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MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Lipsticks: Flustered, Gel, Quietly Please, Tanarama

MAC Cham-Pale: Lipsticks

MAC Lipsticks ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) for Cham-Pale include two limited edition shades (one is a repromote): Flustered (frosted pale bronze) and Quietly Please (frosted pink champagne); and two permanent shades: Gel (sheer metallic beige) and Tanarama (pale beige with golden shimmer).

  • Flustered is a semi-opaque copper brown with gilded champagne sheen and light shimmer.  This has a frost finish and limited edition.  This was the most pigmented of the four shades.
  • Gel is a semi-sheer, metallic beige-gold.  This has a frost finish and is part of the permanent range.  (It is also similar to Beigeland, which was a limited edition shade from Spring Colour Forecast.)
  • Quietly, Please is a sheer metallic rose pink.  This has a lustre finish. It is a repromote from Red She Said in 2008.  I found this incredibly sheer, though; it really didn’t seem to add color to my lips at all.
  • Tanarama is a semi-sheer frosted white gold with a metallic sheen.  This has a frost finish and is part of the permanent range.

I’m curious to see how others plan to wear these shades, as I did not find any of them flattering on my skin tone on their own.  I felt like they washed me out a bit, but perhaps with the right gloss, I will be able to find a way to make them work for me.  All four are highly reflective and have slightly metallic finishes, though three are officially frosts and one is a lustre.

MAC Cham-Pale Collection is a limited edition launch (official information and photos here) that is set to launch in-stores on December 26th in North American, January 2011 for international MAC locations. The approximate launch date for online is December 24th. It features color products as well as a few skincare items.

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: I’m not sure who’s going to rock these colors.  Normally, I get a strong push for cool/warm, but these, while having a tendency to be warm, don’t give me a good feeling either way.  Flustered and Quietly Please are the most wearable, with Tanarama being the least (because it is so light).

AVAILABILITY: MAC Cosmetics on December 26th (U.S. stores), January 2011 (International)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Lipsticks: Flustered, Gel, Quietly Please, Tanarama

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Lipsticks: Flustered, Gel, Quietly Please, Tanarama

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Lipsticks: Flustered, Gel, Quietly Please, Tanarama

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Lipsticks: Flustered, Gel, Quietly Please, Tanarama

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Flustered Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Flustered Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Flustered Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Gel Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Gel Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Gel Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Quietly Please Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Quietly Please Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Quietly Please Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Tanarama Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Tanarama Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Tanarama Lipstick

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Lipsticks: Flustered, Gel

MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks
MAC Lipsticks: Quietly Please, Tanarama

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase the Lipstick? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics -- in-stores on December 26th, $14.50.

Is it limited edition?

Flustered and Quietly Please are; Gel and Tanarama are permanent.

Any dupes?

Coconutty is probably the closest to Flustered. Quietly Please may be similar to Eden Rocks.

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70 thoughts on “MAC Cham-Pale Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Odbery

    I dunno, I’m really liking the looks of Gel, even on a warm skin tone like yours.

  2. Carrie Ann

    I think I must have Quietly, Please. It looks so pretty. Thank you for the fantastic reviews!

  3. cloudburst

    Thanks for the review and swatches – I was going to order Flustered, but think I will skip as it’s a lot browner than I thought it would be.

  4. Bella

    Ick! I had my eyes on Quietly Please but it just looks too cheap. Metallic without more dazzle is just blah in my eyes. Oh well, more for someone else!

  5. Mayra

    I really like these, they dont look bad on you at all, they look great!

  6. AnGeLwInGz

    Flustered and Tanarama are scary looking

  7. Glenda

    I want Tanarama! *sighs* I think I’m in love <3

  8. Desiree

    Lol, we all have our own tastes- I personally like them all.. but.. the metallic look of them kinda reminds me of Wet and Wild lipsticks- I only notice this because I bought one this week! Haha

  9. Steph

    These don’t really excite me. Thanks for the review & swatches!

  10. love the shots showing the lipstick above the swatch photos! (just fyi feedback for ya!) flustered looks pretty-ish but i always have to watch myself – i’ll often see a lineup like this and feel like i NEED to find a lipstick or two to purchase! while flustered might be the best of the bunch for me – next to a different lineup, i’d probably never get it 😛

    • Haha, they’re pretty to look at. I’m not sold on them worn… at least not on me!

      • I kinda felt the same about All Ages… Which was pretty much the same idea wasn’t it? Just after Christmas, shimmery pale shades. Though there were some deep brown eyeshadows in that collection that were pretty… I think? LOL! I can’t remember! Obviously I didn’t like them THAT much – I didn’t buy them! Haha :)

        • I’m still trying to work out how one wears this collection together. I get that you can obviously mix and match with whatever you want, but normally collections have some cohesion and work together, but glittery eyes, glittery cheeks, and glittery lips just seems too much to me. And I’m a fan of glitter!

          • lissa

            I’m a glitterphobe lol. Really, I think color + glitter wouldn’t work but by washing out all the color you get mostly play off the lighting, angelic-ethereal. Sort of a party version of a nude day look, probably trying to catch on winter paleness and the vampire craze too. I’m betting this looks fabulous on ultrapale models with flawless skin dressed in white or black.

          • i always think that you want your really good tricks to be like highlights… little punctuation marks (whether it’s in design, makeup, music or even special effects in movies). otherwise you have nothing to compare it to and it doesn’t seem as fancy anymore.

            i’m with you on that – there’s a lot of shimmer in here but nothing to bring depth to a look really. i LOVE glitter but if you’re whole face is sparkly, it doesn’t look unique anymore. accents are best :) would have been cool if this collection launched with a deep, dark satin/matte collection as it’s counterpart instead of “stylishly yours.” not that i don’t love color 😉 LOL!

  11. Crissy

    I hate these colors but I think they look nice on you Christine!

  12. cmferrets

    im going to get the 2 le listicks. im sure with the cordinating lipgelees, they will look awesome.
    christine , when u get a chance do u think u can do a post with swatches on the lips of both the lipstick and lipgelees on top of eachother so we can see what they look like together. thanx

    • Thanks for the suggestion – I don’t think I will have the time to do that based on my calendar, so please don’t be disappointed if you do not see it.

  13. Celia

    Flustered looks like Bronzilla from Spring Color Forecast, i guess

  14. Iliana

    They’re quite pretty on you Christine, as always. However, I think that I will be passing on these (should it be released in my country) since I can’t pull off frost lipsticks as well as you do. Wish I could, though! :)

  15. These all look easily dupable from Rimmel or even Cover Girl…

    • vanessa

      don’t forget revlon lipstick…..I think they all look so cheap and really what could you wear with those lipsticks.

    • Anna

      Totally agree! In fact, they remind of the new pearl shades of Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick.

  16. jen

    eek too frosty for me :(

  17. MARGO

    i guess they would be better on fairer skin but i like quietly please and maybe the flustered one. this bunch i would really have to see at the mac store i think……..

  18. Steph

    Not loving these, either. I think they look alright on you because you have dewy cheeks and shimmery eyes, so the frostiness works.

  19. lissa

    I think these really have a frosty wintery coolness to them, they all look pretty on but I’m wondering if they might not look best as a base for the glittery glosses, kind of like the collection is meant to wash out the color and replace it with light-catching iridescence for an ethereal winter look? I can see this with flawless skin coverage like studio sculpt and the superblack liner & tons of mascara to spotlight eyes.

  20. Paige

    I know you said you didn’t like these lipsticks so much, but to me, they all look very pretty on you Christine. We all have different tastes in lip color. I actually prefer light-colored lipsticks over bold lip colors.

    • I like the lip colors, just not on me :)

      • lissa

        I like the lip colors on you Christine! 😛 But I’d love to see you in the full face because I definitely think this is a “look” collection, so like foundation, the eyes with the paint pots, black liner, jet mascara, the chez chez lame on cheeks with a little flush from the other shade, then Gel lipstick and Luxure gelee. Maybe a little of the cool pigments from Tartan in a few areas but mainly the monotone iridescent princess look. Not your usual daily look but I can’t help thinking it would look fabulous all together when the light catches on your features and contrast really makes your eyes stand out.

        • Thanks for the suggestion!

          I can’t wear upper lash liner as it irritates my eyes — I work Dark Diversion and I can barely see right now :(

          • lissa

            Aww, hope the irritation goes away. Have you tried Korres soft liners? Least irritating I’ve ever found. Oh, also, interestingly, Loreals liquid pencil is amazingly smooth and nonirritating on me. But I think you could just do curl lashes a little extra, lots of mascara and the outer lower half with the black? Same effect really, the only color would be eyes and yours are dark so plenty of pop on their own.

  21. I own Gel and Tanarama already, which I love and use every week. My favorite way of wearing these pale frosty shades is to get a good base with MAC’s Stripdown lip liner, then lightly blot on Myth and top off with Gel or Tanarama. It’s my go-to sexy nude lip and my husbands fave!

  22. Ashleigh

    can we get one of these with back to mac

  23. Jazz

    I think these would have made better lipglasses.

  24. I was very tempted by these but I think I’ll pâss. While I was going a bit mad over this collection at first, now I’m less impressed. Great reviews. Saves me a lot of money. n_n

  25. Quinctia

    I actually think all of the lipsticks look rather nice on you. I can see where the finish or type may not be to your taste, and you dislike them. Because I have a similar issue, I can put on most lip products, look in the mirror, and think I look absolutely stupid. I’ve worn every color and finish in the universe on my eyes, but anything more than sheer on my lips, I don’t like.

    However, these are actually a bit in my style. The remind me of the Maybelline Color Sensational Pearls. I’ve actually gotten into that line, I have two of them, which is twice the amount I’ve bought of any line of lip product. :)

  26. Jennifer F

    I think Flustered and Quietly Please are nice. Gel is okay but Tanarama is not very nice. It looks a bit like Pet Me Please but more gold than mauvey and I have that one and it doesn’t suit me much.

  27. Tiffany

    I’m happy that I don’t want any of these because I always want at least one lipstick from every MAC collection!

  28. livnzoe

    ah.. i just don’t like these colours.. they’re too frosty for my taste!!

  29. If Flustered was a lustre, I’d be all over it, but Frost formula always scares me because it is very drying for my lips. Christine, can you comment on the formulas a little? Do you think they are drying or the formula is better on these? Because I find new lipsticks a little less drying than before.

  30. katy

    Is quiet please comparable to beach bound ?

  31. Ivana

    I can honestly say I strongly dislike these shades. My wallet is crying tears of joy lol

    • Elle

      Mine is too…I just don’t think I can pull off these frosty-ish colors. My lips are too reddish without anything on them and I don’t think they’d work. Thanks Christine for getting all of these reviews to us!! :)

  32. ak

    I bought Gel ages ago but then one day lost faith in it and thought that it was too frosty and ashy for me and just put it down. But Flustered sounds and looks good though. And TANarama is anything but!

    I’ll check out Flustered but it’s a shame about Quietly Please because that sounds pretty and it looks like a strong color in the tube but I can’t believe it’s as sheer and barely there as it is. Oh well…

  33. ak

    Christine is Flustered anything like Plastique or Frenzy? I hope that it isn’t like either of them actually but if I could have your honest opinion I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

  34. ak

    Actually Flustered doesn’t looks scary on you at all Christine, it just looks very summery or very night time-ish in a good way, probably like a much tamer version of Bronze Shimmer which looks VERY ‘Studio 54′ even for me.

  35. Christine, do you have any idea what blushes to use with these lipstick shades? You got me thinking back there when you said you were not quite sure how to use it..

  36. Joanne

    I own Gel and I’m NC42. Its a beautiful color. I think I’m going to purchase Quietly Please as well. Can’t wait for these to come out!!!

  37. so disappointed in quietly, pleased. Flustered is pretty!

  38. Alisha in Wi

    I don’t like sheer lipstick so I love how I can just glance through and if I see the freckle it’s a no. Lol! :-)

  39. Hi! Do you know when this collection is out in England? :) xx

  40. Eleonora

    Cristine, in your opinion, how much of a difference there is between Quiet, please (permanent) and Quietly please (LE)?
    Thing is..the girl at the MAC store obviously got me wrong (I told her twice and I’m sure I was really clear when I said QUIETLY) and sent me the permanent shade rather than the LE one.
    It’s really too much trouble to send it back and have it replaced.
    They look quite similar to me but I’d like your opinion on this.

    Thank you in advance.


  41. ice

    I just bought Flustered Lipstick and Straight to the head Lipgelee. The first time I was scared that it would be too frosty on my lips since they are really metallic! I have tanned skin and I’m quiet dark around the edges on my lips so my advice is to put spice lip pencil on the base, then flustered and straight to the head on top. It turned out really sexy and gorgeous on my lips when I wore smokey eyes! Just wanted to share my experiences with Cham-pale!