What type of packaging is a deal-breaker in skincare?

I like pumps over jars for most things, but I don’t mind making sure my hands are clean or using a spatula with a jar, so it’s not a deal-breaker for me, though I know it is for many others. I get annoyed at any packaging that is impossible to open to get the last bits out, particularly anything that might use a pump and doesn’t quite get the last bits out.

— Christine
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Any type of antioxidant in a jar bugs me. It’s just throwing money away. Glass bottles for anything supposed to be used in the shower or tub. Pumps that don’t go all the way to the bottom of the container

While I do like pumps, I get annoyed that I can’t take them apart to get those last bits out.

I do cut tubes to get every single drop of product and can scrape every last bit from jars as well. I save spatulas from other products for those jars that don’t come with one.

I haven’t really run into a packaging deal-breaker for skincare products. I use Clinique Mild Liquid Facial Soap and it has a pump. It’s fine until it’s almost finished, and then I unscrew the pump and have to dig into it to get the rest out. It’s amazing how much gets left behind once the pump stops working…at least three more washings! But I love this cleanser, so I just deal with it.

I don’t like jars that come with spatulas but don’t have a place to keep them! I feel like the spatula can get dirty easier. I like toners to be poured onto a cotton round, rather than face sprays or even pump-tops. And I rarely enjoy if a same size has a different kind of packaging than the full size (for instance, full size has a pump while mini is just a squeeze tube).

The Swoon tool, a/k/a lip pick up artist, is still available on Sephora. It’s a round pointed spatula that lets you get out every drop, providing the container will open. I find this indispensable for s/c, bec otherwise so much is wasted. I really like that little swoon doobie.

I don’t like jar packaging in general because of hygiene issues (I use spatulas but it gets a little annoying, or I buy airless pump jars and decant into those), but what really irritates me is pump packaging where the pump is too tight/hard!! You try to get some out and it doesn’t budge until suddenly the pump depresses completely and it squirts across the room or you have way too much!!

Nothing is truly a deal breaker but I don’t like heavy plastic, opaque pump containers where you can’t see how much is left nor can you access the “leftovers.” A jar is actually my favorite because you can get every last drop. I don’t have fear of bacteria growth. However I wouldn’t buy a “treatment” like retinol in a large jar, because general consensus is the potency will degrade before the jar is empty. But for cleanser and moisturizer it’s fine.

Jar packaging is a no no not only bc even w a spatula or clean hands, you’re compromising the product with bacteria but every time you open that jar, you’re exposing it to air and breaking down the good ingredients so you’re essentially using a product that is eventually ineffective and that’s a huge waste of money. It in many ways is like leaving milk on the counter. You wouldn’t drink it if not properly stored right? Why spend the money for good skincare and then expose it to air and bacteria? Js

My comment acknowledged as much for target ingredients like antioxidants, retinols, vitamins, etc. For a typical moisturizer I just like it in a jar. I’ve never experienced ill effects from bacteria growth, bacteria lives on our skin. As much as we want to believe we’re paying $40 for some fancy ingredient that’s #15 on the list, we’re not. We’re paying for the stuff at the front: water, glycerin, fatty alcohols, and petroleum derivatives.

I dislike jars, dark glass that I can’t see through (for replacement purposes, at least have a strip of clear glass so one can see how much remains in the bottle), pumps that can’t be turned to lock out air after using, and pumps that are inappropriately wimpy to work well for the creams/moisturizers inside.

Odacite makes a time-release moisturizer that manages to check off all these annoyances except being in a jar. Its moisturizer is almost as thick as a cream, and is housed inside a dark glass bottle with a pump whose tubing is bit too narrow for the cream. The pump doesn’t lock closed so after before each new use, there’s a hard rice-like bit of cream that squeezes out with the first pump. After you use about a third of the bottle, the remaining cream is stuck to the sides and none no longer gets sucked into the pump tube. This results in having to use up about two thirds of the bottle by unscrewing and removing the entire pump attachment and then scooping any bits from the side of the tubing or the top edges of the bottle, which introduces even more air and runs risk of contaminating the contents. I’ve complained to Odacite but am unsure if they will ever change the packaging; it’s the best moisturizer I’ve found for my sensitive skin but the packaging fails on so many points that I get seriously annoyed every time I use the moisturizer and have attempted to find replacement moisturizer to no avail.

I prefer jars where practical because it enables me to get every last trace of the product that I’ve paid good money for. I have a pricey Clarins eye cream in an airless pump and I discovered that when it seems to be empty (because no more product will pump out) there is at least 2 weeks worth of eye cream still inside (I get my hubby to take the container apart). Being exposed to a bit of air (I can still cover and cap it) doesn’t do the product any harm. And that’s the sort of thing I dislike about pumps and squeeze tubes, etc. – to get everything you’ve paid for (sometimes quite a bit of product) you have to resort to “surgery” – cutting things open, prying off lids, etc.

I prefer pumps too – as long as they work! And the pumps have to use up every bit of the product too.
I am not a fan of glass containers either.

There are really only two things that bother me and one is any container that I cannot open to get the last drops out. I mean paid for that and it is locked in the bottom of this container that you won’t let me screw off, please. The other is really the dichotomy of chemicals that need to be stored in completely opaque containers but then you can’t tell when you are running out unless you weigh the bottle every day and know what the weight of the bottle was empty. I am an RN and IV medications that have to be administered sans light but you need to be able to tell how much is left come with a completely opaque bag that cover the IV bag and keeps all light out but the nurse can peak under and see how much is left and how fast it is running. Problem solved.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a perfect vessel that has dispensed any of my creams, lotions or potions. But if I can unscrew it and scoop out the remains I am happy. Waste not want not.

I hate jar packaging. I don’t mind it as much if the product is small/travel sized, but I don’t know if I could use a product in a jar that should be able to last me multiple months – I just feel like it wouldn’t be sanitary by the end. It’s for this reason that I’ve held off on purchasing the laneige water sleeping mask, even though it’s one of my favourites.

I don’t mind jars at all and have never had an issue with catching an infection or acne or any trouble I handle my beauty products carefully and wash my hands before touching any. I do hate many pumps which get stuck and don’t function then all of a sudden decide to shoot to the galaxy hate that or having to open the pump to use about two inches left iof wasted money and goods if dumb pump malfunctions. I prefer to apply toners, oils, liquid stuff on a cotton and be able to control the flow instead of a pump also. Many times to get the rest of a shower cream left on a pump I’ll just add some other type of oil and that way I can get the rest and makes smell great. Kind of hate pumps! Yeah!! Rarely find one that is perfect and not a waste.

Vitamin C in a see through bottle, without a pump and a large bottle at that. Vitamin C needs to be in a dark glass container, and the serum needs to not be exposed to air and light, plus it needs to be in a smaller amount so, it can be used up sooner. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money, because the Vitamin C will oxidize and it won’t do anything for your skin.
My other deal breaker is foundation bottles without a pump. Unless that foundation is phenomenal, I really don’t like that. At least with a foundation in a jar, you have some control with a spatula, as to how much you want to take out for use. Bottles without pumps, just pour out more than I need.

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