Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder
Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder ($70.00 for 0.54 oz.) is described as a “sheer ivory … with rosy highlights.” It’s a pale beige with a champagne shimmer-sheen that’s very, very subtle. Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight (P, $44.00) is more shimmery. Chanel Poudre Signee de Chanel Illuminating Powder (LE, $68.00) is more shimmery. Chanel Lumiere Sculptee de Chanel Highlighting Powder (LE, $72.00) is lighter. See comparison swatches.

According to Chanel, their newest limited edition Illuminating Powder is supposed to “delicately [illuminate] the face with an imperceptible halo.” The powder itself is embossed with a camellia flower. It’s a very subtle powder that can easily be dusted all over the face for a softening, lightly brightening and illuminating effect. If you’re someone who has felt like most highlighters are too shimmery, sparkly, or frosty, then this is one to consider, as it’s the very definition of subtle. On the other hand, if you want to use this to yield a more targeted glow on the high planes of the face, it’s so subtle that it might not be enough for your liking. “Delicate” is quite right, and “sheer” is correct to a degree. It’s somewhat buildable if you want to concentrate the illumination on a certain part, but it blends and sheers out as you blend the powder into the skin. The texture is soft, finely-milled, and blendable, while the product itself lasted for eight hours on me.

The Glossover


Jardin de Camelias












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See more photos & swatches!

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder
Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder
Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder
Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder
Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder
Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder
Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder

Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder
Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder (paired with Sakura Blush)

The Makeup Look

On face: Guerlain Parure de Lumiere Foundation, Guerlain Les Voilettes Pressed Powder. On lips: Chanel Rosace Aqualumiere. On eyes: Chanel Jardin Zen Eyeshadow Quad.

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97 thoughts on “Chanel Jardin de Camelias Illuminating Powder Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. *looks at price tag and screams*
    Rikki Recently Posted: MAKEUP 101: Foundation Brushes

  2. Beyond ggggggggggggggorgeoussss

  3. I was able to swatch this earlier, and thought it was a bit powdery. Your review makes me want to go back and give it another chance. :)

  4. RATS! I was sort of hoping it wouldn’t be anything all that special so I wouldn’t be wanting it as it’s a pretty pricey indulgence (or necessity, depending on how you look at it!)

    • LOL! I don’t think it’s THAT special ;)

      • Yeah, but if it were really crummy, it would be SO much easier. I do have to laugh, though, about the “imperceptible halo”. If it’s “imperceptible” (as opposed to “barely perceptible” or “almost imperceptible”) then why should we shell out for it. I already emit an imperceptible halo! I want products to make that halo a bit more “perceptible”.

        • LOL! You definitely have an imperceptible halo ;)

          Sometimes, it would be nice if brands would be realistic and clear and not so marketing-oriented. I think that’s one thing I like about Zoya’s descriptions – they have their fancier wording, but then they have their sheer/opaque scale and a finish, so you have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

  5. Such an amazing product <3 <3

  6. You look radiant! Looks like Chanel delivered with this one :-)

  7. Sabrina

    From the review, this seems to be exactly what i’m after! Illumination, but not too obvious, i like quite a subtle glow. I’m not really into a sparkly finish either, so this sounds nice. I’ll definately have a lot at my nearest Chanel counter, when it gets to the UK!

  8. Avatar of Amy xamyx

    Pretty, but far too subtle for my tastes. Besides, I’d be too apprehensive to mar that beautiful embossing, LOL!

    • Yeah – I can see the subtle quality being a huge plus for some, and then making it totally boring for others!

      • Avatar of Amy xamyx

        When I use a highlighter, I typically forgo blush, so I prefer something a bit more “obvious”. On the other hand, I know a lot of people prefer the subtlety of shades like this, and it’s nice to see both options are available across the board.

  9. This looks absolutely gorgeous :) It seems like it would work nicely to set under eye concealer and to add a little extra light to that area. Have you tried it under the eyes? If you have does it seem to get cakey or dry looking, and does it emphasize the fine lines?
    Victoria Recently Posted: Five Easy Ways To Get Luminous Glowing Skin

  10. Oh gosh, now I really want the powder also…

  11. This is just what I’ve been looking for! I like that it is actually a light color, it would work well for my fair skin. This will be mine! :-D

  12. Wow! This one looks great! Much better than I had expected!

  13. The results in the photos seems pretty good. My question is, for someone with a darker skin color would the results be comparable, or somewhat different?


    • I would be a little concerned that it might turn ashy, only because it’s so light. It’s very translucent, so it didn’t seem ashy or chalky on me (and some products that are lighter definitely can on me).

  14. That eyeshadow quad sure looks pretty on your eyes! Everything in this collection is gorgeous.

  15. Do you think this could be used as an all-over highlighter, similar to the hourglass ambient lighting powders?

  16. Avatar of Vi Vi

    Woah! I’m not typically one to go for subtle but this looks absolutely gorgeous! In fact, I’m loving your entire look; it’s soft and subtle without veering into the “natural” look. (I am SO done with “naked neutrals”!)

    By the way, where do you buy all those pretty earrings?

  17. While I like it, I’m not in love with it. Looks lovely in the pan!
    Erin Recently Posted: Plus Size Fashion Not Just Plus Sized Clothes

  18. This is beautiful :-) The problem I usually have with highlighters is that they’re too shimmery and sparkly, so this one is lovely!

    Since I’m pale enough to already glow in direct light, I’m not sure it would nevessarily be worth the investment (going by the US price, this is going to be something in the region of $140 here!)…but then on the other hand I probably wouldn’t use it up quickly…

    Please! Someone talk me out of this! Help! :-D
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Stealthy, Shiny, Sparkly… Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses in Sugar Violet (#230) and Snow Pink (#205)

  19. how do you think it would look on medium tan skin tones?

  20. Alexandria

    Christine, how do you think this compares to the Ethereal Hourglass powder?

  21. The design is just so gorgeous! * swoons *
    fancie Recently Posted: Beauty Blender Solid Sponge Cleanser Review

  22. grlnxdor

    Is this at all similar to Nars Nico?

  23. Avatar of virginie vivi

    I checked all the websites you said was having it for sale, none of them has it…yet?

  24. Linda

    It seems quite like the effect of Guerlain Meteorites. Seems like everyone is trying to put out similar-effect powders to get in on that. I wonder what took them so long?

  25. Regular highlighter but efffff… beautiful embossing! You go Chan!
    Shari Recently Posted: A Beautiful Pairing – NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Kauai

  26. C

    I’m a huge fan of the ethereal look so I love illuminators that can be worked all over. Might have to invest in this one.

  27. Ade

    How it compares to Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color?
    I’m looking for something that’s less shimmery than Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight but more noticeable than Hourglass Ambient Light on the high planes of my face.
    Thanks! ;)

  28. The illuminating effect is quite subtle and look natural. The print on it reminds me of brain swirls haha

  29. grlnxdor

    My wallet and I thank you, Christine, especially since I haven’t hit pan on Nico yet. Still, this Chanel highlighter is right up my alley.

  30. Avatar of Lisa Lisa

    This looks gorgeous on you Christine – it gives such a subtle glow to your skin!

    Just wondering, which brush did you use for application?

  31. Ah its lovely! Another Chanel product I want my bank balance is going to hate me!

  32. I was hoping this wouldn’t be so beautiful, because I wanted it as soon as I saw it! It’s totally going on my wishlist now – it looks so lovely and subtle! ;) Thanks for the review!

  33. I thought this would be less subtle, so I think I will pass.

  34. Do you know if this is definitely Limited Edition? Because on the website it doesn’t state that it is so I’m a little confused!

  35. Emma M.

    Quite the season for highlighters!!! Do you have a preference for one between this and Armani’s Belladonna. Both got similar grading.
    Also, my favorite highlighter is still Chanel Poudre De Signee, based on that would you recommended either of these two or even Kevyn Aucoin’ candlelight? Thanks!

    • If you like Poudre de Signee, I kind of say go for this, because it is kind of in the same vein… and obviously both are LE so if you want to kind of “back up” your Poudre de Signee, get this. If you want something more different, Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight.

  36. Avatar of Laura Laura_Lou

    Will this be coming out in the UK? And if so do you know when? It’s so beautiful, I have to have it!

  37. pretty! but i think i’ll just stick to my meteorites, I’m not sure why but this doesn’t really make me want it, but the Sakura blush does! :P

  38. Tunalala

    Do you think this will even show on medium, yellow tone skin? I’m an NC 35-40 for reference. Thanks!

    • I worry it could turn ashy or look chalky on deeper skin tones. It doesn’t even veer that way on mine (and many of the very light powders can). Have you tried Lumiere Sculptee at all? That is very comparable and if that went ashy, I suspect this would too. It doesn’t have a chalky or pure white base, so there is some hope. Clearly, I don’t sound or feel very confident about recommending it, though!

  39. jeanfancoiscd

    Mmmm… I wonder if I should get this?! It’s quite similar the “Poudre Signée de Chanel”.
    Is it worth getting my love?


    • If you already have Poudre Signee and you aren’t going through it quickly, I would skip! If you love Poudre Signee and ARE going through it quickly, then yes!

  40. Hey Christine!
    I’m REALLY considering this powder, as I love Chanel products and I’m looking for a subtle highlighter. (Right now I use NARS Copacabana illuminator, which I love, but is not subtle at ALL). I’ve watched a few reviews on this, and I still have one question – does this have a matte or powdery finish at all? I love the idea of a subtle glow/”blurring” effect on the face, but I don’t want to look powdery. Thoughts?

    As always, thanks for the amazing reviews~

    • Hey Catherine!

      I don’t think it looks powdery, but it is a light shade, and if you layer too much on, it could look powdery. Applying normally, it didn’t seem powdery to me! It might be a big difference, though, from Copacabana to this – like this might seem almost matte, lol!