Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC The Lap of Luxury Lipgloss

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection: Lipgloss & Lipstick Lip Swatches

As promised, here are lip swatches for the new, limited edition lipglosses and lipsticks from MAC’s Baroque Boudoir Collection. My lip swatches are always done trying to use what the “reasonable” user would use — so I’m not in the business of spending ten minutes layering a lipstick on nor will I goop on gloss just to get it to show!

I mentioned earlier, in the individual reviews, but D’Nouveau was the most pigmented of the lipglosses, and all three lipsticks were fairly opaque.

See swatches

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir: The Lap of Luxury Lipgloss

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Preciousness Lipgloss

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir: Preciousness Lipgloss

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC D’Nouveau Lipgloss

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir: D’Nouveau Lipgloss

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Prive Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir: Prive Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Treasured Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir: Treasured Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir: Baroque Boudoir Lipstick

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54 thoughts on “MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection: Lipgloss & Lipstick Lip Swatches

  1. Oooh I like Prive, but I have a feeling I’ll be skipping just because its so expensive compared to the regular MAC line… and the colour is so easily dupable =(

  2. Evelyn

    preciousness looks pretty 😀
    prive and treasured look like my kind of colours too haha damn was hoping i wouldnt want anything from this collection :p

  3. Annie

    Ohhh Treasured looks SO pretty *_* I’m glad I saved up for this collection =D

  4. Noa

    For this price I would expect to be more excited. Now I feel so much better skipping everything.
    I can’t wait to Warm & Cozy though, guess I’m just more of a warm colors kind of gal.

  5. Wilcoa

    Love Preciousness, but I think I might check out the lipglass dupes you mentioned before splurging since I have some B2Ms stocked up

  6. Brie

    Wow, the swatches on your hand were so gorgeous with those lipglosses, but you were definitely right. Those are WAY too sheer to be worth $22 each @_@ I think you could probably achieve a very similar look by mixing their clear gloss with a pink reflects glitter.

  7. ooooh.
    the lippies look nice but i practically had to strain myself to see the lap of luxury!

    even though the collection looks pretty… ordinary and dupable, i might get it for the packaging
    if it werent for the ridic. price tag. i don’t know what the prices are in AUD, but here in australia a regular lippie is $35 so this collection must be mega insane! D:

  8. tofupoo

    ahh i knew id live prive, it looks nice, but i also might pass on this just because its more expensive and slightly dupeable. and im still trying to figure out which sales i want to invest in ahhhh!

  9. Jennifer

    Yesterday I ordered Lap of Luxury, D’Nouveau …I also got Prive, and Baroque Boudoir . I also bought the light/medium mystery powder.

    I am really into Baroque and those types of patterns so the packaging got me more than anything. My room is decorated Victorian so I thought when I was done using the compact it could serve as something on my vanity table.

    Prive looks like Angel or along those lines.

  10. All those lipsticks look gorgeous..!! Preciousness reminds me of Icescape lipglass =)

  11. Von

    I’m definitely getting to my MAC counter early , I must have that Treasured lippie.

  12. DJ

    I really like Baroque Boudoir but doubt I will pick it up right now.
    thanks for lip swatching these :)

  13. karen

    The only one I’m really feeling after being swatched on is Baroque Boudoir lipstick. And this is coming from someone who tries to stay away from red bc they end up too red on me, but this looks like it wouldn’t be harsh.

  14. Lorna

    i’d like to get the prive lipstick but $22 is too much. maybe later on at a cco…

  15. amy

    I like the lipsticks better than the lipglosses. My favourites are prive and treasured, but it is so expensive!

  16. idakz

    i want treasured! :( & the packaging is so beautiful. but it’s so expensive!

  17. Prive, D’Nouveau, Lap of Luxury, Treasured and a compact will be mine on Friday. :)

  18. Dini

    I adore the packaging, but I’m not at all keen on the colors. I won’t be getting anything from this collection.

  19. Christina

    i actually like all the lipsticks…

  20. Rachel

    Out of all of it…I’m interested in Preciousness. It’s on the order of Icescape of which I missed out on the first time around.

    • Jen

      Icescape is a actually being repromoted in the love lace collection on December 26 …. Just in case you wanted to save some money

      • Rachel

        Oh wow..thanks Jen! I had no clue it was being repromoted. I already ordered Preciousness, which I’m still glad I did because, from what I’ve read, it’s less sticky than normal lipglass and has the brush, etc. But I still will pick up an Icescape too. Thanks again! :-)

  21. Vivi

    wanting to get treasured loving the looks of it and the design and still wondering about prive…hmmm

  22. Love the lip swatches!! Treasured lipstick and The Lap of Luxury lipglass is tempting me.

  23. fidigum

    Baroque Boudoir Lipstick just screams my red headed name!

  24. Enna

    Christine, do you think treasured lipstick looks like peachstock from Mac pro? Thanks for your wonderful website!

  25. The lipglosses are dissapointing, they’re not pigmented enough, but I do like preciousness. I like Prive lipstick!

  26. Cindy

    We love you for your swatches Christine. It really makes the decision process easy, and this time saved me a trip to the mall, since none of these are standout enough to justify getting.

    Thanks again for all you do for this community you’ve built, and hoping you have a fun, relaxing, assignmenmt-free Thanksgiving weekend!

  27. Leila

    Oh girl, I need me some more color! Not sure if those are my type, but they sure look good at your lips!

  28. margot

    it’s sad how last year’s colours were all really nice and this year, the collection is a bit meh. I do like preciousness lipglass but i think it’s the only one … well that’s good news for the bank account :p

  29. Natalia

    Um, to me they’re just very, very ordinary lipsticks put in fancy packaging… I wish there were at least one shade I liked but there isn’t.

  30. Tattoo Girl

    Thank you for the review! I will still purchase Treasured lipstick just to have something with this packaging for my collection but I will be passing on everything else.

  31. Redhead

    Oooh, Boudoir looks like a good lipstick for the red-shy 😀

  32. Stella

    I like Preciousness and along with Prive it would make a good combination, however the colors aren’t that great generally.

  33. Nicole

    i ended up gettin one gloss so far but im going back for a lipstick next the packagin thats what i was sold on plus all the pretty colors lol

  34. DevilishDoll

    I compared some of your swatches and Prive looks very similar to Creme Cup, so I will get Creme Cup instead. Still very tempted by Preciousness though.

  35. Darrien

    Prive looks like my kind of lipstick but I think I could easily dupe that with other ones in my collection but still is very pretty!

  36. Shanna

    I must have d’Nouveau only for the packaging.
    Can you also make lipcombo’s please?

  37. kpenn09

    Im for sure getting Baroque Boudoir, but I have DNouveau set aside to try it tomorrow. Im super fair, so berries tend to show up a lot darker on me. I cant resist this packaging!

  38. the all look pretty!

  39. Katie

    Oh my goodness… theyre all so pretty! I love the iridescence of the lip glosses. Maybe not everyone will, but I think theyre beautiful.

  40. Christine, Do you think that Prive is a dupe for Snob? Do you have any dupe ideas for Treasured? -Brandi

  41. liana

    I just got Prive in the mail, and it is gorgeous. Its creamy and moisturizing at the same time. Feels amazing on my lips. Its a beautfiul colour, very similar to Mac’s Angel l/s which is my Fav! Reccomend it to anyone who likes lighter pink lips!

  42. Lindsey

    loving prive lipstick, what are some good dupes for it inthe permanent line?

  43. Nicole

    Thanks for the swatches!

    Treasured is gorgeous! I actually like all 3 colors

  44. Jia

    To me, Lap of Luxury = Energy 3D Glass, and D’Nouveau = Algorithm 3D glass. I absolutely LOVE the packaging on these, but I’m not done with my 3D glasses yet, so I guess I can hold off for now holding on to that thought! lol!

  45. Katie

    I really like them, but it seems like they don’t give much color…ill probably pass just because theyre already sold out and itll be a pain to try to get ahold of them now…
    thanks for the swatches though!

  46. Katie

    haha by that i mmean the lipgloss doesnt give much color — the lipsticks definitely do