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Mariella Avatar

OPI Gimme a Lido Kiss on my toes and – strange since I usually leave my nails bare – Dior’s Nail Glow stuff (that might be the name or it could be something else) – the “natural” polish that does seem to work some sort of magic, compared to other clear or “natural” polishes.

Celesta Avatar

The remnants of a Sugarpill glitter shadow named Celestia. I have this obsession with needing to buy things that are even remotely close my name. I think it hales back all the way to childhood and wanting a keychain or a name plate that had my name on it and never being able to find it… and knowing that I never would be able to find it! Celesta is, still, a very unusual name, so whenever I see something that is close I get really excited! I’m still waiting for the JD Glow Galaxy shadow in Celesta to come back in stock so that I can purchase it!

Deborah S. Avatar

I chose to name my daughter, Aislinn. It is an Anglo-Saxon version of the Irish name Aishling. I had read it in a trashy romance novel back in the 70’s and always swore that if I had a girl I would name her that. We pronounce it Az-lynn. Anyway, like you, she was always disappointed that she could never find her name on any mug, key chain, etc. The money I have spent having personalized names put on things over the years. She also hated that no one ever knew how to pronounce her name and frequently resorted to Alison. She always knew when the teacher came to her name as they would pause and stumble and then Aislinn would just say, “It’s Aislinn”. If they called her Allison she would be particularly upset as there is no L close to the beginning of her name. She has grown into it now at 26 and she likes having an unusual name. I think part of the reason I named her an unusual name was because mine was so common. The year I was born, 1954 Deborah was like the 4th most popular name that year and so there were always at least a couple of Deborah’s in every class I was in.

Tine Avatar

Nothing. My nails are brittle, unfortunately. I do have some periodes of time that they get stronger and I can keep them nice. I usually go for a light, natural shade. For example the O.P.I. wedding collection polishes or Essie’s Allure.
For my toes, I like shades as dark pinks and reds or black during the winter.

Lauren Avatar

Super cheap $2 NEON pink from one of the bargain stores. My nails practically glow when I go outside and I love it. I topped it with a really thick top coat I got at Sally’s years ago. I haven’t had my nails done for a long time, but since I’m not working at the barn like I used to I decided it is time to play around with what I have. All of my polishes were chipping a lot (they are all very old) so I decided one day to just pick up one on sale and it is the best performing of all of my polishes… even the expensive ones! It has lasted 10 days so far which is pretty unheard of for a non gel or dip formula. It has lasted through multiple riding lessons, deep cleaning of the house, etc. I’m going to go pick up more – I absolutely love neons and they had a neon purple. I just wanted to give one a try before committing to a collection of them.

Pearl Avatar

UNT peel off base coat
Cirque Colors Very Valentino
Sally Hansen top coat (super shine, I think)

I LOVE doing my nails. Lately, because I can just peel it off, I’ve been changing the color daily. But typically, with just a normal base coat, I change my nails every 3 days. I do the real mani – where I do cuticle care and the oil and all that – on Sundays but I do a mid-week polish change on Wednesdays.

Gilad Avatar

Giving my fingernails a breather. Toes are a glimmery red-violet from Julep. (got lots of Julep during their hugely marked-down close-out sales. There are still some shades left, if anyone’s interested. I find the quality mostly excellent.)

Deborah S. Avatar

It is funny, I hardly ever wear nail polish. I think it stems from my being a nurse and it being restricted, at least early in my career. Now I think they have relaxed the restriction. Anyway, I always just kept my nails buffed. I don’t have very pretty hands and my cuticles are always atrocious. Washing them at least 200 times a day does that to your nails. While sitting around the other day I got this whim to polish my nails and went on a scavenger hunt to find some polish in my house. I finally found a a polish by China Glaze? Is that a brand or a name, I am not sure. Anyway, it is in the shade Long Kiss and who knows how old it is. I didn’t have any top or base coats and so just put two coats of it on. Within 24 hours it was chipped and looking horrible. I was planned to take it off this morning but just hadn’t gotten around to it.
Side note: My paternal Grandmother was a nail polish junkie. She had shelves and shelves of nail polish and never didn’t have her nails polished. She always drank her coffee or tea with her pinkie finger in the air, like royalty. She had a lot of quirky mannerisms but all you have to do is mention Grandma to any family and they immediately think about her nail polish collection. Such a happy memory for me!!

brendacr1 Avatar

The woman that usually does my nails called me today to ask me if I was ok, I had to tell her that I would come back when there is a vaccine or when the risk is very low. Our city is turning into a hot spot the risks are too high to think about attending any place unless it’s a necessity. So my nails on my hands have a light pink shimmery polish that is low maintenance and my toes have Christian Louboutin Red because I had a red gel polish put on them just before covid hit and now it’s growing out.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I’ve really gotten into indie brands since my first try of Polish Pickup. There are some great companies making really unique polishes and even if they don’t last as long, I feel better about my money going to small businesses right now and people trying something new even if it isn’t perfect.

This week I’m wearing Magical by Night Owl Lacquer, last week was Doin’ The Mi-Most-A!⁠ by Baby Girl Lacquer, and next week will be Zombie on Fire⁠ by Vanessa Molina

Lauren Avatar

Nothing! I keep my nails super short because they’re not very strong and I hate getting paint underneath the nail. With my nails so short, polish makes me feel like a little kid for some reason, lol. I should put on a hardener more often.

Kitty Avatar

Nothing on my fingernails or toenails. I gave up wearing polish on my fingernails several years ago after wearing it for a few months and getting quite damaged nails. I finally figured out it was the bonding type base I applied; since then, I’ve discovered that it’s difficult to find base coats that don’t have some sort of bonding. So, no thanks.

I used to wear nail polish on my toenails in late spring, summer and early fall, the only potential times when sandals can be worn where I live. But due to foot surgery and other feet issues, I’ve decided to forego wearing polish on my toenails this year.

Rachel Avatar

I just have a pedicure at the moment. I did get my nails done prior to the shut down and it looked great for a week and then the upper layers of my nail bed started to peel off and crack. It has taken all this time for those parts of the nail to grow out, so I will be leaving them bare. Otherwise I have an excellent teal color on my toes!

Moxie Avatar

Prosecco by Sinful Colors. It’s a nice taupey grey with gold microflakes, and catches the light really well. It’s on my toenails as well.

I’m going to remove it this weekend since it’s starting to chip after three weeks, and apply my usual strengthener base coat and some nail cream.

I take super good care of my nails (cleaning, nourishing, filing, buffing, etc) because I used to have terrible warts, but now I have normal digits again so I like them to look nice.

Jen Avatar

Nothing – I want to do my nails but I always get caught between wanting to do an at home mani and using my hands for other things like knitting, writing, or other wet polish unfriendly things. So far the other things have won but I’ve got a growing collection of polishes waiting to be used and sitting right where I see them every time I walk into my bedroom. It won’t be long before I settle down and finally start playing with them.

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