What order do you apply your makeup in?

I try to do eyes first, in case there’s serious fall out, then it’s easy to remove. In general, if I use primers, then I’d put those down first (for all areas!). I start with lightest to dark shades on the eye, then brow bone, eyeliner, and lower eyeshadow (if I use it), followed by mascara (top lashes before bottom lashes). I start the face with liquid foundation, let it set for 5-10 minutes. I do my eyebrows during that time. I then set my foundation with a light dusting of powder, followed by blush (unless it’s cream, then I do that before setting powder), and finally finishing powder (if I use it). I do lips last, and then typically lipstick followed by lipgloss. The final step is clear brow gel, if I remember!

— Christine
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I do my makeup in this order:

1. Brows – this step is right after I apply sunscreen!
2. Eyes – I get started on the eyes first in case of any fall out, but I ONLY do my eyeshadow (if any) and eyeliner at this point first. Then I curl my lashes.
3. Face – Concealer first; then my base.. Usually a tinted moisturizer.
4. Eyes – At this point I will go back to applying mascara on my lashes, and setting my under eye with powder.
5. Face – Apply cream contour, then blush. And finally finishing powder.
6. Lips – Final step is usually a lip product!

After my skin care routine, I prime my face, eyes and lips. Dust eyes with satin shadow or translucent powder to get rid of tackiness of primer, then apply eye shadows and liner (lately just upper lashline). Foundation, then concealer, then setting powders for each. Brows and then bronzer, highlighter, blush, Guerlain Meteorites perles/finishing powder, then curl lashes and apply mascara. Finish with lipliner/lipstick and gloss, if I’m using. I can git ‘er done in about 15 minutes but I’m really rushing and usually will forget something. I need more like 45 minutes for everything to be to my liking if I have picked everything out before hand and closer to an hour if I’m trying something new or trying things as I go.

Here goes!
Eye cream (Origin Ginzing!), FAB moisturizing sunscreen, face primer, foundation or BB cream, eye primer, brow powder to fill in, browbone shade, transition shade, the rest of my eye makeup, liner, mascara, contour a little, highlighter, blush, FINALLY apply concealer, which gets rid of any pesky fallout that didn’t readily get whisked away, lip products, finishing/setting powder, perhaps a setting spray if it’s hot out or I’ll be out awhile. Voila!!!

My ritual: moisturizer, then eye cream. Let it soak in while I pick out colors. Primer, if I use it(rarely), then yellow color corrector under eyes/around nose (if I use it). Foundation, then concealer. Eyeshadow: lower lid first, then brow bone (sometimes), then crease. Eyeliner: top first, then lower. Eyebrows next, usually just brush them, but occasionally fill in a bit with pencil. Clean up any mess, and sometimes add a little extra concealer (my circles are turrable!). Cheeks next–blush, then highlighter (occasionally). Then mascara, 2 coats on top, one on the bottom, alternating eyes between coats. Finally, lips–usually lipstick or a chubby pencil, followed by gloss, or just gloss. Squirt on some perfume, put a handful of goop in my hair, purse, keys, shoes, OUT.

1. Eyebrows first
2. Foundation
3.Translucent powder
4. Eyeshadow primer
7. Under eye brightener
8. Contour (a little if I choose)
9. Blush
10. Highlighter (a little if I choose)
11. Mascara
12.Lip liner (if I choose)
14. Lip product of some sort (if I choose)

Not saying it’s right but it’s usually natural flow of things?

I always do the eyes first. Originally that was because of the risk of fallout from powder eyeshadows, but I got so used to it that now I I start with that even if I’m only using cream shadow. Then concealer, foundation, setting powder, brows, blush (even if it’s a cream blush, I typically apply it after setting powder) and lipstick/gloss.

I’m really, really blind without my specs so have to be about 3 inches away from the mirror for most makeup related activities.
Primer, face first, then eyes and let set.
Eyeshadow, plus liner on my lower lashline if using.
Put glasses back on, apply concealer and cream blush if using.
Glasses off, apply setting powder, then blush powder.
Curl lashes, apply mascara.
Brush teeth while mascara dries, exfoliate lips with toothbrush. Apply lip balm.
Apply liner to upper lashline. Tidy up any fallout if needed.
Glasses back on, fill in brows, apply highlighter.
Lipstick last!

The good thing about this is that if your makeup looks good from three inches away, it looks great at normal viewing distance! 😉

I used to be legally blind without my glasses. Couldn’t even see 3 inches in front of me. 🙁 I got lasik about 10 years ago. It was hands down the best thing I’ve ever spent money on. My vision is still 20/20. After my successful surgery, 4 people I worked with had it done as well and were thrilled too! I can’t recommend it enough.

For a full face (About 30-40 minutes):
*Skincare and sunscreen. If I need to exfoliate my lips, I do that. Lip balm.
*Eyeshadow primer.
*After e/s primer is dry and skincare is soaked in, I use face primer. Then, if needed, under eye concealer and/or green color corrector for redness. Then foundation; then powder.
*Eyeshadow, brushing off any fallout with a powdered fan brush. Usually I start with the lid, but sometimes the crease. It depends on the look and the colors I’m using. Then browbone highlight; then inner corner highlight.
*Brows, if I do them at all.
*Lightly contour cheeks, around chin, and sides of my nose. Then blush. Then highlight tops of cheeks, lightly highlight forehead, down my nose, cupid’s bow, and chin.
*Spot concealer over blemishes, if needed. I find concealer works much better on me if I use it over my foundation.
*Setting spray. Let it dry.
*Curl eyelashes and apply first coat of mascara.
*Line lips and apply lip color while mascara is drying.
*Apply second coat of mascara. Let dry.
*If I’m putting liner on the tightline and/or waterline, I do that last. That way, I don’t mess it up with the mascara or setting spray.

Depends on the time I have and what I’m using. Lately because I mostly want more sleep, it’s usually BB cream, spot concealing with concealer, blush, curl lashes, mascara, quick dusting of powder then a setting spray. I usually leave lipstick just before I head out the door, in case I want to eat something in the morning or grab a drink first.

If I have a little more time, I’ll work on my eyes (eyeshadow, mascara), bb cream and concealer, then brows. Blush next, setting powder, then setting spray. Lipstick is always last with me.

I do a lot of my eye makeup first, too, because I’ve usually got fallout to clean up. So:

eyelid primer
eyeshadow — base from crease to brow, hood shade, inner mobile lid, outer mobile lid, inner corner highlight, blend, possibly more hood/blending color
cleanup fallout
under-eye and face primers
clean eye brushes while they set
my BB or CC cream with mineral sunscreen base
concealers — one for the broken capillaries on my cheeks, another for undereye
(very carefully) lower lid lining
cream highlighter, contour, blush, if using
setting/finishing powder
powder highlight, contour, blush, if using
eyebrows — powder then tinted gel, or pencil then tinted gel, or a tinted pomade/mousse to both fill in and to color the brow hairs
lip primer, if using
mascara (I get less smudging if I do bottom lashes first)
mascara top coat
lip liner, if using
setting spray

If I’m in a hurry I’ll skip eyeshadow (sob! it’s my favorite part). Then I’ll put on my primers before I do my hair, which I do before makeup because some days it just won’t behave and takes longer than I expect. I might settle for just one cheek product and tinted eyebrow gel only, too.

So interesting how differently you do it Christine! I go, eye primer first to let it set down, then face primer if using, foundation, undereye and face concealing, then set everything down with powder. Then eyeshadow and any liner, mascara, then brows, then blush, highlighter if it’s a special occasion and then lips. I always find it weird when people do lips earlier, I just feel like I would smudge it all over my face lol!

I do lips before eyes to make sure they are in balance…I do my face makeup first, lips, brows then eye makeup..I think that is the old school way. ?

After reading your routine Christine I realised mine can be improved MASSIVELY!
1. I start off with my primers (using a separate yellow one for my under eyes)
2. Foundation all over mah face
3. Concealer over my acne and under eyes
4. Setting/brightening powder on my under eyes to set the concealer
5. Eyeshadow! (light to dark)
6. Blush ( colour depends on what lipstick I choose)
7. Highlight (and optional finishing powder)
8. Setting spray
9. Mascara…………..
10. Lipstick or gloss 😀

I will try to let my foundation dry for 5-10 minutes and dust over the top… When I put on my eye shadow my hand gets wet from foundation… I realised the magic of perfect eyebrows is make up. I need a good wax or gel LOL

I should do my eyes first, but I don’t. Can’t seem to make that a habit. The following for days when I do full makeup. There are variations or order when I am going with a more no makeup makeup look.

Colour correctors and base layer of choice for the day: either foundation/TM/CC, but not concealers or powder quite yet
Eyes – depends on the look for the order. Generally lightest to dark, add inner corner highlight, eyeliner, curl lashes, mascara top to bottom, tightline.
Powder down and drink a bit of herbal tea while sets and dust off excess and buff a bit
Cheek products – blush/highlighting
Finishing powder
Spray face to set

I start with foundation, to let it sink in before I do concealer, mov on to my eyes, then concealer, then brows, then liner/mascara, the powder, then blush and lips. All over the place, but somehow that works for me.

I have no time to do a full face in the AM so I have to break it up. I do my priming, under eye concealing and face first (including bronzer and blush). It’s great if my son sleeps later or I get an early start and can do my eyes at home, but typically it gets done on my commuter train. I also do my eyeliner, mascara, brows and lips on the train.

I use my finger to protect my eyes from fallout as best I can. The order of my eye lid make up depends on if I’m using a cream or powder. I typically do my base, brow highlight, crease (light to dark) then my lid shades.

Eye primer and eyeshadow first- I go crease, then lid.
Then face primer, colour corrector, concealer and foundation. Set that with powder.
I do the lower lashline shadow, inner corner and eyeliner next. Then eyebrows- pencil and gel.
For my face I do contour first, then blush, then highlight.
I do mascara second-to-last, then lipstick/gloss last.

Hi apply my face cream, eye cream. while my eye cream is still sinking I put concealer.
I put my eyeshadow base.
I set the concealer with translucent loose powder.
I use powder foundation and then bronzer
I spray the face with Fix plus
I apply cream blush and then powder blush on the apple of my cheeks. And highlighter.
I do eyeshadow, liner and mascara.
I do eyebrows (pencil and gel.)

And I then do my lips! And voilà!

First I use Lancôme Genefique serum, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then I use Lancôme Renergie face cream, let it sit for a few minutes lol. Then I apply Lancôme Renergie foundation. All of these combined make my skin look so smooth ,even if it’s a day where it isn’t so smooth. 😛 Then I apply eyeshadow primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance), eyeshadow, a little loose powder all over face, eyeliner, mascara, blush, then lipstick and gloss. Final touch is an eyebrow brush (if I can find it lol). I don’t know why but I have trouble keeping track of it.

I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis so it’s usually concealer, powder, blush then mascara. Done! If I’m wearing my bangs back off my face then I’ll do my brows.

Eyes first, for the same reason you mentioned Christine. Eye primer, shadow, liner if I’m using any, mascara, then usually I’ll go in and touch up anything in terms of liner/lower eyeshadow-I find it difficult to know what intensity I need to use for them without my mascara being on. I usually don’t prime my face, so next would be foundation, then concealer, setting powder if I need it, comb out my eyebrows and fill in the lighter areas, blush, lip liner and then either lipstick or lip gloss. If I feel I need a little more after that, I’ll use my UD All Nighter Setting Spray. I think that’s it, lol. If I’m going to use bronzer and/or contour I’ll do it before blush but after eyebrows, but it’s not an everyday thing for me.

Hey Christine, what’s your current go-to/favorite setting powder? I know before you used to use Urban Decay loose powder, but they no longer sell the colorless one. I think I’ve seen you mention Guerlain Les Violettes before too.

Guerlain Les Voilettes (loose) is what I’m using now 🙂 I was using UD Naked Skin Loose in like… Medium Light? I think it was, so not colorless, but yep! I switched back to Les Voilettes since I have a ton left in mine and I finished my UD ones.

I do like the idea of doing eyes before foundation because of the fall out, but I never really feel like the makeup on my lower lashline blends well enough with my foundation then. Instead of doing the eyes first I do this:

1. Moistureize
2. Primer – let that site for about 10 minutes and work on doing my hair
3. Foundation
4. Concealer
5. liquid contour
6. Setting powder
Here’s what I do differently. I lay my powder on very very thick under my eyes, so that any fall out can be brushed off after my eye makeup is done without leaving any streaks.
7. Eyeshadow primer
8. Always start with a light basecolor, usually off white or peach.
9. Build my crease and blend.
10. Liquid liner with matte black eyeshadow laid in on top
11. Dust off the excess powder below my eyes along with any fall out.
12. Blush and sometimes a bit of powdered contour.
13. Layer 1 of mascara on my upper lashes.
14. Let that dry and do my brows.
15. Apply mascara to bottom lashes
16. Let that dry and apply chapstick to my lips followed by scrubbing them with a toothbrush.
17. Layer 2 of mascara on the top lashes.
18. Wipe lips off with tissue and apply liner
19. More layers of mascara
20. Apply lipstick, blot with tissue and apply chapstick over top
21. At the very end, I add a touch of highlighter to my cupids bow and the tops of my cheekbones.


I have a surprising lack of consistency in my order of application for someone who has worn a full face of makeup almost every day since I was 15. Apart from putting on my moisturizer/sunscreen at the very beginning, the order of everything else varies a little bit every day. I obviously have more of a routine in what order I do things within specific sections of my face (ex I apply primer before foundation not afterward, I don’t apply mascara until my eyeshadow and liner are done) but there’s no particular order in which I do my foundation, eye makeup, concealer, brows, etc.

I stqrt with brows and primers and work my way down to eyes, then foundation and powder, then blush and/or highlighter. I like to think it is to deal with potential fallout from eye shadow, but I think it’s as much OCD as anything.

I start with brows and primers and work my way down to eyes, then foundation and powder, then blush and/or highlighter. I like to think it is to deal with potential fallout from eye shadow, but I think it’s as much OCD as anything.

Serum, moisturizer/sunscreen, eye cream.
Lip balm.
Eye primer and face primer (if using).
Foundation/BB cream.
Undereye concealer.
Spot concealer.
Bronzer (if using).
Eyebrows (pencil, then clear gel).
Eyeshadow (if using).
Eyeliner (if using).
Highlighter (if using).
Lipstick or lipgloss.
Setting spray!

I always start with sunscreen on a clean face: currently Shiseido Senka spf50
2. Next I do my eyes, out of habit: Soft Ochre Paint Pot on eyelids either as a base or for quick face might be only shadow used
3. Stormy Pink Paint Pot smoothed in crease then either Quarry or Omega blended in crease, Brule on lid. Other powder shadows depending on how much time I have. For work I would leave with just these.
4. Geisha Ink black liner or a gel liner. I never use liner or pencil under eyes as it just doesn’t flatter with my glasses
5 Dot foundation (for now MUFE HD old formula) and blend with Kashuk flat top brush; add concealer (mac pro) under eyes; curl lashes; use brush to apply Laura Mercier finishing powder lightly all over face-a bit extra on nose
6. Apply mascara (L’Oreal Volum Million W/P in since my stash of CG Marathon is gonzo), powder blush, lipliner and lipstick or gloss.
7. Look at brows in despair-they are dark and shaped but unruly. Not even moustache wax tames them.

This might sound weird, but I actually start with my eyeliner, whether I’m doing eyeshadow later or not. So if everything else fails or I suddenly have to hurry because I’m taking too long, I at least still have my musthave eyeliner on haha. I don’t leave the house without! :’]

If I go for darker eyeshadow or eyeshadow with lots of fall out, I start with my eyeshadow, but usually I do my face first. In the latter case my order usually is:
1. Hydrating Face mist, 2. Primer 3. Foundation, 4. Light dust of setting powder, 5. Eyelid primer (so it can ‘set’ while I do the rest of my face makeup), 6. Face makeup (Blush, Highlighter), 7. Brows, 8. Eyeshadow (I start with my go to crease shade and then go from there depending on the look), 9. Mascara, 10. Setting Spray, 11. Lipstick. After that I usually do touch up my eyeliner and put on a bit more powder on parts of my face that tend to get oily throughout the day, but that’s pretty much it.

If I’m doing a non-smoky eye:

Base products, blush/bronzer/contour, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, brows, lips.

If I’m doing a smoky eye, I do the eye first sans brows, and then everything else. I have an issue though getting my concealer right because blending is out it hard when you have a ton of product on your lower lid 🙁

Of course, I always use skincare before any makeup!

Facial scrub, moisturizer, primers, liquid foundation, eyes, brows, powder blush, lipstick, gloss, a dab of line filler then setting spray.

Pre-treatment – primer, moisture cream, or sensitive skin spray.
Clinique DDML moisturizer.
Foundation or tinted moisturizer, usually mixed on hand with more DDML moisturizer.
Eyeliner (rarely).
Mascara (rarely).
Bronzer and/or Blush.
Highlighter (rarely).
Lip Liner (rarely).
Setting spray (rarely).

1. Serums and moisturizers, followed by sunscreen, then Bobbi Brown face base. Then I wait about 10 mins or so to let everything absorb into the skin.
2. Light BB/CC cream then foundation.
3. Eyebrows and brow gel
4. Primer then Eye shadow
5. Mascara, several coats
6. Concealor and highlighting
6. A very light dusting of powder then blush
7. Liner & lipstick
I don’t use primers necessarily unless I need my makeup to last all day, literally, otherwise I touch up throughout the day. (Primers tend to clog my skin).

I always start with my brows, then my eye makeup incase of fallouts,then my facial primer,followed by foundation then set my under eye with Sacha butter cup,bronze my face,apply blush then highlighter,my lips is always th last before a setting spray to seal the makeup.

1. eyecream
2. serum
3. day cream
4. mattifying gel
5. lavender toned primer
6. fluid foundation right after Primer so that they mix, the lavender colour makes the foundation Lighter and Takes away the yellow
7. 2 Different powders sometimes 3 depending on the foundation I use
8. if I have enough time eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow
9. if I have not enough Time then only mascara (will curl lashes before When my shu umera lash curler arrives) and I am testing Mascara primer at the Moment
10. lip balm
11. lipstick (if I am really out of Time I do lipstick on my way in the Train)

As you can See Time is one of my Problems
I would really like to do my eyes more often but I tend to decide to sleep some more Minutes instead of Doing my eyes

Moisturizer, eye creme…wait about 10 minutes. Sunscreen, then primer if I feel I need it, then foundation, under eye concealer, powder to set. Then I do my eyes while my concealer is baking. By then it’s off with the setting powder, on with contour, highlight, blush and bronzer if I need it. Then comes lip pencil, lipstick, balm or gloss depending on the day, then setting spray and fragrance.

Firstable i use correctort
setting powder
eye shadow
and lips 🙂
(and if needed i use again some concealer and contour and blush for make eveything goes well)

I usually keep my eyes pretty simple, but if not I do them first as well in case of fallout. But, usually I start with (aside from my skincare)- primer (sometimes), foundation or bb cream, concealer, powder, eyeshadow (sometimes), liner (sometimes), mascara, brows (sometimes), contour (sometimes), bronzer (sometimes), blush, highlight (sometimes), fixing mist (sometimes). I also tend to change things around if I use cream products for things like blush, putting them just before powder to set them.

1- skincare coming out of shower then coffee break
2- primers & foundation, concealer & powder
3- put hair in rollers or blow dry it
4- eyebrows
5- Eyes in full: shadows, liners, & 3-5 coats mascara
6- lips
7- minimal blush
8- contour & highlight – more blush if needed
9 – blend more as needed
10 have coffee & unroll hair
11- double check – more blending if needed
12- get dressed then triple check for adjustments
13- setting spray

Routine is pretty much always the same. Foundation, eye primer, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer under the eyes, set concealer, set face, mascara, bronzer, blush, highlight, lips. 🙂

I put on my eye primer, then face primer. I do my eyes, then foundation and concealer. I powder with a brush then press with a powder puff. I then do contour and blush, followed by brows and mascara.

OK, after moisturizing:

1. Face Primer – at the moment I’m going for something smoothing and good for keeping my skin oil-free. I’m trying out Benefit’s Porefessional and so far it seems pretty good.

2. Foundation – again, something that will last on my skin. I change my foundation most days so yesterday I was using a stick foundation by Bobbi Brown (Skin Foundation Stick in 00 Alabaster). It’s nice and has good coverage but it’s kind of dark on me. Today I’ll probably use a liquid foundation as that’s what I’ve been reaching for most days.

3. Concealer – if I’m going to conceal then this is when I’ll do it. I like heavier coverage foundations though because of my acne since spot concealing would take forever so I don’t always have to conceal. I don’t conceal my dark circles now though, just everywhere else.

4. Eyes – I do my eyes before powdering since it’s easier to clean up if there’s any fallout. I don’t think I need to list each individual step but I’ll do primer, eyeshadow, liner and mascara most days. NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base is awesome! Just saying.

5. Brows – I never used to bother with my brows aside from plucking them but I’ve either only just noticed spots that need filling in or I’ve plucked them a bit too much! I use a fine pencil to fill in and define my brows and then depending on how dark I need them to be I’ll either use a clear brow gel or a dark, tinted one. I dye my hair black and I’m naturally fair so darkening them is necessary!

6. Under-eye concealer – always done after my eye makeup. If I do it before and there’s any fallout then I end up needing to redo it. I need something peachy-toned to cancel out the purple and something that sets well. I like Bobbi Brown’s under-eye correctors, the Tinted Eye Brightener and the Intensive Skin Serum Corrector, both in Porcelain Peach.

7. Setting powder – time to set everything! I like to use either a transparent loose powder or a powder foundation if I want more coverage. I really like MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder as it’s very fine and smooth or Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation in 00 Alabaster because it’s the palest I’ve found and not as dry as traditional powder foundations.

8. Blush and highlighter – this is essential. I love blush and I love highlighter even more! Because I wear a heavier base all colour is removed from my face and I need to put some back in. I don’t often stray from pink blush. It can be warm, cool, neutral, just so long as it’s pink! As for highlighter I go for powder most of the time since it’s easier to throw on. I’m conservative on work days but other days I like to go all out!

9. Finishing powder – I like to sweep over a light layer of Guerlain Méréorites in 02 Clair to finish.

Ta-da! Now I no longer scare the children (not mine I hasten to add)!

Oops, forgot lips! I do them last. How I forgot I don’t know since I’m a lipstick fiend and hoarder! So yeah, it’s usually lipstick or lip balm, I’m not into lip gloss. As before it’s usually something conservative for work and something bright and awesome at the weekend!

I do my primers, base and concealer first to get it out of the way. Then, I decide what the focus is going to be on: my eyes, my lips, or my cheeks. I make up those first then do the other features. I find that if I do all 3 at equal intensity, I look too made-up and it looks heavy. So if I do lots of makeup or use bold/dark colours on my eyes, I wear a medium or light toned lipstick or gloss, and use a light hand with my blusher or bronzer. If it’s a bright or bold lipstick/gloss I’m going to wear, I put that on then put subtle eye makeup on – some eyeshadow and a bit of mascara, and go light on the blusher or bronzer. If it’s bold blusher or bronzer, I go light on the eyes and lips. I don’t have strong colouring and quite fine features so that’s why I like to do it this way. However, if it’s a light or medium makeup look I’m going for, then it can be all at the same intensity, i.e. light or medium. I do do it a bit heavier when I’m going out at night though, and use lots of highlighter as well!

I start with serums, eye and spot corrector. Then moisturizers, eye and face/neck cream. While that dries I brush my teeth. Then eye and face primers. Eyeshadow, transition colors first then crease, outer eye, inner eye and lastly middle. Eye liner. Foundation. Contour nose and cheeks. Concealer/cream highlighter. Setting powder. Back to my eyes for any shadow I want applied under my lower lashes. Mascara. Highlighter to cheek bones, down the slope of my nose, brow bones, and cupids bow. Blush. Lip liner and lipstick.

Before I start anything, I’m sure to put on some moisturizer and lip balm so my face and lips can get ready for makeup. Then, I’ll do my eyes (not only does it help avoid the fallout issue, but it’s also a lot less devastating for those moments when I decide I need to redo a whole eye and I can avoid messing up foundation). If I’m planning to do under-eye concealer, then I’ll do that concealer and set with powder before doing my lower lash line. Then, I’ll apply foundation (if I’m doing powder, I do this after concealer, but will apply liquid foundation before concealer and then powder the whole face). Then a light contour, lots of blush, some highlight, brows, mascara, lips, and a setting spray if I’m feeling it.

Moisturizer, primers, Lip balm but wipe it off before lipstick. Then foundation and concealer including under eye. MUFE HD powder, looks white but is transparent, blush then highlighter and or bronzer if I’m using them. Start eyes with eye primer, shadows in light to dark, curl lashes, apply liner upper and lower and smudge. Then couple coats of mascara. I then use a cotton swab to clean up any spots and buff out the powder under my eyes, finishing spray and lips. Often use Guerlain Pearles instead of highlighter. That’s last.

Oh, forgot brows, usually use pencil after eyeshadow followed by the tint that holds brows in place-looks like tiny mascara.

Step 1: Apply moisturizer and primer (I mix the two)
Step 2: Mascara
Step 3: Color Correct
Step 4: Apply liquid foundation
Step 5: Concealer
Step 6: Light dusting of powder in T zone
Step 5: Eyeshadow (if I’m even using any)
Step 6: Gel Eyeliner
Step 7: Lips: Lip primer followed by lip liner and then lipstick
Step 8: Blush or Bronzer
Step 9: Brows
Step 10: Setting Spray if I feel like it!

Concealer, blush, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick. Concealer is always first of course and lipstick is definitely last 🙂

On a normal working day.. Cleanser, toner, then serum. Let it settle while i sort out my dress. Then either sunscreen followed by sheer foundation or a spf tinted moisturiser. Then i tightline my eyes. And cover undereye dark circles with concealer. Then i sort out my hair, purse, shoes, perfume, etc…Btw, I keep my toner soaked cotton pad to wipe off my lips or some other areas which show extra foundation; then the last step is some powder and lipstick. Thats it.

I’m going to try to remember everything, and in order…

I apply a foundation primer first, then my under-eye primer. My liquid and cream face products go on next, including my under-eye concealer which I lightly set with powder, then a light application of setting powder all over my face.

Then I apply my eyeshadow primer and let it set while I do my brows. Next is Eye Bright, followed by my eyeshadows — base color, crease color, lid, brow bone, outer-v, transition color to merge everything, inner corner highlight, lower-lid shadow, upper lid liner, then line the lower lash.

Next, I apply powder products — contour, highlight, blush, (bronzer if I decide to use it) and finishing powder. Once all the powder products are in place, I use a setting spray. Then I apply a lip primer (when I remember), do my mascara, then apply lip liner and lipstick.

I apply makeup in this order: on just cleansed face, moisturizer then facial primer followed by foundation, primer on eyelids (if I use it), consealer in triangle shape under eyes, “bake” consealer and then apply light dusting of powder on eyebrows and eyelids, then fill in brows with eyebrow pencil, apply eyeshadow and blend out then eyeliner on top lashline followed by mascara on upper lashes then line waterline and use fan brush to remove “baked” powder under eyes then apply mascara to lower lashes using qtip under lashes to remove any excess; apply loose setting powder to face and throat then use a cool cocoa color powder to define cheekbones, under jawline and use fluffy brush to sweep across forehead and temples with product and finally light swipe down nose then blend, followed by powder blush, hi light on top of cheekbobes, middle of brows, cupids bow, tip of chin and tip of nose. Lastly lipliner, lipstick and sometimes plumping gloss lightly; final step apply lashes then setting spray and done!

The first thing I do is obviously start with a clean moisturized face, then I apply the primer all over my face, neck, eyelids, lips, evenly and lightly and wait until it drys. Then I go straight to the eyes. I curl my eyelashes and then apply the eyeshadow, mascara, then eyeliner. Then the concealer, if needed and foundation. I let my foundation dry, and brush and fill in my eye brows with an eyebrow powder that matches my eyebrows. Then I line my lips, fill in the whole lip area, and apply my lipstick. I do the blush LASTLY as not to overdue the cheek color! I then look to see if I need a little more of mascara. But 2 coats seem to be the best. I might dab on a little gloss on my lips and then set everything with a set and finishing spray. I absolutely wait on using a powder after the foundation. I wait until I need a touch up. This seems to work best for me to avoid “cake face” or settling into any fine lines. I wash up my brushes and let them dry for the next application. I always make sure I use clean brushes and sponges, eyelash curler, ect. I finish by washing my hands and applying a few drops of hand moisturizer and I am ready to face the World. Naturally packing up a few essentials to take with me during the day. Twenty-one minutes from start to finish! Total Cosmo Girl! L. 🙂

Eye primer, face primer, foundation. Eyeshadow, eyeliner. Concealer, eyebrightener. Contour, blush. Eyebrows, Mascara. Meteorites, HD setting powder under eyes. Voila!

Eyes, then prime my face and undereyes, then undereye concealer, powder that, foundation (I use a powder foundation), blush, and lipstick

Face primer, foundation and concealer, powder, contour, blush. Eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, pencil liner underneath waterline, liquid liner on top eyelid. Mascara, inner tearduct highlight pencil, highlighter, setting spray, lipstick/gloss. I have a fringe that covers my eyebrows so I don’t fill them in.

Humm…moisturizing, sunscreen, primer, foundation, eye primer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, concealer, powder, bronzer / contour, blush, luminizer, mascara, lipstick, setting spay.

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