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MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows

MAC Dare to Wear: Eyeshadows, Part 1

There are twelve brightly colored eyeshadows releasing with MAC’s Dare to Wear Collection, which is Lady Gaga “inspired.” This is a collection that will appeal to some and hold absolutely zero appeal to others. Not only are the shades on the brighter side, the majority of them have a matte finish.

The collection also has a lot of permanent shades, so check your stash before you run over to the store–and if you’re near a store, keep in mind you can purchase the permanent shades in palette form. The permanent shades are Free to Be, Lime, and Aqua, with Free to Be available at all freestanding stores and the latter two only at PRO stores.

  • Louder, Please is a pinked red with a matte finish. This shade was quite pigmented and required very little fussing to get a nice layer of smooth, rich color. This is the closest to red I’ve seen from MAC (but it is not a true red, to be clear).
  • Free to Be is a pinky coral with a matte finish. It has some pigmentation, but it can be a rather difficult shade to really punch up. This is a permanent shade.
  • Going Bananas is a soft, medium yellow with a frosty finish. It has a nice level of pigmentation, and it’s a particularly flattering yellow because it doesn’t run too bright or full-on yellow. This is a repromote.
  • Sassy Grass is a medium-dark grass green with a matte finish. I thought it might resemble Wondergrass (limited edition, released with C-Shock), but it’s much darker and a wee bit greener.
  • Lime is a muted, medium-dark chartreuse green with slight yellow undertones and a matte finish. This was probably one of the harder shades to work with out of the twelve; it’s a bit stiff and takes some layering. This is a permanent PRO shade.
  • Aqua is a bright pastel aqua-blue with a matte finish. This is one of the more powdery matte shades by MAC, and it can be layered to get a nice level of color intensity, but it may look chalky on some complexions. This is a permanent PRO shade.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

  • Must-Haves: Going Bananas, Sassy Grass
  • Nice-to-Haves: Louder, Please, Free to Be, Aqua
  • Skip: Lime

Recommendations by Skin Tone

  • Light: Free to Be, Going Bananas, Lime, Aqua
  • Medium: Louder, Please, Going Bananas, Sassy Grass, Lime
  • Dark: Louder, Please, Going Bananas, Sassy Grass, Lime, Aqua

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Louder, Please Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Louder, Please Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Louder, Please Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Free to Be Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Free to Be Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Free to Be Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Going Bananas Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Going Bananas Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Going Bananas Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Sassy Grass Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Sassy Grass Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Sassy Grass Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Lime Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Lime Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Lime Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Aqua Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Aqua Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Aqua Eyeshadow

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Eyeshadow: Louder, Please, Free to Be, Going Bananas, Sassy Grass, Lime, Aqua

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Eyeshadow: Louder, Please, Free to Be, Going Bananas

MAC Dare to Wear Eyeshadows
MAC Eyeshadow: Sassy Grass, Lime, Aqua

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137 thoughts on “MAC Dare to Wear: Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

  1. how do you get a good swatch of a matt color? my mac matt colors are really hard to get a deep pigmented swatch

  2. shontay

    I was hesitant to buy Aqua b/c I thought it would be chalky, but I will pick it up tomorrow. Christine, how does Going bananas compare to Goldmine?

  3. lily

    i love sassy grass!!! Christine do you think Post Haste is anything like Louder Please? i have PH and don’t want to get LP if they are the same.

  4. sofia

    I LOVE GOING BANANAS!!!!! It looks amazing!!! Thank-you so much Christine!!! I’ve been dying to see the swatches!!!!

  5. Casey

    LOVE this collection! How does Aqua compare to the blue shade in the “Lighten the Mood” Mineralize eyeshadow from the In The Groove collection??

  6. Hanna

    Thank you so much Christine!
    I always relay on you swatches since I have to order all my MAC online.
    I was wondering if Sassy Green is comparable to Bio Green?

  7. Jenn

    Hmm, I really don’t see how this collection is Lady Gaga inspired– maybe I’m missing something here. But I was expecting for something like Parrot to be released in this collection. Is there anything similar here?

  8. Anna

    Thanks Christine!!! I love yellows but how does Going Bananas compare to Bright Sunshine? Thanks again, you are the best!

  9. baby in a corner

    The photography looks really pretty here! I think the other 6 shadows in section too are nicer overall, I’ve been longing for Atlantic blue for a while but i’m trying to be good. maybe now! I am a fan of mattes in general so its nice to see these new additions.

  10. loulouthi

    hi christine i am a big fan of your page and find your recommendations have always worked well for me!

    what do you think of louder, please vs. passionate? and..when you review the next 6 e/s what about zingy vs. electric eel and nocturnelle vs shockaholic, also crazy cool vs. beautiful iris.

    i don’t have any of those permanent shades and am looking to build up my bright colours, so am interested in knowing not only how close the colours are but whether the permanent or LE shade is overall better quality, pigmentation, blendability etc


  11. Oh, man, that Sassy Grass one is a sight to behold. It makes me want to break out my crayons! I quite love green, and this one is a great color! ;D

  12. Jennifer

    Oh My! I could not wear these … They are pretty though. They could make cool shadow eyeliners though.

  13. I cannot wait to place an order on Going Bananas and do overnight shipping to get it the next day! I’m also going to hit up my MAC store tomorrow to B2M for Zingy and Sassy Grass along to purchase Crazy Cool, Shock-A-Holic, and Louder, Please. I plan to get Aqua, Sky Blue, and Lime in pan form for a CP since I don’t have access to a PRO store. I’m also going to get Free To Be and Winkle in pan form as well. I have Atlantic Blue e/s and I have not yet swatched it since it’s so gorgeous!

  14. ms_micia

    Oh my gosh! these colors excite me in ways u cant understand! I think wats the point of being a makeup artist if u cant play with colors. So bring’em on! All of’em!

  15. DarkGlamour17

    SASSY GRASS!!!!!! :) :) :)

  16. Marta Fernandes

    Absolutely zero appeal to me.

  17. Jami

    Eeoooo they pictures you took of the side by side and in a circle are so pretty!!!!! But I’m a little upset they didn’t add an orange. But they do have 5 different blues……

  18. Ruby

    OMG i need sassy grass is there another color u would say that is similiar to it? the color pay off seems to be intense i want them ALL but have enough for one which would u recommend?

  19. Harley

    Going Bananas shall be mine :)

  20. Devin

    These pictures are gorgeous!! I haven’t gotten anything from a Mac collection in a long time! This collection has my name on it, especially that green!!!! I have been looking for a green that color for a loooong time!

    How would you say louder please compares to post haste and passionate?

  21. Carrie

    I’ve got Free To Be, Aqua and Going Bananas. All really pretty colors, but Going Bananas is especially gorgeous.

  22. Ember

    Christine thanks so much for all your work. I love the look of Louder Please, but how would you wear it?

  23. Sam

    I’m loving Free to Be and Going Bananas!

  24. Sam

    How does Free to Be compare to Samoa Silk IYO?

  25. Stacey M

    Louder, Please. Is this similar, or worth it to get if I have Passionate?

  26. Karina

    I have free to be from a previous collection but the payoff isn’t as strong as yours why is that?

  27. Love Going Bananas and Sassy Grass!

    Question: Is it okay if I Depot the matte eyeshadows using heat???

  28. Liya

    Hi Christine,thanks for the great swatches. A question if you please how does Going Bananas compare to Crest The Wave? TIA :)

  29. This probably has to be my next favorite collection, after C-Shock!

  30. I go Bananas when I see Going Bananas! That’s a pretty shade of yellow! Definitely getting this shade!

    As for the rest of the shades…….they are so pretty and colorful and bright!!!

  31. aradhana

    just wondering why lime is on your skip list (i assume because you mentioned it’s hard to work with), yet recommended for dark skintones? (i’m asking because i’m trying to decide whether it’s worth getting…i’m trying to be very ‘concise’ with my purchases from this collection…so i’m skipping all the pro/perm shadows, and so far considering going bananas, sassyfrass and aqua. (lime is on the fence, and louder please i thought might be a little like poste haste?)

    • Recommendations by skin tone are based primarily on color only :)

      Aqua and Lime are both permanent PRO shades (you said skipping all, so I got confused – not sure if you meant just the other ones!). Louder Please is a lot brighter and redder than Posthaste, which is definitely more of a dark pink.

      • aradhana

        oh yes, i think i have myself confused as well 😉
        hmm well maybe i will just go for louder, bananas and sassyfrass then!
        i think sassyfrass is probably the only one i am absolutely sure of.
        i really like how the green/aqua looks on the promo pic, but it’s not like my skin is anywhere close to that anyway…oh and i guess i’m not a blonde bombshell either…

  32. Boogiepimp

    Hmmm..Sassy Grass looks a lot like Landescape Green pigment / chromaline (PRO). How do you think it compares, Christine? It seems like SG is a tad brighter.

  33. sherri

    is it me or do these look exactly like some of the mac pigments. going bananas look like the gold dusk pigment, sassy grass looks like the landscape pigment, lime looks like the the true chartreuse pigment and aqua looks like the clear sky blue pigment.

    • Going Bananas is a lot yellower than Gold Dusk. Aqua is too green to be a dupe for Clear Sky Blue – which is exactly light blue.

      Landscape Green is a little darker than Sassy Grass, and Lime is a little greener/darker than True Chartreuse, but those comparisons are closer than the other two.

  34. Vita

    On a whim this morning I ordered Aqua because it was really the only one I liked. I have NC45 skin, will this look chalky on me you think? Perhaps I can use it as a pop of color on my bottom lash line or something…

    • Hey Vita,

      I think it could, but you can still find ways to wear it – it’s just not like, “Hey, this is MY color!” where you can wear it with anything.

  35. I’m thinking Going Bananas and Aqua will be the ones I get. I don’t think I can pull Sassy Grass off!

  36. Tiffany

    I love Going Bananas and Sassy Grass, but I’m going to stick to wearing brights on my lips only. I don’t think I could pull those off, or find anywhere to wear them!

  37. Argh, I want Sassy Grass SO badly. Somehow I can’t rationalize paying that much for a green though–how often could I really use it? But that shade looks really pretty with brown eyes…

  38. regina

    Gorgeous photos! I am loving Louder, Please : )

  39. Sara

    aw man i loooove sassy grass! it looks so beautiful but i know that i coiuldnt pull it off since im even paler than nw15. can you please use sassy green in a future look christine?

  40. KARYNA


  41. kenneth alan

    I can’t decide whether to get them all, or none at all.

  42. inaya

    thank you so much for the reviews christine. you make life so convenient

  43. inaya

    could i use free to be as a blush? i’m an nc30-35

    • You could, technically, but I’d recommend trying Illamasqua Hussy instead. Free to Be is just going to be a pain in the butt to build up to the color you’d need at NC30/35.

  44. ugh, hate being on a budget!

    i’m having such a hard time choosing between sassy grass and louder please :{

  45. xMissxAndristx

    Sassy Grass is sorely tempting my to break my 100% UD streak. I down own any cosmetics that aren’t Urban Decay. But that is the perfect shade of green. I’m frackin obsessed with green.

  46. Great swatches! I think I’ll get Going Banana’s, Lime & Sassy Grass.

  47. Do you think Aqua would look weird on me (I have warm medium skin with yellow/olive undertones?) I think it would but I’ve just always adored this color!

  48. I love these eyeshadow! I am soooo sad that I can’t get to them. Really nice swatches 😀

  49. Hannah

    Hey, just wondering how the red sugarpill colour would compare to louder, please…texture wise and colour wise and is it really neccesary to have both?
    just want to say…love your site and i think its the only thing stopping me from going broke :) i plan out EVERYTHING i buy from mac (and now branching out into other brands thanks to you) around it and just wanted to say thanks really x

    • Hannah

      oh, and the same for shockaholic and poison plum, and can i get electric eel another time and will it be a sufficient dupe for zingy for me not to regret it colour wise, and which one do you think is easier to work with?

    • That’s more of a true red, whereas this is a pinky red!


  50. Neenaj

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks so much for posting these! I’ve already ordered Going Bananas (on your pre-release recommendation) and Shockaholic because I’ve been looking for a good purple with red undertones.

    Seeing these swatches, I LOVE the look of Louder, please – I don’t think I’ve seen anything else like it. But, I’m an NW15 (even in the summer).

    Here’s my question: Could I pull this off? Not just “to da’ club” either 😉 But on a Saturday afternoon? Please be honest.
    What in the world would I pair it with?

    • Louder, Please could be lovely paired with soft pinks or golds or even browns (like perhaps a bronze). Depends on how tame your Saturday afternoon is, I suppose — you can wear it without it being ultra bright or “club” like, but it IS a brighter shade, so it won’t be absolutely neutral either.

  51. ShockingBlue

    I’m glad you commented on Free To Be being difficult to punch up, as I’ve been trying since Liberty of London to wear it and can’t find/don’t have too many shades that would pair with it :/

  52. Claudia

    Does Louder, Please have the red ingredient that irritates eyes? The one thats in the red eyeshadows.

    Also, would going bananas pair well with sweet and punchy? I bought sweet and punchy and i’m finding a hard time finding shadows that would go well with it. I know humid looks gorgeous with sweet and punchy so I was wondering if SnP+humid+goingbananas would look good?

    Thank you C!

  53. So not fair. I’m drooling. And I don’t think i can afford to buy any of these! Maybe i’ll see if i can talk the boyfriend into picking up my christmas gift early. Waaah! That red is SO pretty, and i have an obsession with red eyeshadow!

  54. The only shade I like is Going Bananas, but I have that in my Manish Arora palette, so not gonna get it. I don’t like mattes, so the rest don’t interest me at all.

  55. Angela

    I have a quick question. I am trying my hardest not to spend all my money. How does sassy grass compare to UD Graffiti besides it being not matte?

  56. Annie S

    how does louder please compare with passionate?…. I was gunna get it but then I saw it in stores and it looked IDENTICAL to passionate in my opinion… i didnt swatch side by side so I cant be one hundred percent

  57. Pearl

    I’m not daring enough to wear these colors. Pretty colors though.

  58. Makaela

    I ordered Going Bananas. I’m not thinking “what am I going to wear with it?!” .. Anyone have any ideas what to pair it with besides tropical type looks with blues and greens?

  59. I’m looking for a good dupe to Haunting eyeshadow, would Aqua be a good choice?

  60. michelle

    is louder please pemanent?

  61. Lucy

    What should I wear with going bananas? I have an olive skin tone.

  62. Chloe

    OMG i love sassy grass and i plan to get aqua : ) i cant wait for them ! i hope some of these are made premenant !

  63. Shannon

    I Think These Shadows Look Like Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette . Just In Individual Pots .

  64. Lucy

    What would you pair with going bananas? I have it and it seems like a good lid color for a neutral look, but I’m not entirely sure what should go with it.

  65. Gabriela

    Hi, I’m from Mexico and I love this page.

    Do you think that Aqua shade is comparable with Haunting, ’cause in my country is to hard to get some pro color. Thanks

  66. Marcela

    Hi Christine! I’m a MACaholic and I looove your website. I’ve been waiting forever for a “Crayola-green” matte eyeshadow, and Sassy Grass is amazing! Thanks for the swatches!

  67. kayla

    what do you think of shop-a-holic? i picked it up but im starting to think mac has better purple shadows.. what do u think?

  68. rox

    From this collection I got sassy grass and louder please.. and I m carving for free to be. MAybe next time :(