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Marine Life: yes, the product i gorgeous, but it is just a pigmented blush! I wanted it because I don’t have a blush that colour, but cannot justify spending $26 on it.
NARS Orgasm: There are sooo many dupes.

Benefit’s Badgal Lash… I’ve heard so many rave about it. It is a nice mascara. It defines, doesn’t clump or flake and does a nice daytime mascara look. However with a name like “BadGal” I would assume it would make your lashes full and “False” like. So far Diorshow Iconic and YSL Faux Cils has been the winners for me. They do exactly what I want. Lengthen, volume, and can build up to false lash status. (I have naturally long lashes, but they are just average in fullness. ). Probably wouldn’t repurchase Badgal, but the name might tempt me again.

I can’t get behind Lipgloss over lipstick trend in general. Lipglosses are pretty sparkly and some have nice pigmentation, but they wear off fast and or don’t have enough color. That’s why I’ll always be a slave to the lipstick: Mac, Dior Rouge, or Chanel.

I hear you on the BadGal mascara. Totally didn’t live up to it’s name. Also I find it was smudging and at the end of the day I would have raccoon eyes. That have never happened to me with any other mascara. I used it all up but only when I knew i wouldn’t need it to last all day and only for day looks. No Bad girl over that mascara.

I agree about the MAC MSFs! They just seem to make me look like a greasy mess and emphasize my pores. I also don’t get the extreme love affair with MAC Tendertones. I own one. It’s nice and all, but I definitely don’t need another one. It smells nice, sure. They look fairly nice on the lips, but I find them a bit sticky and not really that moisturizing. I know I’m in the minority on this one.

and the fact that your sticking your finger inside them. lol. which doesnt bother me if my hands are clean but then…where do i wipe my finger off if i dont have a tissue? lol.

Any Dior mascara. They get so clumpy on me. And Two Faced Shadow Insurance is another one I just don’t get. It actually gave me a stye when I tried it for the first time. ;/ I have not used it since.

I’ve been using Two Faced Shadow Insurance for a month now and loved it… I tried the UDPP last night (with the same shades I’ve been using for the last month) and didn’t hold… Very disappointed

Foundation. I’ve never found one that doesn’t make my face look flaky, streaky or one that accentuates the peach fuzz on my face. Haha, that sounds really weird. But yeah. And I know it isn’t just application issues since I’ve tried brushes, hands, sponges, you name it.

Also I agree about DiorShow. It’s alright the first five times but after that it dries up and flakes like crazy. No dice!

Haha I like how you just have “foundation”. But on a more serious note, I’m sorry you’ve has problems with foundation and hope you find a good match someday! I’ve had an ongoing battle with finding the perfect foundation as well…

MSF’s for sure. I longed for them for so long then bought several within a month and I barely use them! I do like them but I’m too lazy to put them on. Also I think paint pots are really overhyped but I really wanted to get the coral one from PAP collection. BTW have you heard about Mac re releasing the Alexander McQueen collection in Sept? Any truth to this?

I don’t do hype thank goodness, especially the limited edition MAC stuff, unless I think something is absolutely amazing and like nothing I’ve ever seen or own then I don’t need it πŸ™‚

I totally agree with everything you said..
Plus MUFE smokey lash – meh!
Marine Life – looks pretty with the overlay..The blush itself is glittery pigmented bomb.
Ripe Peach – I have blushes that are better, prettier than this
Shu Uemura lash curler – still pinches my lid.. Prefer shiseido!

About the Shiseido last curler – really? I actually didn’t wanna get behind the hype of Shu Uemura so I got a Shiseido one instead but that one pinches my lids so I caved in, bought a Shu Uemura curler, and absolutely love it. But to each their own b/c everyone’s eye shape is different. πŸ™‚

Yup.. it comes down to eye shapes πŸ™‚ Having said that, I use Shisheido for all my clients and none of them had any problems πŸ™‚

I have to agree with you on the MSFs, I find them to be overly shimmery and glittery and they make my already visible pores look huuuuge…yuck!NARS laguna, it’s so muddy and I think there are far better bronzers out there. =)

yeah i don’t understand MSF’s much either… i have a few but i don’t think they are that great

This may come as a surprise to some, esp Temptalia. I can’t get behind the extremely hyped up Marine Life Highlight powder from MAC. I don’t feel it’s right for a highlight and i don’t like the color it swatches after the overspray rubs off.

I have to agree with you on the MSFs, I find them to be overly shimmery glittery and they can make my already visible pores look huuuuge. But most of all NARS laguna, I think it’s so muddy and I don’t find it to be a pretty shade. =)

Dior mascara. The wand is too big, the formula is drying and clumpy. Nars Orgasm blush and gloss because it doesn’t do anything with my coloring. UDPP because I found it impossible to go back and blend out my shadow if I needed to. I’ll stick to Too Faced.

Completely agree with that about the DiorShow masacara! It just seems I can find other brands whether name brand or drugstore that do a better job.

NARS blush..it’s not long lasting like most people said. Too pigmented which I don’t like. I prefer something that I can control. The rubber packaging which is very easy to get dirty and the glitter of the shimmer blusher.
MAC MSF Petticoat. Seriously when first time I tried it, I wanted to throw it. Pink shimmer ? it’s hilarious for me. I love MSF but not this one. I hate Petticoat. Lucky someone bought it when I put it on sale.

Lol for me it’d have to be MAC Paintpots. They just don’t work for me, and then I found my beloved UDPP.

Yes! DiorShow! And Great Lash. Also, YSL Touche Èclat. I know there are more that aren’t coming to me right now…

Found another one today: EOS lip balm. I’d been wanting to try it. Came across it today in Walgreens so I bought Summer Fruit. Smells great but it’s very waxy which I wasn’t expecting. I guess that makes sence though, seeing as my favs come in pots and wouldn’t hold up in molded form… I didn’t realize they were flavored either. Caused me to lick my lips a lot!

I’m the same boat, too. I got a sample of it once at Sephora and just couldn’t even begin to tolerate the smell. O_o

Diorshow mascara. Too dry, the brush is too big, and the result isn’t exceptional at all.
Also, MUFE HD foundation. It’s nice but I find Nars Sheer Glow buch better and feeling lighter for a similar coverage.

MAC lustre drops. either i dont kno how to use them or there really just not dat pretty but they just dont work for me and dont do much for my skin.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation. My skin broke out horribly from it. NEVER AGAIN! I hated Diorshow as well. I’m all about Lancome Hypnose Drama and YSL’s Mascara Singulier! And Chloe perfume is just awful to my senses, such a cloying and overpowering cheap-rose scent. :\

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – read so many great reviews so I purchased but was not impressed. My eyeshadow still creased…only lasted a couple hours. And it was not very easy to get out of once you reach the bottom…it needs better packaging I think.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation – tried it out and for me I could tell I had foundation on and it looked cakey on me.

Recently it has been Mac’s marine life. I don`t understand why it is soo popular. I would be afraid to use it because I would not want to lose the gold overspray. Also when I swatched it in the store it was very frosty. I guess I just prefer matte or satin finishes for my cheeks.

DiorShow for sure. I find the brush cumbersome to use. I like big brushes but DiorShow’s are TOO big. I like MSFs, but they have to judged on a case by case basis as some of them (in my case, super frosty ones like Shimpagne) are definitely flaw enhancing. I also hate mineral foundation of all brands and also really don’t like mineral eye shadow (though I appreciate the variety available). Call me crazy, but I like all of those fillers that help my eye shadow adhere to both my eye and brush. I’m also not too enthusiastic about Dazzleglasses. I like the idea, but most of them are so sheer and I don’t like lip products I’m forced to layer to get them to show up. I have pale lips and need color, so these do do it for me!

-UDPP for sure: it just creases so much
-MAC 187 brush for liquid foundation:it’s ok but not worth the hype
-Stila Topaz Kajal eye liner as a ‘must have colour’ for the water line: doesn’t last long and looks more unnatural then just using white eyeliner
-Shu Uemura eyelash curler: it doesn’t get all my lashes and isn’t noticeably better than other curlers
-MAC Margin blush and NARS orgasm blush: these are both nice blushes but they are easily dupeable and so over hyped!
-Stila Kitten eyeshadow: It’s a pretty colour but still not so great or unique that’s it worth the hype

similarly (did i spell that right? lol) mac’s mineralize eyeshadows. many of them just irritate my eyes to no end! (the “style black” ones have never been an issue though… don’t know why.)

I’ve tried both UDPP & TFSI because of all the “great” reviews but neither of them worked for me. My eyes aren’t even that oily but my eye make-up STILL creases with these primers! What a load of bologna >:T

YSL Touche Eclat. I don’t get it. Why does everyone LOVE that product? I can’t see that it does anything.

most of my friends have that MAC addiction , I only have like 3 lipsticks and some eyeshadows from MAC, I prefer other high-end and luxury brands like Dior YSL Givenchy etc ..
but MAC and MUFE never really attract me

I think at least the price differential contributes to MAC’s popularity. The wide range of shades and constant stream of new stuff definitely helps inspire addiction, but I think it also helps that MAC is cheap in comparison to cosmetics from the brands you name. I can justify buying a few MAC shadows here and there, but the idea of paying $40 from an eye shadow duo or $25+ on a lipstick from Dior makes me wheeze.

I agree on the UDPP and i would say the MUFE aqua eyes are hyped, but they are not waterproof.

creme de la mer, i bought it, have used a bit of it, but it is really nivea cold cream with fancy hyping, disappointing

I got a sample of that and I broke out! I used to think La Mer was nice but in reality it is nothing that special…

I agree with you on the Mac MSF’s, as a matter of fact, I feel the same about any of Mac mineralized products (except for MSFN). I’m also not a fan of Nars Blushes, I just think they’re overpriced, overpigmented and most of the time too shimmery (not enough matte options), not everyone wants shimmer in their blushes. Lastly, I can’t get behind any high-end mascara. I think they aren’t worth the ridiculous price and usually they’re the same quality as those in the drugstore.

Christine, this has nothing to do with the post but I have to leave a comment, because you absolutely fooled me! I mean it! (Well, no, not really, lol). I am now in Hong Kong and according to your info, I thought To the Beach won’t be released until June. The truth is, it was released two days ago (May 29), and, of course, Marine Life was sold out before I knew it has been launched here! The funny thing is, I was in the MAC counter today just to know To the Beach has been launched, but since I have seen the products so many times online I was a little over the products I barely wanted anything… I ended up only picking up a few stuff from the collection.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you that Hong Kong is the only (or one of the few) place that launches To the Beach before June in Asia. I still love you and temptalia.com, haha!

definitely Nars the multiple! its just smudges my make up even if i pat super carefully!

NARS orgasm. I had always heard raves about how awesome it looked on all skintones, but on me the deepness of the pigmentation and the orange color means it looks garish unless blended down to the pint of barely being there. I feel a bit deceived since its versatility is one of its big advertising points.

Other than that, there’s few things that I’m really dissatisfied with, and usually I’m at least OK with the ones that get a lot of good attention.

MSF, I bought one and it just looks like powdery cake on my face. I want to like them, because everyone else seems to love them.
Actually most mineralized products, eyeshadow and blush, I don’t get the hype.

Lip enhancing gloss. I think it is just an irritant.

NYX eyeshadows, they are like chalk.

Sigma brushes, can we say shedding problems?

NARS Laguna.
I do like some of the NARS blushes, but Laguna just does NOT look like anything except mud on me – no matter the blush or application skill.

MAC MSFs either, and for the same reason as yours, Christin.
Nice to know I am not alone πŸ™‚

Mac shroom and satin taupe eyeshadows. I don’t get the hype at all, neither are that impressive when I use them. They must look good on others, but I feel these two disappointed me.

-Marine Life was a red-orange mess on my skin. I didn’t really find the seahorse appealing, either.
-Nars Orgasm/Deep throat blush
-Revlon PhotoReady foundation- gross, goopy,$20 Cdn mess.
-Tom Ford lipsticks. I don’t care how “expensive they feel/feel”. I draw the line at $38 Cdn for YSL/Chanel. Tom Ford, why do you think you’re worth $12 more than iconic, time tested, tried & true brands?

i agree with the diorshow and the MSF’s!!
i also don’t like lots of the parfumes of big brands (dior, chanel etc..).. they are kind of too strong and obstrusive!

Hi Christine,

I dont know if you know this brand, its called Faces but I’ve been using there eyeshadow base for awhile now but it only works well with their eyeshadows. For some reason, my skin starts to show through even though I keep packing on the eyeshadow. Do you think UDPP would be better or a MAC paintpot?

UDPP. It’s the most terrible primer I’ve tried! It actually made my shadows look worse. Yuck. Pair that with the terrible packaging that wastes half the product unless you know to cut it apart and… no thanks! I’ll stick with my paint pots πŸ™‚

For audrey by china glaze. After reading your and other people’s reviews and also because it looks so pretty in the bottle….I decided to buy and try it. I’ve been wearing it since Saturday and I REALLY hate the way it looks on my toes. It also had a very thick consistency that made it hard to work with. It is a pretty shade but will probably use it as an accent or tip color instead of full coverage.

MAC Studio Sculpt foundation, there wasn’t much hype but there was talk of this new innovative gel formula.
It’s so horrible though, no matter what tools you use to apply it.
How much or how little, it just slides right off in some places and leaves you crazy oily in others.

Nars orgasm, it’s okay – just not THAT great. To me, it is not worth the money and its super sparky. Also nars sheer glow, MAKES ME SO SHINY I LOOOK LIKE A GREASE PAN. i love all other nars stuff, just not these two that everyone seems to adore so much

Urban Decay 24/7 liners! They’re way too soft, and don’t leave a nice, precise, dense black line like I want them too. While I do appreciate their staying power, I wouldn’t expect to get a better-defined line from the Cover Girl pencil I was using before!

I have the same prob w/MSFs & other products like BareMinerals foundation too…BUT I find that spraying Fix + on your face after the application will fix that problem and leave you w/a nice, satin finish instead. LOVE IT.

NARS Orgasm blush: it doesn’t show up on me, the packaging is flimsy, and it doesn’t come with a brush. Chanel #5: I’ve never even tried it on myself because the way my nose interprets it, it smells like dust and mothballs on everyone else. Clinique DDML: I just flat out HATE this stuff. Water, mineral oil, coloring agents, and preservatives. Clinique is running a real scam charging $24 a bottle for that. Bare Minerals foundation: makes me feel like I have poison ivy on my face. And generally speaking: super-long fake nails on people that work with their hands. GROSS!

omgosh yes @ Chanel # 5 , smelled it once when I was like 12 , smelled it again sometime last year- still hate it
Um for me, any mascara thats not drugstore – especially mac, mufe , dior etc
orgasm , super orgasm , multiple sticks – either they dont show up or they disappear when I put them on
benefit “paint pot ” forgot the real name of it , but not worth the money

I’ve gone my whole life thinking I was alone in my Chanel #5 hatred. It’s the worst smelling stuff ever. I could spray myself with lemon pledge and smell a hundred times better.

I feel so much less abnormal knowing others hate Chanel #5. Personally, I always thought it smelled like cheap soap.

i agree with the chanel #5. i dont know why its the most popular perfume. it does smell like cheap old lady perfume. yuck!

OMG, i’m so glad I’m not alone hating Chanel No.5.

I feel like I should like it cause it’s so iconic and elegant but I can’t stand it.

NARS “Orgasm” blush.
Just looks really really bad om me (I have fair warm skin). The glitter isn’t flattering and I find the color way too red.
I just do not understand the hype and how people find it so “universal” and flattering. On me it’s just a red blush with gold glitter chunks. πŸ˜›

i think it’s called the NARS orgasm illuminator. I got a sample from Sephora. I use it and it hardly shows up on my face.

I mix it with my foundation + moisturizer for a nice glow. On its own, it can be a bit disappointing. Try using it on your decolletage or shoulders. It can be quite pretty.

YSL Touche Γ©clat. What’s the fuss? It’s too watery, and it hardly conceals anything for me. Nars Orgasm looks orange on my skin :'(

Mac fix+… I have it, and I use it to “set” my make up..but I don’t really think it does! I spray it on and mentally tell myself its working its magic, but I really don’t see a difference at all!lol

Bare Minerals- broke me out and melted even with primer and mineral veil..I switched back to my MUFE almost immediately!

Oooh, I forgot about this – I don’t like anything Bare Escentuals at all. I’m not into everything being loose, and the brushes are so scratchy. I give the store the stinkeye when I walk past. πŸ™‚

I absolutely HATE their brushes. I got a starter kit and tried out the powders with the brushes that were included and was disgusted with the lack of quality and how itchy my face would feel. >:(

that suck! i love the paint pots. i do agree that the “creme” ones are harder to blend than the more shimmery ones.

Shu uemara EYELASH CURLER….Its good, but not better than any ohter brands i’ve tried. Big dissapointment for me.

I’ve looked at it and I don’t see what’s any different about the $3 one I bought from Wal-Mart 10 years ago.

NARS Orgasm. So overrated. When I used it, it looked exactly like the ten other cheap/cheaper eyeshadows that I already owned! I felt so guilty returning it, but I was just so disappointed. Not to mention, it didn’t stay put on my face!

I totally agree on that one. It’s overrated and SO dupable. It fades almost immediately and it’s not worth the 30 euros (which is about 40$ I guess?)

Mac Paint Pots. I’ve tried several of them and they just don’t work on me. Maybe MUFE aqua creams would be a better alternative.

Beauty powders. If they don’t have much pigmentation and you have to build it up why not just use a blush? Any expensive mascara. It’s one thing if it’s on sale but $30 for a mascara (faux cils)? No way!

Wow, I was so surprised to see that you’re not into the MSF’s – it seems that those are highly prized! I’ve never even tried any of the “mineralized” products – not just the MSF’s, the blushes and eyeshadows too. For me, though, it’s not the end result… it’s that with all the swirls and veins of color, I can’t figure out what color the product IS and I find that really unappealing!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid since it’s super thick and cakey and used for movies not meant for everyday wear.
MAC Feline Kohl Eyeliner since I’ve read its super smudgey. What’s the point of getting an eyeliner that doesn’t stay?

anything limited edition by mac, really. i like their concealer and fix+ but everything else is just okay, and the frenzy people get in over limited edition things (HELLO KITTY, MARINE LIFE, RIPE PEACH) is just crazy. some people like the product and it suits them but some people just buy because everyone wont shut up about it and i really just want to kick them in the face. someone even asked “i bought ripe peach, what do i do with it” wtf is that? really that = lemming. mindless following. and it’s STUPID.

i bought urban decays alice in wonderland palette only to get all the shades i already owned..wth??…i almost kept it becuz of the sold out hype…but i didnt keep it(somebody bought it for $90!!!)…and even though ill get a product or two the mac limited lines really are never OMG!!i need it!!..incredibly hyped!

I hated how the UD people changed the name of the colors in the alice in wonderland BOS. At first it confused me, until I realized that they were colors I already had. If u don`t own any UD eye shadow they were good colors, but other than that is was not worth it.

I am not sure how you were confused, UD clearly stated that they renamed permanent shadows right on the BOS and even has color swatches with the Alice name and the permanent name so you can repurchase the colors you like. They were really clear about it, Sephora.com also had stated really clear. Maybe it is worth doing a little bit of research on product before you buy it next time. I bought the BOS and LOVE IT! I also love how creative they were with changing the shadow names to fit the theme!!

I accually never bought it, I have the BOS 1 and 2, so once i found out there were many colors in Alice that were in those i didn`t get it. There were many people at first who thought they were all new shades, because on the packaging it`s self it never said they were renamed permeate shades.

Urban Decay eye primer dried my lids and I found that it prevented my eye shadows from blending easily.

BE foundations. Can’t get a good color match and I always end up looking like Data from Star Trek. Not a good look on me. No matter how much I buffed and buffed or watched how to apply, it showed ever single flaw on my face. And with so many other mineral foundations out there that actually work, I just cannot get behind the cult status of this product. (I do like their other products)

Chanel Glossimers and Lipsticks. No matter how pretty the color, the dry out my lips and make them peel–even with lip balm underneath. I’m too sensitive I guess.

i agree w/ many on any mascaras over $10 (ie, any high-end mascaras)..think about it. you’re buying something that will last you 3 mos. give or take until u have to buy another one! i believe in makeup “investments” and high-end mascara sure isn’t one.

Highly pigmented blushes in general, i find these too hard to work with on my pale skin, its much easier for me to start with a light colour and build up to the pigmentation i want. I find with highly pigmentmented blushes no matter how lightly i try to apply them i always end up looking like a clown.

UDPP can never blend my eyeshadows witht that in.
Marine life way to pigmented and orangey for me
High end mascaras I would rather go to the drugstore and get them there
Nars orgasm and laguna.
Sigma brushes. I had mine for a month and half of the ferrals were coming loose
Studio fix fluid.and MAC dazzleglasses wayy to sheer glittery and sticky for me I bought one and will never buy them again

Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation – it emphasizes dry skin, sheer to light coverage, looks powdery and doesn’t last long; yet it keeps winning awards!

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara- it doesn’t do much to your lashes; it’s more like your-lashes-but-better purpose

Also I don’t understand the hype with the MAC Hello Kitty Collection, before the makeup addict bug infected me, I actually browsed the collection and found nothing appealing. I think it’s the Hello Kitty franchise and not the actual products people are paying attention to.

LUSH products. I just use normal Β£2 Palmolive shower gel and Β£2 Elvive shampoo/conditioner. Why bother with all that fancy soap that look like food? ;P

Also NARS products in general. I have a few blushes and eyeshadows, but don’t really think they’re that great.

I also don’t get Mac brushes. Β£27 for a brush??? Wtf? Does it apply your eyeshadows/blushes for you on its own? I get GOSH brushes for less than half the price and they work just fine.

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly. It does the job because there’s no creasing (over my Two Face Shadow Insurance. However, it is very hard to blend out and leaves my eyelid very rough and not smooth.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. Can you say creasing!!!!!!

MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow. I don’t like the way it looks on me. Have found better cheaper ones.

I have to check out my Marine Life since so many people have bad experiences.

I just can’t get behind NARS (especially their blushes). I’ve tried out their products so many times at Sephora, and I’m always disappointed and underwhelmed. I guess I was expecting more since NARS costs more.

I’ve gone to Sephora many times with the intent to buy a NARS product, but then I never do. I’ve been meaning to get a blush, but most of them are WAY too glittery for my taste.

Any MAC foundation/concealer product. I’m sure they’re great for photoshoots for for everyday they just seem SO heavy and bad for your skin… I also don’t understand Dior mascaras or Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. I would love to find a moisturizer with retinol that works for me but this wasn’t it…

pigments and loose eyeshadows! i want to love them, but i find that they are harder to work with than pressed. πŸ™

I agree! I have several loose eyeshadows/pigments, but I rarely use them, even though the colors are gorgeous!

I agree with you on the DiorShow. It also dries up far too quickly for me to spend another $24 on it every month or so. My other products would probably be the Shu Uemura lash curler. I don’t have any complaints with it, but my $5 Lacross curler works just as well. I wasted my money on it. The last would be NARS Orgasm; it’s a pretty shade but does nothing for me. It’s touted as a ‘universal’ color, but it’s far from.

Definitely that Maybelline pink/green bottle mascara… what’s it called? Great Lash? Well, I swear everyone used it in High School! And there was me feeling like a makeup snob, using (at the time) Garden Botanika mascara! LOL!

That Maybelline is so damn popular, but seriously, it’s so RUNNY and the brush has bristles so far apart! I don’t know how anyone uses it!

-MAC MARINE LIFE?? Too much shimmer in a coral orange hue? C’mon everyone the overspray comes OFF!
-MAC DAZZLEGLASSES: Too much shimmer on the lips!
-SMASHBOX Photo Finish Primer: Feels like a slick base but doesn’t work for me.


Seriously, it’s a cute design, but it’s just the overspray that makes it so pretty. The color of the actual product, to me, is easily dupe-able. I don’t even think that packaging is a nice color.

– Basically anything from Bare Escentuals. I hated the foundation, the brushes were so rough the ‘Warmth’ made me look dirty. The only thing I like is the Mineral Veil.

– Chanel No.5 Perfume, it just smells nasty to me.

I cannot get into any MAC masacara’s. The formula is so dry and flaky. The other item is Shadow Insurance. True, it doesn’t crease but, it doesn’t really last to me at all.

i agree with you christine on the MSFs. not only about what you said but the fact that they mostly all look the same anyways. i think maaaybe a couple is fine to have (though i do i want ‘by candlelight’, or whatever its called….lol), but some people have TOOONNNSSS, and some admit they barely even use most of them.

I have to agree with NARS Orgasm. It’s pretty, yeah but I have $4 Jordana blushes I use more often, that are more flattering on my skin tone and TheBalm’s Hot Mama is much nicer (and peachier on me) as well.
(Albatrosss however, is fab!)
I don’t get the hype over Marine Life either – the colour looks way too reddish orange once you get past the seahorse pattern and overspray.
Touch Eclat – it’s basically shimmery translucent concealer and it is SO ridiculously expensive for such a tiny amount. My BFF loves the Dior SkinFlash one though.

And I LOVE DiorShow.

LUSH products! What’s up with that? the smell so strong and synthetic they can’t be natural?

Also MAC’s Feline. It smudges like no other!

I completely agree with DiorShow! I wasn’t impressed with it at all and every time a sales associate or consultant praises it, I just let that small part of the conversation go in one ear and out the other.

I think another one is NARS Orgasm blush. I just remember trying it out at Sephora once and didn’t really like it. Guess I was just curious about all the hype surrounding it.

Benefit’s Badgal Lash also didn’t impress me. I received it as a Christmas gift, didn’t really do my research but decided to try it out anyway. Ended up returning it to Sephora after it sat in my makeup drawer for a while.

I would have to say Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara. It hardly did anything for my lashes besides making them look darker (no length, volume, etc).

Also, Bare Minerals…not enough coverage. I still had to use my normal concealer and eventually I just used the rest of what I had to set my makeup. I do like their brushes and primer products, though.

Have you tried LashBlast Fusion? It’s their newest one, in a purple tube. I always hated LashBlast until they came out with this one – it really does great things to my lashes.

CoverGirl Lashblast and Lashblast Fusion. It claims it doesn’t clump but I had ant-like clumps. NOT CUTE.

Also any Maybelline product. I’m hideously allergic to Maybelline, especially their mascaras and lipsticks, for some reason.

NYX anything! I’m sorry, but the products are really poor quality!

MAC lipglass – WAAAAAY too sticky.

The Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick ‘Pink Please’ – boring color.

Anything Bare Escentuals.

mineral foundations in general – they break me out and look heavier than a good liquid foundation blended out

mineralized eyeshadows – I like some of the MSFs and blushes but the eyeshadows are awful. They never look like the color in the pan and don’t blend well at all

MAC foundations – too heavy and not enough light shades

I didn’t get the hype about Marine Life either, I buy make-up to use it, not to look at it in the package

Don’t assume that everyone who was lucky enough to get marine life aren’t using it, because we are, and we love it!

L’Oreal Voluminous. I’ve heard so much great stuff about, but it ends up under my eyes. I don’t get much sleep as is, so I definitely don’t need anything accentuating those dark circles.

Wow, so much negative feedback on Marine Life.
I personally LOVE mine.
So much I bought an extra one to look at. xD

I know! I actually love both Marine Life and NARS Orgasm – they look great with my skin tone, and I’m a pro-shimmer lady so the sparkle factor doesn’t bother me at all.

I say the chromographic penicls from mac. I was on a hunt for this and they were sold out everywhere, but I found one mac that had two left so I got it. I am around nc42 and I have used in on my waterline (look like an alien), can’t use it as a concealer (too light), and Can’t use it for my brows (too light) as far as a highlight for under my brow it’s ok (nothing that other shadows/concealer can’t do). So this is a regretful buy!!

I’m right with you on the UDPP! It’s impossible to blend shadows well over it, it doesn’t seem to help much with staying powder, the packaging is horrendously stupid, and I find that it separates in the tube and gets oily and gross πŸ˜› TFSI works so much better for me!

Bare Escentuals foundation, Bisque, and face brushes. I love a lot of their products, but on me the foundation just makes every pore, line and blemish stand out. Their Bisque is the worst attempt at a concealer I have ever used – I have no idea why people love it so much! And while I’ve had good luck with their eye brushes, their face brushes are so incredibly low-quality. They’re horribly scratchy, and shed like crazy!

MAC brushes. I can’t understand paying that much for a brush EVER. I have a good collection of brushes that have all lasted me a long time and worked very well, and none of them had the obscene price tag of MAC brushes. Yikes!

Liquid foundation, looks fake and feels heavy and itchy.
Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation – it emphasizes dry skin and wrinkles even when
I wear a moisturizer underneath.
NARS Orgasm blush-easily dupable, overly expensive and a very toxic product.

I think everyone that is saying Marine Life is overhyped are just hateing on those of us who actually had the forethought to put one on hold and purchase it. Yes the gold is an overspray but after the gold is gone you are left with an amazing coral color that is perfect for summer. Yes, maybe YOU have a similar color blush but that does not mean everyone does and for those of us who don’t it is a great product! Also if most of you did any research before buying a product you would not be so disappointed (Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette SAYS they are permanent colors renamed so why did you think otherwise??). Don’t blame the products for your ignorance!

I know I might get a lot of people freaking out on me but I am not in love with Fix + from MAC. It smells good and feels good (just like water would) on my face…. But it is worth the $$? Not that I’ve seen!

NARS Orgasm. I’ve swatched it a billion times and it’s not nearly as pigmented as everyone says it is. MAC Peachykeen is soooo much better, at least on my skin tone.

Gel liners. Everyone raves about them, especially MAC Blacktrak, but I don’t get it. I don’t like it for the simple fact that they come in containers with a wide opening which I think makes them prone to drying out quickly. And then you also have to use it with a separate brush. Liquidliner just makes more sense. Perfect for travel because of the size and the brush that is included. Plus, MAC Liquidlasts last on me, no budging, smudging or whatever. Waterproof throughout all day. Gel liners can’t compare.

Just to drop in with my experience with fluidlines – none of mine have ever dried out or even come close to drying out – and some of the shades I own are 2+ years old (I rarely, rarely use mine!). πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t worry about that as an issue! (Not trying to convince you to love them – just that after owning 10+ of them, it’s definitely not a concern!)

I actually liked Diorshow mascara..it really made my lashes super big/ almost like falsies.
Buuut I think most MAC products/ the brand in general is overhyped ;_;

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