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Depends how pressed for time I am:
If real bad and I need to look ok – BB cream and lip balm (preferably tinted, I like Revlon Lip Butters for this)
If I have time I’ll throw on some mascara, eyeshadow (one color, blended up to the brow-bone), and blush – in that order… I mean obv I’d put on eyeshadow before mascara… but I mean… if I have time I’ll do both. πŸ˜›

I slap on some store-bought tinted moisturizer, fill in brows, and tap in a bit of under-eye concealer.

Since I usually don’t have time to powder–the TM takes a while to dry down, I throw a pressed powder and kabuki brush into my pack so I can finish later.

Sunscreen, TM, MPF, and a tinted lip balm. I have bangs again, so brows aren’t an issue anymore, LOL. I actually consider this part of my everyday routine, so along with brushing my hair & teeth, these *always* get done. If I don’t have time to do a full look, I don’t really bother at all. I feel a “thrown-together” look just looks incomplete, and almost like I’m trying too hard. If I plan to be somewhere I feel makeup is necessary, I make sure I have time, even if I need to wake up an hour earlier.

Sunscreen and tinted lip balm. If I’m really pressed for time, I tend to be too lazy to bother putting anything else on. I’d either go big or go home, I guess.

My fave go-to for when I’m really pressed for time is Tarte’s tinted BB primer. I can wear it on its own and it just evens everything out and gives me a nice soft glow (not dewy at all; it’s a matte finish). If I have more time I’ll put on powder foundation or BB cream over that, but if all I have is a couple minutes I’ll throw that on, maybe some mascara, and a lip product. I’ll add blush if I think I look particularly ghostly, probably a cream blush or something I can blend with fingers.

Although, my usual “I have no time” answer is to say forget the makeup and throw on a lip product in the car, and powder if I have time. I go out barefaced more than not.

Bronzer, eyebrows and lipstick.

If really pressed, just lipstick.

Just our of curiousity, which lipgloss have you found that has the least slicky/oily feel to it?

I love Dior lipglosses for that. I hate sticky lipgloss, so it’s worth the money to me to pay for them.

I love Burberry’s lipglosses; they’re lightweight but not sticky at all. Expensive though :/ Bobbi Brown’s are also really good.

I always carry around a makeup kit with me containing lip products, face powder, kabuki brush and one of Physician Formula’s eyeliner sets.

So at home, I would quickly do my face makeup, blush and setting spray. When I have five minutes to myself at wherever I am, I would just line my eyes with black on top and purple on the bottom then add whatever lip product I feel like using.

If I am pressed for time-I will do my makeup in the car ( usually only at red lights). Everything I have at home I also have in my car-just in smaller quantities

Nars creamy concealer (I forget the name), Mac lingering brow pencil, Kat Von
D liquid liner, maybelline classic volume express mascara, Dior lip glow

Well, when I have school I always have to hurry.
But I still manage to have time for my foundation, powder, mascara, blush and a lip balm.

Tinted moisturizer – Nars
Fill in Brows – Laura Mercier Brow Definer–an amazing pixiewoo recommendation–, Illamasqua Brow Cake
Mascara – Burberry
Gel Eyeliner if I have the time – 2 workhorses for a simple look: MAC Local Wares, BBrown Espresso Ink
Lip Balm – Korres Lip Butter in Guava

Moisturizer/SPF combo, and out the door I go. I’m a 30-something mother of four with dark eye circles, so what.

under-eye concealer, cream blush, mascara, sheer lipstick (revlon lipbutter or something comparable) – takes 3 minutes πŸ˜€ . I could even be persuaded to skip mascara and lipstick, but the concealer and blush are musts, make a WORLD of a difference to my face.

When I’m pressed for time, I still do lag quite a bit. I’ll admit to this bad habit: even if I’m running late somewhere, I’ll still take the time to tightline, line my upper lashline, curl my lashes, gel my brows (and maybe lightly fill them in, depending on HOW late I am), apply mascara, apply a little mineral foundation, and a pop of blush. That’s basically my day to day look anyway, just with a little bit of eyeshadow thrown in or a swap the powder foundation for liquid. It doesn’t sound like that much but for some reason, it takes me forever to do even those things πŸ˜› haha I guess I just like to apply everything really carefully! I’m not sure I will ever master the concept of the “5-minute look” πŸ˜›

PUR Minerals 4-in-1 foundation (it includes SPF and also works as an under-eye concealer), blush, Painterly Paint Pot on my lids, a bit of pencil liner and lipstick or gloss.

BB Cream

if time: tightline and blush

All in that order, I have quite pigmented lips so I can get away without colour for a while but will generally try to put some on at some point

Sleek BB cream, a few dabs of concealer, a swish of powder if I can be bothered. A light dusting of sheer pink blush, shimmery beige or pink e/s, curl lashes, mascara, tidy brows and a slick of gloss.

It takes me about 7 and a half minutes in total.

BB Cream, concealer, (sometimes) powder, mascara, brow gel and a lip pencil.

At least that’s what I’ve recently been using.

When I’m short on time, I usually brush on my mineral powder foundation, put on some black eyeliner (top lid only), mascara, little blush (because I have no color to my cheeks at all), and some lipgloss. Gives that casual look and I still feel “presentable” in public lol.

Foundation or BB cream, concealer, fill in brows, & mascara. But usually I always try to make time for blush and lipstick. If I really am short on time I try to make sure my lipstick is a low maintenance color that doesn’t require a lot of attention & touching up.

BB cream (one with more coverage, like Bobbi Brown) and/or a dusting of Nars Powder Foundation, blush, and lips (gloss or lipstick). If I don’t add some color to my face, I look super pale and deathly!

Tinted Moisturizer,curl lashes then mascara, bronzer to quickly contour and then I put on some lipstick in the taxi or subway. I choose a balmy formula such as Dior serum de rouge or Chanel rouge coco shine so a mirror isn’t really necessary.

Tinted moisturizer, contour, blush, translucent powder to blur everything. Highlighter and filled-in brows if I have the time. I have been taking mascara with me to apply whenever I get to where I’m going since my eyes have been incredibly sensitive to cold and wind this year, but pretty soon it’ll be warm enough to apply it at home.

– My usual Paula’s choice toner and Clinique Acne Solutions moisturizer
– Smashbox BB cream
– Smashbox Halo powder
– Tarte Amazonian clay powder on t-zone
– Blush
– eyebrow pencil
– Urban Decay 24/7 shadow stick
– mascara

Blush, neutral shiny lip gloss, shimmery neutral eyeshadow over my whole lid and mascara at a minimum.

Since eyeshadow is usually what takes the longest for me, I skip putting it on when I’m in a rush. I just go with powder foundation (since liquid takes longer to blend and buff in), liquid eyeliner, mascara, and my brow pencil. I contour and highlight quickly if I have the time.

MAC StudioFix Powder
MAC Brow Gel and Zoom Mascara
Lip Gloss
Blush left-over from brush (any shade for a pop of color)

Primer, foundation powder, filled brows, blush, lipgloss, and a spritz of setting spray to make it all last

BB cream, concealer if I have blemishes, tinted eyebrow gel (I love Anastasia), mascara, and blush. I always go for a blush that is more bronzy and/or glowy if I’m in a rush to give my face some dimesion. I have at least ten glosses/balms in my purse so I throw that on in the car.

I’m not a morning person AT ALL, so I often have this problem when I oversleep my alarm. Bright lipstick, a hat and/or sunglasses, and out the door – there’s very little that some bright lips and some accessories can’t conceal, LOL.

Concealer all over my eyes, mascara, fill in my brows, and a chubby lip pencil like CoverGirl jumbo gloss balm or Tarte LipSurgence.

1)SPF Moisturiser
3)Concealer/Highlighter Pen under eyes and on the entire eyelid up to the brow bone
5)Lip Balm

Serum/moisturizer, mascara and eyebrows. If I still have a bit of time, I’ll put on a light, neutral eyeshadow.

1. Concealer (MAC Moisture Cover is great for under eyes and around any red areas on my face)
2. Powder foundation is fast to apply but still covers
3. Brows
4. Pencil eyeliner is quickest for me to apply
5. Mascara
6. Tinted lipbalm as I run out the door πŸ™‚

Concealer to brighten up the eyes and mascara, maybe a little gloss if I have some on me. If I have a touch of redness on my cheeks, I’ll take a dab of concealer and use my fingers to even out, but otherwise I’ll skip that step altogether if I’m rushed. Honestly, I have plenty of days where I walk out of the house makeup-less, anyway, so it’s a really a question of what kind of rush we’re talking about. πŸ˜‰

Moisturizer–>MUFE Face & Body–> MAC color corrector–>NYX Cream Blush–>Apply lipstick on the metro!

If I really donΒ΄t have time, I will use lipliner to outline my lips and then lipstick, then I would use concelear on my undereye circles. If I have any time left I will use mascara on lashes, thatΒ΄s all πŸ˜€ .

If I’m really pressed for time, nothing.

If I have a bit of time, I fill in my eyebrows with powder and tightline. πŸ™‚

SPF moisturizer and lipstick. Sometimes a swipe of eyeshadow.
Guerlain terracotta Kohl on my water line if I am going to be in the sun.

concealer + mascara + brows
If I have 10 seconds left, I do my blush.
Or else, I do it in the elevator on my way.

if we’re talking “should’ve been out the door 5 minutes ago”, the bare minimum is sunscreen and brows, though I prefer to do blush and mascara too.

Concealer (undereye and acne), powder, mascara, tinted lip balm. Contour and blush if I have the time.

I would never skip blush or concealer! I’d rather not fill in my brows or forget about lip products…

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