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Favorite budget brands? What trends do you see coming up in 2019 (and/or trends dying)? What’s the oldest makeup in your stash, and what’s the story behind it?

Hi Christine,
I have a question, I was wondering if you were to change your career, how would your spending on makeup change, and how would your preferences change for what you would buy? I hope this doesn’t come across as rude or anything, my intention is only to ask what is essentially a purely hypothetical question to open up a discussion. At present your needs are obviously very different from those of the regular makeup user, yet you seem to be very conscious and aware of how you spend your money and what you buy, as I can see from your posts. Thank you.

Hi Lubna!

The questions are for readers to answer 🙂 if you have a question to ask me personally, there’s a ‘contact us’ link at the bottom of every page where you can reach out. The short answer: it would depend on the career and any rules from that particular company because even a particular job might have an assumed set of rules, it can be different based on the place you’re actually at or what boss you’re working for. There are some jobs where you can’t wear makeup at all and others where you can where whatever you want, and it likely will matter what your position is as well (in terms of whether you can get away with more/less)! If I’m working for someone else, then my “needs” don’t matter – it’s more about doing the new job right and making sure I keep it. I wouldn’t purchase the volume of makeup that I do now… I don’t purchase makeup now based on my own preferences (I buy products all the time that I have no personal interest in and would never wear again regardless of performance) – they’re based on the needs of the job itself so I don’t know that my own preferences (colors I like and whatnot) change – it would be more how often I could wear them, perhaps!

Thank you so much for your answer! I really appreciate it. I also think this question could apply to readers, particularly ones who also have careers in the beauty industry or aspiring makeup artists or bloggers. I like the fact that you always make it clear that this is your career and your needs are very different as a result. Another question I have which could be more general is: what do you think of the so-called “makeup rules” especially those that seem a bit prejudiced against women who are more mature, such as not wearing shimmer eyeshadow over a certain age and so on? How can the beauty industry become more inclusive for more mature women, without marketing only limited styles of makeup towards them? Beauty companies are getting better at being inclusive towards people of different races and ethnicities. How about people of different ages? Again, thank you so much for your reply to my previous question! Have a great weekend!

I’m sure it’s been asked before but still, I’d love to read what others take with them for travel and skin care when they travel, whether a weekend get away or longer. Also how/what people take if they are flying and want only carry on luggage. For some reason, this question always fascinates me since EVERY time I travel, about 1/3 of what I take ends up being unnecessary and I always find myself missing something I’ve left behind!!!!

Hi Christine,
I am OBSESSED to find the exact original raisin lipstick color from Bobbi Brown you reviewed yrs ago. Do you or anyone have an old original tube of it so I can get a custom lipstick made of it. I accidently threw my away. I am desperate because the dupes that I have seen do not do it jusctice.

I’m a bad reader because I love the answers to Temptalia asks you, but I’ve never contributed.
There are so many questions that have been asked that I’m sorry if what I propose has already been asked recently:
– when you were just starting with make-up, what was your go-to or signature look? how does it differ from what you wear now?
– is there a trend you want to see back?
– create your ideal quad or quint (any brand, any formula allowed, even discontinued)
– any tips for optimizing your workday make-up routine?
– you have to commit to 1 face for the whole year. What products do you choose?

Also I know it’s not strictly make-up, but i love questions about favourite skincare, mostly because we know how urealiable online reviews are.

What is your method for depotting MAC single eyeshadows?

What are your holy grail makeup brushes?

How much makeup do you take when you travel?

What discontinued makeup products do you miss the most and have you been able to find dupes for them?

What makeup trend do you wish would go away?

What skin care product do you really want, but can’t bring yourself to spend that much money?

What period of time in history had the best makeup style?

What was the best makeup tip you ever received?

The first few are variations on a theme:

“Has makeup changed the way you feel about yourself?” (Or “Does makeup change …”)
“Does makeup (or lack thereof) change your mood or outlook?”
“Does makeup (or lack thereof) affect how you interact with others?”
Is there a bold look you wish you could wear, but can’t (and why can’t you?)”
“What do you hope the next trend will be?”
“Have you ever tried to duplicate (or take inspiration from) a look that was signature for someone else, real or fictional? (e.g. Marilyn Monroe, Morticia Adams, Queen Elizabeth I, etc…)”
“After the makeup apocalypse, if there was only enough makeup in the world for each person to create one signature look to stick with for the rest of their life, what would that look be for you?”
“Is there something you wish existed in the work of makeup that doesn’t, or that you can’t find anywhere? (e.g. a specific color, finish, applicator type, or other quality)”

That’s all I can think of for now.

I’m always curious as to how people change their routines from season to season, specifically:

How do you alter your skincare routine from summer to winter?
Do you change your complexion products or just tweak them with a serum or oil?

I am the same and would love to ask readers about the skin care routine with their skin type and then what products are they using, in what order and what do you feel these products are doing for your skin. Also do both morning and night time skin care routine.

How do you dispose of your makeup? Do you clean things out and recycle what you can? Do you toss it in the trash?

I’m struggling with how to downsize my collection ethically and as environmentally-conscience as possible!

The last makeup/skincare item you had in your hand was…?

Name/describe the most interesting single eyeshadow shade you have in your stash right now.

Describe the colour/finish/formula of a lipstick you don’t have yet but would grab immediately if you could create it. What would you name it?

What beauty related advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time?

If you could choose any brand to do a personal collab with, who would you choose and why?

What’s your current favourite eyeliner?

Top five products you would recommend for someone who has never worn makeup but wants to start. (also same question but with brushes/tools)

All time favourite palette and why?

What’s your biggest skin concern right now? Are you doing or buying anything specific to help resolve it?

Favourite beauty product that you use when relaxing?

Top three face masks or treatments you’d recommend?

Funniest/most embarrassing makeup related incident in your past?

You’re getting married tomorrow and can only use makeup products from your current stash – what do you choose?!

Current beauty product you really should get rid of and why?

My questions are:
If you were able to create your own cool toned eyeshadow palette of, say, 8 pans, what shades would you choose?
As above, but with warm toned shades – what are your favourites across all brands?

What lipstick shades would you like to see more of?

How has doing makeup changed since you began doing it? This is kind of two-fold. One way to answer is to look at the changes in styles and trends since you started “doing your makeup,” The other relates more to your age and lifestyle. If you did a Smokey eye when you went out to dinner when you were 25, do you do a similar smokey eye when you are 40? Do you wear a full face whether you work in an office or telecommute?

Which look do you find more satisfying to execute, an everyday, polished look that you can complete almost without thinking, or a special, all-out look for a night out/wedding/special occasion?

Hmmm? Great opportunity to ask away for wondering minds.
– What would be a really good/heavy moisturizer to take for traveling? Or for general use especially for dry/combo skin? Aging?
– Does piercing your face makes you breakout? I myself don’t like tongue or ear piercings only earrings but whatever. I do wonder if your skin will react to the metals used?
– Besides plastic and glitter what are other makeup items that are hurting our oceans? Atmosphere also as in can sprays Etc.

How long did it take you to get into your makeup groove? i.e., how long were you consistently using makeup to figure out your likes / dislikes, what you thought looked good on you, how you apply products, figured out brushes, etc. Which makeup trends, past or present, worked for other people but not you? How has your love for makeup affected your life?

I would like to ask about when did the whole pink/purple/orange eyeshadow trend take off? I’ve always been a neutrals gal, and I cannot pull these looks off, even after trying.

How make up trends are created? (There is book ok on how food trends are born – The Tastemakers, this insight would be really interesting to track on the make up industry)

How is the creative process of creating a color story of a collection?

How eastern trends affected the western market of cosmetics?

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