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I don’t have any or at least I haven’t had any in a really long time. I don’t just get anything or feel the need to have everything that is released and I generally spend some time contemplating an item before I purchase so I don’t usually buy items that don’t work for me!

Oh goodness, Christine, that one was truly awful! 8 shades of white, LoL!

Mine was going on a strange gray-themed eyeshadow binge in December. I do not look all that great in very cool tones, so I don’t know what I was thinking! So it would have to be Viseart Chroma Theory palette. Not because of any quality issues, the formula is pretty much flawless. Instead, more an issue with my own temporarily skewed perception of what I can and probably cannot look good in. I still use it, but very rarely as an all in one look, though. It was my own fault.

You could try topping your greys with MUFE Star Lit powder in 02 Frozen Gold, 13 Ivory, or 15 Golden Pink… or (pink) opal from the KVD Alchemist palette…

I know it sounds weird, but grey eye shadow looks great on me, and the other day I wore a grey eyeshadow look with Frozen Gold as a highlighter just an inch away, and the look was really unexpected and interesting, so I’m planning to try topping grey or silver with the gold…

Thank you for that suggestion, Fran! Yes, Frozen Gold would definitely work. Back in the 80’s when I worked for Jean Pierre Cosmetique (which sadly, no one even remembers them anymore), we had a pressed eyeshadow that was like MUFE Frozen Gold. It was what I paired with all sorts of cool toned shades, including black and deep, deep grays. Always made them far more wearable! The one by JPC had a very stark white base with a very light, but bright gold duochrome reflect. Went through several pans of it, because 80’s (and early 90’s) I wore it on my browbone or inner lid every day!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. I really liked the formulation, but the coverage for my horrendous undereye circles was disappointing.

I second that. Had such high hopes for this. Formula is terrible – it sets into my pores and has almost no coverage. So basically when I use it I have highlighted pores plus dark circles plus redness. Going back to Nars Creamy Concealer.

I ‘third’ that. The naked concealer provided little to no coverage for me and it creased really bad (no matter how quickly I set it with power) and oxidized during the day. I find the Nars Creamy Concealer much better, I don’t even have to set it.

Serpentina was so bad. Thankfully it didn’t put me off buying Metal Matte because the quality difference is night and day. Even the pigment in Serpentina is bad and I thought it was virtually impossible to make a really crap gold pigment.

ABH’s Moonchild. It’s not terrible or anything, but I’m so pale that I don’t really get the benefit of the shift of my skin tone, they mostly just look white. Considering there are better white highlighters available texture wise I’m just kinda eh on it.

Marc Jacobs EyeCon no.20. winter collection palette. Obvious, plain, cheap-looking, flat colours. Nowhere near the quality of e.g. UD palettes.

Marc Jacobs mascara. It’s really wet and gloopy. It clumps and leaves big blobs of product on my lashes. I have to brush through like mad with a clean spoolie to get a look that I would wear out of the house.

I thought the deluxe size was fantastic, but when I bought a tube of it I had the same problem with it that you did. I don’t understand why there was such a difference.

On the “up side”, a tip I saw way back in a Wayne Goss video and which I’ve always liked works really well with this mascara. Wipe some of it (and there is so much that comes out, this is easily done) onto an eyelash comb and use that to apply the mascara. It gives a really natural but defined lash look, which is the look I like best in any case. It’s an extra step but not much more “extra” than using the clean spoolie to clean off the excess from my lashes.

Tarte Clean Slate Creaseless Smoothing Eyeshadow Primer. It was greasy and liquidy. I tried to do my eyeshadow, but it was like I had no primer on at all. My eyeshadow wouldn’t blend and when I applied my lid color, it didn’t cling to my lid at all! My eyeshadow came out patchy, powdery and sheer. I had to take it all off. Worst $20 I’ve ever spent. This crap is going back to Sephora!

I had the same problem when i started using it — you need to shake the tube! (who shakes a small tube? but helps a ton!) but i wont repurchase after im done with it.

Oh gosh…I’ve been waiting for Sephora to restock it because I loved the look of it here when Christine reviewed it. Maybe I need to rethink this now, though I read some pretty negative reviews of the Cashmere Colour Theory palette and I absolutely adore that one.

Mariella, Sephora does have a good return policy. Clearly Christine’s palette was significantly better than the one I received (and also another reader on here also commented that her palette was sub-par). You could get a good one…or, if you’re near a Sephora, you could always check it out in person. The shades are really pretty and if they had been done well, it would have been a good palette to have.

Rebecca, that would be great as I’m sure I got a bad batch. Unfortunately my local Sephora doesn’t carry Viseart and they gave me a hard time last time I tried to return a subpar product. They tried to insist I take a store credit saying it was a “hit against their store”. It’s not worth the 25 minute drive to me.

Asche, you can see my terrible swatches on my social media. The mattes are awful. Additionally, the palette was assembled badly and the pans are attached crooked and wavy. I’m pretty sure with all the mixed feedback on the palette there had to be a batch issue.

I definitely believe it is a batch issue, Michele, because when I saw your swatches on Facebook I thought so instantaneously. Like night and day quality wise between yours and Christine’s. So, even though I really love that one, I will either 1.) wait until I can swatch it in person, 2.) Get the Minx Theory palette instead, or 3). Get TF Honeymoon quad instead.

Tom Ford Honeymoon quad — colors are too dark and shimmery for me. If I’d paid attention I might have spotted these things before buying, but the conversation in my head was more about the cost. Lessons learned.

I love mine, but usually pair it with the A/W duo or Nude Dip using one or both of the darker Honeymoon shades. Maybe it’ll help make it more wearable for you?

Periodically I experiment with it including recently with lighter more matte/satin shades. None quite right yet. Thanks for these specific suggestions

Becca Backlight Primer and the under eye highlighting corrector. The Backlight literally flakes off my skin during the day. I’ve checked reviews and could not find anyone else having this trouble, so maybe it doesn’t mesh with my serum and moisturizer. The under eye correcter is just too fussy: by itself or when set with powder, it causes my mascara and eyeliner to travel. Maybe it would work better with concealer on top (for a younger person), but when I put concealer on top I instantly look 10 years older.

I really like that Becca Backlight Filter Primer (stupid name!) but I like it best worn on its own over my moisturizer! So not like a primer at all. I have worn it under foundation and while its lovely sheen gets obliterated entirely by the foundation, I haven’t had it flake. I wonder if it just conflicts with the formula of your foundation (I have read several times that water based foundation don’t work well with silicone primers, and vice versa though I still don’t know how to discern in any meaningful way what is water based and what is silicone based…on those occasions when I do read labels, everything seems to contain a goodly amount of BOTH!)

I am so sorry they both are so terrible for you! They are two of my favorite products I use and rely on every day. It’s amazing how what works for one is such a bust for someone else.

Maybe it’s the vitamin C serum I use before I apply the Backlight Primer? Vitamin C serums do have an odd, tacky texture. I waited 10 minutes before applying Backlight, waited 10 more minutes before applying foundation. It peeled all day at work and when I got home from work my son told me I had food on my face, but it was actually my Primer/foundation concoction.

If I try again, I want some tips before I have the same mishap. Do you use it as a Primer, Linda, or do you mix it with your foundation? Do you apply it with fingertips or brush? If you do put foundation on after the Primer, what foundation do you use and what is your method of foundation application (fingers, brush, sponge)?

Oh wow so sorry they didn’t work for you. I have stock in these two. I love how they work under my foundation. A great smoothing effect. Use them every day faithfully. Feel bad when I love a product and it doesn’t work for others. Maybe its the formula of your foundation not mixing well with the primer? Try another foundation? Maybe exfoliate a few times more and use a good moisturizer . Just offering a little advice to help. Good luck

Ugh, the Lancome rose highlighter. I figured it would make a lovely vanity item, but I only buy vanity items I can actually use. Even on my NW-05 skin and regardless of application method (tried every highlight brush I have, beautiful blenders, and of course fingers) no highlight showed up at all. Total waste.

Is that the highlight from the new collection? So many Lancome products over the past couple of years have had lackluster/barely there pigmentation.

Yes, the new one that looks like the Laduree rose blushes. Absolutely terrible. Definitely a fail akin to their recent palettes with the lack of pigmentation and usability.

Anything and everything Charlotte Tilbury.

CT, I have come to believe, is 80% junk relying on cult of personality. Oh, I fell for it. Several times. Last month I bought herColour Chameleon eye pencils (appropriate for my eye color!) for something quick in the morning. They were HORRIBLE. They were so bad I was almost offended. Right back they went.

Everything I have bought from CT I have either returned, sold, or given away. Never again will I buy anything from the brand.

That’s disappointing. I was interested in her new Valentine lipstick shade, but maybe a I should go with one of the Hourglass GIRL Stylos instead.

The only product I’ve tried from CT was the cream shadow. I figured she worked with Tom Ford to develop his and is largely credited for it so I expected around Tom Ford level quality. Perhaps a bit less but still great. Nope. They’re BAD. The colors are gorgeous but the product is way too slippery. It doesn’t have the pigmentation, build-ability, layer-ability, or anything near the iron-like wear. Nowhere near worth the price since you can get amazing cream shadows at all sorts of price points. Her lip colors look pretty but when I swatch them I don’t think the texture will work for me. Again, nice color choices but I don’t think the product comes up to her reputation level.

Linda, I thought I was the only one not loving her products! I bought a few of her products searching for something that would work. I bought the Vintage Vamp palette set, Color Chameleon’s, Eyes to Mesmerize etc. All were terrible. I hate the “magic cream” it is heavy and sticky. The only product that I think actually works and is nice is the Filmstar Bronze and Glow.

I wanted to try her line and googled what was worth it. The products that are raved about are good – Bronze and highlighter duo, powder, browpencil, some eyeshadow quads. The cream eyeshadow pencil were and are a big miss.

Thank you! I loathe almost everything from that woman, it really is over priced tat! She’s a good make up artist, but still prefer Lisa Eldridge and Pat McGrath anyway!

All this makes me feel so much better about abandoning the lip liner I kept. And this is after returning all the lipsticks right away.

I agree completely Linda. I haven’t found one CT product from skincare (overly fragranced so I can’t get past it) to color cosmetics (never last and often fragranced) to her brushes (bristle fallout) that I like. She’s really such a talented MUA, I think it’s a shame.

The Too Faced Grand Hotel holiday kit. It was so cute and I bought it before you reviewed it. At least it was with Ulta points so I don’t feel too bad… still pretty ashamed I got suckered in

House of Beauty lip hybrid. I don’t understand the hype around those. I bought a few of them. Only one of them actually looked like the advertised photo. The others ranged from poorly pigmented to like spreading jelly on my lips. One of them wasn’t even mixed properly and had little chunks of pigment in it. I will say that in their exchanges with me they were super nice and exchanged a couple of them but they also implied it was how I applied them and not how their product was made. No matter how I applied them, the only way to get the color to look opaque was to lay it on so thick that when you open your mouth it all sticks together and is gloppy. Never again lol.

I think I’d have to go pretty far back to answer that question, assuming my memory isn’t failing me (which it certainly could be). I’d have to say … my Revlon and Wet-n-Wild balm stains. They’re glossy, and I rarely use them for that reason. Love the balm stain concept, but I can’t get used to the finish. And they’re not moisturizing enough (at all, really, just non-drying) to make me feel like the finish is worth dealing with.

Have you tried the Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil in Tiramisu? It’s one of my all-time favorite brown liners. HIGHLY recommended. Christine is a big fan of this formula as well and it’s about half the price of UD/other mid-end to high-end liners.

The Chanel Travel Palette. It’s sad when a $95 palette requires a $6 drugstore shadow primer to have any pigmentation or staying power at all. (Props to the NYX primer, though, for saving me from a total waste of money.)

NARS Dual Intensity Cheek Palette, the colors are great and the formula is beautiful but it’s so much work to get them out of the pans!

MUFE’s holiday palette, only because it went on sale the next day!

My complaint also about the Dual Intensity Blushes until I read to use a stiffer natural bristle brush (I had been going at it with my favorite It for Ulta Boutique Blush Brush). I was surprised how well it worked for me so thought I’d pass along the tip.:)

I bought six OFRA liquid lipsticks the week before I started Accutane. Suffice it to say, the liquid matte lipstick and my lips are not very good friends right now!

Urban Decay Naked (all except Naked 3) eyeshadow palettes, Smoked, Book of Shadows, Vice 3, Spectrum and a few others I can’t remember. I don’t care for the brand’s aesthetic and what they think is pop culture edginess.

Kat Von D Tattoo Brow liquid brow liner. The problem was that I bought it online without swatching it first, and the shade I bought, Light Brown, looked literally PINK against my skintone. It looked absolutely ridiculous in my light ashy brows… I returned it immediately and I swore never to buy a brow product without swatching it!

TokyoMilk fragrance wardrobe. I used my vib $25 gift credit on it, and unfortunately all but 2 smell horrible (to me) and the 2 I love give me migraines when I wear.

Bright side is the bottles are really cute and if nothing else I can display them in my bathroom like an art gallery.

Sorry to hear this. Have you tried using it as an eye shadow over a colored base? Try a cream shadow or creamy base in any color you like and definitely black (NYX makes a very affordable black eye base but any black will do) and try the shades over that. You may find some combos that make it work for you.

I never thought of that! I’ll give it a try. I also got the Pastel Goth palette and am not really used to wearing colorful eye looks ( I’m determined to learn!!). Would it help to wear some type of base under these as well?

Anytime on the advice! 🙂 Yes, a base could definitely help there too. With such colorful shadows, a white eye base really helps make the colors pop and keep them on. You’ll get more true-to-pan color over a white base. Again, NYX makes a great one (I prefer their actual eye bases in the pot but they have both black and white [Black Bean and Milk] in Jumbo Pencils as well if you prefer). Also try putting down a base layer of powder that’s skin-tone colored for you to make blending the shades easier (you could also use translucent setting powder instead for this).

You could also try playing with it more as a pop of color palette before going in for a full colorful eye look. Use a color as an eyeliner or pick just one to feature on your lid in an otherwise neutral look. Keep playing with them and changing this up. Eventually you’ll get more used to seeing that kind of color on your face and come up with more ways to use shades you’re not so sure on. Color can be intense when you first start playing with it but it’s more a matter of getting used to seeing it on your face and finding ways to make yourself comfy with it.

Coloured raine lipsticks. So beautiful colours but they smell and taste sooooo terrible. The smell and taste reminds me of really cheap drugstore lipsticks 20 years ago. How can anybody put on these lipsticks?

I don’t even have to think on this. Nars LE Steven Klein face & cheek palette. I thought it would be a good way to ‘dip my toe in the pool’ with contouring and NARS blush (which I had heard SO much about). I love the contour colors but the blushes and bronzer are low quality. I believe this is one of the LE where they ride the coat tail of brand name but skimp. Since that purchase, I have purchased 2 blushes by Nars and liked them.

I hate my Viseart Sultry Muse palette. From the awful packaging to the ho hum over metallic colours, it’s dreadful for me. Plus, I didn’t think the shadows were that great, some were patchy with a good deal of kick back.

Kat Von D everlasting lipstick minis. My husband brought them back from Sephora in NYC as we hve neither the brand(coming soon though!) or Sephora in uk. I found them sticky and drying. Major disappointment.

I bought a palette from Crown brushes on Hautelook. Shadows were patchy, dusty, and some had barely any pigment. Lesson learned…you get what you pay for!

I don’t REGRET it persay, But I’m disappointed by the Urban Decay Naked Smoky pallet!! The shade I like the MOST in the pallet, is so sheer and dry. I can’t use it on the lid, because it looks so sheer and see through. So I mostly use it for Whiskey, and Thirteen now (Mate dark brown, and matte cream!)

I didn’t pay for it, but I regret my friend buying me the Too Faced X Kat Von D eye shadow pallet. Don’t get me WRONG. I love certain SHADES. I love like almost all of the KVD shadows. They are amazing!! But the Too Faced side is kind of a let down 🙁

Also, I was SO excited about Too Face Better than Sex mascara. Because everyone says it’s a super wet mascara. and that’s what I prefer/need. But it’s nothing amazing?? I dunno It just makes me lashes look like any ol’ mascara!!

I agree about the Urban Decay palettes. I gave mine away because some of the colors were sheer/dry and found other palettes that I preferred more. The UD Mascara irritates my eyes and makes them red which surprised me too. I love their VICE lipsticks though!

I am surprised about the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara mentioned because I love that one and it doesn’t irritate my eyes which is a big bonus!!

The Balm palette Balmsai when it was on special through Hautelook. Was clearly an impulse buy, can’t use the colors and can’t return it. I don’t seem to have good luck with makeup products through Hautelook.

I bought the Balm Balmsai from Hautelook. Can’t wear the colors and can’t return it. I find I impulse buy and never have good results with that site.

Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. With the exception of 3 peachy tones it looked like a repeat of all their other Chocolate collections. I returned it. Too Faced seems to be running out of fresh ideas.

Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish in gold. Everything about it was either bad or average, beginning with the oh-so annoying packaging that sprinkled gold sequins all over everywhere, once the vacuum sealed plastic bag was coaxed open (still finding them 8 months later.) The products were meh — a so-so brush that I didn’t need, a stick highlighter, and a compact highlighter. The packaging for the compact was of discount/teen/no-name quality. The stick was okay but I replaced it with the Maybelline highlighter stick for $8, which is great for 10% or so of the total price of the McGrath one. With what hype they introduced this! I am old enough to know better, too. I would say stay away but it’s out of stock.

I brought one before Christmas and haven’t opened it yet. I have a thousand gold eye shadows. Never should have brought this one. I may return it soon unopened

But this is a highlighter kit. It came in a gold and a silver version. If it weren’t out of stock, I’d say stay away! (And if you have one, you could probably make a nice profit putting it on eBay.)

Primer! Try itctwo kinds and hate all that glue sticking to my dmfacd whuch Durant moisterize or add anything beneficial to skin. Instead I been using Cera Vé moisturizer under foundation it has improved my skin and I’m sticking with it. I also wear foundation lightly just to even out skin redness.
Some Loreal eyeshadows purchased years ago although the colors are beautiful actually they turned out too dark for me. Who needs raccoon eyes but I had a faint feeling I would live the colors and sadly I still do. Browns, mauve.

I bought the Estee Lauder Color Wheel blush palette (on sale) because it had Lovers Blush in it, which is one I have been wanting since seeing it online. I don’t know if EL used a different formula for the palette but I am not impressed with the performance of it at all. It is going back to Nordstrom and I’ll try the single while I’m there to see if it is any better.
I also bought the White Chocolate Chip palette on impulse (tsk, tsk) because it was “going fast”. I didn’t even swatch it when it arrived. I’d have had to put on my reading glasses to see the tiny pans! For some reason I thought Too Faced would not screw with the Chocolate Bar line. Was I ever wrong!

Oh, I had forgotten about that color wheel. I wanted to EL blushes too and thought this would be a good way to try several colors without spending too much. I think I got mine at Macy’s for $21 or so. I wasn’t impressed either. Glad to hear it might not be their normal quality.

Last summer, I bought a few of the CoverGirl x Katy Perry Katy Kat matte lipsticks. The colors were lovely, but not matte at all. Not such a big deal, though. The big issue was that the CG perfume smell/taste was turned up to 11 and didn’t dissipate once applied. I can usually tolerate CG lipsticks, but not this time. I had to return them.

Not actually a regret, as I knew what I was getting into, but most disappointing would be UD Full Spectrum. I used discounts and coupons to get it really cheap, and the good colors are worth what I ended up paying. I can work with the underperforming colors. But seeing what could have been and knowing UD did not bring its A game to the product is sad.

Definitely with you on Full Spectrum, Rachel. I also used coupons and kickbacks to get mine so thankfully we didn’t pay full price but still, it is such a disappointing palette even though we know to go in with lower expectations. Just makes you wish Urban Decay didn’t change up their palette formula.

I think this is another batch issue. You, Christine, rachel, and a few others that i’ve seen post, got substandard palettes. My Full Spectrum is really, really good. I only have issues with one or two shades and even those are workable. I use the palette pretty often since I love the collection of shades and finishes. Really wish everyone else got a palette as good as mine since it’s lots of fun to play with.

I have some of those Katy Kat lipsticks too. I notice that the purple one changes color on me, and even on the tip of the tube. I love the color it is in the tube, but it’s more of a pinky berry color than a true purple on my lips. It’s still okay, but not what I thought (hoped!) I was getting. I do like the blue mascara from that line, though. A coat of black, then a coat of the blue over it, makes for a really pretty look.

Not anything lately, but I generally do regret buying a couple of green themed eye shadow palettes that I don’t really use now (EL’s Emerald Oasis, Guerlain Les Verts and Charlotte Tilbury’s The Rebel).

Right again Christine! White Chocolate Chip palette was so very bad and then I have to say right after that Too Faced disaster came the peach lip oils. Mine didn’t smell anything resembling peaches but like bubblegum flavored fluoride you get at the dentist. GROSS! Then it made my lips burn and I never have issues with plumping lip gloss. It breaks my heart because i love the sweet peach eye shadow palette and the bon bon palette.

This might be just me but the new Giorgio Armani liquid lipsticks were a huge disappointment. So much more expensive than Stila or Jouer’s liquid lipstick and the product fades quicker than a standard bullet lipstick.

Foundation. The search for the right foundation is neverending. I love it, my skin will tolerate it for a few days before protesting in open revolt. The last foundation I purchased was the Lancome Teint Idole Cushion. I loved it but after the third day of wear my skin freaked out like a virgin on prom night. I then tried Almay’s TLC (the lasting color) foundation and while it does last, it has 0 color. It goes on like a normal foundation and then the pigment just vanishes leaving the feeling of a heavy moisturizer with no coverage at all. The search continues.

murad invisiblur – it was recommended to me at Sephora when I had asked for a primer that will disguise my young fine lines. They didn’t do much but maybe slightly disguise my small pores. It was disappointing. I haven’t been wearing full coverage lately since I’ve lost faith in primers as foundation seems to accentuate them. I should have returned it. A waste of $80.00.

All liquid lipsticks, they look shrivelled on, they don’t fade in an attractive way. They need way more work then other forms of lip products, forget about using the applicator it came with they only way it looks decent is with a lip brush. I have to prep the lips a lot b4 I can use liquid lipstick (lip balm, liner). The inside middle of my lips always have a patch missing within 15 min of application. I’ve tried KatVD, LimeCrime, Sleek, and Chanel. I feel like other high end brands (Armani, Chanticaille) are now bringing out there own liquid lipsticks now just to jump on the band wagon, without improving the formula.
My MAC prolong wear lipstick, Tom Ford matte lipstick, give me a non-shrivelled matte lip and last hours before fading into an EVEN stain that still looks attractive. I feel this trend is purely fuelled by beauty youtubes, and instagramers. I will resist getting sucked into buying another liquid lip, try to remind myself that I wear the lipstick, it shouldn’t wear me!

I bought the Maybelline Master Contour stick about 2 weeks ago and even tho it’s the darkest shade they had (at least at Walmart) it was still 2 shades light than my skin tone. It was a real bummer!

Makeup Revolution Pink Fizz Eyeshadow Palette. Very bad. Had to go into the pan ten times to pick up enough product to put on each eye. And that is for each colour per each eye that i made up! The colours were too light to show up on the eyes. Threw it away!
Would not recommend anyone buy this palette!

Colourpop brow pencil in dope taupe, way too brown for me although advertised to be a more cool toned color.
The balm nude dude palette. The darker shades is so so so dry and patchy. I’m just trying to dig into the lighter shades so I can hit pan on them and throw away the others.
Dior sculpting blush (the one with a coral blush and a highlighter). Absolutely no color payoff, or the product is just pressed too hard. I have no idea why but I can’t get anything on my brush.

I usually do pretty thorough research before I buy, but the UD Naked Smoky palette was on sale and for some reason, I bought it, even though I never do smoky or cool toned eye looks. It’s an okay palette, but I’ll never get any use out of it.

Well to be quite honest if it doesnt get at the VERY least a B+ or higher from you I usually pass… Keeps the regret at bay! I did, however, buy an EcoTools Brush wrap that came with a “Multi-tasking Brush” because I was going to store my pencils in it, or potentially use it as a go-bag for brushes. It was like a weird stipple blush brush — the shape seemed like it might have been good for diffused blush application but the bristles were pokey and uncomfortable. I usually gift my makeup brushes to someone else if I don’t like them, but this one I just disposed of. EcoTools has such nice brushes, so I’m not sure what the issue was with that one. Oh well!

Wanted this to work, but tried MAC Studio Fix and my sensitive skin had a reaction and burned, turned red so I had to return. MAC lipsticks are fine and I don’t have a reaction with them though.

Anastasia Moonchild Palette! I wanted to love this palette. 3 out of 6 shades have chunky glitter. 4 out of 6 shades are blue. If there’s gunna be 6 shades in a palette, they should all be different. I wish KVD brought out the alchemist sooner. There’s no glitter and they’re all different.

Colour Pop Eye Shadows — They dry too quickly when I’m blending and end up patchy.
Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Slowburn — It’s not exactly my shade and I wish I hadn’t picked it up on clearance just to get the free shipping.

Purchased these both last spring and it was just all bad.

The Kylie Peach palette. It looked so pretty on Christine(sneak preview) and I loved the color scheme. So I quickly ordered it. The quality of the shadows are sub par. I can make it work if I use other shadows. The shadows fade on me quickly even with primer. I have should have waited for the final review. lesson learned as there are no returns.

Thanks . It’s not awful but I’m spoiled by higher quality shadows. There are drug store shadows out there that perform better. At least I feel better hearing everybody else talk about the beauty items they regret! Win some, Lose some, lol

My most recent regret was Clinique’s Take The Day Off makeup remover. This stuff was just awful… It burned my skin and left my eyes textured and scabby. Never buying that again!

I tried the white Estee Edit Edgiest Kohl shadow stick because some people have had great luck with it staying on their waterlines, but it didn’t stay on mine, so I returned it.

And I love most of the products I’ve tried from IGK (hair), but I can’t get the Sunday Funday Texture Foam to work for me (my hair may just be too long/heavy for it). I’ve had it for more than two months, because I’ve kept trying different ways to get it to work (my hair waves up beautifully as long as it’s still wet, but I just end up with slightly sticky fluffiness once it dries, no matter how I dry it) but I wonder if I can still return it to Sephora for store credit.

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