Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Budding Love Lipstick

MAC Chen Man Love & Water Collection: Lipsticks

There are two limited edition MAC Lipsticks ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) in the new Love & Water Collection: Budding Love (pale lavender) and Force of Love (vivid honeysuckle pink).

Budding Love is a blue-based lilac-pink with a lustre finish. The color coverage is semi-opaque; if you want a really sheer tint of color, it’s possible, as the color is buildable from sheer to semi-opaque. MAC Dress It Up is pinker. MAC All Styled Up is lighter. MAC Vanity Fair is brighter. MAC Pink Friday is brighter and a little lighter. MAC I Like It Like That is similar but a smidgen brighter.

Force of Love is a bright coral-pink with a hint of orange and has a matte finish. It has opaque color coverage. MAC Watch Me Simmer is similar but more orange. Laura Mercier Evening Pink is pinker. MAC Fusion Pink is much darker and redder. Wet ‘n’ Wild Hot Paris Pink is darker and redder. OCC Trollop is slightly less pink.

MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but have no noticeable taste in my experience.  The wear depends on the formula and depth of the shade.  In general, I find lustres shorter-wearing (two to three hours) and a bit drying over time, while mattes are longer-wearing (five to six hours) and are neither drying nor moisturizing.  Force of Love is a creamier matte and doesn’t drag or pull on the lips when applied.

The Glossover


Force of Love

I suspect Force of Love is going to sell quickly, because it's similar to Watch Me Simmer, which was a really popular product just a few weeks ago! Budding Love is similar to a lot of blue-based lilac/pink shades that have come out before, it's just a little sheerer.











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See more photos & swatches!

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Budding Love Lipstick

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Budding Love Lipstick

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Budding Love Lipstick

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Budding Love Lipstick

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Force of Love Lipstick

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Force of Love Lipstick

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Force of Love Lipstick

MAC Budding Love Lipstick
MAC Force of Love Lipstick

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics, $14.50 each (March 1st).

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

See individual shade review! :)

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: MAC Sweet & Sour Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo (has fall out issues), Burberry Trency Eyeshadow, Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy Hyper Dream Liner, Hourglass Film Noir Mascara. On cheeks: Tom Ford Love Lust Blush. On lips: varies based on product swatched, so see the label beneath the photo.

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111 thoughts on “MAC Chen Man Love & Water Collection: Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Force of Love looks awesome!

  2. Force of Love looks a bit more neon than I was anticipating! Still want it nonetheless xP Do MAC’s matte finish lipsticks actually dry down to a complete matte or…?

    • Most of them have a very subtle natural sheen – not really a glossiness or anything.

    • layla

      this color is very drying to the lips….did not buy….a mac sales lady….in my area….gave this thumbs down for the finish and quality….FORCE OF LOVE IS CHALKY…AND NOT A WINNER FOR SOME…SHHH…its a secret behind the MAC STORE COUNTER…SHHH THEY GOT TO SALE 2 U AND MAKEMONEY$$…………….THIS COLOR HAD BAD APPLICATION AND is for paler tones suited better..but it was not good be honest ! :(

  3. cici

    would you recommend on a nc42 skin watch me simmer and force of love???

  4. Roxana

    Christine, thanks for these! I just have a question and was wondering if you could help: If you search for “Chenman” on Google Shopping, the items come up as available on MAC’s website, but you can’t actually access them. Do you know if these are secretly available somehow?

  5. Love them both! I like the first one because of the pigmentation. It’s a little sheer. The second one is my favorite color! (Don’t think they’re going to sell this line in Europe)

  6. Lucy

    Christine which lipstick do you think would suit me better if I have a pale warm skin tone and pigmented lips? Watch me simmer or Force of love? Also are they bright as each other? It’s really annoying because I was really excited for the chen man lipsticks and they’re so similar to other things :(

  7. Amy

    Want. Force of Love.

  8. Miss J

    Hm, Force of Love…I was hoping I would see the pics and not like it, but I do. Thanks for the swatch pictures, Christine; very much appreciated as always!

  9. Amanda O

    Hmm…. I’m going to skip Force of Love. I can get a similar color from either building up Flamingo or doing a layer of Party Parrot and blotting and then topping with a layer of Flamingo

  10. Kristanna

    loove force of love!

  11. Joanne Duarte

    Hi Christine. Do you know Force of Love compare to Viva Glam Nicki?

  12. Heather

    Force of Love is GORGEOUS!

  13. Mabeline

    I wonder what these two lipstick colors would look like if you wore them over each other. :)

  14. pLebiitah

    I <3 both lipsticks! I'm Light/Yellow toned skin, Which lipstick do you think would look better, "Force Of Love" or "Watch Me Simmer"?? Or are they different enough to have them both??

    • You don’t have to have both, since they’re similar – but if it’s a shade you wear often, then you’ll probably spot the difference more readily.

  15. Helen

    How does force of love compare to party parrot?

  16. Samantha

    budding love reminds me of snob lipstick and force of love looks just like chatterbox

  17. Carla Souza

    Force of love looks great. I just got flamingo and watch me simmer and I do have the impression that MAC is launching the same colors every collection with just the different finishes… Not sure if Ill buy something from this collection…Anyways, thanks Chris!

    • Joanne

      I have been searching and calling many MAC stores for Flamingo to no avail. Where are you located that you were able to find both of these lipsticks?

  18. Courtney

    They’re both pretty, but both would look horrific on me.

  19. Rosie

    Christine, how does Budding Love compare to MAC’s Lazy Day? I’ve been desperate to find a dupe for that shade!

  20. virginiaisforluvrs

    Is Force of Love similar to Toxic Tale or Chanel Genial? These new lipsticks are both so pretty!


    For some reason, I get an 80’s vibe off of force of love, X)

  22. Funny, Budding Love looks like it would be more wearable than some of the shades it’s close to because it’s a bit sheerer. I find that intense blue-pink shades can look a little eerie.

  23. evangelia

    is force of love similar to high 90s slimshine?

  24. Flossy

    Im getting rather sick of all these neon-ish shades for lippies…

  25. Melissa

    Well now, Budding Love in the lipstick form is what I have been seeking. I’ve been searching for a dupe for I Like It Like That and this may very well fit the bill. I do look forward to adding this l/s to my vast collection! As for Force of Love, it does look a lot like Costa Chic and VG Nicki (I have both). I don’t think I will invest in this shade, although it does look pretty!

  26. Kim

    Force Of Love. Hope I can get it. I missed watch me simmer.

  27. Esther

    I’m really digging Force Of Love! it looks like a great spring shade!

  28. Aramis

    Is force of love similar to ever hip?

  29. Giselle

    Hi, will Force of Love look fine on a person with NC25/30 skin tone and slightly pigmented lips?

  30. ellie

    Hi Christine,
    I hope you could do a look using both the force of love lipstick and lipgloss. I want to see if i really need to buy both. I’m on a budget right now after spending a lot on the past shop cook collection. Thanks.

  31. is Force of Love similar to Hibiscus?

  32. melissa

    I am nc 55. If I wear a lipliner will force of love suit me? What lip liner would you recomend for this lipstick on my skin?

    • I don’t really use lip liner, so I’m not sure!

    • Layla

      Use mahogany or auburn or both , and blend out edges softly and also I recommend “so chaud lipstick it’s a coral but darker and it’s so pretty with either lip pencil and you will love it , your question was easy , I wear lip liner because it looks neater , holds my color longer and it looks prettier not sloppy or 1950’s style lips , as long as u blend it softly too! Xoxo

  33. How similar is Force of Love to Viva Glam Nicki?

  34. Adree

    How wold Force of Love compare to YSL’s Rouge Volupte in Opera Rose?

  35. Marina

    Looks similar to Viva Glam Nicki…What do you think Christine?

  36. Nay

    OMG MAC Force of Love Lipstick is AMAZE on you!!!!!!!!!!! Love it….

  37. Yazmin

    I have Watch Me Simmer and the new Nicki Minaj one…I love lipstick…do you think Force of Love is a must have being a lipstick lover? Or do you think its close enough to pass on it? I know you said Watch Me Simmer is similar but more orange. What about the Nicki Minaj one? Your swatches make the color look gorgeous!

  38. Rachel Kennison

    Force of Love is amazing!

  39. Camille Cruz

    How does Budding Love compare to Quite Cute?

  40. Natalie

    Force of Love looks like what I wanted Watch Me Simmer to be! So pretty!

  41. Nancy

    How would Force of Love compare to Viva Glam Nicki?

  42. Force of love looks pretty but might be a bit much on my pale skin…I think I’ll try it sheered out with lip balm.

  43. Alexandra

    Force of Love seems very similar to Guerlain Rouge G 63 Giulette on you (both look gorgeous!)
    How does it compare?

  44. Quinctia

    Budding Love seems so much more wearable than some of the more similar colors out there.

    I honestly don’t see myself in anything like either one of these. I love the brightness of the second shade, though!

  45. Liz

    Oh my, I love Budding Love! =) I really hope it will be available soon here in our country,. =( Thank you for your review Christine,. =)

  46. Daniela

    How does Force of Love compare to Impassioned?

  47. force of love is so beautiful!

  48. Yumi

    i’m actually glad force of love is matte, because i can’t stand that formula. good news for my wallet.

  49. artemis

    budding love looks so pretty! i want a l/s like that
    force of love looks bad on tho..settles a ton

  50. LK

    Both lipsticks look great on you! I love the blush you wearing, it looks amazing with force of love <3 What is it?

    • LK

      Another question, what lip liner would you suggest with force of love, Christine?

      • No idea, I very rarely use lip liner, sorry!

        • JoeJoe

          I’m the same with no lip liner. Do you use a lip primer or anything instead? I’m thinking of investing in Macs Prep and Prime Lip but wasn’t sure if it’ll even do anything. You rock every lipstick color!!!!!!

          • I don’t! TBH, I very rarely need my lip color to last for 8-12 hours, so I generally skip! I’m often testing the wear of products, too, so I don’t want to fake the wear time by using lip liner, haha.

            I’d rather use a lip liner than lip primer – haven’t found any that feel natural. They tend to feel more like concealer – so why not just smear a little foundation over lips instead?

  51. Christine,

    I have been looking for a lilac pink lipstick like Building Love. I am nc20 with pretty yellow undertone, do you think I can pull it off? Thanks for the swatches.

  52. nadine

    how similar would you say force of love is to vegas volt?
    thanks! :)

  53. Kat

    I want Force of Love! Grr MAC making me spend money lol.

  54. Elsa

    I went to pre-order Force of Love in store at the MAC in 4th St. Berkeley…I was the first one to pre-order!YAY!
    Bad news the only have 6 Force of Love lipstick! When they are gone they are gone. Even the MUA who was helping thought it strange, whats up MAC?

  55. maria

    Hi Christine, except for the finish how does Force of Love (matte) compare to Mac Chatterbox (amplified creme)? is it worth getting if i have chatterbox?

    p.s i love matte finishes .

  56. Brittany

    Cannot wait to log on MAC PRO and order these. Force of love is just gorgeous. Definitely gonna pick this up since I missed out on Watch Me Simmer. Force of Love looks like it’s flattering on many skintones. It looks great on you Christine!

  57. Honeybee

    Hi Christine! I was wondering would the lip colors go with a nc45/nw45 complexion?

  58. Holly

    just picked up the lipsticks today totally in love!

  59. FYI

    How does force of love compare to party parrot

  60. dzhenie o

    Hi christine. Do u know when this collection would be available in the uk? Really need force of love. Really sad I missed out on watch me simmer. Wonder why the iris apfel collection just vanished :'(

  61. Layla

    I have the Nikki lipstick and I’m Carmel skin tone , nc42 so it goes coral on me , much prettier , if u have any Carmel in your skin ladies , this will look like watch me simmer , which I have , I also have pink pigeon,candy yum yum, quick sizzle, and every limited edition lipstick that is pink or coral or purple that came out since 1995 and they all look so bomb on me cause I got that beautiful Carmel tan island skin ! That’s what’s up! Love it , this one is not needed in my 80 Mac lipstick stash , cause I have it : watch me simmer ! Ha!

  62. Michi


    I bought both last night! Thanks for swatching. You have the most amazing lips and every lipstick looks so pretty on you!

  63. Lucy

    I bought them both 😀 I bought force of love first then had to go back for budding love as I had to have it! It’s so moisturizing and smooth on the lips and gives a beautiful coverage. Definitely buildable. It turn’s slightly purple-pink on me, probably because my lips are bit more pigmented than Christine’s.
    As for force of love, it is pinker than Watch me Simmer lipstick but I love that force of love and watch me simmer are two different finishes. If you work lightly with force of love you can give your lip’s a gorgeous pink tint 😀

  64. Inês M.

    Hi there Christine! :)

    Hi was looking for watch me simmer in Portugal, but it already sold out!

    Then, i saw this, the force of love… Do you think this one is a better dupe than the sheer supreme full speed? Wich one would you prefer?

    Thanks a lot!!

  65. winifred d:)

    hi christine!
    if you were to choose only one
    would you get the force of love in the lipstick or lipglass version?
    thank you!

  66. dj

    closest to force of love? watch me simmer or full speed?

  67. grace

    If you had to choose only one, would it be force of love or watch me simmer? I really cant tell the difference between the two even though I look at the swatches you have provided..