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If I had to do it all over again, there would be less lipsticks and glosses at any single time than what I have going on now. This would be based on my now knowing that lipstick or gloss, can go bad. As can any other cream or liquid product, that part I did already know about, which is why I won’t have several foundations at one time. But the same realization over lip products has been eye opening! With powder products, I’m already doing my best not to buy close dupes of anything I have. Overall, I would be far more discriminating and only buy something that I absolutely loved!

I definitely think my collection is overgrown and I am currently trying to use up mascaras, eyeliners, foundations and lip balms before I purchase anymore but I enjoy purchasing makeup and probably will never use all my eyeshadow, blush or lipstick. So what is a perfect size collection? Maybe one that has variety, is nicely organized and I like to rotate and use daily!

Me too! I wish I could tell myself threevif eachvutem is enough but would be lying to myself. I live buying and rotating makeup is pure joy & fun!

I think the most important thing is that your collection doesn’t get to a point where you can’t keep track of what you have.
I try to not buy too many products that take a long time to use up such as blushes, bronzers, highlighters, eyeshadows and primers. Otherwise I just end up with a bunch of products I am not able to have an overview over.
And I keep my liquid products such as foundation, concealer, mascaras.. at a size that allows me to use them up before they go bad, which is usually not more than 2-3 products per category.

I think I’m doing quite a good job on those products. But I have to admit that I don’t do well with lipsticks. The variety is just so huge in them that I always end up buying another one and another one….

I would actually like mine to be smaller and more concise. I went a little overboard a few years ago and got a lot of things I never use, and now I have a lot of makeup that is just going bad in my drawers. I would like to get rid of most of my eyeshadows – not because they’re bad products but bc I never use them. I have recently been able to downsize a lot, thankfully, but I still have so much to use up or replace. I want to replace everything so-so with products that are actually great in quality and worry less about money and having every single shade of everything 🙂

I think your audience is ‘fortunate addicts.’ Meaning that we are addicted to makeup, rather than harmful substances! Most of us will have far more than we can ever use/need. There is an emotional connection, and we collect far more than any non-m/u person would think is reasonable. I keep out of date stuff that means something…like Biba Blue Roses and the original revlon naked pink. They can instantly bring back a time, with powerful nostalgia. Therefore, a stash is infinitely expandable. Nuts, right? Some days, I do wish I had a core products philosophy. Between nostalgia and the endless search for a holy grail, it is total immersion…..and resistance is futile.

Like the size of my current one (IKEA Alex drawer, about two thirds filled), but with slightly different products. I like to be able to pick colors that don´t suit me at first glance and get variety to my makeup.

Once upon a time, in a distant past, (in a land far, far away – okay, I got carried away), I was more concerned with how to organize and store my makeup than how much I purchased. When I finally figured out that I was a hoarder, as I rarely threw anything away, I knew it was time to make some changes. So, I threw out all the old and unwanted (painful as it was), and discovered I didn’t have very much left. After all those purchases, what I really loved and used was a tiny fraction of my huge, unruly collection. That was an eye opener. Ever since then, I’ve chosen to buy only what I felt would always remain in the loved and used category. So I ask myself, on a scale of 1 to 10, is this at least a 9? Because I don’t ‘need’ it if it’s an 8 or less. And I probably don’t ‘need’ anything except replacement items, but that’s never going to happen, so I’ve got to keep it real — at least a 9 works very well. I’ve still made a few mistakes, but not very many (as I return the ‘no-way-I’m-keeping-this’ items quickly and unapologetically).

If I was forced to write down everything I own without looking at my collection, my best guess is that I’d be able to remember 95%+. And, that’s still plenty of makeup. I don’t store anything except backups of favorites I pick up on sale. And, I can still ‘shop’ my stash for items that I haven’t worn in a few months. So, I know my collection is comparably smaller than most, but it’s the right size for me.

I have drawn a line for myself and feel I should be well satisfied with one Ikea Alex. I’m in overload right now. I have another sitting in a box unassembled. I’m at a standoff refusing to put it together because I’m most certainly would fill it. NOT proud of this.

That’s exactly how I ended up using my daughters shelf and it went quickly when I should have been plenty satisfied with one. I would suggest to assemble it but place in another room for hobbies, etc. (ir have fun filling it up like I did). 😉
I don’t regret though but I’m to the point I’m saying enough is enough to myself although I love finding and checking new things.

Too many choices and too much stuff overwhelms me. Instead of making me happy, it makes me stress. In paying attention here and trying to choose carefully, I think I’ve reached the perfect storm. I like the size of my collection and I love what I have. I don’t lose track of things (or too often anyway), and I can rotate with enough variety for me. What I don’t use I’ve given away.

I have great combos of berry toned and coral blushes. I sorted through my eyeshadow likes and wants this year, and have that dialed in. I have lovely products, many of them luxe treats. I have more than I could likely use in a lifetime. I’m content.

I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% satisfied with or resolved about the color, texture, and coverage of foundations. So that’s an HG search that will be continued.

I use it 2x day every day. My skin just slurp, slurp, slurps it up. It took a little getting used to, but not long. I also don’t shy away from the under eye, on the orbital bone, everywhere but the lid.

I figured this would be your answer. I was curious as I cannot get there without seriously aggravating my skin. I have the same issue with retinoids. I have very reactive skin. I have no problem with applying eye area either, but just careful. I every other day it in both cases, alternating one with the other.
Sometimes I push and retinoid 2 nights in a row, but that usually has me grabbing the essential oils or Zelens Vit D to repair. It isn’t peeling skin, I’ve gotten over that ages ago, it’s angry red raised texture. I needed a comparative point between someone with less reactive more normal skin. Thanks Linda.

Oh darn. They do have one for sensitive skin, which my husband uses. Maybe that would be better? His skin is reactive too and he does better with that one.

Also, you can dampen your cotton pad then moisten with P50. I did that at first to ease into it. Maybe that will help you on an ongoing basis? It’s so good to balance the PH. I hope you can make it work. It’s the best product I have ever used, and that’s the truth. 🙂

I will check it out the sensitive version, thanks Linda..there are only a few versions of P50 approved for distribution in Canada. Not to worry though as I am okay as far as PH balancing. I can successfully use Zelens BHA without reaction issues. I do like the results from P50 though.. the Zelens is gentler, but I think less effective also much more pricey.

I prefer it to be smaller than what it is right now! Lol
I certainly wish there was a magic box, in which I could throw all of my makeup and shut it, then it turns into a small box!

A timely question since I just de-stashed. I think my perfect stash would be close to what I have now, maybe a little smaller. Eye shadows – palettes in particular – are my weakness so I will probably always have a large collection of those, but I could do with a few less blushes and a few less lipsticks. Anymore I find I gravitate towards the same tones and shades, so maybe I can start paring down (or giving away or using up) and leave just one or two variations of that shade rather than a whole organizer rack of it. I only buy from a few brands and after this recent de-stashing, I’ve gotten my collection back down to where it’s just representative of those few brands that I like. I will probably always have a stash that’s a little too big, though. Just when I think I’m done buying for a while, something else catches my eye. It’s always easier for me to recognize what I ‘needed’ in hindsight, though (thanks fomo! 🙄) and truth be told, I’d rather get my hands on it and then decide what I want to do with it rather than missing out.

My collection has about the right mix and range for me now — very few gaps, but on the other hand I have a few dupes I could pare out. So I’ll go with two drawers in my bathroom vanity, since that’s what it all fits into now.

Mine is about perfect now but could use some more foundation and Bb cream and countour stuff. I find buying basics boring compared to buying color.

. I need a nice matte palette for eyes.

I love buying eye shadow but I have a ton now. Probably 10 palettes and a bunch of singles.

Too much stuff I find overwhelming.

I have worn makeup and owned gazillions of all kinds of makeup to experiment with. Being almost 71, I am finally blessed with the knowledge that two colors really look good on me–pink with warm undertones/gold and coral/with pink undertones. Yeah, it took 71 years to figure this out. Had to try all that other stuff first. Now, I am trying to winnow all this stash down to one mascara that doesn’t drive me crazy (Thrive cosmetics), a powder foundation, two blushes (pink and coral), eyebrow pencil, shroom e/s, and Thrive cosmetics eyeliner. Lipsticks are Style Surge (MAC) and Chanel lipgloss (744). I know you guys love to experiment and have a lot to choose from. I feel better sticking with these products that I already know look good. They help me accept my wrinkles. 😀😂

Lol twice. I’m close to your age and those colors only get in my stash by set, because they are included. Never on purpose. They look dreadful on me! Think I’d have to go with your destashed products! As to the wrinkles, we earned them. Though I do admit to starting Differin, now that it’s otc. ‘Course I still break out, with the big M decades in the rear view mirror. Liking differin a lot.

I wish I could be satisfied with one eyeshadow palette, a liner, a mascara, you get it, one of everything. Instead I have at least 10 of everything, except liquid liner and mascara. I think I might have a few too many lipsticks. What I do need, but have no space for is a designated chest of drawers for makeup. Right now I don’t have a good view of my stash.
Having written this, and thought a bit, I think I’m actually close to a, for me, perfectly sized collection. I am trying to use up as much as I buy this year. I haven’t really lived up to that, but at least the collection isn’t expanding as rapidly as it’s done prior to this year.

Generally my current collection is pretty good: I tend to use only one foundation, blush, mascara, eye brow product and setting powder at a time. So most of that fits into one bag.
However my lipsticks are another matter because I like so many different shades – I am starting to cull the ones least liked. I think an ideal collection would have several different lipsticks to suit all seasons and perhaps not so many dupes of the one shade…my downfall.
It is, no doubt, eyeshadow palettes/quads and quints that I have the most of and there are a few that were impulsive purchases. In a perfect collection I think you would need a couple of neutral/nude palettes and have quints/quads and palettes of your favourite shades to add variety and interest.

Thank you for this topic Christine; I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s responses. It’s difficult to quantify but in truth I love having multiple options at my fingertips. Just like I have with jewelry, clothes and shoes. Sometimes I craft my look for the day based on my outfit, event, shoe and makeup look. I have my own personalized makeup counter and it gives so much enjoyment.

That being said, I try to declutter regulary. I have two nieces and a daughter that enjoy it as much as I do. It makes me happy to see their faces light up and the excitement on using a new product. I’ve also started to pay attention to my trends (sorry corporate language creeping in). I have too many red, pink and berry lipsticks. Too many pink, peach blushes. Because of this I’ve really cut back on buying new ones. I’m doing pretty good, I’ve only purchased one new lipstick in a few months and it was Bite’s fig/opal from Christmas, Sephora had on sale $10 and I justified it for opal. I really wanted it and didn’t want to pay full price. 😎

Other than my lipsticks being out of control and blushes trying to get there I’m pretty happy with the size of my collection.

I’ll start with, I’m a VIB Rouge member at Sephora, which I’m sure I’m not the only one here. I have two bathrooms to myself in my house and they are full. We are looking at moving so I will be taking a hard look at what works and what doesn’t, as I have been doing with the rest of my house. I love variety, but my lipsticks are out of control. I’m better at buying liquids as they don’t last, so I only have one backup for those. Eye shadows are a problem for me, I love color. I also have the fomo. But, as I will be moving I have not been adding to my stash, I have been using and using, and it is a good feeling. There is a Rouge event this Wednesday though, and I will be strong. It’s nice to watch my savings account grow instead of my credit card bill.

Well, “to use regularly” collection does not have to be that large, actually. 5-8 items in each category, apart from lipsticks (I have 30 currently and would not want to be without about 27 of them), foundations and concealers (I think 3-5 is a good enough variety imho).

I rarely use up any makeup products. I can count on one hand the lipsticks I’ve ever run out of and I use lipstick daily.

So my ideal makeup collection size would result in more frequent actual full consumption of products. Probably means I buy too many things I don’t love, eh?

A little bigger than what I have now ( Although Im satisfied with what I have) , but not too large to where it gets overwhelming.

The perfect sized collection provides variety without being overwhelming.
I have way more than most of my relatives. But I feel like I reached a point I don’t need so much anymore. Which is why I became really picky with what I decided to buy. I currently own roughly 15 eyeshadow palettes (this includes my singles), a few of pigments, two mascaras (one waterproof, one not), two foundations (one liquid, one powder) , one bb cream, two brow products (one waterproof, one powder), 4 eyeliners, around 15 lippies, one gloss, 4 powders (have been experimenting… Lol), 10 blushes, 5 highlighters, 1 bronzer, 3 small face palettes.
I could have less. In fact I am holding onto some products that I don’t love. I wish I had someone to gift it to because they aren’t bad product (nor cheap). I don’t want much more now. If something seems different and is not LE then I will take my time to consider it. As much as I love having options, I don’t want to splurge on an item anymore if it is to use it twice a year.

I know it is a LOT of eyeshadow but if I ever wear makeup it is because I want to compliment this eye look I just had fun creating. Sometimes I just apply some eyeshadow, mascara and a MLBB shade on my lips and call it a day.

I stopped buying many backupS way too early, compare more with what I have, realised my taste can change and that subtle differences in tone aren’t noticed to the non initiated.
Everything fits (not even being packed) in the two top drawers of my small Alex unit. And I am happy about it.

The size of anything is extremely and highly overrated. Here’s why I feel that that way. As long as you are happy with the products you already have in your collection, does that really mean that you need more just because it’s la labeled a “cult classic” or a “must have” should you really go out and get it? It’s a 50-50 answer. Mine would be no. It’s a personal choice. I have a rule that I if I want to add something to my collection, I first get rid of something. Whether I don’t care for it for some reason, I would ask my friends if they want it. If the product is almost finished, then I finish it before a new purchase. I think about it logically, and without waste. When it comes to new skin care products, I save a few jars and re-use. Sometimes you love a product and absolutely can’t stand the packaging or it’s not the right container size for traveling. So I clean and sanitize old jars ect and re-use what I already have. Make due with what you already have and you don’t need to run out and spend cash on a new travel jar or container, ect. You can save that cash for a new mascara or skincare product or whatever the case may be! Work smart not hard. Set limits on yourself so you don’t feel guilty afterwards. But, that’s just me! L. Hope I sparked some good ideas. 🙂

Holly Molly! Great topic and fun to hear everyone’s comments. I think I’m truly satisfied right now having tons of each item such as eyeshadows palettes love them, blushes this year I have fallen hard for them and highliters love them all! Lipsticks in every range of beautiful color I like, liquid lipsticks too, balms, lipgloss and always a few Chapsticks which I wear under all my lip products and to run outside. I believe tgeyctruly save my life and spf. I have mascaras, foundations, eyeliners plenty not getting another one ever. Most of the items I own are drugstore and I’m happy with them! And three Sephora eyeshadows palettes don’t need another one either and lipsticks omg! Lol! Shoes are my other passion and gardening. I have two cabinets from Ikea but not the Alex they are brown color with three glass shelves and thre drawers on the bottom. On my bathroom on both side of my sink. One was for my daughter but she graduated from college and moved close by with boyfriend so I gained hers. She loves to come and check my stash we both love makeup. Anyways, God or the beauty guru knows I don’t need more stuff I could be forever happy with what I have right now but I keep buying in impulse but trying to stop. Don’t want to run out of space but I do know where each thing is I keep it neatly and love to rotate daily. Is fun! Love it!

I feel my shadow and blush collection is pretty okay right now. The NARS liquid blush is tempting though. I feel I have a nice collection of mascaras( all minis minus one waterproof). My lip wardrobe is probably oversaturated at this point but I almost always wear a lip product every day. I feel my current collection is fine and well rounded in almost everything but face products. I’m lacking in a few concealer/foundation/finishing powder/bronzer/contour options.

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