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A number of things! Off the top of my head:
1.) I have to leave the house…I don’t leave home without it!?
2.) Have some sort of revelation of inspiration!?
3.) New goodies to play with and see what I can come up with!?
4.) To take my mind off of something else??
5.) Bored as heck!!!?

OMGGGG Nancy I love your posts, because as I am reading them I am saying yes, yes, so true too.
1.) I have to look in the mirror and say to myself, “omg you can’t go out looking like the”
2.) I need to feel good the entire day, so without makeup I feel just awful.
3.) While I am putting on my face, I have quiet time to think my thoughts out for the day.
4.) If my granddaughters saw me they would say,”what happened to you? You don’t feel good today” lol.

I just enjoy putting it on, coming up with new looks, and it makes me happy to look pretty. I feel like I’m ready for the day after I put it on.

On the practical side, I’m a VERY large lady. A lot of people think of fat people as lazy, stupid, and assume they’ve given up on themselves. They treat us accordingly. I like to break those misconceptions by looking put-together.

People make such mentally flawed assumptions like this so often, it’s sad! Rachel, the 2 cousins of mine who taught me how to apply eyeshadow to my hooded, almond eyes as a young teen? BOTH were very large, and by society’s standards “fat”! Their makeup was ALWAYS perfect, they ALWAYS had themselves on full fleek!

That is one of the most wonderful sentences ever…yes, we could indeed find as many reasons to love if we tried…what is it in the human heart that drives us in the opposite direction??? I LOVE that you said that…So sweet and so kind and SO RIGHT.

I always love your responses, Rachel. πŸ™‚ I mostly lurk, but you always seem to answer similarly to what i would write.
I agree, people often seem to try to find some way to judge others, instead of realizing everyone has their story, and it’s hard to lose weight.
I always feel better after my makeup is on, and I don’t have to worry if it will “fit”. πŸ™‚

Sometimes I think we’re damned if we do and were damned if we don’t. I get to hear so much idiocy about the use of makeup. someone even said he thought less of women using makeup, like they were trying to decieve him. On the other hand if we don’t use makeup, we get to hear we don’t care about our appereance that we have given up,
We either wera too much or too little or the wrong kind.
The man who thought less of made up women got the answer from me that I thought men think very highly of themselves if they think we do it for them.
I do use makeup alm,ost every day. Doing it, going through the motions, thinking out what cominations I feel like relaxes me. The process itself is satisfying for me.
Oh, what was the question? Yes motivation, I feel relaxed and creative. Sorry for the little rant.
Have a wonderful, colourful orl ovely neutral day, all you lovely makeup lovers and likers!

Honestly. If any partner thinks is fooled into thinking that you have naturally purple lips and gold eyelids, then you’re better off without them.
I’m in school still, so I am one of the few kids to wear makeup on a daily basis. One time, I was applying a tinted lip balm, and one boy asked me: “Why are you wearing makeup? What are you doing?”
“Because I want to. Problem?”

Well before, II put makeup on every day for work. But since I’m disabled and home all day, I can have fun with it any time of day or night! I love going on Instagram and copying different eye looks. I love cut crease but it’s so hard for me to do properly. I’m enjoying the Bloglovin app too I find new things each day to enjoy. I want to post some looks but i had trouble with it. I have an iPhone 6 which has 401 pixels. So I’m not sure why it doesn’t let me download anything.

I find the process a pleasure. Sitting down at my beautiful vanity, taking the time to care for myself. Using all my beautifully packaged makeup is like opening presents everyday. Yes, I like end product but for me makeup is 90% the pleasure of application.

Well put. People into the natural look tease me for wearing makeup or ask too many questions about how I apply my makeup because they admire it. Like you, I truly enjoy the process. It’s fun and creative to mix colors and products to come up with different effects. I’m not too bad looking without it but makeup really seems to enhance my light-colored, hooded eyes and fair complexion.

Thete’s a base level of makeup I wear because it’s how I like to look: having an even complexion, lessening dark circkes/redness, adding a little colour to my eyebrows, and always a beautiful shade of lipstick. Adding on top of that routine depends on having the time or inclination, a social event, rediscovering a loved product or being excited to try something new.

Cause I want to look and feel better. With lots of sleep, my bare face can look ok, but even a little bit of makeup can make a big difference. And I don’t want to scare anyone either with no makeup on. And since makeup is a creative outlet for me, I like putting it on to express my moods. And yes, I always have new products and new looks to test.

Since I became a stay at home mum I don’t put on makeup every day. So I suppose interacting face to face with ADULT people counts as a motivation to do that. Otherwise, receiving press samples for my blog or featuring a look on my blog is also motivating!!

The thought of what I look like without it, LOL!

And I do really enjoy doing my eye makeup, I feel like it makes me look so awake, and I get to choose my style for the day. πŸ™‚

Part of it is that I know people will ask me if I’m feeling tired or sick if I don’t. πŸ˜›
But for the most part, I enjoy the process and the end results. It’s a part of my routine, like choosing my clothes or brushing my hair, and it helps me feel more awake and energetic all day. Even if it means dragging myself out of bed a half hour earlier, I know it’s worth it to have the extra confidence all day! It helps me feel like myself, and express a look or style. Plus, it’s fun!! πŸ™‚

If I have somewhere to go I will do my makeup extra special. Or if it’s a beautiful warm day, it makes me feel good so I want to look good. If I’m staying home, I’ll just throw on some mascara and lip gloss. πŸ™‚

I don’t wear makeup EVERY day lately. But, I notice I physically feel a little more together if I take a little time to at least pull myself together somewhat.

Well, the fact that I have acne now definitely motivates me! It’s not a good look so I cover it up if I’m going out, which is most days due to working full time. ?

Well, I’m a full-time server at a mid-end downtown restaurant, so I feel like looking put together always helps me feel more ready and confident to interact with our clientele. So I for the most part always do my hair and basic makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, and mascara) every morning, and feel a million bucks as I see the transformation. For special events, I’ll take more time and amp it up, to feel extra special from the inside out.

I don’t wear makeup to work so it’s something that I enjoy doing on the weekend. It’s a therapeutic activity; something that allows the creativity to flow freely. Which is definitely a freedom I don’t have in my everyday life. Makeup wasn’t even on my radar until I was an adult and needed an outlet.

My sun-sensitive rosacea. That’s actually what got me started wearing makeup at all. I can’t go outside without the skin on my face flushing bright red, unless I’m wearing sunscreen. Unfortunately, my rosacea is also sensitive to most chemical sunscreens (that’s pretty common). So I need to wear an effective layer of one based on zinc oxide/titanium dioxide — and if it’s not tinted, every one I’ve tried gives me that weird white look. So my base makeup really amounts to tinted sunscreen to keep from turning flaming red. Setting powder and spray helps to keep it from getting on my clothes (I need sunscreen from hairline to neckline — although my neck and chest don’t need as much tint as my face does). A little concealer, and you wouldn’t even know I have rosacea. Nice.

But wearing that much base with nothing else on my face looks a bit odd to me. A touch of contour or blush prevents that two-dimensional face look.

I also don’t like the way the really bright white hairs in my otherwise dark brown eyebrows call attention to themselves, so I wear tinted brow gel for that.

So now that I’ve done the boring part of makeup (for me, base and eyebrows), why not do the fun part? (for me, eyeshadow)

And, as I get older, a bit of bright color on my lips really seems to brighten up my whole face.

So that’s how I went from just combing some clear brow gel through my eyebrows and slapping some clear lip balm on to spending 20-45 minutes on my face every morning! All thanks to rosacea. But now I’m really having fun with makeup and want to make it my second career. Isn’t life strange?

I don’t wear makeup every day. I think I look better with it. But I am also working on being comfortable and confident with my bare skin.

I think it’s because makeup is straight up fun no matter what look I wear, how I apply it, or whatnot. It’s all about me and its my time to do whatever I want as much as I want. It’s fantastic and I’ll probably never stop wearing it, reading about it, or just enjoying it in general.

I don’t feel presentable (or confident) without it. I wouldn’t step out of the house without make up same as I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing sweatpants.

1. There are always new looks I want to try
2. NOT wearing makeup when I was depressed. I’m happy now and I want people to feel that!

I work in an office and like to look my best. I apply my makeup even on weekends because I just think it makes me look better. I wear natural looking colors, nothing extreme, but just think I look better wearing makeup than I do without it.

First, I have SO MANY products, I need to get through them! LOL…but seriously
1. It makes me feel better to look better. And I do look better πŸ™‚
2. Personally, I think every woman looks better with some makeup on. Having said that, I completely support any given woman’s right NOT to use makeup if she doesn’t like it. It should be up to her.
3. You can definitely get into an improved mood when you’re looking your best.
4. Makeup is FUN.
5. You get to try new ideas out, some quite frankly haven’t worked out all that well on me, but I’m always improving a technique, or getting ideas from forums like this and YouTube.

I don’t wear makeup everyday. I only wear makeup when going out of the house or if someone is coming over, ie: parties, holidays, visits.

I just love the way makeup transforms my face – it adds colour and vibrancy to my overall appearance. I love trying new colours and combinations, it makes me feel happy and ready to face the day.

Putting makeup on in the morning is habit for me, just like brushing my teeth. If I don’t I feel as if something is missing, as if I were leaving the house naked. I love doing it, don’t get me wrong and I do not see it as a chore, it is just something I do.

Pores; and
for those times when I’m stressed at work, I look at the side mirror next to my desktop phone and admire my eyeliner and the good job I did on my make up. LOL.

I feel more perky and awake when I make an effort to at least even out my complexion and cover my dark circles.

Interacting with people on a daily basis motivates me to look put together.

I enjoy the ritual of applying makeup! I’ve recently started to invest in nicer brushes (i.e., softer), so it feels so soft and therapeutic when I use them.

My main motivation is that I have purchased so much, I have to use it. So on the days that I don’t feel like using it – that’s what makes me put it on.

Nothing has too, putting on my makeup is the thing that motivates me to get up. It is my time to play around in the morning and do something for myself rather than get ready for work or uni.

Day to day, my makeup is quick and purely functional. I have to look professional and not like I just got out of bed. When I go out at night though, I like to have fun with it and do a full face, based on what I’m wearing.

Not really πŸ™‚ I am fortunate that there is always more to review than I want to review – I am actually driven more by wanting to get content out for readers so I think that helps! If for some reason I’m inundated with 20 red lipsticks in a week, I can always pull from something else that could be reviewed to break it up!

1. It’s my zen time in the morning – while I’m putting on my face, I’m getting mentally prepared for the day ahead.
2. I have a less than glamorous job so it’s a little pick me up to remember at some point throughout the day that I’ve got luxe makeup on my face.
3. I have spent a lot of time and money on my stash to get it to where it is now and I just love it. I love that I am making good use of it and it makes me happy to think of bringing something back into the rotation that I haven’t used in a while, or to (eventually) incorporate some new things.

At the end of the day, though, I just LOVE putting on makeup!

It is literally the foundation to my entire day ! I turn on Pandora and I light a candle and I begin the creative process that I crave and not doing this would be like not making my bed ……. I would feel undone and incomplete without it for the day whether it’s to go to work or enjoy my weekend . It is one of the best parts of my day and when I feel lucky to be a girly girl !

I like looking my best each day and think wearing makeup makes me look more pulled-together and polished. I want to feel my most confident and wearing makeup makes me feel like I look my best. It’s also fun to apply and try new items I’ve bought.

I don’t wear makeup every day. I wear it when I’m leaving the house, when we have visitors, or when I feel like putting it on. Sometimes I get a few new items and don’t even try them out for a week or more. I have makeup I purchased over a month ago that I haven’t even opened!

I wish I had more motivation to put makeup on everyday! I have so much lovely stuff that needs using.
But my husband doesn’t really like it and the idea of me waking him up earlier just for me to put on makeup don’t please him – a lose-lose situation! So I end up taking everything to work and then trying to put it on during the day if I have time.
I also don’t have anywhere nice to put it on. It’s all put away in a cupboard or strewn between loads of different makeup bags with no good storage or place to lay everything out to put it on. Out flat is tiny so that won’t change, oh and there’s definitely no good light.

Oh this makes me sad. I’d love to be able to spend more time and be more motivated to put on makeup.
How can I make this better?!

I don’t wear MU every day, because I don’t leave the house every day. But most day when I do I do it for several reasons.
1. I like to “play” with MU. It’s a creative outlet for me.
2. I like to look “put together.” I think it shows respect towards other people I meet as well.
3. I really don’t like the uneven texture and color of my skin and the redness on my face. I like to cover it up and have a more even canvas. I also have small hooded eyes and i like to make them look more attractive.
4. I get complements. πŸ˜‰ Though it’s not really a reason because I actually often feel uncomfortable when I do.

I put my makeup on everyday because I love the transformation from an ordinary norwegian woman to someone you look at twice because of her amazing blue eyes. πŸ˜‰

It’s stimulating in the morning to create a look in under 15 minutes. Its relaxing on the weekend to take your time trying new things. and for a night out to play with full on glam colors and styles……OMG totally fun for me!!

When I groom myself and apply makeup and perfume, I feel my best, and ready to take on the outside world. I literally do not leave the house without at least a light natural face! A couple of years ago, my view was reinforced on a rushed Saturday morning trip to the market just prior to the holidays. Hubs was yelling makeup and hair not a big deal, let’s go, etc. I told him five more minutes, and thank God I did!
We ran into an old “frienemy” of mine at the market, and she kept commenting on how good I looked (it had been over 15 years since I’d seen her, and she looked OK). This was a woman who always acted like her excrement never stunk. After we parted our ways, I was getting ready to leave, and I caught her staring at me! And that is why I never leave the house without my “face” on!

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