What makeup would you bring on a weekend beach getaway?

What if… you were going on a weekend vacation to the beach, what would you bring?

What couldn’t you leave at home?

Now, I’d…

For a beach vacation, I would probably bring along about 8-10 eyeshadows.ย  I’d either take a long to self-made quads or else fill a 15-pan palette with the shades I wanted.ย  For short vacations and trips, I try to plan out a couple of looks and bring those shades along, and then I’ll toss in a few of my favorite shades as well, for any impromptu looks. I’d go for one or two blushes, two to three lipsticks, and one to two lipglosses.

When it comes to the beach, I don’t wear a ton of makeup to the beach, but inevitably, you may go out at night or what-have-you.ย  I’d also bring SPF 30+ for both face and body, makeup primer for face (well, and eyes, but that’s kind of duh, right?), waterproof mascara, and waterproof/smudgeproof eyeliner for my waterproofing needs.ย  I’d also say that a dry shampoo is a must for me, because even if you don’t get in the water, I find the dry shampoo is nice to refresh beach-hair without having to fully wash it everyday.