What makes you willing to try a new brand?

When their “about us” shows that they have either real passion or experience to indicate that starting a brand was authentic and not just a thing to do, I’m more likely to try. Otherwise, when I see enough readers request it is usually what will push me off the fence!

— Christine
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I’m usually slow to jump in and try new brands. I like to see what others think of the brand first, if the product seems legit and is good quality, I’m also drawn to brands where the owners/founders have good principles and legit passion towards makeup.

What I will never buy: brands where there is controversy questioning ethic behaviors, “celebrity” brands such as anything that starts with K, and brands where the owner/founder slams their buyer demographic.

Positive reviews indicative of quality, not just hype.

Other important factors for me are appealing packaging (not too gimmicky) and/or cruelty-free products – those definitely make it more likely that I’ll look into a brand.

It’s usually not until I hear or read about it several times. I already have so much of what I need and like that I’m not usually that tempted by new brands.

Only when it’s been tried and recommended by trusted sources (Christine!) and SF Stef (for skincare) and it’s quality has been checked out. I’m not adventurous when it comes to my face…. too sensitive. Cruelty Free is a plus!

Lol. So true. Though I believe in ‘Paula principles,’ their reviews, on the ‘separate’ beautypedia are just short of hopelessly outdated. And I detect an anti-Asian skincare bias, which is palpably ridiculous, as so many brands offer formulas that are completely consistent with their principles. Truly wtf.

Lately, it has to NOT be the latest publicity grab from the vapid-celebrity-of-the-month. There has to be something really new or inventive or different about it, and/or a good value for the money. A big turnoff is an “Oh, look how edgy and cool we are” vibe that doesn’t go any further than stupid names of shades and products (Pretty Vulgar, I’m lookin’ at you).

I agree with you but I did succumb to buying Pretty Vulgar blush in the Mirror Mirror shade based on Christine’s review and swatches. But haven’t looked at their other stuff since then. (Really like Mirror Mirror though.)

Availability is a big one – I am reluctant to purchase a new brand’s products if I can’t first try then out in store or if they are nigh on impossible for me to purchase in an “old school” store (i.e. bricks and mortar!). Realistic claims rather than nebulous, fantasmagorical ones will also interest me as will a price that doesn’t require me to either mortgage my house or sell a kidney!

Large number of swatches available, including ones that aren’t from the brand’s promo photos. Preferably good reviews (especially from you, Christine), or a history of good products (ex: I just ordered one of the new Pat McGrath mini palettes because you’ve given the large ones such good reviews I feel I can trust it). Cruelty free is almost a must (but it can be difficult to find that info, so sometimes I just go with my gut). No brand owner controversy, please. Affordability would be nice. Also, a good return policy and ability to check out through PayPal for security reasons.

Most important is referrals and reviews.

Other considerations: Does the brand have an item not available from known brands and sources. Is the item easy to obtain (best: I can see and feel in-store; or, is the source known to be trustworthy, responsive, and is my information/card number secure). Is the item or brand particularly expensive so I need to think it through versus able to act on impulse. Is the brand new, and if so is it stable.

With any “new kid on the block” brands, I wait to see how well they do in their reviews by the handful of those who I know will give accurate, in-depth information on their respective beauty blogs or vlogs concerning it and its products. This is always my first stop.
That said, I try to keep an open mind, but their are some brands that I find just turn me off from their inception. I have zero interest in anything Kardashian, anything J*, anything else with too much controversial “baggage”.

If they have an interesting backstory, like if the creators/owners seem interesting and enthusiastic, or if they’re filling a hole in the market! Otherwise, good reviews from people I trust is a good way to get me to go out on a limb and try something new.

I usually wait for reviews on multiple products of the brand, to see the overall quality they offer. And I try to wait for `long-term` reviews, rather than first impression, so by the time I try a `new brand for me`, it’s not a new brand on the market. 😆

Good reviews (especially here) make a big difference in willingness to try. Also a sense of a company that puts an emphasis on quality and creativity. I’m “of an age,” so a little sophistication doesn’t hurt, either, though sophistication does not have to mean expensive.

I also have a lot of allergies (ugh) and sensitivities so I tend to be wary of potential disasters (especially with untried lipsticks and foundations), so I also will often look to see if reviewers of a company’s products mention bad reactions.

An A or A+ from you Christine!
Ever since I started reading this blog, I have tried many new bands to me, well and truly before they arrived in Australia – Urban Decay, Lorac, bareMinerals, Guerlain – in fact most of my eyeshadow palettes.

Generally, if the product has shades that work for my skintone, gets a positive review – then I will try to have a look at it in person. Availability and a reasonable price is important as well.

I like to wait to hear something about them first: good word of mouth, friend recommendations, and reviews and swatches from trusted sources such as Temptalia. Color and finish selection. Good prices. They have to be cruelty free. I’m working on being completely CF, so I don’t want to pick up any brands that test or sale where testing is required (such as China).

If they have a unique point of view with easily useable stuff for cool and neutral undertones, then I’m fairly quick to try. As long as I can afford it. If it’s odd or playful, that peaks my interest. Good reviews will seal the deal.

I avoid things that need too pro application skills. I always avoid tacky branding and celeb vanity projects.

There’s just SO MUCH stuff. It feels like every angle has multiple brands. What could feel new? Maybe an update of that healthy-low-maintainence-nerdy-girl thing that Clinique staked out in the 90s. A real “up with flaws” vibe.

I am usually pretty quick to try a new brand because I like trying new things and if it isn’t very good then I chalk it up to experience! I do care about the ethics and morality brands exhibit so there are certain brands that I have never tried and would never try regardless of their products. I do enjoy following a few YT “beauty gurus” and have found a couple that like products that I like so I feel like if they like a product then there is a good chance I will like the product also.

Something pretty I need or want works if it’s cheap. If expensive I’ll hang back.. if Christine says it’s good it’s a go!

If the packaging is really pretty I’m suspect on the quality… sex names like ‘back door’ I find a turn off.

I’m definitely someone who comes late to the party. I feel overwhelmed and unfamiliar with so much that is already out there. Good T reviews are always a big plus in my books. Another thing: how long does the hype last. Some brands get raved about for minutes, while others months, and even years. I usually need time to warm up. I feel I’m always raving about products someone else was raving about a year ago.

Pat McGrath was definitely one of my quicker romances. Unusual in that respect. But ABH, on the other hand, was very much my usual slow gradual warm up.

I still haven’t purchased a single Fenty product despite truly respecting the ‘global cause’. I think the brand has been a catalyst for the industry and responsible for creating a noticeable shift in mentality. And yet I do not own a product. I’ll get around to it says the turtle.

I usually wait out the hype but if the quality is there (from reviews on here) AND sleek, elegant packaging – I have a hard time. I’m dealing with that now with Pat McGrath – I do not need it and have dupes 2 and 3 times over for most of the eyeshadows. I think it’s the combo of the quality and the packaging . . .gets me every time.

Price, quality, good reviews and if they offer products I use and colors I like. If it’s a new technology, if it addresses some issue I have. If it’s color cosmetic, if I can see it and/or swatch it in person. That’s about all I can think of.

It’s mostly an impulsive, love-at-first-sight thing for me-if I really love the way a piece of makeup looks, there’s a good chance I’ll end up buying it, although I usually try to wait on the initial impulse for a while before the actual purchase.

Consistently good reviews (Temptalia, a few YTers, MUA friends), ease of obtaining/swatching/trying/returning, unique technology or characteristics that set it apart from what I already own. Not a fan of celeb lines. Great packaging brings me to my knees. The more “luxurious” a brand/product is considered, the more likely I am to be interested – not because I have money to throw away but because I have so much makeup that I love already that I really want to feel spoiled by using a new product if I indulge and buy more.

Good reviews here, or for brands you don’t review, on the few other blogs I read/youtubers I watch.
I generally wait before trying a new brand, Pat McGrath being an exception, I was quite early buying from her brand.
There are some very hyped brands I think I’ll never buy, the reality “star” brands for example or JS.

I’m usually slow to try new brands. I really like to do research and read a lot of reviews before I buy something. And even then, the product needs to be accessible (usually @ Sephora) and have a good return policy. Because I’m in Canada, some brands are hard to find, or, if they ship to Canada, shipping is expensive and I may have to pay duties. So I like when things are at Sephora because they’re easy for me to get my hands on and easy to return if I don’t like the product.

I love to try new stuff. For me, makeup is budgeted into “fun money,” which I work a second job to earn, so I’m not normally too worried about the financial aspect (so long as it’s not ridiculous – there are no $100+ items in my future).

What makes me likely to get it is seeing that they have something that interests me, that catches my eye. It has to look like something I want to grab. Like everyone else here, I have more than I need in the makeup department, so for me to add to my already large collection, I need to be attracted to either the brand or the item. That said, if I find a discovery that I love, I’m likely to try more from that brand.

Reasonable availability too. I know Kylie is often cited as something people avoid, but I would be more apt to try that if it was easier to get – maybe on Ulta.com or Sephora.com, or Macy’s or Nordstrom. I have rewards in all those places! I have shopped brand websites, like Colourpop. BH, and Karity, but Kylie seems to always be out of things when I want them.

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