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Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder, the loose version. It made my skin look dull and when I looked closely in the mirror, I could see the shimmer. I don’t find that necessary. I have Chanel, Laura Mercier and MUFE loose powders, but I was still tempted to try this one because I love Nars. Not for me, so back it goes.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

While it certainly lengthened my lashes, it went so far that to my eye they looked fake, certainly not what I want out of a mascara calling itself “They’re Real!”

I think the idea behind it is people will think you’re wearing falsies, but you will be able to say “They’re Real!”. I actually love this mascara…although I don’t love the price lol. I actually found myself saying “They’re real” several times when people asked what brand of lashes I used.

The “They’re Real!” name comes from the fact that people will think that your eyelashes are fake, but you can tell them that they’re real!

The mascara is supposed to give lashes that so big they look fake appearance, but in reality aren’t… The name is kind of a reference to when people speculate a woman’s large breasts are fake, but then the woman or someone exclaims, “They’re Real!” I wish the mascara had lived up to its name/claim, but it just gave me dry, crunchy, clumpy lashes that were weighed down. ๐Ÿ™ If you’re in the market for a more natural, you’re lashes, but better mascara, I’d suggest maybe checking out Clinique’s Naturally Glossy Mascara. It darkens, defines, and slightly emphasizes length while maintaining the sort of soft feel and semi glossy look lashes naturally have. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yeah. I’d like to try it but not for the price. I’ve heard more negatives reviews of this product than expected. It seems to clump up a lot. I hear so many better things about drugstore mascaras, it seems to be the way to go.

This mascara works really well for me since my eyelashes are rather skimpy. It gives the appearance of really long lush lashes that I wasn’t blessed with ๐Ÿ™

Anastasia eyeshadow palettes. They’re amazingly pigmented, buttery soft, and the colors are beautiful, but they really irritated my eyes, which are not the least bit sensitive.

UD Beauty Balm. I felt like it made my skin look ashen even though it’s supposed to be a universal shade. It wasn’t too harsh, but it stood out to me so it was a no-go.

That’s a recent fail for me, too – darkens my lashes some, but did absolutely nothing else for me, and I don’t want/need that much enhancement. I’m baffled by the raves for it.

Also bad lately, the OPI liquid sand nail polish from the Mariah Carey collection in “the impossible” – hard to get sparkly bits out, hard to achieve even application, and it chips super easily.

I had the same problem. My lashes were so clumped together, it looks like I had only 5 or 6 giant lashes on each eye. Gross.

Benefits oxygen wow foundation. Even the lightest colour is really orangey and the texture is really greasy and sticky. It’ll be sat at the back of my makeup drawer forever. It’s a really horrible product.

Aw, dang! I love Benefit’s Oxygen Wow in Petal. I got a foundation match at Ulta for this. The next day I tried it and though it should be called Benefit Oxygen Wow This Is Really Yellow! As it turned out, I used waaaay too much of the product. I think you shouldn’t let it sit in your drawer though; return it! Since you think it’s greasy I think you should try the one that didn’t work for me, Urban Decay Naked Foundation! I thought it was horribly dry, but I think you’ll find it perfect for you! Good luck!

Revlon colorstay ultimate suede lipstick. I only ever tried the iconic shade. Unfortunately, it was terrible: gone within an hour and patchy as time went by. Never again!

The last one was Too Faced Primed and Poreless Pure. It didn’t do a lot to help the look of my foundation, and it sort of rolled up into little pills if I wasn’t really careful applying it. Also, the fact that I couldn’t spread it around much meant that I wasn’t going to get many uses out of the tube anyway, so I just returned it.

What? Its a bold lipstick. The point of it is not to look natural. It’s called “Candy Yum-Yum”, but that’s just my opinion.

i just bought Candy Yum Yum on monday and i’m in love!!!! i didn’t catch it when the collection came out but i’m definitley glad it is now a permanent item. even better with gloss.

Benefit creaseless cream shadow in brass top AND mac Indian wood paint point. Both creased on me with and without a primer after about 4 hours. What’s up with that???????

The Benefit Creaseless cream shadows crease on me too – even when I apply it over primer. Really disappointing considering the name.
MAC Indian Wood paint pot didn’t work for me just due to the colour – pulled really orange on me but the formula worked fine. I own about 4 paint pots and none crease on me.
Maybe give the Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Wear Cream Shadow a try? I have one and it’s really good.

Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion, on me it creased awfully and the primer left in the tube separated really fast. I’d heard a lot of raves and was really disappointed.

Makeup for ever full cover concealer. People are crazy about it, but it tends to dry on my under eyes so much, I’ve tried putting eye creams, moisturisers, nothing helps. It’s almost the worst concealer I have ever tried.

MUFE HD foundation, i dont see the hype. It didnt nothing on my skin, just looked streaky, after powdering, it managed to look okay, but it didnt last all day, probably about 4 hours which is alot shorter than my maybelline matte mousse.

The one before that is benefit high beam, it does nothing for me!

i loved the HD foundation last year but ever since i bought a new bottle, it doesn’t do the same thing for me. not sure why. i’m not breaking out but it doesn’t give me that flawless look that it used to.

The Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream. I wanted to love it. I tried so hard to. But sadly, it’s just another example of the western tinted moisturizer with a BB cream label. I thought because of the thicker texture, it might have decent coverage.

Benefit Erase Paste. I keep trying it and finding it dreadful and then, a year later, I figure “what the heck; I’ll give it another try”. The last few times, I was smart and got samples but it just never works for me – too dry and scaly looking.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer. I’m between two shades and I went with the lighter one. It looks really ashy on me. Also in this weather I need something just a little more moisturizing. Strangely excited about the new NARS concealer now!

I bought a couple Milani color statement lipsticks, and although the colors are beautiful, I just can’t like them. They have an artificial sweet scent, and the texture is almost waxy like cheap Ulta brand lipstick. It doesn’t have a smooth glide during application. I guess I’m more disappointed about it because these lipsticks were recommended to me as being nicely textured high-end comparable lipsticks for a drugstore price. In my case with this Milani product, I got what I paid for. =/

I agree about the taste! I wish they would have left it tasteless instead of that nauseating fruity taste. I put my Bath and Body Works (Bigelow) lip gloss over it to make it taste like mint. LOL

I had the same problem with the Milani lipstick. I had to throw it away because whenever I smelled it, it made me sick to my stomach. Lipsticks aren’t meant to be scented!

MUA brush on concealer pen.. it has a HORRIBLE texture like i’ve never seen and a TERRIBLE old-ladyish scent, very very strong and totally uncomfortable. i don’t mind scents in beauty products, i quite oftem find them pleasent, but god not this one. i was really shocked with this product.

Urban decay naked palette 1, I know many people love this palette, but it just wasn’t for me, way to much fall out and glitter eyeshadows, I am not saying is not a beautiful palette, it just didn’t work for me, and I wanted it to work so badly. I like the naked 2 , I find it more wearable, I don’t own naked 2, but when I go to sephora I swatch it, and it looks a lot better to me. I just have being afraid to get it, because I had so much hope for the naked 1, and I didn’t like it.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess… I read so many rave reviews, but it just was way to orange for my complexion.

Kevyn Aucoin’s concealer. It makes me so sad because I LOVE all my other KA products. It’s just too creamy and settles into lines even with a setting powder on top. It doesn’t help much that the color selection goes from yellow to yellower. I need peachy pink under my eyes!

The one before that is GA Eyes to Kill mascara. It applies way too much product (even after I wiped off the brush), it makes my lashes stick together and look clumpy. It’s also the least tear resistant mascara I’ve tried. One tiny mist or drop of something wet and you’ll have mascara all over your face. Definitely not something for sensitive/watery eyes or something you should use if it’s raining or snowing outside. This mascara is now in my top 5 worst product of all time.

NYX Mega Lip Shine in Sugar Pie. Too milky and pale for medium skin tones. I think I’ll be returning it soon…

On the upside, NYX Xtreme Lip Creme in Absolute Red, which I got the same day, is gorgeous. ๐Ÿ™‚ So my trip to Ulta wasn’t wasted.

Maybelline Color Tattoos metal collection. I got “Inked in Pink” and “Barely Branded” and they creased horribly on me! Either with a shadow on top or by itself, could not stop the major creasing. Guess my eyelids are just too oily for them. :/

I have hooded eyes that are a tad oily and have the same problem with all cream shadows. I found that laying down a layer of concealer with pressed powder before I put on the cream color will sometimes limit the amount of creasing I get. (You can put the primer over top of it once the powder settles!)

I had another problem with Maybelline Color Tatto. After a few hours of wearing it, my eyes and all the area around them got extremely irritated. I wasn’t able to wear it a second time. But maybe I’m just allergic to some of its ingredients.

Primer from the Lightful line of MAC Cosmetics:

My skin is sensitive, but the product is rather greasy and uncomfortable on my skin and not acting as good as base like the other primers under the same brand by wear and primer functions!

Estee Lauder Double Wear. I have worn it for over a year and got another bottle in the same color/same name. They are different. More orange, did not last 4 hours and made me break out. The sales lady said they did not change the formula, only the color line. Um, I beg to differ. Ordered MUFE Mat Velvet and hope I have better results.

mineral and Mary Kay eye shadow, been having a hard time finding one that doesnt make my eyes itch and turn red and both of these did just that

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Emerveille. Does not last half an hour on my lids, clumps if I try to layer it on, creases like crazy, and just not worth ยฃ23. It’s put me off trying other colours.

The most recent that I can think of was Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray in Medium/Deep. The color was perfect. However, it worked terribly as a primer.

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Spot Eraser, and Foundation. First off, I bought the lightest shades in each, and both are considerably too dark for me. I’m not even that fair.

Secondly, the foundation has the horrid oily texture when you apply it, but my skin looks parched, dry beyond belief when I wear it.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend either. Ever. At all. Save your money…

Mario Badescue Silver Powder and Boscia Willow Bark Treatment . Both made me get cystic acne all over my skin, got my oily skin to become itchy and just bad bad, And tHis was after only 2 days of using it. So am now treating with Oxy5 … boo hoo, dryness and burning, but the acne seems to be going down. WHAT A LIFE!

Theres two, Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream. I wanted to like it so bad, but I felt it was almost drying, and way to thick for my liking. The other one was Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing and Brightening Cream, it just made my skin so dry, my forehead was flaking, it was not a pleasant time. So back to Sephora it went.

The Korres moisturizer did that for me too! I LOVE the Korres Milk Proteins Face wash, but really disliked the moisturizer, under eye cream and serum. So sad.

I didn’t like Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Stain either! I don’t think it is dry, for my lips it moistured well, but the “pen side” (the one with the color) doesn’t work for me. It always makes parts of my lips look more colored then others.

Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm. I must be allergic to some ingredient, because instead of moisturizing, it made my lips feel shriveled and dry. Disappointing, because the crayons look so cute!

I work for Clinique and we’ve had a few people allergic to them just because of the moisturizing ingredients. Which is totally fine I would try to exchange it or return it because that is not what it’s suppose to do and I’m sure the consultant will not have a problem doing that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that helps a little bit

L’Oreal Magic BB Cream. It’s very drying, especially under the eyes. Very disappointing because it was a perfect colour match for me!

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation. It just sat on top of my face all streaky no matter what brush, sponge, or fingers I used. Luckily it was just a sample so I didn’t waste money on it.

mufe smoky lash mascara didn’t work out for me. even though it’s good for keep lashes curled, i really didn’t see any lengthening or volumizing. also, too much clumping.

Chanels perfection lumiere foundation. There is nothing wrong with it but it says lumiere in the title giving me the idea that it is luminous. It is however not luminous but matte and I don’t like matte foundations.

I did find it clung to the drier spots on my face and looked a bit cakey… Sephora’s primer made it better. I liked their ‘beige’ color though: not too orange or too ‘bland’ – just right.

I bought Perfection Lumiere a year ago, and I have to agree. Very cakey, not luminous at all like the Vitalumiere.

Totally agree on the Perfection lumiere. Made my dry-ish skin look very cakey, no matter how much lotion I had on, or how much I blended it out. Took it back and the Chanel MUA tried to say I wasn’t using the right lotion. Glad to see that I’m not the only one with the problem. I ended up with the aqualumiere compact, which is much better.

Rimmel Glam’Eyes Lash Flirt Volume & Lift Mascara (why do they have to give their products such long names? Really?) To be fair I have only tried it once but nothing about it says volume to me – length? Yeah, it lengthens, but that is NOT WHY I BOUGHT YOU, MASCARA.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Compact Foundation. Too dark, too orange and too emollient. And too bad because I loved the concept. Also, Revlon Nearly Naked foundation, which made me break out and broke down at the end of the day into a shiny, orangey mess. So that’s two very popular foundations that were a total miss for me.

L’Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation. I tried C6, 7 and 8. A friend suggested I try a W color. I found an old bottle of L’Oreal HIP Liquid Foundation. It looked great so I went on ebay and bought three bottles from one seller. I like to have a powder and liquid based on covereage needs. I would like to try a new Fashion Fair Mineralize for light coverage. Really excited to see that Sam Fine is their new creative director.

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30! ๐Ÿ™ It is heavy, feels difficult to blend and after a couple hours made my skin look more oily.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. It’s TERRIBLE! It dries so damn fast that I do not have the time to properly blend it and wind up using three times more than I need to! It’s dry, cakey, and makes every single scar and dry patch of skin stick out like a sore thumb. When I pay $38 for a foundation, yes thirty-eight dollars, I expect it to be worth every single penny. Benefit’s ‘Hello Flawless!’ Oxygen Wow foundation is far superior. It has better coverage, better texture, doesn’t dry so fast it’s impossible to work with, and has a beautiful, long-lasting, matte finish. (Benefit’s is also $38.)

Nars Super Orgasm – hardly showed up on my NC42 skin, and hey! Glitter!! That was all I could see when I wore it. It didn’t even show up until I used plenty.

Drugstore: Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eyeshadow Stick – gorgeous colors, don’t budge, but OMG, my eyes started burning and watering within five minutes and kept burning all the way till I took it off. Sucky.

sadly both fails were from Too Faced. I love most things Ive used from the brand, but their better than false lash system did not work for me. the fibers kept getting in my eyes and sticking to my lenses. I tried it seeveral times several ways and I just get better results from regular mascara. Also their new Air Buffed BB cream does not do what it claims. It is not full coverage or moisturizing. I feel that its more like a light foundation.

For Christmas I had gotten a bunch of minis of Clinique mascaras. I hate them all except the bottom last one, which is OK but regular mascara does the job fine, thanks. All of them gave me panda eyes, black marks all over, smudgy. Some were easy to get off, some extremely difficult to a point where I had a few lashes fall out! One of them didn’t dry fast so every time I close my eyes and set my makeup with UD de slick, it goes everywhere! Yet another dissapointing product. Benefit they’re real was also nasty. I think I may have got a bad mini tube of it, but I’m not coughing up the money to see if I got a bad one by accident. It was spidery, clumpy, awful.

I’ve never tried that particular Benefit mascara, but after 3-4 minis of Bad Gal mascara, all giving me the same horrible result, I concluded they couldn’t *all* have gone “bad”, and that it had to be the formula. It was so awful, I’ve just written off any Benefit mascaras…

YSL Touche Eclat foundation.
It’s supposed to be wonderful and dewy and good on dry skin.
The coverage is perfect and when I first apply it, it looks amazing from a distance. But it goes completely flaky on my nose and within an hour it’s dull and dry and chalky-looking. The color also goes kind of gray after a while. Which is weird because it’s probably the darkest and most yellow of all the foundations I’ve been trying out lately.
At least I only got a sample and didn’t actually buy it.

I’d have to sadly agree. I wanted so much for this foundation to work cause I have dry skin as well. But your right, after a few hours I noticed it looking dull, gray and patchy.
The search continues for a good foundation for dry skin lol

Mac Kinda Sexy lipstick. It looks pink/peachy on the tube and on other bloggers lips but it ends up looking SOO mauve and brown on me. ๐Ÿ™ Regret! Same applies with Mac Boldy Bare… ughh

Maybelline Colour Tattoo. Creased like crazy and didn’t stay on long enough by itself. Use them all as bases now for other eyeshadows because they’re so shocking on me!

Bobby Brown concealer/corrector with the yellow powder. Too stiff for me and really did nothing in terms of concealing. Clearly NOT the secret of my universe!!! I will stick to Cle de Peau despite the price tag……sigh!!!

Hi! If you liked the formulation of face and body, maybe you could try buying their white shade (assuming that you bought either N1 or C1). Mary Greenwell, a famous British makeup artist, did a tutorial on makeup for pale skin on Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube channel and she had to mix the lightest shade of face and body with white to get a match. I hope this helps!

I keep trying NARS Sheer Glow because I want to love it so much, but it just doesn’t really work on my skin type; it always looks cakey even when I sheer it out. But it’s a shame because Mont Blanc is a good color for my skin.

Me too!! What’s worse is that I was visiting someone and when I went to their washroom I was shocked by how bad it ran! Right into the garbage- what a disappointment as it went on great!

Nars Persia eyeshadow! It made my NC45/MUFE 173 eyes look sickly. It looked better when I applied it as a a blush. I returned it as I already have the best orange blush ever, NARS Taj Mahal.

Got another one – Inglot’s brush cleaner. Absolute crap at cleaning brushes. It smells like alcohol which I use to disinfect but not to clean with. Complete waste of money. Leaves my brushes still stained with pigment. If I wanted to disinfect my brushes, I’d just use pure alcohol. Going back to MAC’s brush cleaner which is much better.

I’d have to say Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner. I don’t know if it’s the shade I got (14) or the entire line, but it was rather sheer and hard to build. The worst part was how clingy it feels on the skin, and as a result, flakes like crazy. Total flop for me, which is sad because I love the color.

Does anyone have a recommendation of a dupe? (Black with multicolored sparkles, gel or cream formula preferred but liquid or pencils are okay, too)

On the other hand, I recently changed my hair color after being a bottle blonde for nearly 8 years. Many of my previous HG shades now look off on me, so sad. >’:

I don’t know of one product but I’ve worn black liner and then used a glitter liner over it any number of times. I have all kinds of colors. Urban Decay had out a black based one with multicolored sparkles. I’m not sure if they still do but it’s worth a look. Also in Sephoras line they have 2 styles. The one that’s a mascara with a liner brush tip has a color called Midnight Navy. It doesn’t say it in the description but the sparkles are multicolored. This could be perfect over a black liner to dupe out MUF’s I think. Tarantino has a similar one to UD’s but they are their own website only I think these days. They’d pulled out of Sephora last year. And NYX has a big range of them too. One I love is with AB sparkles in a clear base. Whatever liner you wear it’s color shows thru with the AB sparkles. I looked for it on Ultas website but couldn’t find it. I know they are in the store itself.

The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder just doesn’t seem to work for me. Everyone raves about it but it doesn’t really extend the length of my makeup or give me that great of a finish. Any recommendations for a pressed powder? I picked up the Tarte Amazonian clay mineral powder but I haven’t tried it out yet. I’m crossing my fingers. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pretty much every mascara I’ve tried lately. I’ve been on a search for a HG mascara, and nothing is working.

First tried Maybelline’s The Rocket – awful. SO CLUMPY. I couldn’t even salvage my goopy eyelashes after I applied it. I had to remove all my eye makeup, then start again.

Diorshow was next. It was just meh.

I bought YSL Shocking next, after hearing amazing things about it. Fail. Maybe I got a bad tube, but it’s like there’s no stopper. SO much product comes out on the wand. I have to wipe the excess off on the top of the tube, and even then it’s insanely clumpy. I can salvage it if I only do one coat, then go over it with another coat of something else.

Sigh. I guess I’ll stick with Giorgio Armani Eye To Kill. It’s the best mascara I’ve found so far, but it still falls short of HG status.

LOL. You sound like me a few year back. I like a more natural and unclumpy look and I also have oily undereyes so everything smudges on me. I bought and returned practically every mascara that Sephora sold until I tried Fresh’s Supernova. It’s a very unassuming mascara that does not make extreme claims but works very well and did not smudge on me. Other mascaras that I’ve since found and loved are Guerlain’s G mascara, Dior’s New Look mascara (removes with warm water but does not run when you get caught in the rain; don’t use makeup remover with this)and Tom Ford’s Extreme Mascara (it’s not that extreme but I like it). Close runner-ups are L’oreal’s Lash Millionaire and Chanel’s Le Volume. Hope this helps!

Benefit Hello Flawless powder – I didnยดt like the texture, the finish (extremely powdery) or the coverage. It simply did not work for me and I truly regretted buying it, because I cannot return makeup here in Mexico :(.

CDP Concealer in beige. The colour is ashy on me (a little like zombie skin) and while I like that I can use it for both blemishes and under the eye, it gives me lines I never knew I had and I’ve tried every application method under the sun. I might have kept it for blemishes if not for the colour match. But there are better concealers out there that are much easier to use and that are cheaper. For all-round concealing, Ellis Faas and Koh Gen Do (which has a similar consistency to CDP) come to mind and depending on your needs, MUFE, Amazing Cosmetics and NYX all have amazing products. It was disappointing because it works so well on so many other people but I’m not too broken up at not having to shell out $70 for concealer.

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