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What holy grail product are you currently trying to find?

What holy grail product are you currently trying to find? Share!

I actually don’t think I am actively looking for any at this moment–I don’t know that I’ve ever felt that way before!

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Stacey Avatar

One that stops hair from getting grey, one that prevents puffy bags under the eye and one that keeps the face firm. No Botox, fillers, or injections. A cream in a jar…..that I can use daily that really works.

xamyx Avatar

The quest continues for the perfect contour product… Not only is color important, but I’m also looking for something talc-, petroleum-, & paraben-free.

xamyx Avatar

I just bought one called Everyday Coconut (available in health food stores, and less than $10 for a 12 oz. bottle, and all natural ingredients). It’s actually a face lotion, anf wears well under makeup. The only downside (for me, at least) is the SPF is only 15, and I do have to apply an additional moisturizer beneath it, as my skin is on the drier side.

Lee Avatar

I love Elta MD Clear. It’s 46 SPF and is transparent zinc oxide. Doesn’t break me out and it’s great under foundation. Not the cheapest but I think it’s worth it. I’m a very fair skinned redhead in Texas and I’ve noticed a big improvement in my skin since I started using it, including a reduction in brown spots.

Clare Avatar

I like Invisible Zinc ESP. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, break me out, or give me dry flakies. That said, my husband had to stop using it because he felt it gave a white cast, and it dried his skin out. He does better with a chemical blocked, I do better with a physical blocker.

I’ve also used the sunscreen product Becca make (forget the name). Didn’t break me out, but gave me flaky skin.


Alison Avatar

It’s so amazing you find that Invisible Zinc works on you, because I’m like your husband – it creates a MAJOR white cast on me, and I’m extremely pale! I find all the Invisible zinc line extremely occlusive and cakey – I don’t like the thick, tacky texture. I’ll admit that it does give your skin a sort of moisturized look, though!

Nicole Avatar

I am a sunscreen addict. As far as mineral goes, I like Supergoop skin soothing mineral sunscreen and MD solar sciences mineral tinted crΓ¨me. But the latter may feel a bit heavy or you depending on your skin.I generally wear that on it’s own. Radical skincare makes one which has a luminesce to it and a watery texture. It is a bit drying for me so I hydrate well under and my skin is dry. I also like Algenist liquid SS. But, I don’t think it is 100%mineral. My skin is pretty sensitive to sunscreen ingredients though and those have not broke me out.

Sarah Avatar

Liquid highlighter/luminizer. I’m medium deep with yellow undertones and I find it a bit of a challenge to find a luminizer that will meld naturally with my skintone. I’m also picky about formulas – no fragrance/irritating ingredients. Factor that all in and my choices are limited! I’m using Benefit Sun Beam now, which is pretty nice but doesn’t wow me. I’ll eventually try out Stila’s and Clinique’s, hopefully either of those are the magic bullet!

Anna Avatar

I would like to find a replacement for the meteroites compact. That sounds weird when they are selling a meteroites compact but it has changed. It used to be a white-pinkish powder and now it is colourful like the meteroites pearl. So I was told to get the voilettes powder and I did and it is great but it is yellow instead of pink and does not give me the same pale glow as the original one. I am not really actively looking though. I bought two different powders from Guerlain and they both work ok. They are just not pink!

Nancy T Avatar

Currently, nothing really. Maybe a better eye cream, with all that my Clinique All About Eyes Rich has going for it, but with caffeine in it too? All the other HG stuff that I had been searching for, I’ve found. Including things I didn’t even realize would wind up becoming HG material! Nude l/s: MAC Marque. Mascara: Maybelline Lash Sensational WP mascara. Brow highlight: MAC Orb. Eyebrow powder: L’Oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa. Red l/s: limited edition unfortunately, MAC Maria Moretti. Contouring powder: Nyx Taupe.

Elizabeth Avatar

The eye roller has caffeine in it. I use that, let it dry down and then apply all about eyes rich over it. I get bags from my allergies and this helps me quite a bit. I also use flonase and sudafed. I use a cooling eye mask too. I don’t want to get anything surgically performed yet, but the puffiness is changing the shape of my eye ball, and the lens is changing as well. I may get an eye job someday if it changes my eye sight. My gramps had his done, my husband is going to have his done, so I am just delaying the inevitable. I can’t keep a contact in my right eye because it is shaped like a football now, and the soft gel lenses pop out quite easily, they don’t conform very well on my right eye. I can
t find them when they pop out. I usually find one stuck to one of my dogs noses after it has dried out and looks like a potato chip.

Nancy T Avatar

Thanks Elizabeth, I will get one of those rollerballs! I hear ya with the allergies, I use Flonase and Zyrtec every day, and a Benadryl at bettime too. Never had puffiness until I moved to AZ! Your allergies sound even worse because they are altering your vision, that’s scary stuff. But the part about the contact winding up on the dogs nose looking like a potato chip, oh no!!!

Natalia Avatar

Easy πŸ™‚

I want a liquid foundation that matches my skin type and color perfectly, satin finish with a bit of a glow, beneficial for my skin, gives just the right coverage and does not cost an arm and a leg πŸ™‚ Is that too much to ask? :))))))

I’ve come across quite a few ones that are nearly perfect (talking especially about you, MAC Face and Body and NARS Sheer Glow) for me, but there is always smth missing. Like lack of beneficial components and sheer coverage in the Face and Body and lack of an ideal shade and of a pump, as well as being a bit too matte (for my liking) and expensive for the Sheer Glow.

Also, I only recently started using bronzers (for my cheeks, forehead, the usual, as opposed to the entire face), so, considering how many of them are out there, I have a looong way to go before I try enough of them to be able to say that I found the one. So far, I am most happy with MAC’s Jolly Good duo from the Osbournes collection, but I stopped using it regularly, since once its gone, I won’t be able to replace it πŸ™

Skincare is a totally different matter though, so I won’t even start on it, cause it’ll be a never ending post then πŸ™‚

xamyx Avatar

If you can find a shade match, the Ardency Inn Americana Custom Coverage Concentrate may be worth a try. It doesn’t necessarily contain “beneficial” ingredients, but it doesn’t contain “bad” ones, and you mix it with whatever moisturizer you want. Cover FX just came out with a version, as well. I’ve only tried the AI, and while it works well, and coverage can be adjusted, I just can’t find a perfect color match, but it is fairly forgiving.

I also really like the Maybelline Fit Me foundations; again, no “beneficial” ingredients, but they work beautifully, are dirt cheap, and I did find a match!

Natalia Avatar

Thank you so much for the suggestions, I really appreciate it! I am aware that there are ways around, but we do not have the Ardency and Cover FX where I live (we only got NARS last autumn, for crying out loud πŸ™‚ and only in one store for the entire 1.5 million population of the city I live in). I’m too scared that I might be disappointed, to just shell out my money and ordering those online. More importantly though, I just want to be able to slap a couple of pumps of foundation on and be done with it without having to go extra steps.

Regarding Maybelline Fit Me. Do not think we have that one here yet (hope it does get to our stores eventually), but foundation is the product I am most picky with, so I do not think I will stray from the high end ones (unless I won’t be able to afford them, which I hope never never ever happens πŸ™‚ )

Hope my babbling makes sense to you and thanx again! xo

Alison Avatar

I see “holy grail” as a product that I use all the time, love using and that has an excellent formula – and in the case of color products, a flattering shade and finish. I’m still in the market for a satin or velvet-finished lipstick version of Le Metier de Beaute’s in the Know Bordeaux (which would be my power red were it not a lip gloss), AHA and BHA exfoliants that I love and work well, a toner that is actually worth using, a sunscreen I absolutely love and a serum that actually fades pigmentation.

I’d also love to see the Siren Red shade from Burberry in their Lip Cover formula – I see that being another HG red for me!

Heather F. Avatar

Have you tried Paula’s Choice AHA/BHA exfoliants? They come in different strengths and consistencies foam, gel, liquid, lotion) for various skin types, and most are available to purchase in sample sizes. I really like the one I use (BHA 2% Liquid). I think they also have a good exchange policy, though I’ve never had to use it myself.

Alison Avatar

No, but coincidentally they’re the next on my to-try list! Thanks for the recommendation, and here’s hoping!

I’m loving the good returns policy as an Australian – Here you can’t return ANYTHING. I was once sold an off, curdled moisturizer and returned it the day later and was told I wasn’t allowed to return it because I had tested it once!

Alison Avatar

I forgot to mention this! I want a foundation that’s on the sheerer side that matches my skin tone and looks like skin, is comfortable to wear, and that doesn’t wear off and prevents break through shine – at least a reasonable amount (I don’t mind a bit of shine to be honest). I’d like it to be comfortable, non-irritating, and to not emphasize imperfections! Something that makes me feel like I have nothing on.

I’m also after a good creamy, full coverage concealer for my skin tone that looks natural and lasts all day without any flashback (I hate YSL’s pens for flash photography!) – just for use under my eyes and for spot concealing.

Taylor Avatar

I need a HG under eye corrector to hide these horrible blue-purple circles! I have tried Bobbi Brown, Eve Pearl and Georgio Armani Master Corrector (which is the best so far) with MAC Pro Longwear concealer on top. I can still see the circles though – they’re that bad!

xamyx Avatar

Essence has an automatic pencil that is amazing! I’ve tried dozens, HE and DS, and it’s the only one that’s worked. Plus, it’s less than $5. I can’t think of the exact name offhand, but it’s something like Long Lasting or Long Wearing.

Anet Avatar

sheer lipstick and tinted moisturizer/ CC

In my case, searching for a HG is my main driver for trying new products! Once I find a HG for some type of product, I stick to it, or just try more shades.

Alix Avatar

The perfect taupe eyeliner, perhaps? Hard to think of any others — I’ve found my HG lipstick/lipgloss a dozen times over by now (it always changes)!

Candice Avatar

I would just love to find my HG liquid foundation (even if it’s HG just in a specific season). I don’t have a single one that I like right now and I’m always *kind of* on the lookout and tyring some but since I use a creamy stick type foundation currently I’m not planning on trying any liquid foundations in the immediate short term.

helen Avatar

Have you tried the RMS Beauty loose powder? I am quite impressed with it. I use my Hourglass Mineral Veil (primer), apply corrector/concealer, then i powder my face w/RMS loose powder and THEN apply my foundation. My skin (and large pores) looks flawless!

xamyx Avatar

I really like the Essence mattifying powder. It doesn’t claim to minimize pores, but I find it works wonders. However, I do have drier skin, so I don’t know how it would hold up on oilier skin. It’s cheap enough, so definitely worth a try!

julia Avatar

an eyebrow pencil that is a genuine ash colour would be nice. Anastasia lied to me ^^ either that or I just have brows that automatically turn everything warm.

Alison Avatar

Ugh, I have the PERFECT ashy brow pencil, it’s in Shu Uemura’s hard formula! I also love the Estee Lauder Automatic brow pencil – they have a soft black shade that is pure, blissful ash grey. Not a single hint of brown in either of them!

Alison Avatar

Do you have black/cool toned dark hair, Julia? these are the ones that work for me, but then I realized by “ash” you might be pale/ash blonde!

Sarah Avatar

The CLOSEST (and I’m being generous here) is Hourglass tinted moisturizer- I think it wears more like a BB- or Too Faced BB. But their color range is wanting.

Nicole Avatar

A bronzer! ugh..I have practically a drawer and none fit the bill. Either too orange or don’t show up or are way to dark and look like dirt. I love the formula of Guerlain Teracotta. I have #3 which I ordered online since there are no counters.I haven’t really worn it yet. But, I think It is a bit orang-ish for my taste though. So, I found some swatches online and ordered #5 which appears more cool toned, but super dark. Since then I have been looking at swatches and am debating on ordering #2before the Sephora sale ends just to see how it does and then just return whatever doesn’t work.But, I am hung up on the fact that Guerlain says #2 is for blondes and I have dark hair(dark brunette). I really hate returning cosmetics unless they are defective or just perform horribly. But, there are no counters and the Sephora near me does not carry Guerlain. So,I can warrant it in that case and I don’t care if the SA looks at me snotty because I don’t need to add 3 more $53 bronzers tha I will not wear. Sorry that turned into a rant! πŸ˜€

Nicole Avatar

I already ordered it! During the Sephora sale, I have ordered #2, #3,#5..One has got to work! Thank you for that info. I had no idea. I was wondering how they classified their bronzer based on hair

Brenda P Avatar

actual specific branded product: none, that I can think of.

Product in general: I was on the search for skincare – perfect, works with my crazy skin, does what I want it to – I guess holy grail – skincare. Found a cleanser at least LOL!

helen Avatar

Mascara – try applying the mascara to an eyelash comb and then applying it to your lashes, do as many coats and you will look like you are wearing false eyelashes. I use a L’Oreal Butterfly(?) (cheap drugstore) and it’s incredible.
HIghlighter – have you tried either RMS Beauty Living Luminizer or the fabulous Kevin Aucoin Celestial Liquid Highlighter – both lovely.
Eye cream – NONE will remove wrinkles for real…sigh…sorry to burst that bubble…

Pami Avatar

I love PTR (Peter Thomas Roth) UnWrinkle Night as an eye cream. It takes awhile before you start to see results, but it is amazing for under-eye and crow’s feet wrinkles. I use it 2xs/day but I always wear sunscreen. I’ve tried the regular Un-Wrinkle, and don’t get the same results.

Lacey Avatar

Foundation and daytime moisturizer–always! I feel like I’m impossible to color match: medium-tan with yellow/olive undertones–but everything in that color family looks orange on me! And finding a good moisturizer for oily skin that doesn’t break me out, forget it.

Aline Avatar

Undereye concealer, now and forever. I have super dark circles and the beginnings of fine lines and if it’s thick enough to cover the circles, then it’s creasing or looks cakey. MAC pro-longwear is the best I’ve found so far, but it can still look dry.

The Silver Nail Avatar

An undereye concealer that actually, you know, CONCEALS. I have such dark circles (hereditary, I get lots of sleep, eat fairly well, exercise, don’t smoke) that nothing really covers them up.

Failing that, I wish Cover Girl would bring back my fave concealer that at least helped a little, the Olay one in a jar that was creamy without being either stiff and tacky or too liquid. Sigh…

Sidonie Avatar

Foundation! Or a BB/CC cream or tinted moisturizer that will do the job. I have pretty good skin and don’t like the feel of a heavy base so I’ve shied away from it before, but I’ve come to realize I should at least have one on hand. I’m looking for something fairly matte (oily skin), decently light/sheer, and that won’t look horrifically yellow or chalky on my very fair, very pink skin.

Nikki Avatar

Moisturizer, waterproof liquid eyeliner (Stila Stay All Day is close because it wears perfectly but also removes like a non-waterproof product when I wash my face, but the applicator isn’t precise enough for me and it dries up/runs out really fast), maybe greige lipstick, maybe neutral eyeshadow palette. I wouldn’t say no to the perfect lip stain that applies evenly, doesn’t dry out your lips, and lasts all day either.

xamyx Avatar

UD 24/7 Waterproof liquid eyeliner! I’ve worn it to Disneyland, in 90Β°+ weather, literally all day, and countless rides on Splash Mountain, without a smudge or flake. However, it came off easily when I went to remove my makeup.

Nikki Avatar

Yay! I actually happened to pick this exact thing up for my Beauty Insider haul! I wore it yesterday and it did flake off a tiny bit but I now realize I applied it over the top of Benefit High Beam, so it wasn’t really a reasonable expectation for it to stay put. I’ve got it on today over a powder eyeshadow and am pumped to see how it wears. ITA that it washes off beautifully.

Luz Avatar

I’m currently trying to find something, ANYTHING that will control my horribly oily skin for more than a few hours! I’ve tried every primer, foundation, and powder under the sun and nothing seems to help. I guess I’m forever doomed to have that “naturally dewy” look that’s honestly kind of gross.

Lauren Avatar

I feel your pain! I’ve struggled with super oily skin as well. However, in the past few months I’ve found a few things that seem to have helped, a lot.

First, this toner ( and this exfoliant ( Changed my life. I use those twice a day and cleanse with a clarisonic and ceraVe cleanser with a gel moisturizer. I also do Philosophy’s help me retinol at night.

Second, I’ve had really great results with this trick from Wayne Goss (, primer – powder – foundation – powder seems like a lot but it wears really well. I personally use Tarte’s amazon finishing powder inbetween primer and foundation.

Hope some of that is useful!

Rachel R. Avatar

I had a huge problem with that myself, from my teens till just a couple years ago (I’m 45). Have you tried a powder foundation? Everyday Minerals has a huge shade/undertone range and are less expensive than BareMinerals. You can get a free sample kit and pick the shades you want to try out:

BareMinerals Original foundation is excellent, too, of course, as is their Mineral Veil.

Using a mineral veil or face powder in between a primer and foundation can help, too. I’ve done all that and put another light coat of mineral veil on top of that, as well. It worked for me, and the layers are thin, so it’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Michele Avatar

Have you tried the Limited Edition Cool Palette from Bobbi Brown? I was looking for light cool neutrals when I found it. Loved it so much, I went and bought a 2nd one.

Heather F. Avatar

Foundation–something fuller coverage (yet natural-looking) that feels lightweight, that minimizes pores, and has a finish somewhere between satin and dewy. With SPF30+ sunscreen (but no white cast or irritating chemicals). Oh, and it has to match my neutral/warm-undertoned-yet-corpse-pale skin. And lasts 9+ hours, because I have no intention of redoing my face halfway through work.

Basically, I want the impossible. : )

Michele Avatar

Have you tried the Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV foundation? You should be able to get a free sample from a “better department store” or other outlet that sells it. It’s a 14 hour satin matte coverage with spf 20.

Alison Avatar

Another one for Armani’s foundations – the Luminous Silk formula is INCREDIBLE. The finish looks like skin (It’s the only one I can look at on my Mother and just not notice that it’s there – it just looks like she’s having a good skin day, and I assume that the effect is the same on me because people often comment [both male and female] how nice I look for someone who doesn’t wear any makeup) and it actually does wear all day (except you may need to powder your nose, but realistically what oily skinned girl doesn’t?). I’d call the finish skin-like, subtly satin and it’s weightless on. My only gripe is that the newer shades run noticeably pinker than the old ones (The whole numbers and the .5s), which were actually more neutral – if they actually stayed consistent with the range I would have a shade match, but as a result of the inconsistency in the range I fall riiiiiiight in between two of the more neutral shades and neither one of them is anywhere near a match for me at any particular time though my lovely tanned Mother is lucky enough to be a 5.5 in the Summer).

Lee Avatar

I need a good, easily available auburn mascara. I used to use Max Factor 2000 Calorie but they pulled out of the US market and imports are hard to find (and like $30 a tube on ebay) I’m actually still using my hoarded stash (I bought like 100 tubes off ebay way back when) but they’re getting old and I’m running out. I dont’ know what I’m gonna do; browns look too harsh and the only auburns I can find are that Just for Redheads brand which I don’t know anything about.

El Avatar

I loved the Max Factor auburn mascara! I bought it by accident once (meant to grab the brown) and loved the way it looked enough that it convinced me to try red hair dye, lol.

MF is still sold in the UK, and we still have 2000 Calorie mascara, but no auburn shade. πŸ™

I’ve used a burgundy one from YSL that’s pretty decent and leans red enough to work, at least for me, and I know By Terry makes a burgundy or maroon one as well. Both pricey, though, sadly. The drugstores don’t branch out much from black.

Telesilla Avatar

The perfect medium mossy green eyeshadow–I’m currently working my way through the Colourpop greens. A lipstick or lip primer that does something about the worst lines on my lips. I don’t even want a miracle, although that would be great, just something helps a little. The perfect crease brush, most of the ones I have are the right degree of fluffiness, but they’re all just a little too big. Oh yeah, eyeliner that applies itself would be awesome.

Summer Avatar

I’m oily and I have yet to find a foundation that will stay on me. Everything I’ve tried melts away pretty quickly. I have been using the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water and that seems to be helping but I still need a little more help.

Rachel R. Avatar

I had a huge problem with that myself, from my teens till just a couple years ago (I’m 45). Have you tried a powder foundation? Everyday Minerals has a huge shade/undertone range and are less expensive than BareMinerals. You can get a free sample kit and pick the shades you want to try out:

BareMinerals Original foundation is excellent, too, of course.

Using a mineral veil or face powder in between the primer and foundation can help, too.

Vanessa Avatar

Pipe Dream Polish’s A Night in Vegas Collection!
Impossible to find, but the most gorgeous neon nail polishes ever! Perfect for watermarbling!

Kris Avatar

I have several HG products, but I don’t have any problems finding them. Luckily none have been discontinued (yet).

As far as products I’m looking for, I’d love to find a matte greenish gray eyeshadow. Something like Fyrinnae’s Atomic Afterglow, but a matte and cool toned, not warm.

Alison Avatar

Greenish gray eyeshadow is good for me too and I have two suggestions: 1. The Chanel Shadow Stylo from the Summer 2015 collection comes in a color called Olivine that is a beautiful cool neutral shade. It is not matte, but I don’t find the shimmer that noticeable. Most photos on line don’t capture the color at all. The photo with the closed eyelid is close but on me it is even more neutral and 2. FACE Stockholm has a lot of mattes and I am pretty sure they have that color as I have one in a palette. Not sure what it’s called. They have great neutral mattes.

Sarah Avatar

At the moment, I am really into highlighters, so I have tried a bunch from liquid to wand to powder. I do have a natural tan to my face so any suggestions would be helpful.

Rachel R. Avatar

Brow product, contour for pale skin, and blush brush. Something that will rid of the really deep crease I have under each eye. Nu Skin Tru Face Line Correcter has done wonders on the fine lines, lid crepiness, and crow’s feet, but I haven’t found anything to touch those deep undereye creases. I don’t know if a topical product can.

Pami Avatar

For a temporary fix for the under eye creases you might want to try PTR Instant FirmX Eye. It’s got a learning curve but it’s pretty amazing stuff when it works.

Chris Avatar

well foundation is still am issue. I have very dry and pale Skin with neutral undertones and warm freckles and I do not Need so much coverage, but I did not find something that Looks and feels well over a Long working day.

LINDA K. Avatar

I want .It only had 5 reviews of perfect 5. I bought Perricone nobronzerbronzer and had regrets because bronzers with radiance received better reviews.I’ve never needed bronzer but now I don’t spend quite as much time in the sun( and the contour effect I now like.) Now GORGIO ARMANI Maestro Liquid Summer is sold out and I put myself on the waitlist. Has anyone tried it? The case for the 64.00 price is that Perricone is 1/3 the size for 35.00! So you get 2/3 more for an extra 29.00 and it should last the whole season. Also any other comparable products I don’t know about?

Mimi Avatar

Absolutely the best for a natural, believable look. I’m almost 60 and have playing with makeup and skincare since I was 12. I’ve tried it all by now!

rachel Avatar

Still on the hunt for a hydrating primer/foundation combo that won’t emphasize every line in my forehead. I pretty much never wear foundation, because they all make me look 10 years older.

Kimber Avatar

I am looking for my Holy Grail under eye corrector and/or concealer to hide dark circles and skin discoloration. I have tried so many different drugstore and prestige brands, and I am still left lacking! If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please, please let me know! Thank you.

Pteetsa Avatar

Hand lotion! I hate the feeling of lotion so much, but my hands get so dry in the winter that they will turn bright red and the skin will crack and bleed. It’s pretty gruesome. If I could find a hand lotion that actually moisturizes my hands, but I absolutely cannot feel, doesn’t leave greasy residue on everything I touch, and lasts through multiple hand washings, I would buy that stuff in BULK.

I’ve trained myself to put on lotion right before I go to bed, but if I put it on any time during the day, I immediately wipe it off. I oftentimes wipe it off on my husband. πŸ™‚

I guess the same goes for moisturizer, although I’m not quite as fussy and anyway, I have the opposite problem – my face is oily.

Alison Avatar

If you want something that really sinks in and leaves a silky, satiny finish with no silicone coating, I highly recommend Moogoo’s MSM Cream! It’s absolutely wonderful at sinking into the skin and leaving it deeply moisturized and supple without any tackiness, although you do have to reapply! I LOVE this moisturizer – it never leaves any part of me feeling even the slightest bit tacky or sticky, ever.

As for oily skin moisturizers that sink in, the only thing I find that works on mine (unfortunately) is LUSH’s Vanishing Cream – I say unfortunately it’s the only facial moisturizer I’ve ever tried (I’ve sampled hundreds since I was in my tweens) that leaves both my cheeks and t-zone comfortable (I’m much oilier in my t-zone and can get very dry cheeks in Winter) without any sticky residue or being too rich for my skin – and therefore I’m completely dependent on it. The only reason that I don’t consider it my HG and loathe to tell you this is that every seven tubs or so I’ll buy one that’s already off – I’m not even joking. The horrible thing is that the Shop Assistants at my local store won’t even let me return them, even if I SHOW they are curdled and separated and return them with a receipt the next day (One had the gall to say “But you’ve used some already!” – I tested it once, and what where they going to do, re-sell an off moisturizer?). I keep mine in the refrigerator, and have to buy them on or two at a time to keep the good ones from going off on me. I once bought three tubs and by the time I reached the third it had gone off long before its best before date.

Pteetsa Avatar

Thanks for the tips, Alison! I am going to check out this Moogoo MSM Cream right now!

That’s so stupid they won’t take back expired moisturizer at Lush. I’m giving Lush the side eye right now because they’re supposed to be all natural and healthy, etc. but their shampoos all contain SLS! I don’t get it.

Jade Avatar

It sounds like you need a barrier cream – I had constant contact dermatitis on my hands (I’m talking never went away) for YEARS, and using a barrier cream (once I started working at a vet clinic) totally fixed it. It would still probably be greasy feeling to you, HOWEVER it repairs your skin and prevents it from breaking down, so you don’t need to use it very often. Plus it does last through hand washing. Only problem is, I’ve never seen it for purchase outside of medical wholesalers.

Elizabeth Avatar

I have found my Holy Grail lip stick thanks to a member of this community. I just replenished my backup stash of Urban Decay Gash lip stick and bought a Gash nail polish to boot. It’s exclusive to, and it isn’t with the lipsticks on the main page. The nail color is the same way. I should be good to go for at least 2 years now. I have quite a few of UD’s old nail colors, and I have a bottle of Gash, so it will be interesting to see if they have changed it. The old formula is great, and it’s a perfect toe color in the summer for me. I love vampy red nails and lips.

Alison Avatar

While we’re all adding to our HG Wish Lists, I’d like a moisturizer that works as well and sinks in as nicely on me as LUSH’s Vanishing Cream, only in a tube, less expensive and without a horrible habit of going off within weeks of being opened!

Alison Avatar

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in a shade that actually matches my skin (The formula is gorgeous, but my Mother and I are both between whole and half numbers and the .25s all run very pink compared to the more yellow-toned originals!

Jade Avatar

Mascara, and primer! I’m actively looking for those two – a tubing mascara that builds volume and still looks feathery (or a normal mascara that does the same but does not smudge AT ALL) and a primer that GENUINELY makes my foundation last the day (bonus points if it actually significantly diminishes my pores). I’m also about to kick the undereye concealer search into high gear – my circles are so DARK now. Though I’m thinking it’s my sinuses – there is a distinct “line” under my dark circles, and near my nose too. Oh, and it would be good if I could breathe normally -_- I digress.

Kat Avatar

REALLY pale concealer!

Preferably with a satin finish and decent coverage, so I can stick with spot concealing without looking demented. I’m planning on trying OCC Conceal in 0R, but if anyone has any suggestions…? I’m approximately a MAC NW10, but less yellow. Also not pink. Pretty much just white, really.

ALSO a no-white-cast, high spf, physical sunscreen available in the UK. Pipe dreams?!11

Alison Avatar

I’m still on the lookout for my perfect sunscreen myself! People have recommended BurnOut to me as well as Shiseido Ultimate but apparently both have recently been reformulated (a dirty word when it comes to already good products!) and are now thicker/not as nice as they were!

My Mother has been using Peter Thomas Roth’s sunscreens and I can never tell whether she has them on or not and she’ll NEVER wear a gluggy or inconvenient product, so I’m tempted to test them on myself! As for your concealer, Mary Greenwell says that the palest concealer she’s ever been able to find is Dainty Doll’s concealer in Very Light. I’ve never tried it myself (I’m very pale, but still naturally have olive undertones), but from the reviews I’ve seen it’s really very pale!

Kat Avatar

I completely missed your comment at the time (exaaammss) – just did some email cleanup, and thank you so much for your reply! I’ll go looking for those on next available occasion. Good to know someone of a Mary Greenwell’esque stature is willing to say that brand name out loud, I’ll take that as a rec. The branding made me assume yet another chalky pot of rockabilly-talc!

Lee Avatar

Christine, this is a great question and I”m finding it super helpful to read the responses of things other readers have tried. Maybe you could make it a regular feature (maybe monthly?) where people list what they’ve been looking for and readers could offer suggestions. Just a thought. πŸ™‚

Alison Avatar

I can only think of two products– too bad they don’t exist. 1. The eye cream that gets rid of dark circles and restores skin elasticity without requiring the constant use of SPF on your eye area. and 2. The concealer/eye primer base that is anti aging and contains barrier SPF.
While we are here, any ideas of an barrier sunscreen eye product that is safe to use in the eye area? What do folks use– the same sunscreen you use on your face?

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