What’s your nail care routine?

What’s your nail care routine? Share!

If my nails are really long, then I cut them to the right length and file to get the right shape (squoval for me). Every month or so, I buff my nails and use a cuticle oil all over–assuming I remember. I try to use hand cream every day, but I’m more at once a week.

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I do my nails twice a week, so I have a fairly complex nail routine. I use cuticle oil three times a day and use a cuticle cream right before going to bed. When I do my nails I usually remove polish with acetone nail polish remover then apply cuticle oil and push back my cuticles with an orange wood stick. Then I wash my hands to remove any oil from my nails and when my hands are completely dry, I apply two coats of base coat, then usually two coats of nail polish, any kind of nail art I am doing then two coats of top coat.

I’ll file my nails as needed. I use a cuticle remover (CND Cuticle Eraser), nail brush and put sweet almond oil on my nails each time I remove polish and. A strengthener (SpaRitual Nail Fortifier) each time I put on polish or plan to go without polish for a bit. Cuticle oil (CND Solar Oil) and hand cream gets used every day. My nails used to peel and break very easily so I became quite ritualistic in my nail routine to prevent it.

Pretty much just cut them when they are long. I change the color every other day and take prenatals and fish oil to help them grow. I don’t really file or buff them or understand the point of cuticle products.

I like my nails short,if I want it long I always use a fake nails. I use Clarins Hand&Nail cream everyday and nails moisture before use nail polish. I don’t have nails problam

Can you recommend me a nail top coat,please I still not find any that make my nail polish dry fast and not so thick formula 🙁

Not a routine but I try my best to keep my hands moisturised and cuticles supple so I don’t pick on them when they are dry! A full on mani sound like a distant luxury to me right now! no time 😐

I give myself a pedicure once a week (file, use the 4 sided nail block, paint nails), and i put cuticle oil on my nails once a day and hand cream a few times through out the day.

I’d say the most important part of my routine is taking my hair and nails-strengthening vitamins supplement every day. No more brittle, split nails for this girl. A nice side effect is that chipped nail polish has become a thing of the past.

I usually have a manicure once a month and between them I do the same as you Christine, i.e. cut and/or file them into a squoval shape. However I need to push back cuticles once a week and buff my nails twice a month as they tend to be slightly rippled.

I always moisturize my hands with either a cream or an oil and massage my cuticles with it as I walk out the door in the morning. I carry a Dior Huile Abricot in the ‘pen’ format with me in case I forget that step and I try to remember to moisturize my hands several times throughout the day.

I like having my nails pretty long – short feels uncomfortable to me, and it helps my stubby short fingers appear longer, so I only trim them when they feel to easy to break.

I don’t really do any type of nail care, but my nails are in pretty good condition apart from staining from polish which I can’t seem to stop :(.

Before I paint my nails I just cut and file them if needed. And when I break a nail, I just cut the others to the same length. And I use hand cream religiously, which my nails also benefit from obviously.

I get a gel overlay on my nails so I usually go to the salon every other week to get them filled in, clipped/filed and polished. I do apply a little argan oil on my cuticles to keep them shiny and healthy in between visits

Daily: Hand cream at night (Deborah Lippmann or Sisley Global Anti-Aging)
Regular weekly: Trim, File, Treatment (and I’ve tried many) Gehwol Protective Nail and Skin Cream which keeps my nails healthy and glossy. I wear squoval shape as well which seems be best for my nail type and hand.
Monthly: Cuticle remover (Deborah Lippmann), Cuticle oil to follow.

I keep things simple. I file once a week with a glass file. Use lotion every day (Aveeno is my favourite). Lush Lemony Flutter at night when I remember or want too – I’m trying to get into the habit of using it more often. And cuticle oil at least once a day – make sure it has jojoba oil as a main ingredient. I also use cuticle remover once a week.

Since I blog about nail polish I have to keep my nails looking good, but I don’t think you have to use a ton of products to do that. 🙂

nail care is my favourite part of my routine! here’s what i do:
1. hand cream with spf throughout the day (the clinique one is awesome)
2. rich hand cream at home/night (i’m using the almond burt’s bees one with the cow on the lid).
i use cuticle oil when i can remember or when my cuticles look super dry (usually once or twice a week)
3. home made full manicure once a week (including pushing and removing cuticles)
4. nail strengthener after two manicures or under my base coat if i’m just doing a polish change

I am extremely lazy when it comes nails but whenever i have ‘Nail-Time’ I use Sally Hansen Cuticle remover, Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil and hand cream (which I try and use every day)

Hm…I, er, don’t really have one 😛 I Push my cuticles back occasionally if one gets too ambitious, and I use hand cream (especially now in Winter) to combat eczema, but I wouldn’t say I really take any systematic care of my nails… (beyond, obviously, the usual hygiene!).

I don’t have a particular routine bet I do use Lanolips Intense Hand Balm twice a day or more. It depends on how dry my hands feel. I do file and shape my nails and usually use clear or pale polish once a week.

I have acrylic nails as i have dreadful nails (never been a nail-biter, just unlucky!), so I have these done every three weeks and have a gel polish on top. My salon is quite unique in that they don’t do ‘fill-ins’: they file the old acrylic nail off completely and start again. Perfect nails every time. In the meantime, I use handcream and almond oil to nourish. Footwise, I regularly file off dead skin and use Margaret Dabbs foot oil to nourish or in the winter use a good urea-rich foot cream overnight. I use gel nail varnish on my toes to match my nails (I have my own UV lamp).

I have four nails that tend to peel, all of them are rather weak. I use a lot of hand cream, oils and nail/hair strengening vitamins-minerals.
Since I bought Formula X base and topcoat, I don’t have to do my polish as often, the peeling nails get chipped quicker than to others, but as I don’t like doing my polish very often, I try to repair to give it all one or two more days.
I cut all my nails when one breaks, then I just file them, and sometimes I buff them a bit.

I have acrylic nails so I get them refilled at least every two weeks with the CND Shellac polish on top. I don’t really do much after that except keep my hands moisturized.

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