I’ll definitely want to check these out.. however i’m not sure any of them are unique enough for me to spending money on them. (As much as i’d perhaps like a new lipstick haha).

    I don’t see why everyones kicking up a fuss about the name, it’s just a title afterall.

    • Christina

      I love the shades! I think there is no way I will be able to pull off Tabla, though. But the other three are screaming my name.

      Did Middle Eastern people complain about the name? I can see why these shades have Middle Eastern inspiration. (Equally, they could have Indian inspiration in my opinion.) I know many Middle Eastern people who are happy and proud if their heritage inspires beauty companies, as long as no cultural stereotypes are played with (“exotic” veiled women etc.). So I do not quite understand why people would be up in arms on this?

  47. Petunia

    I do not like these shades at all. Brown and orange are not the most flattering lipstick colors imho!

  48. Rafaela

    Oh! I loved Yash.
    Always wanted to buy Peachstock, until the day I’ve tried it and my boyfriend said I was looking dead, and I was indeed :(
    Anyway, gotta try this one now

  49. Out like Mehr the most. All others, except for Yash, are too brown for me.

  50. Aditi

    Yash looks a lot like half n half? Do you have that to compare?

  51. Sian

    Mehr looks beautiful! Do you think it will suit NC15 skin tone?

  52. Eileen


  53. ina

    Am i the only one who thinks tabla is the most striking one in this collection? Someone mentioned above that brown was 90s and, well, yeah sorta esp double shot, but the first thing I imagined was old Indian movies in a sort of rich earth ethic and noir mix. Gives off a vibe of b&w photo, and is rebel-ish compared to the usual Indian reds.

  54. beautifullll colors on you C 😀 😀 … absolutely amazingggg 😀 cant wait to get my hands on mehr and double shot
    on my NC 40 skin tone i guess only these 2 will work :(

  55. cyndi

    here is my reply from MAC, after contacting the customer service department over the collection name dispute, they have basically said that the collection is NOT called middle eastern collection, and give appropriate credits to the lipstick names:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact M.A.C.

    With regard to your comments, we appreciate the opportunity to explain that we do not have an upcoming collection called the Middle Eastern Collection. The Lipsticks in Mehr and Yash were Limited Edition products from the M.A.C + Micky Contractor collection. They are being reintroduced and will be permanent shades. The Lipstick Tabla is a new shade and will be permanent as well. Please be advised that the reintroduction of these shades and release of this new shade is not part of a new collection

    Your business and your feedback are important to us, and I will be sure to share your comments with the appropriate M.A.C executives for review and future consideration.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact M.A.C. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns. You are valued as our consumer, and I hope you will continue to use and enjoy our products with confidence and satisfaction.

    Gloria C
    Consumer Response Representative

    • Hi Cyndi!

      I received the press release from MAC Cosmetics’ corporate headquarters in New York City, New York. The press release is titled “Middle Eastern Lipsticks.” It is not a regular limited edition collection so much as it is a shade extension, which might be why there is some confusion between customer service (because you won’t see them grouped together as a collection on the online website) and MAC HQ. It looks like there might have been some miscommunication internally! Thank you for sharing their response!

      From the email we received from MAC:

      Available online September 6, 2012, in the permanent line
      Available in stores September 13, 2012 in the permanent line

      Lipsticks go lush in full-bodied shades inspired by the sultry tones of the Middle East. Be marvelous in Mehr’s rosy mauve, or for a more dramatic look, try Tabla for a rich chocolate brown. Yash is luxurious and chic in a soft sandy neutral and Double Shot promises to keep you savvy in chestnut.

  56. Katrina King

    I think Mehr is the only wearable one for my face, but I also think they are all quite lovely. It made me sad to read so many comments about hate between cultures. But I also know that people generally do not like to be referred to as something they are not, even if they don’t hate the referenced culture. My first instinct is to think, “Come on, just enjoy the pretty makeup”, but then I think that we all have personal sensitivities to certain subjects and cannot always understand those of others. Anyhow, Christine’s blog is wonderful and so are these shades of lipstick.

  57. Kate

    It seems I forgot to post my reply after writing it. I really like MEHR, but I also really need them to introduce London Life and Hibiscus into the permanent line. Meantime however I’ve found quite a nice replacement for Hibiscus thanks to your site 😉 It it Vegas Volt. Thanks for that! I am always getting neurotic when a product I like is limited, or gets discontinued, so that somewhat put me at peace :) Still I like Hibiscus slightly more.

  58. g

    Hi Christine! I was wondering if Yash is similar to “A Perfect Day” from the Mac Naturally collection? If not, then what is similar to “A Perfect Day”? I really love that lipstick but I can’t find it anywhere anymore :'( Thank you!

  59. WOOT! So glad for Mickey Contractor repromotes. Mehr is one of my favorite lipsticks MAC has ever made!!!! And when I ordered from that collection, my Yash came smushed and broken, but I couldn’t get a new one because it was gone by then. :( I’m really glad I can get a new one.

  60. I have and love Mehr and Yash (the latter came as a complete surprise, but it works on me, somehow). I think that the other two might be a little too warm/ brown for me, but if the quality is similar, they’re some of the best Mac has done in recent years.

  61. Ellen

    I am a very fair redhead with green/hazel eyes. Neutral browns are the best colors for me whether in blush, lipstick or eyeshadow. MAC has not had any warm brown toned lipsticks in a long time. Before I began reading your blog and am updated on new releases daily, one did not know if a new release had a color you might have liked until it was gone. I don’t really like the premise of many small new releases of limited edition colors, I’d prefer a broader permanent collection like MAC had prior to becoming a big buisness for Estee Lauder. But business is buisness and I guess having a smaller permanent inventory allows experimentation. Its like a discount store, you have to go in often to find a great find!! That’s where you come in!!! Now I know these colors are coming and I’m very excited. The sales associates at both a local MAC store and the department stores had no idea that new lipsticks were coming or when they would be there. I recommended they go home and check the website of the company they work for. Enough sarcasm, I love what you do for us beauty affictionados by combing thru the endless releases of new products and not only tell us the quality, but show us the colors. One woman’s favorite may be another’s awful experience. You help us identify both!! I cannot wait to see these colors, I am afraid to order online because colors on monitors can vary, and colors on my very pink toned lips can turn a color that looks perfect on someone else into an entire different color on me. So I will wait, impatiently!!

  62. zulaikha

    Hi Christine could u please tell me how Mehr compares to Rouge coco Chanel in Camelia?

  63. Kadie Lee

    Does Mehr have any similarities to Please Me or is it cooler toned? Please Me actually pulled quite warm on me, but I LOVE MAC’s Mattes.

  64. Deb

    Sorry, these are dreadful. Not you, just the lipsticks. Flat, dull, yuck.

    • 18thCenturyFox

      I don’t get comments like yours- I could understand if these colors don’t suit *your* complexion but your descriptors seem really odd. Flat because they aren’t full of glitter? Dull because they are earth toned? ::throws hands up:::

      • Well said. Part of what makes Temptalia so useful is Christine’s ability to evaluate a product on its own merit without letting personal taste create bias. I can certainly see people not loving these colors, but that’s what the photos are for. If you hate the colors, there’s no reason to read further. If you like them, then reading about whether they perform well or not is a huge help.

  65. Gorgeous. Mehr is one of my absolute faves especially during the fall/winter; if only they were able to bring back Sur blush as well from the Mickey Contractor collection as well! Anywho, well wishes to you, Christine! Hope you were able to go back to Nordie’s VF to get that Burberry trench check cashmere scarf you were looking at a few months back :) — Rachael (formerly from Nordie’s VF accessories dept.)

  66. Nae

    I kinda love Yash and (surprisingly) Tabla. Thank you for the gorgeous swatches!

  67. sugarbear

    went to 2 Mac stores today and they don’t have any of these lipsticks, they were saying they don’t even know about it. SMH :-(

  68. Cindy

    I went to MAC in the Roosevelt Field mall on Long Island yesterday and asked for Mehr – they had no clue what I was talking about and looked at me like I was nuts, LOL. They said “maybe it’s online only.”

    • Kafka

      Same thing happened to me at 2 diff. MAC counters (Dillard’s & Macy’s). I went in to see what Mehr and Yash would look like, asked, and received totally blank looks. This was on Friday, after the 13th when the lipsticks were supposed to arrive. They’d never heard of it and said that they hadn’t received any “new Limited Edition lipsticks with that name.” I told them it was permanent now, not Limited Edition, and they looked at me in utter confusion. Three diff. ladies! They looked in their big book/folder, and just shook their head. I don’t think this line was even in there! They told me it was probably available only at the one actual MAC store in Houston (which is an utter pain to go to) but even then, they weren’t sure.

      • Ellen

        I went to Macy’s in Manhasset, Long Island, NY and was told the same thing. First, the SA said she never heard of them and then said they were probably only available online. I was hoping to try the department stores and the MAC store at Roosevelt Field mall, but I see I may have the same results. I ordered the sculpting powders online and was not told they did not come in packages but required a palette. Now I have two light brown/beige powders that look lighter than they did online with no 2 blush palette to put them in. So I am wary of ordering sight unseen online again. Hopefully the dept stores will catch up with their inventory, and MAC will start having beauty school for their SA’s like Bobbi Brown does. I’ve had Bobbi Brown SA’s open their product handbooks to show me what is coming in in the next few months. At least they know their merchandise!

  69. Hi, Christine… Is Double shot similar to Pillowtalk?

    Mary Ann

  70. amanda

    what eye makeup are you wearing in these photos?

    • On eyes: Tom Ford Enchanted Eye Color Quad, Tom Ford Plum Absolute Eye Creme Color (as eyeliner, with eyeshadow on top), and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof Mascara. On cheeks: Tarina Tarantino Charm Blush.

  71. Mariel

    Hi christine,
    So love reading all your entries

  72. Bhav

    Do you think Yash would suit someone with an NC42 skintone?

  73. Lu Pomponet

    Hi Christine, could you please tell me if Double Shot is close to Creme in Your Coffee? Thanks.

  74. Farah

    Hi Christine, lovely colors all of them! I am esp interested in Tabla. Is it a good shade for NC40? I am looking for something I can wear to work without it being too dark. Do you think its office appropriate?

  75. Traci

    whats a good lip liner for mac lip stick yash & mehr? I’m nc35 just incase.