What is the most you've spent (or would spend) on a foundation?

For me, when they start to be over $80, it’ll make me really scrutinize to see what I’m supposed to be getting for the +$30-50. I’d be willing to spend it if it was the perfect foundation for me (shade, texture, finish, coverage, wear, etc.). I regularly use two shades in a given foundation to help tweak undertones or depth, which often brings the cost of one formula to $80-100 anyway. I think the most expensive foundation I’ve purchased myself is La Mer’s The Soft Fluid.

Please respect other members of this community who may spend more or less than you. It’s about discussing and thinking about own personal limits without judgment of others’ choices nor insulting someone who does or doesn’t want to spend more or less.

— Christine
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The foundations I usually buy range in the $30 (MAC Face & Body) to $40 range (Becca Aqua Luminous or MUFE HD Foundation). I do have my eye out for the Bobbi Brown skin foundation which is $50. But I agree with you Christine, I often mix shades, so if I find my perfect shade, perfect finish, long-lasting, looks like skin foundation, I’d be willing to spend more!

Also I’m a sheer to medium coverage kind of woman, and though some may balk and spend $$$ for less coverage, me spending money on something like Double Wear would undoubtedly be a waste, because I would never use it! So I say spend or not spend on what you like.

I agree with you!
I also prefer sheer to medium coverage. It’s defintlety about being happy with your purchase and knowing what fits. I’ve bought full coverage and find that it’s a waste of money for me or I end up trying to sheer out the foundation anyway.

I spend $99 AUD on Armani foundations. I used Power Fabric before I started accutane and I’m using Luminous Silk now that I’m on accutane. To me they’re completely worth it. I exclusively used powder foundations for years because I hated every liquid foundation I ever tried before Armani. To me, these foundations are perfect. Especially the Luminous Silk but I’ll likely go back to Power Fabric once I’m off accutane.

My search for the perfect foundation is definitely complete! Worth every dollar!

I too only use powder foundations because I hate liquids (unless I’m at a special event). However, as my skin ages I’m finding powder foundations to be much less forgiving. Thanks for these recommendations!

It’s worth getting your hands on a sample of Luminous Silk! I’ve got my mum using it as well. It applies especially well with a damp sponge. Before accutane I had really oily skin but dry patches would magically appear as soon as I put on liquid foundation (not to mention the separation and caking I would get on my nose), so I completely gave up on liquids, but I’ve never had any of these problems with the Armani foundations.

Even now with my skin being a lot drier, I still don’t have any visible dry patches with the Luminous Silk and it lasts all day. Give it a go!

I just bought Nars’s most recent foundation, and found myself second guessing why I need to spend $50 on a foundation. So I tried a new drugstore foundation and it was so awful I remembered, lol. I usually use It Cosmetics CC Cream, and it’s $38. I have never put a ton of thought into it, but I’d love to find something closer to the $30 mark that is both more inclusive color-range-wise, and that I like as much.

The most I would spend it probably $65. I’ve spend a lot on some YSL, Chanel and Hourglass that I ended up really liking but I also enjoy Wet n Wild foundation which is probably one of the cheapest on the market.

I bought the $250 cle de peau foundation. Unfortunately I love it and repurchased it. I’m going to be 40 and this foundation just makes my skin look beautiful glowy and seamless. For me it is worth it. I get so many compliments on my skin. Before this I used the La Mer soft fluid.

The 2 YouTubers whose videos I’ve seen testing the $250 Cle De Peau Foundation both loved it and in definitely piqued my interest. They said it is on the sheerer side though and that isn’t really the finish I normally go for. Do you think it is sheerer than the La Mer Soft Fluid, Vanessa?

I think it is sheerer than the La Mer but not by much. I would get a sample and try it first which its what I did. My friend who is a makeup artist blends the CDP and the La Mer together on days he wants to have higher coverage. You could do that. I haven’t tried it yet but I do still have some La Mer left so I may try it and see how it works.

I have a bunch of sample sizes of the new CdP foundation to try and it wouldn’t be out if the range of possibilities for me if I like it enough overall. It would definitely be the priciest thing I’ve considered, but I like the mix of skincare with foundation. I would need to finish my Armani Cream Nuda before buying and that comes in at $200 – I’m curious to see how the two compare and if that helps me stomach the $250 price tag!!

For what I own and use, CdP Radiant Luminous Foundation is my all time fave, though I’m currently using the La Mer I think I’m moving back to CdP when I’m finished. Personally I don’t love the idea of mixing two shades to get my ideal. I’m more willing to buy a pricier foundation to get it as a single entity if that makes sense.

$80 for Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting. I think that’s my limit. I’m certain I’d be able to find a shade match well under that price point/range as well. I really like Giorgio Armani foundations, and they come in around the $60 mark. If I found a drugstore that I liked, I’d buy that also.

The most I have ever spent on a foundation is $64, and that was for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. Is it worth the price tag? That certainly depends on your point of view, but I do like the effect it has on my 31 year old skin.

After that, I’m not sure I could talk myself into spending more. It already takes budgeting to get my Luminous Silk and seeing as I’m so satisfied with the effect it has and the wear time I don’t think it would be financially wise for me to personally start looking for other foundations. Though, I think realistically my cut-off would be in the $70 range. I couldn’t spend more than that.

I don’t know…maybe $60? And even then, it better do some pretty amazing things lol. I pay $42 for Lancome Renergie Lift foundation and I love it. Just enough coverage…not too heavy and it does lift and plump my skin. It’s perfect. But I would try one a little more expensive if I found one that I love just as much or more. ??

I have spent $60 on two NARS concealers to get the perfect match (using them as targeted foundation). I probably wouldn’t again, though. I prefer to spend under $45, get something that’s a good enough match and wears well, and not worry so much about it being absolutely perfect. It’s not worth the trouble since I don’t really enjoy applying foundation (I’m sure some do!) like I enjoy other products.

About 10 years ago I bought Napoleon Perdis China Doll, which was $50 on sale for $40. This particular one was not worth it. I’ve been wanting to splurge on a ysl for a while, but I realized they are heavily fragranced and I don’t do fragrance in skincare/facial products.

The most I’ve spent on foundation was $62 on the YSL Touche Eclat foundation. I bought it a few years back now. Present me is surprised I took a (very expensive) leap like that since I almost always get a sample of a foundation first before committing.
I think the most I could let myself spend on a foundation without thinking of all the other ways I could have spent the money would be $75. Even still, I have a hard time justifying a lot of $50 foundations since there are a lot of great drugstore and cheaper (25-35$) foundations.

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $64, is the most expensive. I regret it only in that I compromised on color, settling for an ‘almost’. So the expense was a waste all the more painful for the price. On the other hand, I’ve been very happy with the Guerlain Peau de Soie (old formulation) foundation, so while I flinch a little at the cost I don’t regret it, just use it thoughtfully. My daily wear is Smashbox Water BB Camera Ready and I’m content with the cost and the quality.

I don’t know what my upper limit would be, as to me foundation is almost as important as skin care. But there are so many options now, and since I’ve learned cost does not necessarily equal quality, that I’ll be much more discriminating on cost next time I go out to buy a foundation.

I did the same thing with my Chanel lift lumiere, which is $67. It definitely has the staying power and coverage, but it isn’t light enough, even in the fairest available shade. I also hate that there are only 4 shades available… But it’s very, very nearly a perfect shade for my best friend, just a touch too light. So she’s going to be taking it.

I’ve since found a perfect match in DHC’s CoQ10 for $28 on Amazon. Much more reasonable. With it being a Japanese brand, the shade range is still very scant.

I don’t think I’ve spent more than $35 (Kryolan paint stick, makeup atelier liquid foundation) but I have a couple selections that I’m interested in that are more expensive. My limit would probably be the Marc Jacobs ReMarcable ($55/0.75oz) but I just realized it’s not even a full ounce of product which makes it so much more expensive! (approx $73/1.0oz)

I wouldn’t mind paying about $60 if I could get the right shade, coverage, and texture. However, there are no fair foundations on the market with a strong enough olive undertone for me, so I find myself unable to justify paying more than about $15 right now–I have to use so many mixers to get my shade (I use the blue and yellow MUFE ones at $14 per) that the texture is just lost anyway, so I wouldn’t be able to get a lot of benefit out of anything nicer, sadly.

I personally wouldn’t spend more than $35 because I don’t have “problematic” skin anyways and can generally find a good formula in the drugstore and tweak the color at home. I think if I had more “problematic” skin I’d be willing to spend a lot more even if I didn’t have that much more money than I do now. However, I know the feeling of finding a foundation you LOVE and I feel like I’d be willing to spend the money for that magic.

I spent $60 ish on the Koh Gen Doh Aqua Foundation, and I am okay with spending around or a little less than that. But it just depends on the foundation. But I have been really about trying new ones, excited for this foundation questions.

That’s mine, too. Not that I’m married to the formula, which arguably is excellent, but bec there are no chem sunscreens or Benzyl Salicylate and the lt to med (darkest!) ‘cool’ shade is red undertone friendly. Even all the Fenty ‘cools’ read straight up yellow on me. It took >2 yrs to find it, so well worth it. Allergy to chem sunscreens leaves out more than 75%, by my estimate.

I wear either Tom Ford’s Traceless (everyday) or Clé de Peau’s Luminous Silk (evening or special occasion). Since both foundations give me exactly what I want and need in a foundation and since they both offer color, finish, and texture that is the most flattering I’ve found, I don’t mind the price. Also, I only use about half a pump to do my face so the foundations last for months and months on end. I don’t consider $80-$120 once a year as being extravagant.

The most expensive foundation I have ever purchased is Lancôme Teint Idole 24H Foundation at nearly $50. I would have to say that this is my limit. Also, this formula works very well with my skintone for a close match, lasts all day during the brutal AZ summer, doesn’t break me out, applies flawlessly, just perfect, really!
The only other foundation I’ve used and loved even more is Fenty ProFilt’r. Because it is as light as air, yet gives excellent coverage!
As far as I can tell, these 2 formulas have nailed olive undertones in foundations. And THAT is very tricky to get right!

The most I have spent is $39, and that was a little bit of a splurge for me since I usually use BB/CC cream that costs $25 or less.

I’m more picky about formula and features than I am on price, so if a foundation meets all of my specific needs I might be willing to pay $40-50, but I’d prefer the $25-30 range.

This one took me a while to figure out, LOL! I typically have to mix 2-3 shades/brands, and sometimes add a “mixer” and/or oil, so the cost of my most used combinations averages in the $65-75 range. That said, the most expensive individual product I have is almost $50, which is the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra, of which I own all 4 of the palest shades, and use them as “bases” with various DS foundations.

My skintone is decidedly neutral; I have no discernible pink, peach, or yellow undertones, and I hover right in the middle of “Fair” & “Light”, so I often have to buy the fairest neutral shade of a given foundation, and a Light-Medium shade do add depth to the pale shade, and if the fair shade still isn’t light enough, I have to add some white… Plus, I have drier skin, so if I find a good color combination, I often have to add oils.

I have recently found a great DS combination in NYX Total Control Foundation in Porcelain + Nude, but even that adds up to $30…

I can’t make myself spend more than $15 or $20, but I’m not a huge fan of foundation… I’m usually looking for something less than medium coverage, so it seems like a waste, for me, to spend money on anything more than a nice BB or CC cream and then spot conceal.

I wouldn’t want to spend more than around $40, and I also tend to wait and restock my foundation when I have a 20% off coupon.

My HG is a $43 MUFE foundation. That said, I recently learned about Lancome’s $88 personalized foundation machine and am sorely tempted. Maybe one day.

I, too, am *quite* tempted by the Lancome foundation. I think I’ll likely indulge once I actually make a dent in my current hoard of products, so perhaps toward the end of the year. My biggest issue with it is the fact one has to make an appointment, and as a mom, I don’t always have the luxury of carving out time, in advance, for such frivolities… Plus, I’m more likely to “impulse buy” if I happen to be in the vicinity, and more likely to cancel if it’s planned, thinking about the pricetag, LOL!

I’ve also been super intrigued by the Lancome foundation! I have always had a super hard time color matching, so that may be an option. If a location ever opens in New York I’ll give it a go.

It’s available at the ~fancy mall~ about 20 miles away so it’s definitely feasible. I’m honestly perfectly happy with my MUFE foundation and I have a very ordinary white person skin tone that isn’t hard to match, so I don’t really have a great excuse for wanting this indulgence. It’s just the idea of it being personalized for me, I guess.

Most expensive I have bought have been the Givenchy Matissime and Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau.

Would I repurchase these? Maybe. I don’t have a problem paying that much again if it was truly a perfect match in terms of everything you mentioned (shade, texture, longevity, bonus if it’s cruelty free). I have found some really great inclusive brands that are priced really well (for example The Ordinary foundations: great price, great color selection, not perfect, but better than most out there I feel).

Since most foundations can’t give me what I want, I usually stick to mid-range or drugstore. Last foundation I bought was the reformulated Bourjois Healthy Elixir and the formula is nice and I only paid €12,90 which was great! The only thing is annoying is the shade range is so dismal it’s pretty sad. I’m not sure I would repurchase it since I’m actively making an effort to purchase from more inclusive brands.

I think my most expensive was the 1-2 punch of the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation ($46) and Wonder Glow Primer ($55). I don’t think they’re worth the price, but I really enjoyed both products and get a thrill whenever I use them, because they were my first luxury purchases and bring back fond memories. I rarely buy foundation anymore (my skin changed after pregnancy and now mineral powder foundation is all I like on my skin), but when I was it was mostly drugstore.

I used my Sephora $20 off $50 on the Diorskin Star foundation a few years ago, so $30. It wasn’t even worth it, in my opinion. It looks pretty much the same as my Maybelline Fit Me in Dewy and Smooth.

The most I‘ve spent is around $42 for the Smashbox BB Water. Most of the true foundations I‘ve bought were during the Sephora VIB sale, but the two BB water shades were full-priced. I usually wear one in winter and one in summer, but mix them year-round with $6-7 BB creams from Maybelline or CoverGirl. The BB water is incredibly thin, pigmented, and dewy, almost like foundation drops, but it applies better and looks less dewy when mixed. Two or three drops is plenty, and for the number of uses I get from even one bottle, the price is completely justified.
I have horrible luck with drugstore foundations, as I can‘t swatch them in-store and often need to buy 2, 3, or even 4 shades to find my shade (or to mix together). For the same price point, I’d rather get something matched to me that I can swatch in-store, get a sample of, or even return once open.

The most expensive foundation I ever purchased: Diorskin Forever powder, the old version. I think the replacement is approximately $70CAD. IF they’d had a good match for me I would have bought it again. Unfortunately Dior totally omits several fair/light shades for the North American market. I used Linen and it was good for tone but a shade too dark. In UK you can get “Crème” shade which I believe would be perfect. In a nutshell, I am willing to shell out if I love the formula AND I can get a perfect match. At $70 it had better be the most g-d perfect match. Going to England in June so am hoping to check out the extended shades available then.

If I could find a pale enough (NC15) yellow toned drugstore foundation, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Generally if it is light enough it is way too pink. L’Oreal True Match W2 is good shade for me but I don’t care for the formula.

My two favorite foundations are both pretty pricey. My HG Chosungah 22 use to run about $65 here in the U.S. but is not available here so I have purchased from New Zealand and to be honest, I really don’t have a clue what I paid for it since I did a swap with another Temptalia reader in New Zealand, (Thank you CeeBee). She purchased four of the foundations for me and then sent me a list of what she wanted from here in the US and I purchased and sent them to her. Well worth the cost IMHO.
My other favorite foundation, in winter only, is the Cle de Peau Radiant Fluid Foundation and that runs $125. What I call my everyday foundation which isn’t exactly a foundation but rather a BB Cream is the
Dr. Jart BB Cream and depending where I buy, it is about $35.
I think I am more likely to spend money on foundation as it really is the grounding factor for all makeup looks. I ask a lot of a foundation. I need it to cover a lot of imperfections so I pay for that. I would be very happy to switch to a less expensive foundation if I could find one that works well for me but so far, none of the less expensive foundations have worked.

Shockingly, the C&T blender was cheaper here – $62NZD each 🙂 I calculated out and fixed a US dollar value on the daily US/NZ exchange rate so I think it worked out at even less than that per unit for you. Still loving my Sephora goodies and I’m on my second tube of the FAB Skin Smoothie, thanks to you!

I may have to try a few more FAB products. The only one I use is the coconut primer/moisturizer. For some reason it isn’t a brand I search for when I am on-line looking at products. I just purchased a Chanel highlighter/blush and a Guerlain highlight/finishing powder from Toshiya @fudejapan so I am excited about those. Other than that I haven’t placed any orders this week so might spend some time on Sephora website and check out the FAB product line.

The most I’ve spent is around $60. I don’t mind spending the money on higher priced foundation, but I don’t use them enough to justify the price. I like a sheer to medium coverage, so B.B./cc cream or powder is usually what I wear. The issue is that most cc/B.B. creams don’t come in deeper shades, so I go with foundations.

With that said, if I were to find my perfect match in the coverage and finish I like, I’m open to spending almost any amount.

Only one that I’d currently buy that (at least here) is around 70 euros, and that’s the Chanel CC. I wish it weren’t scented, but it does a great job of cancelling out redness without being too heavy (I prefer light-med coverage), and the texture of it is comforting in winter months. That said, I’m about to run out, and I’m not sure if I’d repurchase until the next cold season. I’ve tried a few other high end foundations but of them all, this has been the best match for me for tone, level of coverage and ease of application on 40+ skin. Otherwise my go-to foundations are both by MAC and both under 30 euros: Face & Body, and Waterweight.

I dropped $120 on Shiseido Future Solution and didn’t even blink. It’s not a super fantastic colour match (not yellow enough) but the finish is superb. It will last for ages and blends well with other foundations, so even at that price it’s not perfect. I’ve also spent over $100 on Guerlain Parure Gold and Dior Nude Glow but I’d prefer the $70 – $85 mark to be honest. If the Ordinary can do a superb coverage foundation for less than $10, then I’m not paying $45+ for Revlon or L’Oreal. That mostly extortionate New Zealand pricing though!

I’d be willing to up to about $70-$80 as well. Mostly b/c I have specific needs. I’m SUPER pale and even the foundations that go to my level of pale tend to ignore undertone. So I’m always excited when a brand doesn’t do that (for example MUFE and Bobby Brown tend to really pay attention to those things.

I’m also a chronic illness person so I tend to need medium to full coverage most of the time, but also something that doesn’t slide off as my skin gets oily (and yeah I def use primer and setting spray) and still want it to look relatively natural without having to do 100 different steps after (Full coverage can flatten you and you have to artificially add back shadow, highlights and depth, not in extremes but it’s still potentially a lot of steps).

So with all of that in mind, and I don’t wear makeup every day, I’m willing to go to a relatively high price point to get a quality product that works without a lot of tweaking and color correcting.

For a foundation that could do it all – sheers out, builds up, mixes well, powders well, is good for my skin, lasts all day, and has the perfect shade for me – I’d probably pay up to $70 or so. Maybe even more, I guess I won’t know until I meet that perfect formula!

I think the most expensive foundation I have ever bought is in the $45 range, actually my favorite foundation is in that range (MUFE Ultra HD), and I’m pretty comfortable with that price for an excellent (but not flawless) foundation.

I guess I pay “double” for my MAC Studio Fix Fluid since I mix two shades, but since I also get double the product I don’t consider it double the cost. I’m a by-the-ounce shopper for things like foundation, where I know I’ll finish them.

I think it also has to do with how important foundation is to you and your routine. Someone who already has flawless skin and who’d only wear it on nights out might not be willing to pay as much because they don’t need as much out of it, while someone who has more textured and discolored skin and wants a flawless look for everyday might pay more because they see more benefits. Like I wouldn’t pay more than $50 for a swimsuit because I don’t need it to do much while I splash around in the ocean a few times a year while an Olympic swimmer would probably pay hundreds for the perfect suit that’s sleek, long-lasting, etc.

Well, I guess I am in the minority here. I have never spent more than $20 on a foundation. I would happily spend more to get the perfect foundation, but any expensive foundations I have sampled have not exceeded my drugstore foundation. I am sensitive to sunscreens, so I have to find one without. I mix my own with two shades of Maybelline Dream liquid, several drops of squalane, and a few drops of luminizer. Works great for my 50+ normal to dry skin.

La Mer The Soft Fluid is the most expensive foundation I’ve ever purchased. I enjoyed the finish and look on my skin so much that I bought another shade so I have one for when I’m pale and for when I’m self-tanned!! I’ve been wanting to try the Sisley Double Tenseur Primer but it is so expensive I haven’t purchased it yet. My sister wants to try it also and she offered to pay me for a couple of pumps of product if I do decide to get it lol!!!

Hmm, I would (and have been) willing to spend on a high-end foundation. However, I am cautious now as so many purchases have been less than excellent, nars stick foundation, chanel les beiges, guerlain lingerie de peau, dior star and air, even urban decay all nighter have been hard lessons. Mind you at the drugstore maybelline dream matte, the ordinary in both types and loreal have been passes… The struggle of finding ‘the one!’. I ask for samples now, but if it was true love I think I would be happy to splurge!

The la Mer is the most expensive foundation I have purchased. I don’t mind spending if it looks good. But out of my collection of high end foundations (Dior, Armani, etc) I have to say that I really feel my HG is the FENTY beauty which I believe to be reasonably priced

£30 is reasonable and around what I do spend, but I find it hard to justify £40+, not that I don’t think it’s worth it, but I’m young and only been out of uni for a year so far. I can imagine spending £60 or so in the future on a really special one, medium to full coverage, perfect colour, satin to dewy finish but doesn’t transfer, doesn’t get into my smile lines, dries down, doesn’t break down on my chin and doesn’t emphasis my skins texture (I have dry skin that can get flakey but oily on my chin and occasionally round my nose and forehead)… the dream <3

Going way back in time, the custom blended Prescriptives foundation was probably the most I have ever paid (adjusted for today’s dollars). If it were cruelty free, I would be using YSL Touché Eclat along with its primer. So far my favorite CF foundation is the Koh Gen Do, which I think was $58 for a smallish tube that isn’t going too far. I wish I had access to Japanese drug store foundations. I have one from Kanebo Kate that I think I paid less than $30 for, including shipping, and it is excellent.

Have you tried the DHC CoQ10? They only have 3 shades (which you probably know is common in Japanese makeup), but I rarely need to set it with powder, even in summer when my skin is very oily. I’m so sad I didn’t find it sooner. It’s 28 bucks on Amazon with Prime shipping.

thank you so much for this suggestion. Unfortunately DHC is not cruelty free. I am not sure the Kanebo is either. Still researching that.

Kanebo is cruelty free, with the exception of outsourcing to China–same as DHC.

It’s unfortunate, but the list for 100% cruelty free is extremely limited. If Colour Pop decides to launch foundations though… I’d be scrambling to try it.

Generally I try not to spend too much money on foundations because I go through them so quickly.
In the past I have spent quite a bit of money ($60) and have ended up throwing the foundation out because it had yellow undertones and just ended up look terrible on me.
For a HE foundation, I would be looking at around $40 – $50. HE foundations are really expensive here in Aus and there is no in between. It’s either DS or HE.
However I do love the Elf Flawless foundation in porcelain, for everyday use and that is inexpensive.

$40 when I bought Urban Decay Naked Skin. I used about half the bottle until it went bad (I didn’t wear it often at all) and then had to chuck it. It was okay, but I’ve just realized over the years that I’m not into wearing liquid or cream foundations.

The most I ever spent was for Prescriptives Custom foundation and that was ten years ago when they were still in dept. stores . I am now very happy with my $28 Clinique Even Better and don’t feel a need to chase down a whole new good match although…….I am tempted by the Lancôme custom match !

I think $47 for Lancome Teint Idole 24 H Long Wearing Foundation, and it’s been totally worth it. If I found an HG foundation with a perfect color match, I’d be willing to go a bit higher, as foundation lasts me several months. It’s so hard to find a color and undertone match for me that also stands up to my oily skin AND doesn’t oxidize, that a slightly heftier price tag is worth it.

I believe the most I have spent is $ 31, bare minerals. For my birthday I received Fenty foundation as a gift. I think that’s $ 34 or so but it was a gift.I will not spend mush more than that. It is so hard to find a match with my undertones without it going ashy.

The most I’ve spent was 70. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. The coverage and finish is exactly what I like. I do think that they’ve raised the price since I got it two years ago. I also have the Guerlain Lingerie de peau, unfortunately it seems to break down and settle into textured areas of my face. (The finish is a really healthy dewy glow). But I gonna try to keep using it up.

I am much more comfortable spending between 40-50 since I feel above that, it’s hard to justify what makes it so much better. I’d love to be able to find an awesome drugstore foundation, unfortunately they are often too pink and/ or peachy. Plus the shade selection kind of sucks…

DS foundations don’t cut it for me. My aging skin needs more of something, so I will pay pretty well anything to be able to go out and look like a human and not some kind of cakey, streaky puddle of yuk.

I’d spend $60 but not sure that I’d buy the 2 colors at that price. I recently bought ysl all hours and hated it but I was putting it on too thick, with my usual brush, with a beauty blender it looks great.

My fav is Estée Lauder Double Wear water nudes. It’s so beautiful.

But.. there are cheaper options which are sooo good. Maybelline fit me matte is very good and I love L’Oreal pro glow soooooo much! The ordinary is also good for everyday.

I used to thinking buying Foundation was boring but I’m into it right now. I want to try Fenty also I tried on on my hand and liked the finish, and EL Double Wear is in the mail.

I usually use less expensive foundations or bb creams for most weekdays because I work at home. But I don’t mind spending up to $60 for a foundation for going out, weekends, etc. Your facial skin is the canvas for your makeup artistry, If your skin doesn’t look good, nothing else you do with make up will compensate for it and even an eye look doesn’t look as good on uneven, etc. skin.

I love this topic. I have been on a quest over the last year to find a perfect foundation whatever the cost. I have been trying anything with full coverage that reviews as full coverage not buildable coverage. Most of the higher end ones look and feel amazing, but finding one that will hold on all day and look nice all day without touchups is next to impossible. I found Armani’s Designer Lift , around $70 was good for summer. it doesn’t go light enough for winter wear so I can’t compare. Winter has been much more difficult to find a perfect match for. Finally I am using Cle de Peau’s radiant and silky cream for $125 I don’t know which I like better. But people started complementing me on how great my skin looked from the day I tried either so they both are clearly ahead of the others. I figured it wouldn’t be worth it and I’d return it like I’ve done with dozens of others but shoot it won.

I also decided to try out La Prarie’s skin caviar foundation and concealer for $225 and holy moly am I glad I did. The foundation is too drying to work for me for winter. I will wait to see what summer brings. But that concealer is everything I have been missing since Chanel discontinued their lipstick-packaged concealer. The stuff will cover a black eye and look like you never had one. Not that I’m getting black eyes much these days but the genetic purple discoloration under my eyes is about the same. If the foundation works for summer it will be more than worth it.

I started out with drugstore foundation —Almaty Truly Lasting Color & found it oxidized on me with an orange shift over time. Then I switched to L’Oreal True Match & one was too light & one too dark. I didn’t want to blend colors together — I also had oxidation issues with L’Oreal foundation too. I feel that the drugstore foundations are limited in terms of shade choices for those who need a shade between the colors offered. I decided to try Lancôme Dual Finish powder foundation & that worked for me. Then I tried the Teint Idole liquid foundation & that was spot on as well & surprisingly no oxidation issues. So in terms of cost I would say I spend about $45. One liquid foundation lasts close to 4 months with daily use.

Now that I know what looks good on me, I recently found Bare Minerals Pro powder is a great substitute for the Dual Finish. As a substitute for the liquid, I find that Urban Decay Naked Skin liquid foundation is a cheaper priced substitute for the Teint Idole & lasts as long as the Lancôme foundation.

$110 for the La Med foundation. It’s a great foundation. I ended up not repurchasing after it ran out though because I’m loving the Fenty more.

My my limit is in the 40 range. I love my Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation. I also spent that much when I used the Urban Decay Naked Skin. I would rather spend less of possible. With that said, I have also been loving The Ordinary Serum Foundation which is less than 7

To be honest I don’t know. I have Chanel Vita Lumiere Velvet, I think it’s called, Guerlaine whatever it’s called, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, a Dior someting with a moussy texture and these are the higher end ones,
But, I also found Wet and Wild Photo Focus at a local supermarket and I quite like that.
I guess I’d go to a bit over $100 or so, perhaps.
I’m unsure about the names of the foundations as they are still unpacked after I moved some months ago. I need some good storage and a nice desk to make my, in my dreams beautiful vanity. In reality it’ll probably be messy most of the time. 🙂

I am a foundation junkie for sure. Foundation is my thing! I’ve tried them all–Guerlain, Chanel, CdP, Sisley, LaMer, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clarins, Dior Capture/Forever, Tom Ford, LaPrairie, and many drugstore brands as well. I will say a couple of things about what I’ve found: 1) They’re all overpriced 2) All have a beautiful finish–it just depends what you’re looking for 3) It’s all about finding your color/undertone 4) It’s also about finding a sales associate that knows the line extremely well.

Having said that –I’m not too caught up in the price but more about the color match and texture. After all this is something that I wear every day (to work) and nothing looks more cheap than a woman wearing a “mask” of the wrong color! Like a good piece of clothing, a woman should look at the “cost per wearing” of their foundation.

I’d spend $200 for a holy grail, but never found one! So far the most I’ve spent is Burberry at $62 Canadian, had to buy 2 shades to mix so essentially $124. But it’s not a holy grail. If I could find one that doesn’t transfer, doesn’t break me out, matches my skin tone, doesn’t get too dewy throughout the day and doesn’t oxidize – sky’s the limit on what I’d spend as foundation is the most important part of my routine.

The most I have ever spent is $60 for Armani. I really loved it and used all of it, but I don’t know if I would continue paying that when there are less expensive alternatives that work really well. It was really nice but not life-changing.

The most I would spend? Depends on what the product was supposed to do. I can’t even give an amount…

Somehow this was easier to answer than the eyeshadow one. 60$ range max. is what I’d spend, whether rich or not. And I think the most I have spent is 55$

The most that I’ve spent on a foundation was $40, and it was the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation. I think my limit would be $50, unless it’s a foundation that got excellent reviews, it’s a very good match for my skin tone and skin type, but it has to be less than $100.

the most expensive in my stash would be the zelens youth glow and sisley oilfree liquid foundation.

with my super oily face, nothing short of a mattifying primer works. so, i’m really just looking for a beautiful finish and an ideal colour match.

surprisingly, the best foundation i’ve found thus far has been the nyx total control drops! while the sisley is beautiful
to use, the nyx just trumps it in every way plus price.

The most I’ve ever spent was for the Estee Lauder Perfectionist Foundation. It really is lovely and I was kind of suckered in to buying an older woman targeted foundation in my mid 20s. But it wears beautifully and I enjoy it. The highest I’d go is probably in the $60 range but it has to be a perfect shade match. My rotation includes mostly $40 foundations like the MUFE Ultra HD stick or liquid. The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation at $28.

I spend in the $35-$60 range. Chanel Vitalumiere/Vitalumiere Aqua are my holy grail foundations, because 12 Beige Rose is my holy grail foundation color. I’m happy to pay the price, but not curious about other foundations.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream is my everyday, no-makeup slap-n-go, but I find it overpriced. I’d be happy to find another brand with the same features at $20-$25.

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