What popular products have never piqued your interest?

I’m really game to try most things, and a lot of what I do IS trying the popular/buzzed about releases and seeing if they’re worth it. I’ll say that my interest wanes thin when it comes to similar shades, like I can only get so interested in a new red lipstick–I’m more apt to get excited after trying it but not just seeing a promo for it.

— Christine


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Priscilla Avatar

Any beauty products that smell like food don’t do a thing for me. I especially dislike imitation food smells; ie fake peach or cherry or strawberry.

Heavily fragranced products don’t thrill me either unless it’s meant to be a fragrance and isn’t on my face.

Absolutely nothing Jeffree Star puts out remotely appeals to me.

Sorry for the negativity!!

Seraphine Avatar

KVD…thanks for reminding me! I am done with her, too. The other day I noticed that one of my regular Sephora stores moved her entire line from a front-and-center position, to a smaller back area facing a wall. Interesting.

Suely Almeida Avatar

KVD, JS, Kylie… I also don´t get the hype with these brands. Actualy, my list is more vast, but just came here to agree with you all, hehehehe

Susan Avatar

Matte lip products. I truly do not understand wanting one’s lips to look matte, because to me it only looks dry and unhealthy to the point of near death. Guess I worked in hospitals too long, not to mention the morgue. :-O

zeezee Avatar

omg u totally nailed why i dislike matte lips. for the longest time, i knew i didnt like them but couldnt put an exact reason to it. morgue lips is precisely IT.

Hope Avatar

Anything created or sold by Jeffree Star, and anything created or sold by Morphe. I received a “free” Morphe brush in an Allure monthly box, and upon washing it once, it changed shape and the brushes became frayed, crunchy and porous-feeling. I see both of these companies getting a large amount of publicity and traction, but I have zero interest.

Mariella Avatar

I guess the main one would be lipsticks in. shades like blue, green, black, as well as nude lipstick (wore it in the 60’s; won’t wear it now). Also, all the very red and deep pink, fuchsia and orange eye shadows that really got a foothold in Modern Renaissance and seem to be ubiquitous in almost every palette since, even in otherwise cool ones.

Mariella Avatar

Oh, gosh – reading the replies of others has reminded me of other things I’ve stayed away from – matte lipsticks (including liquid ones) and false lashes. I’d love to be able to make a cat flick/wing with liquid liner but I can’t get it to look anything but unattractive so I guess that’s another thing (though I do have 2 cream/gel liners). I’m not really big into bronzers though I have a few subtle ones (mostly freebies or part of palettes) that I will use from time to time but bronzing and contouring also aren’t for me.

Kelli Avatar

Lip toppers. I just don’t get it. How different from a sparkly or metallic lip gloss can they really be? Honestly, I think it just irritates me when something is given an alternative name even though it’s just the same as another type of product–if that makes sense.

Also, I have not felt the need to try Tarte ShapeTape. At this point, I think this may just be me not wanting to jump on the bandwagon, which is kind of stupid. I jump on the bandwagon for other things, so it’s not that I’m opposed to using popular products. I just feel there are so many other good concealers out there. I don’t know…maybe one day.

Seraphine Avatar

In defense of Shape Tape…

I have been using this product for a long time and I love it (on my aging eyes). I’ve tried many different concealers before I settled on this one.

When you see people using it in videos, they slosh it all over their under eye area with its ridiculously giant doe foot. I can’t imagine how that could look good because it’s such a heavy concealer.

For me, the trick is to first moisturize my under eye area, and then use just a very tiny dab of it on and gently pat it in with my finger until it’s blended. I’ve been using the same tube forever because I use so little at a time.

Just my two cents!

ShariP Avatar

Seraphine, I totally agree. I moisturize my undereye area and then use a fraction of what the YTubers use and I love Tarte Shape Tape and I’m no spring chicken. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind the need to use so much concealer.

Jess Avatar

Being a stay at home mom to 4 kids money is very tight so I’m extremely picky about what I buy out of necessity. Things that I’m not interested in: anything by Tarte, ABH palettes although I do have Mod Ren, any lipstick over $10ish dollars (although I’m curious about MAC and maybe someday I’ll be able to buy one, anything from Too Faced, anything high end, anything by KVD and Jeffree Starr, any brand with lots of controversy….there’s lots of other things I don’t pay attention to be these are the big ones that are popping into my head right now.

MacKenzie G. Avatar

I put a lot of thought into this…
1. First and foremost, LIQUID EYELINER!!! It’s honestly terrifying and messy to me, and a wing isn’t worth it. This made dropping Kat Von D as easy as pie.
2. Pressed glitters. The visible texture in pressed glitters is just so off-putting to me. I’ll either use a loose one if I want glitter that badly, or I’ll just use a shimmer/metallic/glittery pressed eyeshadow.
3. Liquid eyeshadows. I have to admit I’m with Samantha Ravandhal (or how ever you spell it) on this one. They don’t really do anything that powder eyeshadow can’t, and they have such potential to mess with your makeup.
4. Liquid lipstick. Tried it once or twice, couldn’t get into the shriveled lip look/feel for me personally. I’ve seen people who look good in them, but I am not one of those people. Praying that 2019 is finally the year of the healthy lip.
5. False lashes. Owwww. Enough said.
6. Stick foundation. Just meh.
7. Baking. Makes me look ancient.
8. Super mega huge eyeshadow palettes. Too many shades, so overwhelming, often very poor quality.
9. Astrology themed makeup. Don’t really care for it, and regardless the shades brands seem to pick always seem off somehow.
10. Brand-wise: Glam Glow, Jeffree Starr, most Becca products (other than primer and liquid highlights), luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, Guerlain, Tom Ford, etc.

Seraphine Avatar

I’m very much with you on #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

I do like the NARS liquid lipsticks, especially Velvet Glide. They don’t dry down. I don’t feel one way or the other about astrology-themed makeup, except my Bite Beauty Virgo lipstick is gorgeous. And brand-wise, I do like certain products by luxury brands.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

Contour products, 98% of glittery products, anything scented (I have a few things that are scented that I like anyway, but it’s in spite of the scent, not because of), liquid lipsticks period, most things with doefeet or sponges on the tips.

Debbie Avatar

Any highlighter that can be used to land spacecraft is a no-no for me.
Chunky glittery products are out.
Lipsticks that are blue, green, black or grey are ghastly to me.
Cheek contour makes my cheeks look like I have a layer of schmutz on them.
False lashes would literally drive me batty. And I just watched Zabina’s Lash tutorial…still, no.

Nancy T Avatar

Easy, that whole crazy dropper foundation /Farsali application technique of dripping it on one’s face, it then running down, and finally going in with a Beauty Blender. Looks messy and gross.

Or equally too much, using 3 different foundations in stripes and dots (almost always Too Faced or something like it with the giant doe foot) on ones face to contour and whatever. Just no.

Lastly, brow pomade. Just because I already have a brow routine that works for my sparse, measly but very dark brows.

CeeBee Avatar

In general: contouring, baking, under eye concealer, lip liner, false eyelashes and drastically reshaping or drawing on new brows. Ain’t got no time for that… I’ve also never used micellar water.

Specific products: Huda palettes, anything by Tom Ford or Charlotte Tillbury (I did pick up a CT mini liquid lipstick duo during Black Friday sales and they’re nice enough but I’m fairly ambivalent about them, to be honest), new MAC releases and Lancome BiFacil.

Sarah Avatar

Unnatural lip colors. I envy the person who can pull off kale green but I just can’t. And I wear black lipstick maybe once a year (Halloween) so buying unnatural lip colors just don’t seem practical to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing it applied well and adding an additional something to a well applied and cohesive look, but I won’t buy it.

Genevieve Avatar

There are quite a few popular products that have never interested me:
1. Products, particularly eyeshadow palettes, that have a ‘scent’ – not into peach, peanut butter, chocolate etc scents in my eye palettes.
2. Glittery numbers – no glitter eyeshadows for me.
3. Reds, pinks, orange, purple, mauve, warm caramel, black or white eyeshadows – which excludes most of the palettes from the last few years.
4. Non traditional lipstick shades like green, blue, black and I don’t wear pinks either.
5. Lip glosses or lipstains – nope. I may like the shades but I never purchase lipglosses as I can’t stand them on my lips.
6. Nude lipsticks – makes me look ill or ghostly.
7. Matte lipsticks – always look drying and they dehydrate my lips.
8. False eyeslashes – impossible for me to use whilst wearing glasses
9. Bronzers – I would end up looking like a clown with my very fair complexion.
10. Eyelash curlers
I think that’s about it!

kjh Avatar

Anything brow: mine are blond & sparse, and thyroid disorder looking. So i pretend they don’t exist. Contouring and face shaping. HL is yes, but for coloring,not faceshaping or blinding. Anything pink coral, as it looks terrible. Falsies: just mascara makes my lashes touch my glasses, and I know i’d poke my eye out or get the glue in my eye. Not behind the scent thing either, esp as scent can mean Benzyl salicylate, which is both a chem sunscreen and a fragrance modifier. Drop my temp to 93? No, thanks. No products from drama mamas of any gender. Not in the K klub, either, but I do give them credit for working, when they could just sit on their curvaceous, overly exposed buttocks. Sure there’s more…..

bibi Avatar

Beauty Blenders- I can’t imagine anything less hygienic to apply or blend makeup than a sponge. Also- if you need to use anything other than your fingers & some light buffing to apply your foundation, I suggest you buy a better quality foundation.
Contouring- Looks like I have dirt on my face.
Liquid lipstick- Crusty & unsanitary.
Giant doefoot in foundation- No, unhygienic like the beauty blender
Heavily scented anything on my skin- No, I will apply perfume separately as desired


These are my personal dislikes and not a criticsm of anyone else’s use. Any Kardashian, Kylie, or KVD products. Dyson hairdryers. Matte lip anything.
Liquid eyeliner. Any finishing powder except Laura Mercier. Baking. Most scented products especially if food or heavily scented. I don’t use glitter but haven’t tried it either. Non-traditional lip colors. Bar soaps of any kind.
Maybe more but I’m finished thinking about it.

Deborah S. Avatar

There might not be enough room on the internet for my list of things I avoid but here is a partial anyway. Jeffrey Star, KVD, Tarte, Physician’s Formula, anything orange/brown unless I can mix it, nude lipsticks, false eye lashes, anything too overly perfumed except my meteorites, any drama brands, anything with actual large glitter particles that are not well adhered to a base colour and most highlighters as they have to be pretty specific to work on my 65 year old skin with texture, super pale and fine and not so fine lines. I think that is enough to cover the question although there are more!

Linda Avatar

Products: liquid lipsticks, cream blush, cream highlighter, cream bronzer/contour, false lashes, loose blush/highlighter/powders, eye glitter

Brands: Morphe, the Ordinary, Almay, Lime Crime, indie brands made by influencers (Dominique, Laura Lee, Manny Mua, etc)

Shades: green/blue/purple highlighters, red or brown lip colors, purple blush, red/yellow/green/blue eye shadows, orangey bronzers, colored mascara

Moxie Avatar

Anything by any brand involved in drama. I was going to buy some skincare by The Ordinary and now I’d rather go without even if it was the only company left on Earth.

Any product revolving around painted Instagram brows and overlined lips. Lip plumpers, cosmetic or object alike.

Any product shilled by anyone who has ever recommended using a “mask” of lemon juice and baking soda for your skin.

Any YouTube influencer collab.

Liquid lipsticks.

Nude lipsticks.

Crazy coloured lipsticks.

Any product that smells like lavender or rose or spice (cinnamon etc).

Any product made in China.

Any product containing squalene unless it’s verified plant based.

Moxie Avatar

I’ve had more problems with quality control issues with products than from anywhere else when I did buy.

These days I prefer not to for social justice reasons.

Gabriela Avatar

Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance palette, I mean there is a lot of buzz around it for the quality and innovation on the color scheme, however I’ve seen a lot of people say that it’s less versatile than they thought it would be, cause how often do you wear bold pink eyeshadow? and that was the main reason I wasn’t interested in the first place.

Then, KKW or Kylie Jenner cosmetics, I know all brands see a business in this but I feel the base for their brand is to get consumers to buy just because products have their name on it and not really trying to win their spot for outstanding quality and performance nor consumer satisfaction, just creating hype and make people fall into it

Gabriela Avatar

Also forgot to add, Huda beauty products, it’s just that she seems so into instagram- heavy makeup, like her foundation looks like a thick cream, almost cement to me, beauty is supossed to enhance not make everyone feel that they need to cover themselves in order to be pretty

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