Friday, April 22nd, 2011

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Fashion Flower: Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder ($25.00 for 0.35 oz.) is a pale pinky coral with a very subtle satin sheen. I found it was more pigmented when I applied it to cheeks (I used MAC’s 116 brush) than when I attempted to swatch it on my arm. My “heavy” swatch was rather dismal, but it was better on cheeks. Alpha Girl was a touch powdery, and I felt that it made my cheeks look a little dry.

The powder itself is very soft, so it blends out easily, and the softness of the color makes it difficult to overdo. Beauty Powders typically wear eight hours or so on me, but it is often hard to tell since the majority are so subtle!

I’ve always loved how much product you get in a beauty powder, though, because it’s nearly double the size of your average blush, but it’s not double the price! ย These beauty powders are packaged in traditional all-black MAC packaging and include a mirror inside the compact.

This shade debuted in the Heatherette collection (back in ’08), so long-time MAC fans will want to peruse their stash of beauty powders to check if they already have this one.

The Glossover


MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder Swatches, Photos, Review

It's still rather subtle, though, and for that reason, it's not a color I'd recommend for medium-dark to dark skin tones.











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MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder

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MAC Spread the Wealth Big Bounce Eyeshadow, MAC Lucky Green Eyeshadow, MAC Groundcover Eyeshadow, MAC Bows & Curtseys Eyeshadow, MAC Fresh Daisy Eyeshadow, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, MAC Tealo Eyeliner, MAC Green is Green Mascara, MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder, MAC Mlle Lipstick, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, Burberry Pressed Powder.

Where can I purchase Alpha Girl? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on April 28th, $25.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Illamasqua Hussy is similar in color (though it is pinker) but Hussy is significantly more pigmented.

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74 thoughts on “MAC Alpha Girl Beauty Powder Swatches, Photos, Review

  1. Nicole

    Oooooh Pretty!

  2. Emily

    Oooh nice I’m in AUS and it’s 11.30 half asleep waiting up for these luv u Christine hehe :-)

  3. Angels1Jay

    Let the swatching fest begin. Really like this one on you Christine. What is the difference between MAC Beauty Powders and MAC blushes?

  4. nicole

    I feel like a newbie for asking this but what is the difference between beauty powder and blush? thank you

  5. Hilary

    The flower imprint looks beautiful. Some people use Beauty Powders as an all over powder. I know that Alpha Girl probably isnt the best as one but I am confused. What exactly is a beauty powder? I use my Pretty Baby Beauty Powder from Hello Kitty as a multipurpose powder.

    • Beauty powders can be used however you want – they are, essentially, a face powder. How you use it will ultimately depend on how pigmented the beauty powder is and how light/dark your skin tone is.

  6. Felicia

    Do you have the Hipness blush from MAC’s To The Beach collection? And do you know ANYWHERE where I can find it? I’m seriously going crazy looking for it, and I need it; I want that exact color, and that exact packaging. PLEASE help me find it =[

    • Sorry, I have no idea where you can find it now. It was sold out awhile ago! To the Beach almost came out a year ago.

    • Maddy

      It’s on eBay for about $30 :]

    • Cornelle

      You can find Mac Hipness from To the beach coll. on ebay. There’s plenty!

    • Clarissa

      I saw to the beach in an outlet store in NJ… the cosmetic factory store or something like that. take a look at the website of jersey shore premium outlets and they might give you the #, who knows if they ship, right?

  7. My cheeks tend to be kind of dry so I don’t think I need anything to accentuate that! So beauty powders are just under-pigmented blushes? I feel like I can get the same result using a cheapy blush, or you know, just using less of my regular blush, haha.

    • Beauty powders can be used however you want – they are, essentially, a face powder. How you use it will ultimately depend on how pigmented the beauty powder is and how light/dark your skin tone is, so they’re not always a blush – they can be an all-over powder, blush, contour, bronzer, highlighter, etc.

  8. Pamela

    Very sheer but pretty. I love the embossed floral!

  9. i remember this in prior collections, but i don’t remember it being SO pretty! thanks christine. =D

  10. Faerie

    Subtle and very pretty on you. Love the green eye make up too!

    The swatch looks a tad peachier to me compared to Alpha Girl from Heatherette. Is it just me or did you find it’s a little warmer than the old one?

  11. fabiola

    It looks gorgeous but MAC beauty powder are usually poorly pigmented. Thank you Christine for your always honest opinion.

  12. Oooh love it!! And I love the flower pattern… I’m gonna have to visit my MAC store now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. For me it’s a pass. It’s not an especially unique color. I own pinky corals that I could easily substitute for this.

  14. Liz

    I have the original from heatherette and maybe it’s your lighting, but the newer one looks brighter and more orange. Is there why chance they might have tweaked it?

  15. Edelmc

    Hi Christine. Do you think this might be suitable as a blusher for fair skin or is it more of a highlight?

  16. Mariella

    Looks very pretty and I’m trying to get a bit more into slightly more peachy shades (have to be careful though – too “orange” and it doesn’t work, which is why this appeals to me).

    Can others here help out? I only have ONE Beauty Powder and, to be honest, I’m never really quite sure what the heck to do with it. Suggestions? The one I have is Oh So Fair (which I got in Hark the Heraldry but which was a repromote from Venomous Villains).

    • How you use it will ultimately depend on how pigmented the beauty powder is and how light/dark your skin tone is, so theyโ€™re not always a blush โ€“ they can be an all-over powder, blush, contour, bronzer, highlighter, etc.

      • Mariella

        Thanks for your answer, Christine. I’m somewhat gratified to see that I seem to be in good company regarding my confusion as to how to use these things. So much seems to depend on the colour of the beauty powder and the one’s own colouring. I have to say, it’s a whole lot easier with straightforward old “blush” or “finishing powder”. I can just see myself using one of these as a a finishing powder and catching sight of myself at some point during the day with a ridiculously PINK face all over!

        • Salvinia

          I’m the same as you, I only have Summer Rose (from Rose Romance) and it’s way too pink to be used all over my face! I pretty much just use it when I’m wearing really dark eye makeup and want a very subtle pink cheek. Although, as someone did mention, I suppose I could get the same result from just using less of a different pink blush, haha! I think it was the rose pattern on the powder that suckered me into buying it, plus at the time I didn’t have another blush in a similar colour.

  17. Okay that definitely wont work on medium toned and definitely dont like digging into my blush to get some color…
    Looks nice on you though..your eyes looking really pretty here

  18. Jill

    I like this color a lot! It gives you a really nice flush. It’s not too in-your-face. Almost just looks like you went for a walk outside, or something to make your face flush just a little. I like it.

  19. Dayna

    In love O__o gorgeous color. So the date was moved up?

  20. Rayanna

    Do you think Alpha Girl is anything like Instant Chic?

  21. This is going on my list! <3

  22. Cassie

    Would this show up on NC40ish skin?

  23. Nessa

    Hi Christine,I was wondering looks a lil matte? Do you think it’s more matte looking than sheer shimmer? I dontreally like the glitzy stuff on my face,is looking for something more matte and is a light- medium skin tone. Xoxo

  24. Erin

    Yay, so excited for this collection! And I really appreciate you posting a photo of the ingredients (:

  25. Carrie

    So pretty! I love it! :)

  26. Now this one I really like on you. I have a feeling it would look like a slightly toned down Marine Life on my pasty face, but on you it looks wonderful!

  27. Felicia

    Christine – do you work for MAC?

  28. Cassandra

    Hi Christine! Do you think this is somewhat similar to Instant Chic that came out last May with the Pret-A-Papier collection? Maybe not in the pan but on your cheeks? It looks oddly similar to me – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  29. Laura

    im wondering in comparison to the beauty powder/blush thats coming out with the summer collection if they are similar at all??? which do you think is better???

  30. Missy D

    I bought this way back in the day with the Heatherette launching. For some reason it looks almost a different color here. But its sheer and subltle enouch that I wear it as either a all over powder to calm down my shiney face (I have combo skin) or I just use it as a highlight. I wouldn’t recommend paying $25 for it and it was much cuter in the Heatherette packaging. I’m very Darkskin by the way (NW55 barely works for me) and it looks great on me.

  31. I wish I knew what Beauty Powders were before I purchased the Heatherette version at the CCO :( I bought it with the intent to use it as a blush. I’m NC25-NC30 and it doesn’t show up on me at all, so girls with that skintone & darker, beware! I supposed it would make a nice setting powder, though.

  32. Aww, I don’t have twenty-five bucks. :p

  33. rukia0814

    Hi Christine, I really like this in the pan but your correct based on the swatch I think it won’t really show up that much on my NC30 skin. Can you recommend a blush with a similar shade? Thanks in advance (PS but I really like the flower design and might buy it just for that =))

  34. Becca

    this is gorgeous!!! and since I love my blushes and the flower design is cute, I might have to pick it up! but I hate it when it’s too sheer, and I don’t want to waste my money. do you think it’s worth it Christine?

  35. Azucena

    I wonder how Alpha Girl would look on me…I’m NC42 any ladies know?

  36. Felicia

    Christine – do you work at MAC? Is that how you get the make-up before it comes out?

  37. I bought a back up of the Heatherette Alpha Girl last year at the Jersey Shore Outlet Mall around Christmas time.
    But I love it so much I NEED to get another back up.
    Since my current one is on it’s last few applications.

    Plus since it’s coming out April 28th during the Macy’s Associates Cosmetics Discount.
    I can get it for 40% off!!
    I <3 working at Macys!!


  38. Toni

    Yay more colors not meant for dark skinned women. Thanks Mac!

  39. The collection is already online on the Mac website, You can find it from going into the “What’s New” section!

  40. michelle

    do u think this is close to mac hipness blush?

  41. Tiffany

    Hi Christine,
    Quick question! How does this beauty powder compare to the bite of an apple blush that came out with the Venomous Villains collection?

  42. Kate

    Oh it looks so pretty! is it similar to Oh so fair (from the disney)??

  43. Sara

    Is this color limited edition? Thanks

  44. Tatiana Macario

    ‘ Nossa estou amando ele !!