What type of packaging is a deal-breaker in makeup?

I’m actually not a huge fan of glass, mostly because I’m accident-prone and drop things too frequently to want to endure nightmares of an explosion of glass AND product everywhere! I also wish that a lot of the more pigmented liquid cheek colors would skip using pumps… they always pump out wayyyy too much product. I don’t like super flimsy packaging, though if the product is good enough, I can get past it since I don’t actually travel or bring makeup on-the-go very often so it’s not truly necessary for packaging to be sturdy in my life.

— Christine
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I don’t care for anything large or odd shaped. Tarte’s mermaid eyeshadow for example, although adorable, just doesn’t fit in the space neatly. Personally I don’t care for a mirror or an embellishment on the front. And I echo what Christine says about glass…that’s a negative too. I do however like a different color packaging to discern what’s there.

I hate cardboard packaging. Like those super old Stila eye shadow singles, or palettes that have high prices, yet they come with cardboard, no matter how pretty. I was super excited when the MAC highlighter palettes came out but was dissapointed when they came in cardboard packaging with a super cheap looking clear outer box. I also won’t buy any girls palettes because of the packaging.

I don’t mind glass bottles or pumps, but the cardboard gets me every time.

Droppers. I love the Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation formula, but it’s impossible to travel with it, so I haven’t repurchased. I stay away from all products with droppers, unless they have the pop up button (like the CoverFX blot drops).

Glass isn’t my favorite due to weight, but it’s not a deal breaker; I’m more likely to break cheap plastic packaging.

Would you be willing to share what is wrong with droppers? I’m thinking about how to pack for a trip and was originally planning to decant in dropper vials. I take it’s not a great idea?

Not much is a deal-breaker for me unless it proves not functional. Like droppers — some products I’ve used the dropper mechanism breaks midway through the container, so I don’t buy those again and in general lately avoid dropper-applicators in general. For lip gloss, I’ve started avoiding brush applicators, as the ones I’ve used get messy (e.g., Revlon HD gloss — they have one color that’s my HG but the brush is a hassle).
On glass — I have dropped and broken three bottles of foundation while on travel over the last year. Since I’m not likely to be less klutzy in my future, I’ve learned to use contact lens cases for short trips and for longer when I must bring the bottle, I now wrap it in two ziploc bags by itself.

I don’t like flimsy packaging with lids that fall off easily. Not a fan of cardboard palettes, which usually have another thing I don’t like: magnetic closures. Props to KVD for switching her awful cardboard packaging to sturdy plastic palettes that click closed.

I hate the texture of NARS blush containers because they get dirty so quickly. (But that’s not actually a deal-breaker because I love NARS blush, so I put up with it.) Velvet palettes, like the ones by ABH, have the same problem. Why put eyeshadow in packaging that gets dirty so easily?

My biggest packaging deal-breaker? I would never buy a palette with randomly placed pans, like Dose of Colors Hidden Treasure. My head hurts just looking at it!!!

My final comment is not a deal-breaker, but something that’s annoying to me. I wish the silver metal ring in the middle of MAC lipsticks would indicate the color of the lipstick. That would be both helpful and pretty. I own 30+ MAC lipsticks and I’ve set up a system where I basically know where each color is so I don’t have to search, but a little ring of color would make it that much easier and it wouldn’t interfere with the classic MAC lipstick design. In fact, it would improve the design, I think.

I don’t like anything too bulky. Storybook Cosmetics eyeshadow palette interests me but I can’t get past how thick and impractical the packaging is–I mean, I get it that it’s supposed to be like a book, but I only care about how well the shadows look and perform.

I don’t have a lot of deal breakers except packaging that is too difficult to open. I have a couple of powders with the built in sifter and then a plastic cover that is hinged on one side and the side that you have to pull up on to gain access is either too small or they didn’t put a lip in at all. It is a struggle to get them open and I don’t have issues with hand strength or mobility. I don’t mind glass bottles as I am not particularly clumsy although I prefer lighter weight when I am travelling but I generally just decant some of the shadow to a tub or squeezie tube for long distance travel. I don’t need the mirror or the brush that come with a lot of eye shadow palettes. Need a magnifying mirror for application and most of the brushes are useless. I don’t like droppers for makeup as the rims seem to get ridiculously coated with product and then I won’t use them.
I do love pretty packaging though and so any attention to detail that makes the packaging perform better or just look beautiful is right up my alley. I don’t buy many products just based on pretty packaging though!
I store my palettes standing upright in a metal box that has different sized slots so oddly shaped palettes don’t bother me.
Finally, once again I will get on my soap box about extra packaging that is not needed, unnecessarily bulky packaging and packaging components of packaging that I am just going to throw away. Not a fan of continuing to fill the landfills.

Glass packaging on bathroom items and makeup is a deal breaker and antioxidant containing skincare in tubs. I’m also accident prone so glass is a no go. Jar packaging on most skincare is just a pad idea.

I know you said makeup but my biggest pet peeve is skin care in jars. Why? Why? Why??? Jar packaging ruins the efficacy of the ingredients. I refuse to buy any of it. Less of a pet peeve and more just an annoyance, bulky packaging. Most brands are guilty of this. This is partly why i love the Huda Obsession palettes, small and concise without skimping on product.

click pen dispensers drive me mad. it’s always an insane number of clicks when new before the product first comes out then often a random 1-3 clicks after. it tends to dispense way too much for my needs too. the only exception to this is my marc jacobs remedy concealer pen. that one actually dispenses a reasonable amount in the same number of clicks each time.

Flimsy plastic hinges that break or tops that crack after a week. Lipstick caps that don’t stay on. I’m also not a fan of glass bottles and jars. They’re too easy to break.

OOOOhhhh Rachel ! I forgot about the lipstick caps that don’t stay on. I hate that. I open my little makeup bag in my purse where I have 50 lipsticks I forgot to take out each day until the bag won’t zip closed anymore and half of them have their caps floating around in the case!! You are so right, big problem.

Anything cheap, flimsy or cutesy is a no go for me. I don’t mind cardboard containers if they’re solid like the MUFE volume palettes. I also can’t do the velvet/flocked containers from ABH – too much potential for dirt and other debris to get caught in it. I don’t mind glass packaging for home or travel or dropper dispensers; I’ve never had an issue with either.

Oh, there’s a few that I really hate! Let’s see;
1.) Lack of a secure seal on lip gloss, causing messy leakage.
2.) Too loose lipstick caps that can pop off in my handbag, creating a nightmare to clean up, if even possible!
3.) Any compact/palette lid that’s so tight, or doesn’t have anywhere to pull up on, therefore ruining/breaking my nails.
4.) An over generous pump on anything, but especially foundation!

Oh man, packaging matters WAY more to me than it should. It must be high-quality, easy to store, and without gimmicks. I despise cardboard and cheap packaging, as well as things that are unnecessarily bulky. I won’t buy the Colourpop super shock shadows because they’re 5x the size needed to store the product, even though I love the formula. I can’t stand any of Tarte’s oddly colored/shaped range, and even the Too Faced chocolate bars are too gimmicky for me (I also hate strong scents in makeup, especially eyeshadow). I love the packaging for Nars, Pat McGrath (the newer stuff, her older kits were super cheap given the cost/quality of the product), KVD’s permanent range, and so on. I love most of ABH’s palettes, but won’t buy them anymore because the cardboard/velvet packaging is such nonsense.

So yeah, it matters to me. I have to like the look of everything on my vanity, not just the use of it.

Too much packaging, cumbersome packaging (comes to mind Urban Decay Metallic Eyeshadow Palette). I like everything to be balanced and rectangular-ish.
I’ve found I don’t like square palettes, if they are big; hey are harder to hold and handle (comes to mind, Becca Chrissy Tiegen, Tarte Pro Glow highlighter, Urban Decay Afterglow highlight palette, Carli Bybel/BH eye and highlighter palette…), again rectangular is best.

I guess I misunderstood that subject matter!!! I thought we were disgussing products that we were disappointed with… I will change gears! I finally ordered the NARS wanted palette – and to my disappointment – it is smaller than I expected, difficult to get open – and the shades (fo me) just don’t play well together. With all of that said, at $60.00 — it went back. I was NOT impressed at all.
I too dislike palettes or any packaging that is velvet covered – and I really disliked the Jacklyn Hill palette – I mean WHITE??? It’s now awful looking. I truly believe these manufactureres don’t think long-term… Oh and I hate rollerball perfumes– to me they’re useless… but I don’t mind sturdy cardboard palettes – manty times it makes them more affordable. I like that— being a self confessed eyeshadow junkie!!!

Definitely prefer fairly plain packaging because I want the brand to focus on the product instead.
I want the packaging to be sturdy and easy to store and maintain.
Pumps that work!!!
I prefer a mirror in the eyeshadow palettes too.

I too hate glass. As a world class klutz, i am certain to drop and break it. I don’t care for droppers,, too much waste. I like pumps if they dispense the correct amount of product. I don’t care for rabbit foot applicators except in products that are used quickly, germs.
I’ve only had one lippy that wouldn’t stay closed so that isn’t an issue for me. As I don’t travel, containers are not an issue as long as I can open them.

I don’t really care about packaging in general but I do think every foundation should be in a squeezy tube or a bottle w a pump!

All of this has been mentioned before, but:

*Big, bulky packaging. It takes up too much storage space and is a huge waste of materials.

*Packaging that pops open too easily or is too difficult to open. I love my Mac Lightscapade, but that lid seriously needs an indentation I can put my nail into or something.

*Packaging that gets dirty very easily. I adore my Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes, but that velvet gets on my nerves.

*I am very unlikely to buy anything that looks overly cutesy/childish. I know people love their unicorns and I’m very happy for them, but… No.

I absolutely hate foundation in a glass bottle without a pump or spatula. I know that people don’t really like spatulas/giant doe foot applicators because of sanitary reasons, but I think they’re so convenient.

Call me a snob but most drugstore packaging is too ugly for me to consider trying the product. For example, Loreal makes a perfect dupe for Benefit Dandelion at half the price but I’m still not buying it (and I hate Benefit’s boxed packaging).

I don’t mind packaging much and don’t hate cardboard to use at home I find it lightweight and convenient. I like Nars & Elf packaging simple and functional. Pixie the plastic tends to get sticky some round quadruplet eyeshadows I had and had no pay off and chalky never again. Liplitcks tops that easily come off is a huge messy, scary problem indeed but I’m willing to forgive WetnWilds mattes cause the formula is dam awesome indeed. And have the entire rainbow of colors. Lol! Don’t mind droppers and actually like glass packaging it looks more fancy than any plastic I have some old ones from m Body Works I kept to refill with other things. I don’t care much for an item carrying brushes they are usually lame or mirrors would hate to smash it and there goes a palette to the trash and more landfill waste. Simple and decent products are good enough for me. Of course I love beautiful packaging but the content is what’s important.

Like everyone else, I HATE cardboard packaging. I have an older Two Faced palette whose eyeshadows I adore but rarely use because it’s a humongous velvet-covered cardboard monstrosity with a weak magnetic closure. I like a heavy duty plastic like Tarte’s round palettes or metal like UD’s Naked 3 that closes securely. When I travel I like to know that it can bump and bang around in my bag on a flight or car trip and still be usable afterwards. I’m not shelling out that kind of money for something to sit on a vanity and look pretty.

Beyond that I don’t much care how the packaging looks but excess size and waste of space bug the heck out of me. I hate when product pans are more than a 1/8 of an inch apart or the palette is three times as deep as the pans. I don’t mind when there’s no brush/applicator included because I rarely use them but it drives me crazy when there’s no mirror or they use a flimsy warped plastic one.

Anything that doesn’t close securely is a no go for me. The magnets on my BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette aren’t strong enough and it flops open all the time. And, strangely, the plastic clasp on my Fenty highlighter broke after a few months of regular use (I super glued it back and so far so good, but that shouldn’t happen with a product in that price range)!

For me, anything hard to open or close. I prefer the cardboard packaging because it’s sleek and better for the environment, but I’m okay with plastic, metal, and glass. But if it’s a bitch to open and close, I won’t use it. Also, I prefer no pump with liquid foundation, but I’m in the vast minority from what I hear.

I forgot…I also really like if there’s a mirror in a palette. Not a deal breaker, but a nice added bonus.

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