Thursday, May 17th, 2012

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush ($34.00) is a limited edition face brush that’s made out of white goat hair. The brush head is about an inch and a half long and an inch or so at its widest point (which is at the top). It has a softly domed-shaped brush head with densely packed bristles with some give, but not so much that it’s floppy. It actually reminded me of a longer, not quite as dense or as stiff, 182, which is MAC’s buffer brush. This works in a similar fashion, but it can also apply and deposit color more accurately than if you were to use the buffer brush. The bristles are very soft to the touch and against the skin.

This brush would also work nicely for applying all-over powders to the face, because it picks up product easily but applies everything with a feathery touch.  It can also blend out any harsh edges or lines from other products without much work.  Due to the overall soft, airy feel of this brush, it is a great tool for soft powders, as it does not disturb the surface as much so it creates less powdery excess.  I really liked this brush, though I personally prefer longer-handled brushes.  It’s incredibly soft against the skin, and it’s not as specialized as some of the more recent brush releases–I love that it will be a multi-tasking tool to add to my collection.

As far as I know, MAC continues to make their full-sized brushes by hand, and “SH” stands for short-handled, as compared with “SE,” which indicates special edition–those are the kind of brushes that are mass-produced by machines for the Nordstrom and holiday brush sets.  I have been told on several occasions that SH brushes are manufactured just like full-sized brushes, because they’re the same thing–just a shorter handle.  This brush was manufactured in China, but this information seems to only be on the plastic sleeve it arrives in, so the handle doesn’t indicate the country of origin. I know there are a lot of fake MAC brushes out there, so I wanted to be sure to include that piece of information.

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MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush

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28 thoughts on “MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush Review and Photos

  1. by

    Great review! Definitely looks like a nice brush. A little confusion though. You mentioned brushes are machine made for Nordstrom and holiday sets. Does that mean regular brushes sold at Nordstrom is different from ones sold at mac or are you talking specifically about Nordstrom set?

  2. AnaCarolinaRibeiro

    As I’m sure you’ve been already warned about, the glossover is not filled for this one (obviously), but it is still showing on the post!

  3. Melody

    Nice!  I usually pass on the le brushes bc they just seem a bit gimmicky.  I love the 134 though.  I like the idea of having a brush that won’t kick up excess powder.

  4. Haroulla

    Christine would this be a good brush for applying bronzer? I am looking for a good brush to apply bronzer all over my face and was wondering if this was good or whether you could recommend a specific mac brush. Thanks! :)

    • Yes, it could work! If it’s a REALLY pigmented bronzer, I’d opt for a stippling brush, though.

      • Haroulla

         @Christine (Temptalia)
         Thanks! It really is amazing how you can run this whole website and be relied on to always respond to people’s queries :) love this site, been visiting for ages but only just started posting

  5. Ana

    I have this brush! It came in a SE set I bought last year (with the glitter and ice collection) it’s really nice!

  6. slick

    looks like a great multi-use brush, but wow $34!??!?! 

  7. Tura

    Clarification: The full size as well as SH (Short Handle) brushes are made by hand, and the SE (Special Edition) brushes are machine made! Can’t wait to get the high-quality version. I got the one in the set and then saw the tester of this one the other day. Whew, BIG DIFFERENCE!

  8. Kafka

    I understand the theory behind a Limited Edition product but, for some illogical reason, it just seems odd to me to apply it to a tool like a brush. Perhaps if it has special decoration in line with a seasonal thing, like red and green crystals on the handle for a Christmas special, but a plain brush?  Tools like brushes seem like something that should be useful all year round for all their products. Having a L/E $34 plain powder brush just seems odd to me and more of MAC’s money-grubbing thing. But maybe that’s just me and maybe I’m just extra grumpy these days. (Will this week *never* be over??!)

  9. cjalxndr

    Btw everyone this brush is really good for the Guerlain Meteorites. ^__^

  10. Dendo

    How does this compare to Bobbi Brown’s Face Blender Brush?

  11. caglayan

    I have one of this and “china” is whriting back of handle… Mine is orginal. I bought it from mac not online or ebay. I love this brush for my guerlain bronzer. I started to use bronzer because of this brush…

  12. knatlee

    are there any brushes comparable to mac167sh?

  13. Hima

    Do you prefer this to the 134 for loose powder?

  14. lisha

    would this be a good blush brush for modern mandarin lovecloud?

  15. LilyKay

    I don’t have a good face powder/blending brush so I’m thinking I should pick it up! Do you think it would be a good first all over facial brush or would you recommend something else?